What Men Want (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


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  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 39 minutes ago

    When promotions are given via football because men are stupid

  • Caleb Porter
    Caleb Porter 2 hours ago

    Congratulations, you made a sexist movie that's not actually sexist only because a woman is the lead roll and all men are scumbags.

  • Cody Ko’s Chode
    Cody Ko’s Chode 4 hours ago

    Pete Davidson is loooking so cute in this

  • pancake kid
    pancake kid 5 hours ago

    Comment section's triggered lmao

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 8 hours ago

    Just for the Get Out joke. I'll watch this.

  • Mal colm
    Mal colm 9 hours ago

    This movie will fail like every single other movie remade for women to "try" and squash men... Ghost Busters, The Last Jedi, Oceans 8 all failed at the box office, why, because there's more people with intelligence that can see what's happening. These nut job feminists and sjw's are a minority, and they will fail. They fail with movies, and lost money, Star Wars is dying a slow death, they failed to take over the computer game industry, every game that catered to these morons failed, the companies lost millions, comics, tv, keep trying, and keep losing millions, we're laughing at you, intelligent people know what equal rights is, they also know that although we're equal, we're vastly different, our biological makeup is different, we think different, this is basic stuff that you can't seem to grasp!
    Thank God you're a minority, otherwise the world would be in trouble, and after failing over and over and over, maybe there's a small chance you'll evolve and start to understand, but I doubt it

  • dylan gross
    dylan gross 12 hours ago

    The worst part is that a man made this...

  • dylan gross
    dylan gross 13 hours ago

    "What Women Want"- Was made by a man.
    -Asshole man learns lessons about very deep subjects having to do with women and understanding them better and bettering himself.
    "What Men Want" -Clearly made by women.
    -All men want is to smash other girls and we're all pigs and objectify women, and should be hit in the crotch for it.
    Men created a movie about not being sexist. Women went the opposite direction, but because its against men it's okay.

  • Atmospheric Shock
    Atmospheric Shock 15 hours ago

    Who the hell puts toast in their pocket #nocommonsense but make sense.....

  • Hackbe Boi
    Hackbe Boi 15 hours ago

    The white clouds are my farts

  • Atmospheric Shock
    Atmospheric Shock 15 hours ago

    One gorgeous white man,two that black guy is unfunny and idk not interested

  • CrazyI3lake Productions

    They always find a way to ruin everything to feed their ever growing egos.

    MKN4EVERR 18 hours ago

    My answer to this movie...

    MKN4EVERR 18 hours ago

    So I guess every other guy movie is gonna get the ovary treatment now. Dear God I can see it now... The Expesivebles, Ramba First Bleed, Die Hair, Predagirl, Tights Club, 😢😢😢😢😢

  • air raid
    air raid 19 hours ago

    What men want
    Lego star wars 4

  • MrGabeanator
    MrGabeanator 20 hours ago

    girls trip and ride along huh Nancy Meyers did it better

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett 20 hours ago

    Hitting a man in the balls is wrong.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett 20 hours ago

    This is sexist and if it was reversed it would be condemned.

  • tony guanatos
    tony guanatos 22 hours ago

    This movie looks so cheesy.Hollywood is running out of ideas,they are like "let's make remakes...with black folks in it".😂

  • T S
    T S 23 hours ago

  • Tunisia McKinney
    Tunisia McKinney Day ago +1

    I can’t wait to go see this lol

  • Aaron Alcott
    Aaron Alcott Day ago

    In a female powered movie about a woman having the upper hand on guys, I knew it was only a matter of time before i saw a man get hit in the balls. Sure enough it happened.

  • Boss Coss
    Boss Coss Day ago

    Such a sexist movie lmao

  • Michael Philbert

    Wasn't this a Dave Chappelle sketch?

  • Dora Bueno
    Dora Bueno Day ago

    I just came to give a dislike because every TVclip video I watch has this stupid advertisement. I DONT WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE.

