BBC The Diamond Queen Episode 1

  • Published on Jul 10, 2012
  • BBC The Diamond Queen Episode 1 ©BBC UK
    Andrew Marr looks at the life and reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II in this three-part series, which includes special interviews with Princes William and Harry, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, the Earl of Wessex, the Duke of York, the Princess Royal, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Sir John Major and President Obama.
    In this first episode, with remarkable archive footage, Marr tells the childhood story of the young girl who never expected to reign. He looks closely at the influence of her grandfather, father and mother and the impact of the abdication, and hears from the Queen's grandchildren about what it must have been like to become queen at the age of 25.
    Marr examines exactly what the Queen's role as head of state actually entails, and follows her to the Middle East and the USA to assess the global impact of the royal family on British trade and international relations.

    Producer: Sally Norris
    Presenter: Andrew Marr
    Director: Sally Norris
    Executive Producer: Nick Vaughan-Barratt

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  • Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick Day ago

    ASPCA Guardian to fight the chain of abuse

  • Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick Day ago

    We will always work together. Pain will always attend her. British Muslims have attended her.

  • Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick Day ago

    The Queen of England. She has endured several wars; She will meet the Prime Minister and is in a Church Episcopalian

  • Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick Day ago

    ASPCA Rescue Mistreated Animals inclining dogs and cats and parakeets.

  • jakistuart
    jakistuart 2 days ago

    2020, a year for great vision

  • HappyGirl 3000
    HappyGirl 3000 4 days ago

    Can some one sum this up? It’s a homework and I really don’t have enough time to watch the hole episode

  • Alman Buric
    Alman Buric 4 days ago

    danke frau winkler

  • Margaret Chabot
    Margaret Chabot 13 days ago

    She is running the Astral Lights cloning center experience shes listed on there also

  • Margaret Chabot
    Margaret Chabot 13 days ago

    Shes not even human her refrigerator is full of dead body parts they eat humans to stop from Shapeshifering

  • Jacey Lataire
    Jacey Lataire 27 days ago

    I adore her.... she has such an amazing sense of humor..... ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Donna Newmeyer
    Donna Newmeyer 27 days ago

    Like the way.she's gotten more Commonwealth countries join besides the original 8

  • Bradley Greenwood
    Bradley Greenwood Month ago +2

    From California: "God Save the Queen".
    Ironically, one of my direct ancestors was able to get out of Britain, before James I was able to have him executed.
    That man was my 13th great-grandfather, Wm. Brewster.

  • Billionaire30 XYZ
    Billionaire30 XYZ Month ago

    I'm just glad they stopped marrying their family members.

  • kaiya clark
    kaiya clark Month ago

    Then why doesn't Her Majesty the queen do something are Britain and all the other countries around that she's head of on the Homeless Problem and owners charging outrageous amounts for rent which is causing a lot of homelessness in their country. I find it outrageous that your countries have people dying from freezing to death and from starvation. Why doesn't the queen do something about that if you really care about your people which I am one then do something about it

  • Marilyn Dargis
    Marilyn Dargis Month ago

    Propaganda Royals are ugly except for Diana's sons m

  • Phillip Vietri
    Phillip Vietri Month ago +1

    Grandest of monarchies - the Windsors?. That certainly takes care of the Hohenzollerns, Habsburgs and Romanovs!

  • Susan Johnson
    Susan Johnson 2 months ago

    King Edward was friends and socialized with German Nazis. Think that has as much to do with it than divorce. The rules arguably would have been changed for him just as they have been for Charles who’s divorced and is married to one too . But then again Edward was happy not to be king. Charles on other hand is salivating at the thought.

  • Art Lady
    Art Lady 2 months ago

    She really is and was regal , and elegant . I’m American but can so appreciate this woman , although I don’t get why the monarchy , I do appreciate Queen Elizabeth. The world will seem weird without her .

  • BLe
    BLe 2 months ago

    She would still had been queen because her uncle didn’t had kids. Her father might have live longer. Her uncle might had lost the kingdom.

  • jude lion
    jude lion 2 months ago

    She is an expert diplomat, selling britain abroad. She doesnt make deaLs, but brings pride, strength, friendship and will bring support for britain in the future because of a cemented friendship and diplomacy, a sense of self- identity and national unity.

  • jude lion
    jude lion 2 months ago

    Its called national identity.afterall, the royal family fought the british wars. Queen Elizabeth deserves her status. You cant imagine Britain without the Queen

    • Cat Walk
      Cat Walk 2 months ago

      jude lion oh I can they are disgusting people

  • curiosity 2019
    curiosity 2019 2 months ago +1

    So they're styling her the Diamond Queen? Have never heard her being referred as that before.

