The dark side of the web -- exploring darknets | Kyle Terry | TEDxSalem

  • Published on Nov 17, 2014
  • This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. The internet is a powerful tool with many layers. Kyle Terry shares his exploration of one of the deepest layers: the darknet.
    Kyle Terry was destined to become a computer historian. Having worked as a systems administrator, software engineer, and senior devops engineer, he's explored many aspects of computing and is qualified to speak on a broad range of topics. See his history of the internet presentation here:
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  • Bryan Quesadilla
    Bryan Quesadilla 5 days ago

    Watch TVclip strike them


    Wow im shocked. 20m subscriber's. 2.9m views. But only 22k views. With just barley 1500 comments. If this isnt the youtube algorithm i dont know what is. I mean 5 years this vids been up. Most recent comment is 2 years old

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell Month ago

    it would be so much easier for the deaf if the speakers were fluent in signing too. give your hands something meaningful to do as well 😃
    i reckon we need signing to be mandatory education

  • Justin Stephens
    Justin Stephens Month ago

    Yet without surveillance we would have not caught some of the most dangerous people.

  • ryan2stix
    ryan2stix Month ago

    Well that was painful..great way on selling me not to bother with any of this

  • Chriz Daman
    Chriz Daman Month ago

    Downloading Freenet is a big NO GO! 😧

  • Victor Popov
    Victor Popov 2 months ago +4

    "Privacy is not about hiding something, its about preserving something".

  • watching you too!
    watching you too! 2 months ago +1

    Any video with adds is greed

    • watching you too!
      watching you too! Month ago +1

      @ST- -MD also I can't believe i forgot to say your a asshated fuckwade lol have a nice day

    • watching you too!
      watching you too! Month ago +1

      @ST- -MD lol the question is do you think all Creator's are being paid the same or what they should be I'll answer for you no they aren't and if a video has adds it is gaining revinew for TVclip not just the poster and fyi the creator is not even then poster half the time my point still stands if there are adds there is greed.

    • ST- -MD
      ST- -MD Month ago

      Any video with ads is a product.
      A product somebody created.
      Created to entertain and/or inform.
      Research, production value, presentation, editing and processing.
      If you begrudge an ad here n there, then you're saying people shouldn't get paid and TVclip should cease to exist.
      If you're saying that, then you're also saying people who put time, money and effort into creating videos don't deserve some level of payment.
      Any channel with 1k+ subs qualifies for monetization.
      How does it affect you negatively? Apart from either skipping or simply letting the occasional ad play out?
      How is that a problem in your life?
      The only reason it could be an issue for you is that you're just envious and bitter that you're not making money from TVclip - that is the only thing.
      You need to get a better job or try harder with your channel. You only need 999 more subs and to produce actual videos instead of hosting successful channels' videos on yours.
      Don't be sour. Jealousy isn't an attractive trait.
      Work harder. Get better. And stop resenting others for making money.
      Also, here's a big "the more you know" insight for you...
      Even channels that aren't monetized are having ads put on popular videos by Google. This is because Google still get ad revenue, even if the channel doesn't qualify for Adsense or simply hasn't activated it.
      This is also a part of why we now see an unskippable 16+ second promotion and potentially 2 more skippable ads more often.

  • Mark St. Michell Jr
    Mark St. Michell Jr 2 months ago

    Salem Oregon??

  • nemo hoes
    nemo hoes 3 months ago

    What's the point in you saying the same things over and over with different people on here okay we know what the dark net is move on okay next come on move on next

  • Lee
    Lee 3 months ago

    I am told that gangstalkers recruit their perps and they are paid through the dark web. Can you confirm or deny this info?

  • ollux paeternax
    ollux paeternax 3 months ago

    Freenet now days is the most unsafe network ever stay away

  • Audrey Flemming
    Audrey Flemming 4 months ago

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  • Lilac
    Lilac 4 months ago

    Labor pains is how it will be, happening sooner and sooner each day. Becoming more fierce just like labor. Let me tell you because I have had a child and I understand about labor pains. Love your videos as always, keep spreading the news. Just as a child will come so will be Jesus Christ.

  • Stranger By The Minute
    Stranger By The Minute 4 months ago

    Aphex Twin is just one guy, buddy. =]

  • Mike Ethier
    Mike Ethier 4 months ago

    Aphex Twin is one dude

  • Lord hUmungus
    Lord hUmungus 5 months ago

    Man this guy has the personality of dry toast

  • Sam
    Sam 5 months ago


  • Rita Silva
    Rita Silva 5 months ago

    Is he saying it's ok to use the deep web????

