Tyga Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


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  • Nego Trabalhador
    Nego Trabalhador 3 hours ago


  • Harry Pothead
    Harry Pothead 7 hours ago

    yep, money can't buy you taste...

  • marley shota
    marley shota 9 hours ago


  • B. DCC
    B. DCC 10 hours ago

    Yes, even here

    Oh yeah yeah

  • David Rmouch
    David Rmouch 10 hours ago

    Plastic brain

  • xFastie- _
    xFastie- _ 10 hours ago


  • John Smooth
    John Smooth 10 hours ago


  • Yendrembam Rishi
    Yendrembam Rishi 11 hours ago


  • Dorito Boudreaux
    Dorito Boudreaux 13 hours ago


  • Noodle Opps
    Noodle Opps 14 hours ago +1

    If i didnt hear he said ”im into women” i would shot myself fr

  • JaySizzle
    JaySizzle 17 hours ago


  • Not Kevin Durant

    How much the hairline cost thoo???

  • Ashton Garner
    Ashton Garner Day ago

    He was on lsd in this interview if you pay attention to how he swallows in the first 2 seconds

  • Peaky Blenders
    Peaky Blenders Day ago

    He was in Morocco ? when and where !

  • Moussa Tenian
    Moussa Tenian Day ago

    hes actually hot XD. I think I’m the only person who thinks this

  • random
    random Day ago

    what happened to tygas versace chain

  • Julia Garcia
    Julia Garcia 2 days ago


  • Fred Alan
    Fred Alan 2 days ago

    Tiger!... Tiger!.. Mannn I had the biggest jewelry collection of 2018!

  • Klarisa
    Klarisa 2 days ago

    I want to steal him so bad

  • Lorena Saldivar
    Lorena Saldivar 2 days ago


  • MegaAkselerator
    MegaAkselerator 2 days ago



    Da R.Kelly of rap but 🤫 😴 dat last Kings he was tryin act like he was Latin Kings

  • Mustafa Ahmadi
    Mustafa Ahmadi 4 days ago

    His pieces straight up trash tho

  • SuperSoldierRom
    SuperSoldierRom 5 days ago +1

    "It's made outta *2CHAINZ*"

  • Pards S
    Pards S 5 days ago

    Well done people blowing your money on this dude rather than charity.

  • Kelvin Nzioki Muema
    Kelvin Nzioki Muema 5 days ago



  • John Fuckyour mom
    John Fuckyour mom 6 days ago


  • tafari lee
    tafari lee 7 days ago

    Well I have one of those chains. The watch I've seen it on theregaltimepiece.site/

  • hrlrl
    hrlrl 8 days ago

    My wife has jewelry too. She loves it!

  • Country Boi
    Country Boi 8 days ago

    He uses Lsd ?

  • MOLE
    MOLE 9 days ago

    Mans a nice dude deserved the comeback and ppl say he broke 😂😂😂

  • Frank Dixon
    Frank Dixon 9 days ago

    Why he tryna look like Travis Scott though lol

  • Hunter Price
    Hunter Price 10 days ago

    So call rapper u dissin

  • aryan ambastha
    aryan ambastha 10 days ago +1

    If you drank a glass of water everytime he said "You know what i mean", you would die because your kidney wouldn't process that high amount of water!

  • Diknozzed
    Diknozzed 11 days ago

    Ahhh der Arme ist so häsch

  • MUEKAS Nueve
    MUEKAS Nueve 12 days ago

    bLING bLING $$$ 91

  • braceface_unicorn x
    braceface_unicorn x 12 days ago

    He sounds so intelligent ahh😍😍😫🤤

  • Lil Dee
    Lil Dee 13 days ago

    2 chains next

  • Kris Black
    Kris Black 13 days ago

    Oh he into white diamonds now... Cool cool cool. Im into feeding the homeless. These men act like woman. Bitches.

  • J. R.
    J. R. 13 days ago

    after 54-90- the mind was like why Christianity? Because all its prophecies should be 100% correct - the true God does this. Eternal life is free, gained by faith in Jesus when you die. Can't earn it by payments, good works, following all laws but we still try.

  • 937dboy
    937dboy 13 days ago

    He keep saying that😒 diamonds are a bad investment. Art and Property increase will value. Certain watches do. All the good stones go to the monarchy. You will have to go to Antwerp to catch good stones before they are distributed thru the world and altered.

  • Eman Baca
    Eman Baca 14 days ago

    Quarter million dang

  • Y ummY
    Y ummY 14 days ago


  • Brady Forrestall
    Brady Forrestall 15 days ago

    Tyga came to my province nova Scotia and got his shoes snatched

  • JuicePharaoh_ 1217
    JuicePharaoh_ 1217 15 days ago

    Tyga ... and 2 chains have to many chains lmao


    Each price makes my salary looks unseen 🤣😂

  • ill Will
    ill Will 17 days ago

    Tyga a jewelry legend

  • 1400 / 800
    1400 / 800 17 days ago

    "insane" he have maybe 3 chain and 2 ring and 2 earring😂

  • Xavier Vlogs
    Xavier Vlogs 19 days ago

    Nice teeth


  • NefariousJim
    NefariousJim 20 days ago

    He’s got such a dorky smile it’s cute

  • team frank
    team frank 20 days ago


  • lil trent vlogs
    lil trent vlogs 23 days ago

    Can we get chief keef

    MC MONsta BEATZ 24 days ago

    look up Tyga Type Beat - My Tribe
    fr. fr... if you need a new beat to write to.