    • curiosity 2019
      curiosity 2019 2 months ago

      @monahawk Lol, I'll root for her outliving Charles.

    • monahawk
      monahawk 2 months ago +1

      A 60th anniversary is called a "Diamond Anniversary" hence, the Diamond Queen. She is beyond it now so I doubt anyone is referring to her by that term. She is pretty amazing doing all she does at her age. I'm not yet 70 and couldn't keep up, wouldn't want to try to keep up with her. She seems quite dedicated. I think she's trying to outlive Charles... ;-) For mainly Camilla reasons.

  • Steven Conroy
    Steven Conroy 2 months ago +4

    "Grief is the price we pay for love." Queen Elizabeth . Ain't that the truth.

  • les amos
    les amos 2 months ago

    As a youngster i climbed onto a low wall out side worcester college the queen and her sister went pass in an open car both were in uniform i thought they were girl guides this was in Oxford possibly in the40s does any one remember this visit.

  • Marsha Taylor
    Marsha Taylor 2 months ago +1

    I am from the US and I love the Queen

  • Vannessa Coonrod
    Vannessa Coonrod 2 months ago +1

    The Queen did a great job. Her eldest grandson appears credible so far and could carry it on.

  • Ms. Christian
    Ms. Christian 2 months ago

    ... she' the department of "friendliness" , who is he kidding? She's as icy as a glacier! Poor Diana, she knew first hand.

  • SamWeller
    SamWeller 2 months ago

    For all of you going on endlessly about how wonderful the Queen is please take a minute to read the Coronation Oath she swore before God to uphold. Here is a part: "Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England?" Has she done this in a land with multiple mega mosques in every city? She has put her dynasty before her country.

  • Michelle Godoy
    Michelle Godoy 2 months ago +1

    Being an American has had no difference on my idea of her. To me, and many more in this world, she is all of our queen. She's the world's queen!! And we love her over.

  • Margaret
    Margaret 2 months ago +1

    Princess Eugenie is so pretty!

  • Sugar Pop
    Sugar Pop 2 months ago

    The King and Wallis’ children would not be able take the throne, so Elizabeth would have become Queen.

  • Iwanta Fennec
    Iwanta Fennec 2 months ago +3

    Why is Tony Blair always yammering on and on in these retrospectives? Everybody knows she couldn't stand him or his non-curtseying sow of a wife.

  • Squire Praggerstope
    Squire Praggerstope 2 months ago

    After Buckingham Palace was bombed, someone raised the question of evacuating the princesses to Canada with the then Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother). Her reply was;
    "The girls won't leave without me.
    I won't leave without the King.
    And the King will NEVER leave."

  • William Wallis
    William Wallis 2 months ago +1

    What a pity the politicians, have now made Britain, the laughing stock of the world.

  • maria parker
    maria parker 2 months ago

    There will never be another queen like her. She has had to endure a life that no one would really want... Always in the public eye, not being able to do what you want when you want.. does she even know how to shop in a supermarket? The answer to that is no! Would I want her life? Definitely not! Life is far easier as a commoner.

  • Elaine Zaks
    Elaine Zaks 2 months ago

    I know her Majesty is busy but perhaps she might school the American president on the subject of what it actually takes to be a respectworthy person with a working vocabulary

  • Terry Moore
    Terry Moore 2 months ago

    Oh boy...the propaganda never stops...Britt's will never understand their enslaving and ridiculous worship of these human Gods !

  • Daniél Collins
    Daniél Collins 2 months ago

    The monarchy, the non-political head of state, is one of the reasons I do not understand that the withdrawal from the EU can be such a bitter divorce.
    HOW they can keep a solidarity from being free to be itself and stand on it's own, when it always HAD is truly beyond me.
    There are bitter divorces, and struggles over alimony and child support and custody. This is an autonomous country, who was part of a co-op while the co-op was familiarly popular.
    Now, this country wants to stand on its own. And it is kept from doing so because of what?
    This sovereign, this head of state who has worked with Churchill, and seen politicians come and go and come back just to go again, is a stalwart watchfront, a beautiful crone with wisdom and experience to share.
    Great Britain, the UK, must be free to make their own choices, independent of the political weight of countries without their good in mind.

  • paul thompson
    paul thompson 2 months ago

    down the line she is german remember that

  • Nad
    Nad 2 months ago

    Oh Harry! I'm out of here.

  • simply danLrene
    simply danLrene 2 months ago +1

    Love the Queen. I sure hope she makes William the next king.

    • P
      P Month ago

      You mustn't be that big a fan of the monarchy if you think the monarch can choose their successor. That's not how it happens.

