• Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • Here are the all-time DUMBEST ANSWERS Steve Harvey has ever heard on Family Feud! Enjoy!
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  • chinky880
    chinky880 51 minute ago

    What’s worse is that some of them don’t even know why they’re being laughed at and why their answer is wrong. They’re just laughing because everyone else is laughing. Sad!

  • Pippa pig
    Pippa pig 59 minutes ago

    How come most of them are blacks? The only correct and intelligent answer was from a white man

  • Stylez nun
    Stylez nun Hour ago

    More like the dummest niggas on earth.
    Also Steve you messing with that “collage boy” with “read” you shouldn’t be talking when you didn’t read the card right on that miss universe.

  • GORF
    GORF Hour ago

    I understand wanting to encourage your family, but these are just not the times for it. As an Italian from New Jersey, an answer of this nature would get me a nice sharp smack in the back of the head....followed by..."Utz a matta wit you uh?!"

  • ivan
    ivan 2 hours ago

    Porcupine was genius and you can't convince me otherwise

  • Nizzy.Hussle
    Nizzy.Hussle 3 hours ago

    2:51 I mean he ain’t wrong

  • payne
    payne 3 hours ago

    It's up there Steve

  • Catherine Downes
    Catherine Downes 3 hours ago

    Sheila is a an idiot.

    WELLINGTON PENDELL 3 hours ago

    I think it is SO RACIST that all the dumbest answers were from black people. That is terrible! They should not allow that!

  • Steevejose
    Steevejose 4 hours ago

    Okay Now let me, ask y'all something, Y'all crazy!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😅😄😂😂

  • Branden Goodmans
    Branden Goodmans 4 hours ago

    Bruh the mommy one had me laughing so fucking hard 😂

  • Sagar HS
    Sagar HS 5 hours ago

    How can people be so dumb?

  • Damaris Muga
    Damaris Muga 5 hours ago

    There's no hope for humanity.

  • mobuis juan
    mobuis juan 6 hours ago

    FOR REAL!! is this scripted ? or they are REALLY DUMB?

  • Candace Gray
    Candace Gray 6 hours ago

    These were hilarious but I hate that ALL but 1 clip was of black people. That doesn't make us look good. I'm sure there were many others, but whoever made this video chose not to show them.

  • Ron Cornett
    Ron Cornett 6 hours ago

    those people are so dumb that they dont know they are

  • Velma Parrill
    Velma Parrill 6 hours ago

  • Hank Hill’s Propane Fueled Kart 7 Deluxe

    6:57 * exists *
    harvey: these white mfs crack me tf up

  • Freddie's Mustache
    Freddie's Mustache 6 hours ago

    :-/ ..... "Mum" she should of said Mum

  • Alice Ye
    Alice Ye 7 hours ago

    I don't get it...

  • J. Graham
    J. Graham 7 hours ago

    He said on my momma

  • Chevy876ix
    Chevy876ix 8 hours ago

    omae wa mou shindeiru


  • A Random Teenager
    A Random Teenager 9 hours ago

    16:18 NaNi?!

  • P.F. T53
    P.F. T53 9 hours ago

    These are the same people we all come in contact with each and everyday. These kinds of people drive on the same roads, attend the same church, shop at the same stores, even talk to over the phone, or make payments to, some of these kinds of people work in the medical field, law enforcement, and educational system. These questions and answer surveys are double edged.

    J.IMPERIAL 9 hours ago

    steve: OH HELL FLIP THAT SHIT OVA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daniemac
    Daniemac 9 hours ago

    Sheila makes me want to stay in school.

  • Dee Smith
    Dee Smith 9 hours ago

    Lol Steve harvey will tell you ON CAMERA in of TV in front of a million people that your answer is done

  • Amithabh Bachchan_official

    He look like Richard Pryor.

  • The Prince
    The Prince 9 hours ago +1

    Chile if we was on the show and said sum dumb my mom would not say "good answer" she would beat me so bad they would have to cut to commercial.