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 6 months ago


  • get_your_mood_right_
    get_your_mood_right_ 6 months ago +1

    lol all the comments saying IF THE GOVERNMENT FUNDS IT I DONT TRUST THE PRIVACY. You don't understand how Tor, VPNs, or encryption works. The government also funds public roads, they dont know if you speed on a country road

  • Tabula Rasa
    Tabula Rasa 6 months ago

    Why does ' an ostensibly 'intelligent person scar/mark themselves with all that tribal graffiti ?
    Privacy is a hopeless myth/wish. When you close your bathroom door...that is as close as you can get if you remain silent. No soliloquys ; e.g., "Of course, I killed them all", (R.Durst)

  • BatteryProductions
    BatteryProductions 6 months ago

    This guy = no presentation skills

  • Walter Paton
    Walter Paton 7 months ago

    Try and visit another country. Or move to another city or state. The US government will know.

  • Futurewolf Films
    Futurewolf Films 7 months ago

    I had to study uranium for a screenplay and freaked out that I would get a visit. SHould have used Tor or Substratum.

  • Zain Ahmad
    Zain Ahmad 8 months ago

    lionel messi's copy

  • Erik
    Erik 8 months ago

    If you're worried about reading a webpage in your own home, because it might be "too leftist", then you should just stop calling yourself "the land of the free", it feels like it is meant sarcastic.

  • Enrique Ventura
    Enrique Ventura 8 months ago

    right ..speed up is much funnier I set 2.0 and was much funnier to watch

  • daniogroove
    daniogroove 9 months ago

    Great topic. Boring presentation.

  • Jim Nichols
    Jim Nichols 9 months ago

    In this exibition if you are excited I would hate to see you just relaxed.

  • Tom Jenkins
    Tom Jenkins 9 months ago

    I think this guy is tweakin.

  • Elmnopen
    Elmnopen 9 months ago

    Why can't anybody who's trying to communicate something to the General Public do so in a way that appeals to them? He did not explain how the darknet is secure. He just said it was. Like we are going to believe that? I'm so sick of this s***. Does anybody out there have an IQ above 100?

  • Chris H
    Chris H 10 months ago

    So what's the likelyhood of someone like me or may other ordinary, Joe blow getting in trouble for using tor? Even if just to have secure every day web browsing.

  • Thanos in daa hood
    Thanos in daa hood 10 months ago

    Tor project funded by government

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 10 months ago

    I was filmed for many years without my knowledge.

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 10 months ago

    I will pay$$$$$$$

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 10 months ago

    Please help me somebody.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 10 months ago

    He makes some good points, but he's not a great presenter.

  • Jim Cuddy
    Jim Cuddy 10 months ago


  • Sentiløng Jamir
    Sentiløng Jamir 10 months ago

    I'm a hacker too

  • Aj 15
    Aj 15 10 months ago

    Poor speaker, give him props for getting up there tho

  • Satchel Collinz
    Satchel Collinz 10 months ago

    scared to read...

  • digital truth soldiere
    digital truth soldiere 11 months ago

    t he link you posted is a 501 gateway.

  • Sulayman Chillout
    Sulayman Chillout 11 months ago

    Internet is God. Bhagavan Way Back

  • raryraru
    raryraru 11 months ago

    Just watching this Video will maybe put us on a watchlist

  • Charlie Noble
    Charlie Noble 11 months ago

    "Aphex twins"?

  • maidmoira
    maidmoira 11 months ago

    so not the operator connecting you and listening?

  • CharlieSuper
    CharlieSuper 11 months ago

    The last time I watched a 14 minute video that felt like hours on end, it was on TestOut...

    If you've never heard of it, I hope you never will...

  • Elber Galarga
    Elber Galarga Year ago

    They have to be running out of people to do these talks... 14 min wasted

  • lolb4udie
    lolb4udie Year ago

    Do you need a VPN to use Tor?

  • Maximilian Ziegler

    Doesn't Facebook also have an .onion Adresse?

  • Alex Luciano
    Alex Luciano Year ago

    Fear the beard

  • Tyler DeMasters
    Tyler DeMasters Year ago

    Oh man this got bad. Poor guy

  • stephen moran
    stephen moran Year ago

    So much work to keep big government and business from knowing my interests wtf

  • Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.

    Duck duck go I used Tor but it was wack everything was bitcoin this and i couldn't find anyways to make money!

  • James Hulme
    James Hulme Year ago

    He says "I hate to say this but the past year and a half has proven that we live in a constant state of surveillance".

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  • 1963JamesT
    1963JamesT Year ago

    sign language for this?? hard to understand with good hearing. :)

  • Andrew Li
    Andrew Li Year ago

    The deep web is a term used for pages that you normally can’t acces from a search browse.
    Whereas the dark web is what you’re talking about, tor, .onion sites, etc.
    Please get your terms right.

  • Stand up for GOOD

    Its where all the Senetors and Hollywood producers go to get their kiddie kicks.
    Dont worry, because SOPHIA learned on the dark web first, now "shes" moved into the regular internet.
    Every message, text, email, video, picture anyone has ever sent, she has record of it.
    Why is Drumpff draining the swamp ?? And who are the monsters ??
    We will soon know, and it will be shocking to most, but Not us woke folk.
    Qanon knows, but who is Q ?? (Hint...JFK will be avenged))