• I had so much fun, Thank you for coming! She wasnt really picking out much so i had to step in (designer Domo) lol jk, but i love doing this and the amazing feeling i get cannot beat anyting. Shoutout to the mamas out there doing there thing to make ends meet. Better days are coming for you. Thank you for watching! Positive vibes only guys, Thank you all for being so great. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THIS VIDEO! & Be sure to stalk me on all of my social media accounts
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    Thank you guys for loving me as I am! Means more to me than you’ll ever realize

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  • Domo Wilson
    Domo Wilson  Year ago +1843

    I had so much fun, Thank you for coming! She wasnt really picking out much so i had to step in (designer Domo) lol jk, but i love doing this and the amazing feeling i get cannot beat anyting. Shoutout to the mamas out there doing there thing to make ends meet. Better days are coming for you. Thank you for watching! Positive vibes only guys, Thank you all for being so great. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THIS VIDEO! & Be sure to stalk me on all of my social media accounts
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    • Elaine Davis
      Elaine Davis Year ago

      Domo Wilson -I just saw this video tonight and I thought I was going to get in on the giveaway but I guess I was late so try to find my story of - and the other things or I tell you I am a single mother taking care right now just my mother she’s feel I am handicap them in the wheelchair and I also have to take care of someone little ones I just saw this video tonight and I thought I was going to get in on the giveaway but I guess I was late so try to find my story of and the other things or I tell you I am a single mother taking care right now just my mother she’s feel I am handicap them in the wheelchair and I also have to take care of someone little ones and I’m having a hard time so if you can help thank you.

    • Elaine Davis
      Elaine Davis Year ago

      Domo Wilson- oh wow I’m sorry I thought you had just made that video so I missed the giveaway..😊

    • Dtj Willwell
      Dtj Willwell Year ago

      Domo Wilson , your life!!!! I need to know you..... You are always you and seem so loyal to your morals. Chrissy lost her mind to let you go

    • Cathy Carter
      Cathy Carter Year ago

      What time do you want me to pick the kids up from school

    • Lily Adeyemo
      Lily Adeyemo Year ago

      God bless you Domo!! U a real one!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Arminta
    Arminta 8 months ago

    All she had to do was get comfortable 💜 God bless you Domo and Claudia

  • Jennifer Crowder
    Jennifer Crowder 8 months ago

    When she put the purse on her little arm she melted my little heart awww

  • Shianne Life
    Shianne Life 8 months ago

    She didnt need nothing

  • Asia Shackelford
    Asia Shackelford 9 months ago


  • meanysweetbonkers
    meanysweetbonkers 9 months ago

    I just want to say thank you from tge bottom of my heart.

  • yvng_ sarina
    yvng_ sarina 9 months ago

    Omg Domo is so funny and so sweet to do this for the lady and her kids

  • Jae W
    Jae W 10 months ago

    I really enjoyed watching this

  • Barbara AnnXD
    Barbara AnnXD 11 months ago

    Your so real with the biggest heart. ❤

  • Kursten
    Kursten Year ago

    This is amazing. I totally understand that nervousness that the mom probably felt, it's like yeah I really need this help but I dont want to be greedy...

  • Victoria Bulamaibau

    Come to Fiji 😣😂😂😍

  • Asheley Lopes
    Asheley Lopes Year ago

    You are I angel

  • Asheley Lopes
    Asheley Lopes Year ago

    I love it

  • One Gurl
    One Gurl Year ago

    Lls awww 💜

  • Crystal Person
    Crystal Person Year ago

    Love this video so much always wanted to do this

  • Itz_yourgurl Mayah

    Can I get money because I want to make sure I make my parents happy because they broke up and i been crying and I hate when I have to block my stepmother

  • Rachel
    Rachel Year ago

    My friend whom I am talking to for a relationship has an 8 month old son and he's struggling to find a job and stuff to get for the baby and I would like to help him but I'm struggling with my own payments that I have

  • lizbeth carbajal
    lizbeth carbajal Year ago

    I love this video so much

  • everso_ humbled
    everso_ humbled Year ago

    Hi Domo I just ran across a few of your video's and watched them this particular one really touched me cause it seems to me that your no the TVclipr that is no selfish when you make it big an try an keep everything to yourself you don't mind helping someone in need out that was so nice of you to bless someone that's less fortunate an not able to have things in life I can see why you keep getting blessed for that reason alone to be able to help others in life that part really touched my spirit.

