8 Exciting High School/College Movies to Watch on Netflix [2019]

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
  • Looking for teen romantic comedy movies to watch on Netflix this year? Complete list...africavarsities.com/netflix-high-school-movies/
    Here are super exciting high school or college Netflix movies to watch in 2019.
    Movie List:
    8. Candy Jar
    An introverted high school girl from a working-class background and her wealthy, debate-team nemesis can't agree on anything.
    But when they're forced to work together to compete in the state championship, they might discover opposites can attract.
    7. To All The Boys I've Loved Before
    What if all the crushes you ever had found out how you felt about them…all at once?
    Lara Jean Song Covey’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control when the love letters for every boy she’s ever loved-five in all- are mysteriously mailed out.
    6. #realityhigh
    This is a great teen movie you can watch on Netflix and everyone is talking about it. When Dani finally attracts the interest of her longtime crush, she lands in the cross hairs of his social media celebrity ex. #RealityHigh
    5. Alex Strangelove
    High school senior Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) has it all - the grades, the girlfriend (Madeline Weinstein), and the motley crew of hilarious friends.
    Everything is smooth sailing until Alex shares that he's decided to part ways with his virginity - and meets Elliott (Antonio Marziale), a sweet and confident gay boy who isn't shy about his instant crush on Alex...who may or may not feel the same.
    4. Dude
    Riding the highs of high school, four friends bond over relationships, drugs, and living their best lives. DUDE stars Lucy Hale, Alex Wolff, Alexandra Shipp, Awkwafina, and Kathryn Prescott.
    3. The Kissing Booth
    The kissing booth is a movie about a high school student who is forced to confront her secret crush at a kissing booth.
    A pretty, teenage girl, who has never-been-kissed, finds her life turned totally upside down when she decides to run a kissing booth and unexpectedly ends up locking lips with her secret crush.
    2. Coin Heist
    Coin heist is one of the best teen Netflix movies. When a crisis threatens to destroy their high school, four teens hatch a daring plan to raise $10 million. Step one? Breaking into the U.S. Mint.
    1. The After Party
    When an aspiring rapper goes viral for all the wrong reasons, he thinks his career is over.
    But when his best friend gets them into a wild NYC after party, he gets one more chance to make the impossible happen. Dinah Jane
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    Sujan Shrestha Day ago

    Wtf man I hate the list

  • fαмσυѕ кαlαкαя

    I want to know a movie's name in which a girl bring a stranger boy to her home and they talk about night nd world plss anybody know the name then plss reply

  • Kimberly .C
    Kimberly .C 6 days ago

    I wacthed all these movies.

  • Paris Saunders
    Paris Saunders 6 days ago

    I love reality high

  • ѕσυl ιѕ ωнαт мαттєяѕ

    Humanity is at loss.

  • Ben Arfa BeastMode
    Ben Arfa BeastMode 10 days ago +1

    Music and Movies in the period (1980-2011) were better. From (2012-2019 ...) things got bad movies with many effects dull jokes dull plot Netflix and its productions are an example of the new generation of shit

    My name is Gabriel
    I'm 22 years old

  • Ben Arfa BeastMode
    Ben Arfa BeastMode 10 days ago +1

    I prefer the movies of the years (1980-2011)

    The new generation only has high pixel quality and horrible interpretations and bland speech

    My name is Gabriel
    I'm 22 years old

  • Fnoo feriel
    Fnoo feriel 14 days ago

    can u share your netflix acc wtih me?

  • le 1 la
    le 1 la 14 days ago +15

    7. Mona from PLL
    4. Aria from PLL
    2. Alison from PLL

  • Cute Girl
    Cute Girl 16 days ago

    I watched all of theses already..

    ALI PLAYZ 18 days ago

    You forgot cobra kai

  • Alvin Saran
    Alvin Saran 18 days ago +2

    I'm trapped, I fell into the endless hole of trailers. I need help I can't get out.

  • bpink blink
    bpink blink 19 days ago +12

    i watched to all the boys i loved and after and now i want to watch something as good as those , can you guys recommend me smt

  • Khushi Naithani
    Khushi Naithani 19 days ago

    Kissing booth was horrrrrible!!!!!

  • Chantel Chukwu
    Chantel Chukwu 23 days ago

    I have watched all the Movies braa☹

  • daniella rose
    daniella rose 24 days ago +3

    MEAN GIRLS IS THE BEST OFF THE BEST AND IM 11 its so good i watch i with my mama

  • Nemoy Walker
    Nemoy Walker 25 days ago +1

    My favorite reality high

  • الفتاه الانيقه

    Guys five feet apart it the best 👌🏼❤️

  • الفتاه الانيقه

    to all the boys I’ve loved
    The kissing booth
    Are the best 👆🏻🙃❤️

  • LxvelyDarling
    LxvelyDarling 28 days ago +5

    The kissing booth was always my fav

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    1:58 I was so confused here cause in the uk rubbers is erasers but it’s condoms in America😂

    RAFIKOOOO Month ago +1

    Never knew how many bad movies there was

  • Termyia Isaac
    Termyia Isaac Month ago +8

    U guys should watch after it is my favorite movie of the year

    • Termyia Isaac
      Termyia Isaac 25 days ago

      @Morris Morrison me to i love that show and do u hv any idea of any movies for me to watch

    • Termyia Isaac
      Termyia Isaac 25 days ago +1

      @Niky Lezama go on 123 movies u will. Get it it is the best

    • Termyia Isaac
      Termyia Isaac 25 days ago +1

      @Albert kipkosgei same

    • Niky Lezama
      Niky Lezama Month ago

      Not on Netflix tho

  • mylene san pascual
    mylene san pascual Month ago +2

    To All The Boys I've Loved Before is my favorite!