    • Wonkothenormal
      Wonkothenormal 2 months ago

      Well dream on guys. It shall be alot of dissapointed people and "I told you so" moments when Prince Charles ascends as monarch. So the future King WilliamV has just to wait his time for the next generation to pass.

  • Павел Савари

    Мои поздравления и всего наилучшего Ю.любимая

  • M Williams
    M Williams 3 months ago

    9:13. I can only think of one...OBAMA.

  • Cindy Duff
    Cindy Duff 3 months ago +2

    The narrator asks who else can draw a crowd like the Queen? Donald Trump, President of the United States can! Trump 2020!

    • TheChap
      TheChap 2 months ago

      LOL. Keep dreaming.

    • Bolsheviki
      Bolsheviki 3 months ago

      Is that why he has to lie about crowd sizes?

  • U M
    U M 3 months ago

    The last constant GB has !

  • Jacqueline Waiariki
    Jacqueline Waiariki 3 months ago

    Queen Elizabeth visits countries under her Commonwealth staying in the loop around their State of Affairs Outside of her Commonwealth countries she keeps strong communication and relationships with as it happened during the Reign of Queen Victoria

  • Bossman 1
    Bossman 1 3 months ago

    i notice during the dubai visit not a single arab woman/girl in sight

  • Monu David
    Monu David 3 months ago

    God saves the Queen .
    Young Majesty in Young age .

  • Pat Haigis
    Pat Haigis 3 months ago

    She is beautiful inside & out ❤

  • D Stuart
    D Stuart 3 months ago +3

    Love her or not -- she's like a third grandmother to us all and I have yet to see a public figure in my long life "show up" as much. I find her to be an engaging, complicated and important figure in our forever changing and beautiful world.

  • Davide Puglia
    Davide Puglia 3 months ago


    31:15 "wat is said between P.M David Cameron and the Queen will never be known"......untill cameron is no longer P.M and has a book to sell.😂😂😂

  • Kelly Liberatore
    Kelly Liberatore 4 months ago +1

    Prince Andrew: “You pull together some strands, as it were, then one gets a large mixing bowl, and adds two parts paint, some shine, a pinch of varnish and bit of Queen”. 58:58

  • leslie easton
    leslie easton 4 months ago +2

    Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves. Get rid of Boris and stay in the European Union.

    • Carmel Leopard
      Carmel Leopard 3 months ago

      leslie easton Agreed, Brits are not quitters. Stronger in Europe!

  • Barbara Finley
    Barbara Finley 5 months ago

    I wonder why she carries a purse lol really she doesn't need one?

    • John King
      John King 4 months ago

      It contains make up, lipstick, a handkerchief, a compact mirror, mint candy, reading glasses, a pen and some family photos. This comes from one of the Queen's retired private staff, so I think it is 99% accurate. Hope this helps? P.S. She also carries money, but only on a Sunday when she is going to church, and gives her donation.

  • Jacqueline Clarke
    Jacqueline Clarke 5 months ago

    Watching in August 21st 2019 for the second time. Prince Andrew in question at the moment with Epstein scandal. Queen Elizabeth looks amazing the question is, will the Royals after the Queen passes, remain relevant moving forward to the future off the Country & Common wealth.!

    • Cat Walk
      Cat Walk 2 months ago

      Jacqueline Clarke Charles is a good man does much good Andrew is a disgrace

    • John King
      John King 4 months ago +1

      When Charles ascends to the throne on the death of his mother, his time as monarch will be short, and it will then pass to William. They are banking on a King William and his Queen Consort Catherine on providing a strong and stable monarchy, reduced in size and more relaxed and informal for the 21st century.

  • Bev West
    Bev West 5 months ago

    I'm an American. I love my country, its traditions, its patriotism and history. What I DON'T like is when BBC's Andrew Marr degrades America's political system along with its, "clapped out" presidency". The UK changes prime ministers similar to the change in presidents, but I wouldn't refer to a single one of them as 'clapped out'.... it's rude and unnecessary. England should show a little more respect to their most supportive ally.

    • AustonNyMarner
      AustonNyMarner 16 hours ago

      He never mentioned America

    • John King
      John King 4 months ago

      This was made back in 2012, and Andrew Marr was known for his rudeness in these types of shows. Do not take it to heart, it is our British sense of dry humour, no disrespect intended.

  • Queen Ashantee
    Queen Ashantee 5 months ago


  • Becky Bohot
    Becky Bohot 5 months ago +1

    Love the queen. She is adored and wearing lovely bright clothes

  • Vic Alexander
    Vic Alexander 5 months ago

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