  • B2B
    B2B Year ago

    You’re awesome. God bless you!!

  • CallMeCee
    CallMeCee Year ago


  • AngelEyes Kerns
    AngelEyes Kerns Year ago

    Lol I love domo & her outgoing genuine personality... ❤️😍 she deserves all of her blessings 🙏🏽🤞🏽

  • Lanita Graham
    Lanita Graham Year ago

    I watched it I really hope I win

  • kaitlyn cabell
    kaitlyn cabell Year ago

    I hope I win the 300 dollara

  • Hailey Vallejo
    Hailey Vallejo Year ago

    Made me Cry 😭

  • Mummy and Me
    Mummy and Me Year ago +1

    Can y’all go show me some support on my TVclip channel please I am doing this for my daughter please can y’all show me support 😘❤️💯💕🙏🙏🙏

  • Mummy and Me
    Mummy and Me Year ago +1

    I love you and your personality 😘❤️💯💯🙏keep grinding 💕💕💕

  • wanda Boykin
    wanda Boykin Year ago

    I love yall😘

  • Samaria Blackwell

    She said part time dancer😂😂.

  • Michelle Madriz
    Michelle Madriz Year ago


  • Mary Alameda
    Mary Alameda Year ago

    U are such a good person

  • xxitzlonnie
    xxitzlonnie Year ago

    Hi domo, here from the recent give away

  • itzel hilario
    itzel hilario Year ago

    It’s crazy how there is a lot of single moms including myself. Sometimes it gets hard but we Manage to pull through for our kids. Much love for you @Domo. ❤️✨

  • Laila Mckay
    Laila Mckay Year ago

    Awe, so happy for her and you!!! Thank you for giving back:))

  • Pretty Kim
    Pretty Kim Year ago

    Omg Domo I Love You ❤️ I Know You’re Family Is Proud Of You Man Your Heart Is Soo Big I Really Hope To Win Because I Will Love To Spend Time With You & Be Goofy Together 😊

  • Melina Jackson
    Melina Jackson Year ago

    I love seeing how much you’ve grown😍 I love you domo and continue living your best life for you and your son and thank you for your generosity and your sweet ass heart. Even if I’m not picked for the current giveaway I’m still grateful for a chance. I love you and wicky!❤️

  • Erica Critti
    Erica Critti Year ago

    Im watching this again...woohoo

  • Brianna Graham
    Brianna Graham Year ago

    This is so sweet it’s Brianna again

  • Shara & Norry
    Shara & Norry Year ago

    This was the sweetest thing ever Domo we need more people In the world like you !!