  • TeardropZ
    TeardropZ 24 days ago

    how many times you said `u know wad i mean?`

  • Conqwiztadore22
    Conqwiztadore22 25 days ago

    Judge jury and axecutioner. Axe me about it

  • Conqwiztadore22
    Conqwiztadore22 25 days ago

    Lol "investment"

  • Jeremiah Brozell
    Jeremiah Brozell 25 days ago

    Get interview With floydd maywheather

  • thiccy niccy
    thiccy niccy 25 days ago

    Kylie has a type

    BOAKYE KWAME 25 days ago

    He Looks Clean All Tha Tym

  • B2 Beezy
    B2 Beezy 26 days ago

    Them pants fire🔥🔥

  • Flyco
    Flyco 26 days ago

    Ok but what type of pants did rugs wear tho? Those shits go hard ❗️

  • Velocity 08
    Velocity 08 26 days ago +1

    i like jurry also

  • angi silver
    angi silver 27 days ago

    He has only two clock?!

  • Franciskim Neri
    Franciskim Neri 27 days ago


  • Amber Holloway
    Amber Holloway 28 days ago


  • Hotaru Koi
    Hotaru Koi 28 days ago

    This dude just went barely plastic lol

  • Michael Cobb
    Michael Cobb 28 days ago

    raf simons pants are too fire

  • tony
    tony 28 days ago

    I seen all this stuff at wal- mart in the discount section.

  • Ethan Hed
    Ethan Hed 29 days ago

    "investment" headass

  • Britt Becka
    Britt Becka Month ago

    Tyga and Fetty wap are very soft spoken people. I was surprised

  • What Cunt
    What Cunt Month ago

    Now time to pay for it

  • Tarius Martin
    Tarius Martin Month ago

    Do Kevin gates

  • Jamie watts
    Jamie watts Month ago +2

    That goyard chain 😍

  • ClikClak94 B
    ClikClak94 B Month ago +3

    me if I will save my money since I was a kid

  • Take a Break
    Take a Break Month ago

    Coffin has no pockets

  • Mad Cem
    Mad Cem Month ago

    It's LIFE! People, including children, are destroying their health to get out of the ground, which people will hasten to show everyone, to say "hey look how rich I am!"....... So Pathetic.....

  • Davxuh
    Davxuh Month ago

    He doesn’t even know how to correctly set down a watch yet he calls it an investment

  • Niki Reynolds
    Niki Reynolds Month ago +3

    Are his eyes a little green/hazel?

  • Clara Anderson
    Clara Anderson Month ago

    Can I just say his eyes are so beautiful!

  • Jordan Hughes
    Jordan Hughes Month ago

    Y’all need too get offset on here! His jewelry collection is ridiculous

  • Fabian Martinez
    Fabian Martinez Month ago +4

    Richard Mille cost a lambo

  • David Byrne
    David Byrne Month ago

    Yeuk! What cheap tacky horrible taste.

  • Mary Mifflin
    Mary Mifflin Month ago

    Too bad he can't pay his bills him and bow wow the worst rapper's alive

  • Ramiro Rangel
    Ramiro Rangel Month ago

    But for sure Philthy Rich need to be on here

  • Ramiro Rangel
    Ramiro Rangel Month ago

    Wayne can be on here, birdman, master p, fabulous, jadakiss, Jay z, jeezy, etc theres a few out there that inspired a lot of folks

  • Deshawn Bowie
    Deshawn Bowie Month ago

    Get riff raff on here

  • Leggo My Ego
    Leggo My Ego Month ago

    No idea who this guy is, but seems pretty normal (in a good way).

  • XxLimitlessBADassxX

    It’s all fake

  • Kevin Herrera
    Kevin Herrera Month ago

    you never rest a watch on its crown! he never mention anything about the movements... he only haves money but doesn't know anything about watches or class

  • Ricky C
    Ricky C Month ago

    I like that he has investment pieces as well as regular flashy pieces.

  • LVE 2001
    LVE 2001 Month ago

    I like how he talks normally he isn’t trying to talk like a typical rapper

  • Dkaso Young
    Dkaso Young Month ago +118

    Never paid attention to tyga. This is my first time hearing him talk. He seems Surprisingly humble and down to earth

    • Shaggy Ray
      Shaggy Ray 6 days ago +1

      That's exactly what I thought lol

    • MOLE
      MOLE 9 days ago +1

      Dkaso Young he’s actually a rare nice dude

    • Almighty God George Soros #420 #GetRekd
      Almighty God George Soros #420 #GetRekd 29 days ago +5

      He's got a calm demeanor compared to what he does in his music vids. He's actually a soft soyboy cuck in reality.

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez Month ago

    U loose alot of money on daimons .tbh

  • TheAvirus
    TheAvirus Month ago

    You mean Egypt not Africa right?

  • Sorry
    Sorry Month ago

    I don not think RM is “popular”

  • White Man From Town


  • Hajj Ezzo
    Hajj Ezzo Month ago +18

    This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Jewlers love this guy cuz he spends so much money on diamonds thinking it's an "investment". Diamonds are hands down the worst thing u can buy as an investment. You loose 75% when liquidating them because of the Labour premium u spent buying it. But hey, his diamonds worth more than my house.

  • Ruby
    Ruby Month ago

    he COULD be so hot if he had a different hair cut

  • marlin ewing
    marlin ewing Month ago

    This is the aphid me of STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! I am not hating its just a fact!!