  • Faith Jackson
    Faith Jackson Month ago +1

    who else came to see a new movie but realized they saw all cause they have no life..no just me?

  • andrea zegarra
    andrea zegarra Month ago

    All of this movies are like a guilty pleasure because i know the’re really bad, but i still love all of those

  • Scorest
    Scorest Month ago +1

    They didn't even mention Elite or 13 reasons why !!

    • Tanishia Mifsud
      Tanishia Mifsud Month ago +2

      Because these are all movies not both series and movies

  • Bea Des
    Bea Des Month ago +1

    I’ve seen all of them :/

  • astraton2001
    astraton2001 Month ago

    Man, are there no realistic school dramas anymore like the old Degrassi Junior High series from the 80s ?

  • Dreamy Edits
    Dreamy Edits Month ago

    I have 40+ romcom/Highschool/NovelBased movies suggestions in my recent video on my channel . Watch it if u need any help in suggestions ♥😊

  • hannah X
    hannah X Month ago +1

    Watch Angus thongs and perfect snogging


    6:40 song pls?

  • annaworkhard
    annaworkhard Month ago +8

    someone missed the *16 candles* 😬

  • Gayane Khachatryan
    Gayane Khachatryan Month ago +2

    The kissing booth is the best

  • Celine Niyigena
    Celine Niyigena Month ago +1

    Someone tell me why have I watched all this movies

  • Updatedashannie
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  • Jony Kataria
    Jony Kataria 2 months ago

    I watch this movie 2 times😎

  • Nikolov Stefan
    Nikolov Stefan 2 months ago +2

    Aca Lukas the best...

  • Ксюша Кристальная

    Thank you!!! Best top

  • Just A Regular Human
    Just A Regular Human 2 months ago

    How the heck u didn t put mako mermaids or h20 just add water

  • Chloe Blignaut
    Chloe Blignaut 2 months ago +11

    Trust me watch After 2019

  • Benny Mathew
    Benny Mathew 2 months ago +74

    trust me , watch 'after' , that's the best movie eveerererererere

  • Micah Guillemette
    Micah Guillemette 2 months ago

    I just watched Alex Strangelove and it was great! I had a lot of troublepredicting it, which was both frustrating and refreshing! It was kind of complicated and the story felt really long, like the movie could have been shorter, but it's still rather powerful! I wasn't much into the music at some times and really hated some of the shots at times but i still really liked it!

  • Yourboiknowledge
    Yourboiknowledge 2 months ago +2

    0:40 that man always a teacher

  • Ayjan Annageldiyeva
    Ayjan Annageldiyeva 2 months ago +9

    Who's the afro-American guy in Realityhigh oh gawd💥😩🔥

  • Khadija Azaim
    Khadija Azaim 2 months ago +1

    The kissing booth is one of the best movies i've ever seen . So romantic and funny !

    WW SCRUTINY 2 months ago


    Try this one..my type of list 😉

  • ArKo
    ArKo 2 months ago +220

    guys just watch "After",thats best film for me

    • S H O S H
      S H O S H 14 days ago

      Ew Ew Ew

    • الفتاه الانيقه
      الفتاه الانيقه 28 days ago +1

      I’ve seen after but ( five feet apart ) it the best 👌🏼❤️ believe me 🌚

    • astrx child
      astrx child Month ago +3

      The movie is shit compared to the original wattpad book ya'll are missing something

    • Biii Chan
      Biii Chan Month ago +1

      Book is better

    • TAYY
      TAYY Month ago

      Is it on Netflix Bc I searched it up but I didn’t pop up 😑

  • ashely .A.
    ashely .A. 2 months ago

    who else watch these movies

  • Noor Sawalha
    Noor Sawalha 2 months ago +46

    Five Feet Apart
    Adventures In Public School
    Midnight Sun
    To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
    The Princess Diaries 1&2
    The Kissing Booth

    • senmatex A
      senmatex A 2 months ago +2


    • Jojo* Nation
      Jojo* Nation 2 months ago +3

      Noor Sawalha I’ve watched; five feet apart, the kissing booth and to all the boys I’ve loved before. Their all so good!

  • Kyra Johnson
    Kyra Johnson 2 months ago +27

    After and 5 feet apart are my favorite 😘😘

  • Califa SneakerHead
    Califa SneakerHead 2 months ago +1

    2:30 did i heard right? nobody ....

  • Bella and Belle
    Bella and Belle 2 months ago +249

    Kissing booth 💋 is my favorite movie so far plz like at least 1

  • Kristen Phares
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  • Kristen Phares
    Kristen Phares 2 months ago +1

    Am I they only one who noticed Lucy Hale/Aria Fitz and Sasha/Ali from pretty little liars...oh I am ok

  • SanTa ĐiàbŁà
    SanTa ĐiàbŁà 2 months ago +308

    Candy jar
    To all the boys ive loved before
    Reality high
    Alex strangelove
    The kissing booth
    Coin heist
    The after party

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 2 months ago +2

    i could’ve sworn the main character in the after party is kyle.... what a king ahaha

  • Priyangi Singh
    Priyangi Singh 2 months ago +32

    Kissing booth and to all the boys are my most favourites