  • KittyKat Life's on Blogs

    Hey beautiful Domo how are you? How you been?? How's Dominic??I hope you guys l are good. I'm pretty you are I'm so proud of you beautiful of what you have become I remember back then I started following you on you Facebook account from there I subscribe to your channel and I seen what you have gone thru and you really a inspiration to me I seen you in your ups and downs and seriously I give you my all respects to you love I wish I could be that strong as you are but I'm really trying me best you inspired me to not be afraid and to follow my dreams and well that's what I'm doing and I'm trying love I started my TVclip channel but is kinda hard for me because I'm so damn fucking shy I try I try my best but idk if I'm doing right I'm learning how to edit and all this stuffs from TVclip I'm new at this lol I open a youtube channel for myself and one for my lil girls yes I'm a single mother of two beautiful little girls well love I saw your last video and I started to cry because I really wish you do read my DMs and help me out I mean everything from the bottom of my heart I would love and appreciate your help on anything what ever you can beautiful because I know there more single mothers out there that they have it hard but at this point I really do need the help I don't ask ppl for help because then later they tell me stuffs so I rather not ask but I really would appreciate it if we win something look I was living in Los angels California but my brother got shot and my mom didn't wanted to live there no more so she and her husband offer me to come with them because of my daughters they didn't wanted to to stay alone so I save some money and move with them here we now in Visalia California but now that we here Im renting just a bedroom and I'm tired being like this i wanna get my own place for my daughters and myself because I don't like how my stepdad treasts my daughters and me but that that's another story but what I'm trying to say well I'm really trying my best to become something for my little princesses I'm working part time job at a Mexican restaurant and well this is my first week and they already pay me today and well I cry because I didn't even got 200 and I have to pay rent and buy groceries and too well my daughters are growing so super fast is been a while I haven't bought them clothes they need shoes too I feel so horrible because I feel I'm not being a good mom my daughters don't deserve this they deserve the best so this why I'm coming to you because you inspired me to make our own TVclip channels and if you could help by at least giving me a shout out would mean the world to me we need more subscribers and someone to guide me if I'm doing right and what I need to do for TVclip I don't even have a bank account because I can't even open one my life really fucking sucks but damn domo seriously I'm not giving up because I have two little reasons here by my side so please domo read my DMs I love you domo your seriously the best person in this the whole wide world I freaking adore you!!
    Look love that's my TVclip
    I love you domo please 😫🙏🙏💓

  • Maria Gomez
    Maria Gomez Year ago

  • Yesseniia Aviles
    Yesseniia Aviles Year ago

    This was so sweet of you

  • Cheyanne Tsipai
    Cheyanne Tsipai Year ago


  • Afroqueend
    Afroqueend Year ago

    Bitch if that was so would have been peeing on myself so I get why she was frozen she its so hard to ever think anyone would ever help you like that in this stupid ass cruel world 🤷🏿‍♀️ I would have been stuck like chuck tbh

  • Annahi Hernandez
    Annahi Hernandez Year ago

    Beautiful ☹️😍❤️❤️

  • Andrew Dontjackthat

    Please pick me domo

  • LILBIT 68** S
    LILBIT 68** S Year ago

    Omg Domo You Are So AWSOME I Was Tearing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Sanaha Kinsey
    Sanaha Kinsey Year ago

    I love it I wish I could meet u so I can meet you man

  • Sophie Milligan
    Sophie Milligan Year ago

    Watched for the recent give away💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Briana sawyer
    Briana sawyer Year ago

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  • Nappy Missy 101
    Nappy Missy 101 Year ago

    You are seriously the best

  • Chan Xo
    Chan Xo Year ago

    Just watched! You’re amazing Domo! Thank you for giving back! Xx

  • Quenn.A A
    Quenn.A A Year ago

    You is such a good person I love you

  • Damari Washington

    My face hurt from smiling non stop. I love the love. Xo

  • Absolute Michele Ramirez

    This was so cool.

  • Tilly Pablo
    Tilly Pablo Year ago

    When I look back and see old videos of Domo, especially when she was with Crissy. I just see how much Domo deserved better. Her heart is soo big, so caring, so full of love. ❤️

  • calina acosta
    calina acosta Year ago

    Hey Domo my name is calina acosta i am 21 , i just want to say I love the person you become and keep the glow up coming lol but I am a college student studying to be a teacher, i work at a before and after school care , I don’t make that much and I am currently looking for a new job but I could use the $500 it will help me release some stress and give me help financially. I appreciate you a lot and will always support you. no matter what.
    Cash App: $caliacosta

  • Ari
    Ari Year ago

    She was shy guys! c'mon be nice and give her a break. nothing wrong with being a litle camera shy ;)

  • Amyah Young
    Amyah Young Year ago

    Me and my friend have a youtube channel and we havent posted in a while but we will love if you collab with us we love you so much i really hope you see this : (

  • Tricebetrippin TV

    This dope Domo! I want to be able to do this for a single mom one day!