  • Diego Trujillo
    Diego Trujillo Day ago

    So being sexist and going by stereotypes is allowed against men but one man says that equality wouldnt be smart in a polite way and the whole entire world gets upset... Wow this U.S and the rest of the world has hit a roadblock in society

  • ladyserena1989
    ladyserena1989 Day ago

    This has nothing to do with feminism. Feminism is about equality, NOT about being better than men.
    This is just a stack of clichés. Stereo types make for cheap humour. Come one, Hollywood. You can do better than this!

  • PandaCHEONG
    PandaCHEONG Day ago

    More man hatred? What a surprise

  • Josh Chapman
    Josh Chapman Day ago

    This looks like the plot of a Disney channel original movie

  • Beefpaste
    Beefpaste Day ago

    Answer: food, sex, quiet, sleep. This is going to be a short movie.

  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago

    0:34 This looks so cancerous

  • Mike Howard
    Mike Howard Day ago

    Nope... Preview looks about as bad as Ghost Busters 2016.

  • Celeste Hill
    Celeste Hill Day ago +1

    Hollywood is running out of ideas.I would love to see this movie starring cats.I love cats.Would love to know what the heck a cat thinks.Far more intriguing.

  • Brian Breón
    Brian Breón Day ago

    What Women Want (2000) -written by 1 man and 2 women
    What Men Want (2019) - written by 2 women

    Nope, not seeing it.

  • Anne B
    Anne B Day ago +1

    Didn’t Dave Chappell already tell us what men want? Sandwich, bj, and quiet. You’re going to have two hour movie on that?

  • morbidchid
    morbidchid Day ago

    I don't hate the trailer but I disliked this video for that dance Tracey Jordan did before the trailer started.

  • OhBuddyBoi
    OhBuddyBoi Day ago

    Movies are just full of SJW bullshit now?
    I’m scared for the next 20 years.

  • John A Garcia
    John A Garcia Day ago +1

    "You couldn't do the opposite of that: What Men Want. Because it would be too gross and disgusting"
    -Dave Chappelle, The Chappelle Show
    Who remembers that skit? The kid in the elevator too "Daaaaaaamn" xD
    God I miss that show. Who would've thought Dave would predict this movie would be made 16 years later. But I'm not going to watch it because as Dave said it will be gross and disgusting, well to a guy it will be.

  • Joy Alexus LeBron
    Joy Alexus LeBron Day ago +1

    ""I thought black people stopped drinking tea after Get Out" hilarious!

  • Levon Wilson
    Levon Wilson Day ago

    🙄 I bet broad wrote this movie for the feminist movement

  • Miami Doorstep
    Miami Doorstep 2 days ago

    I haven’t wanted to watch a movie so much in such a long time

  • WeAreNumber15
    WeAreNumber15 2 days ago

    Dear all women, this is not what really think except for the farts.

  • Medica Colleen
    Medica Colleen 2 days ago

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  • McRibs
    McRibs 2 days ago

    This shit has been popping in my fucking ads for too damn long man

  • Doge Whistle
    Doge Whistle 2 days ago

    Dave Chappelle already did this better 15 years ago

  • Angus Wallace
    Angus Wallace 2 days ago

    i could forgive the sexixium but the worst part is that is all direct sexism no sub contious or will intention missguided sexisum. no just every man is trying to undermine or sleep with you no guy tring to help in a not help full way or acting is sexit way unitention ally due to coulter al pressure not all men are jsut ass holes and all women are opressed saints

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez 2 days ago

    "I thought black people stopped drinking tea after Get Out" 😂😂

  • Lefthook Lito
    Lefthook Lito 2 days ago

    Mel Gibson already did this... in "what women want". lazy af

  • tbarret320
    tbarret320 2 days ago

    There are a lot males in the comments with hurt feelings but it's a movie! Stop crying! Instead, let's discuss your privilege and how you continue to use it to oppress women.