  • undefinedxandr
    undefinedxandr 9 hours ago

    Steve : Give me a name that starts with H
    Player : Hose
    All mexicans : 👁️👀👁️

  • Bobby Shmurda
    Bobby Shmurda 9 hours ago

    "Good answer, good answer" ...High five !! Anyone else notice the demographics?

  • Nagato Uzumaki
    Nagato Uzumaki 10 hours ago

    Name traffic sign that best describes your love life.

    *School zone*

  • oppastoppa
    oppastoppa 10 hours ago

    This dude Steve Harvey a clown😂

  • Wayne Brady
    Wayne Brady 10 hours ago

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  • Asia-Maria Miles
    Asia-Maria Miles 11 hours ago

    These answers 🤣🤣ICONIC

  • Allie Cat The Disney Nerd

    Steve: your brother in law is gonna be on TVclip!
    Me watching this on TVclip:

  • Wyatt Lee
    Wyatt Lee 11 hours ago

    16:17 Japanese people when they couldn't hear what you said

  • Harry The Moth
    Harry The Moth 11 hours ago

    *n e n a*

  • Kevin Warner
    Kevin Warner 11 hours ago

    I haven't laughed like that in ages. 😂😋😉😊😂😂😂

  • Queen Of 4
    Queen Of 4 13 hours ago

    I'm crying the White House 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dave Micolichek
    Dave Micolichek 13 hours ago

    @ 6:00 I think Steve had one too many hits of off the meth pipe before this episode...

  • Ye Arada Tv
    Ye Arada Tv 13 hours ago


  • Chea Benjamin
    Chea Benjamin 13 hours ago

    Check out Michael Jackson son Brandon Howard on TVclip and instagram.com/BhowardOffical and twitter.com/BhowardOffical and all so on Facebook.com/BhowardOffical thanks.

  • krystal bear
    krystal bear 13 hours ago

    "name something thats hard to do with your eyes open"


  • LucarioZombie
    LucarioZombie 14 hours ago

    **GOOD ANS-SIRR!!!**

  • Alyssa Graves
    Alyssa Graves 14 hours ago

    Steve: asks for traffic *SIGN*
    Dumb lady: *Do NoT pAsS gOoO*

  • Hakeem Carter
    Hakeem Carter 15 hours ago

    Hosea is with H

  • mike mike
    mike mike 16 hours ago +1

    Prechers voice, Some politicians belong in the whitehouse, well....others belong in the whitehouse. 🤣😂🤣 is this yo brotha in law...contestant response...this my brotha in law...steve responses, yo brotha in law going to be on TVclip😂😂

  • Stephen Moan
    Stephen Moan 16 hours ago

    If there are blacks involved, the answers have to be stupid. You are talking about some of the most stupid people on earth. Steve acting like the stupid niggah he is.

  • Kyle 456
    Kyle 456 17 hours ago

    It's always the black people smh

  • Simone and Friends
    Simone and Friends 17 hours ago

    Steve:Name something that is hard to do with your eyes open

    Steve: He went to college!

  • Duve Phannadeth
    Duve Phannadeth 18 hours ago

    The last one about mother one was funny, but the dumbest I've ever heard lmfao. She was given so much time and chances, still stupid haha

  • Impeach The Orange Buffoon

    All of these contestants have the combined IQ of Fowty Fie!
    Sheila's is Minus Fiddy!

  • gaming with aron 147
    gaming with aron 147 18 hours ago

    those people are dumbest persons i have ever seen in my life

  • Jers Son
    Jers Son 18 hours ago

    this video can lower your i.q

  • Impeach The Orange Buffoon

    My god, there's some really undereducated morons in this country.

  • Jahan
    Jahan 18 hours ago

    Can someone just explain the concept of UPINE ???? Don't get it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Todo Poderoso
    Todo Poderoso 18 hours ago

    Peanut brain

  • Todo Poderoso
    Todo Poderoso 18 hours ago

    I’m glad they are showing how stupid they are.

  • Lance Link
    Lance Link 19 hours ago

    Steve , Lookin' like Mighty Joe Young