  • Blood Thirst Gaming

    This was really nice of you 😊

  • Blood Thirst Gaming

    Hey "D" 😘🤗 love you I been watching you ND learning off you before you was pregnant with baby d, hated you ever got with Crissy I just wanted to say I feel to I wanna win the 📷 giveaway so can I show chase n dream big like u keep up the grind 🤗 ur a very good person 🤞😘😍

  • KC Detox Diva
    KC Detox Diva Year ago

    I am here watching this video I have watched your giveaway video as well as your IG dm you. Keep doing what you doing because it's amazing God is a blessing to all of us and we have to be a blessing to others much love

  • Carmen Marie
    Carmen Marie Year ago


  • Shay Anderson
    Shay Anderson Year ago

    Nice to see people like u still exist ❤️

  • Browni 850
    Browni 850 Year ago

    Your personality is amazing!❤️

  • Tamika Shorty
    Tamika Shorty Year ago

    Okaii Domo😀😀😀 So for this semester of Spring I'm having issues. Well I have about two scholarships and they both paid off my tuition and all but I don't have a job. I mean being a student and having a job is kind of hard to do. So moral of the story of in need of money is for me to get back and forth to school to provide gas and lunch on the days we spend all day at the campus. It would mean a lot to be selected but I would clearly understand If not. I appreciate you for giving back and showing your love to us all. Thank you soo much.❤ *coming from your recent give away video*

  • laypree
    laypree Year ago

    4 kids my husband of 12 years left us. My kids need school clothes.

  • Grace Karanja
    Grace Karanja Year ago

    Lookin good sis 😘

  • Andrea Trotman
    Andrea Trotman Year ago

    Domo may God always be a blessing to you so that you can continue being happy and a blessing to others....

  • Ana Dominguez
    Ana Dominguez Year ago

    Love love love!!!

  • KUW KI
    KUW KI Year ago

    I would like to enter this giveaway for my godsons mother. She is a struggling and 8 months pregnant. Her due date is March 7th 2019. I did give her all of my sons old clothes that he couldn’t fit nomore. Thank god I had a baby before her and that he happened to be a boy. I took on the responsibility of making her son my godson as well because I know she absolutely needs the help. But I cannot help all the time as I am a teen mom myself that happens to be a bit more stable than her. She does have Instagram but she is not active on it beings though she’s only able to use her phone when she’s connected to wifi. And thats very rare because alot of the wifi are locked nowadays. She could really use the shopping spree of even the $300 for being a single mom. My social medias are as follow
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  • Ann Honey
    Ann Honey Year ago +1

    Hey domo I dm you on all social medias !! Please check it.

  • meiamarie squad
    meiamarie squad Year ago

    my name is meia Marie Moore and like I want number five because I all ways wanted to start but my phone storage is all ways full and I all ways wanted to give back to my mom for taking care of me buy her self for 11 years and my birthday was January 31st 2019 and I love watching you if it was a 24 hour video I would watch it and I been watching you sence you and Chrissy used to were matching clothes hope I win the camera pls btw:: I am 11😀

  • paraplegic life22

    Here from the giveaway! New)

  • Alivia Miller
    Alivia Miller Year ago

    Hey domo been here since day 1 btw before TVclip I remember those funny ass videos you use to post on FB. Anyways just here to say I truly support and love what you do as a mother your very and as a person your very funny and entertaining . I would love to enter the contest for $300 to go towards my entrepreneur investing. If not then $300 then a camera would also be great to help me start my videos. I'm only 21 btw I understand what you've been through in a way coming out bi sexual but your not alone there is many other that hate in the LGBT community on bisexual because they are insecure and most likely just like you but scared to admit it. I came out at first as bisexual but everyone love to talk shit about it saying I'm confused shit like that so I understand how u could be forced to pick a side and stick by it because if u didnt everyone would be quick to judge. But you 100% have my support and understanding through everything 🤘☝️💯😊

  • Bebe Hernandez
    Bebe Hernandez Year ago

    You are soo awesome you ❤❤👑💎

  • Natalie Tessier
    Natalie Tessier Year ago +6

    As a single mom this hits the heart :)

  • Life as Destiny
    Life as Destiny Year ago +1

    This is so sweet ❤️🥰 wow domo you have a good heart ❤️

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