Tyga Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


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  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 18 hours ago

    Hotel california was a flop

  • LiL Rick
    LiL Rick 21 hour ago

    Do one wit boosie

  • TanakinSkywalker

    Thought it was called jewelry but it’s jury apparently

  • Vetaia Pettitt
    Vetaia Pettitt Day ago


  • Robert Fernandez

    Slick Rick got him beat.

  • Johanna Mmg
    Johanna Mmg 2 days ago

    Did Kylie buy u that??

  • Felipe Zayas
    Felipe Zayas 4 days ago

    Jewelry cars women fashion #repo

  • Haise Sasaki
    Haise Sasaki 4 days ago

    I like Tyga. He’s pretty cool and chill. And he doesn’t mumble when he talks, so you can understand everything he says.

  • Waffle logic
    Waffle logic 5 days ago

    Get lil Uzi on this shii

  • Aviral Janveja
    Aviral Janveja 5 days ago

    so they tell these rapper to get some jewelry as investment because they are too dumb to buy stocks ? XD

  • VagueMoMo
    VagueMoMo 7 days ago

    Kylie sitting here like why I break up with him he bounced back and cost more then me now😂

  • Duvall
    Duvall 7 days ago

    Ric Flair next?

  • kfc667
    kfc667 7 days ago +4

    'ZEZE' is complete utter trash but Tyga's version is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mel Ngairo
    Mel Ngairo 7 days ago

    They should bring Floyd

  • Yoo Nero TV
    Yoo Nero TV 7 days ago

    Joe budden “dooo doooo dooooo doooooo”

  • Yazan
    Yazan 7 days ago

    Tyga tryna steal Travis' hair after Travis stole his girl

  • Ery66 66
    Ery66 66 8 days ago

    speak gentle and humble..respect u tyga.

  • William Cody
    William Cody 8 days ago

    Where the Garfield at thoo

  • Falcon 2017
    Falcon 2017 9 days ago +2

    Killy and tyga are the same people. He’s making twice the money

  • Vandorian D
    Vandorian D 9 days ago

    Show us love, we have the best all natural, diabetic friendly sports drink on the market...

  • Victor Segura
    Victor Segura 9 days ago

    Do tee grizzley

  • sah dude
    sah dude 9 days ago

    3:44 *SQUARE*


    This is Tyga or Brandon Ingram

  • Eddie Lasoups
    Eddie Lasoups 9 days ago

    These really be free ads for brands that won't even give them credit for making them millions. I'd never pay bands to advertise another brandspp

  • Tim Harker
    Tim Harker 9 days ago


  • sappan devkota
    sappan devkota 10 days ago

    ladies fashion jew

  • Alain B
    Alain B 10 days ago

    I would love to see the process of how the goyard chain was made.

  • The big laker fan
    The big laker fan 10 days ago

    Bruh i hate how people that come here don't even bring there whole collection

  • mart sharpe
    mart sharpe 11 days ago

    where is the chain that 40 glock took

  • Jorge Amador
    Jorge Amador 11 days ago

    What brand is that jacket he got on

  • Dwight Stone
    Dwight Stone 11 days ago


  • Chyll
    Chyll 12 days ago

    that goyard chain fire

  • En1gma Kish
    En1gma Kish 12 days ago

    I'm next.. getting it.

  • concept k
    concept k 12 days ago

    I rather be broke than to sell my soul

  • Jordan Wadkins
    Jordan Wadkins 12 days ago

    I like jerry and women

  • columbusohio72
    columbusohio72 12 days ago

    Hope u paid your taxes

  • Undo Stars
    Undo Stars 12 days ago

    Get 69 up in here

  • Graham Cumberbatch
    Graham Cumberbatch 12 days ago


  • Banks Jay
    Banks Jay 13 days ago

    the stupidity is real....whats a princess cut? The cut of the diamond its oval shape and I guess coz its square... haha so you don't know!!! You could sell this fool anything!!!

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones 13 days ago

    Who is this guy? LMAO

  • Swagg ENT
    Swagg ENT 13 days ago

    You gotta get lil pump on this

  • RICKY bobby
    RICKY bobby 13 days ago

    you havent paid for most of it probably lol

  • TimmyDan
    TimmyDan 13 days ago

    Nice Aloe Vera plant tho.

  • Island Yute Co.
    Island Yute Co. 13 days ago

    get Chris brown on here

  • GIA
    GIA 13 days ago +9

    He on here showing jewelry but filed bankruptcy 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Vaughn Alexander
    Vaughn Alexander 13 days ago

    the hood tyga woods

  • Vaughn Alexander
    Vaughn Alexander 13 days ago

    his parents drove a range rover

  • Ryan Kramer
    Ryan Kramer 14 days ago


  • ThatSounds AboutRight
    ThatSounds AboutRight 14 days ago


    • mario bruh
      mario bruh 13 days ago

      ThatSounds AboutRight he paid 20bands to not be a hatfish

  • Kid Polar
    Kid Polar 14 days ago +1

    Get rick flair on here

  • Axeki
    Axeki 14 days ago

    Why does he have knee patches on his pants that say LSD and XTC? LOL what the fudge.

  • BiggQue
    BiggQue 16 days ago

    Yeah, let's not get Flloyd on here. His jewelry ain't interesting. It's just the price

  • Young g4 steve
    Young g4 steve 16 days ago

    Tyga I like your style

  • Shao Kid
    Shao Kid 16 days ago

    Pretty well spoken and seem like a laid back guy. Didnt realise he had money like that to spend on jewellery. good for him

  • DJ_RueBoi
    DJ_RueBoi 16 days ago

    I wish the young rappers talked more like tyga, I can actually understand him

  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid 16 days ago

    Get Slick Rick on this show.

    KING GREG 17 days ago

    put lil durk on here

  • bestslime4 ever
    bestslime4 ever 17 days ago

    The way he says jewelry

  • Bwa Traee
    Bwa Traee 17 days ago

    We need Gates on here

  • Elijah Ashman
    Elijah Ashman 17 days ago

    I don’t know if I like his gold collection more or his platinum collection.

  • Oa Music
    Oa Music 18 days ago

    Tyga the king of club music!

  • Cameron Hemery-Reynolds

    Yo tyga

  • Kemario Stewart
    Kemario Stewart 18 days ago

    I wanted that Garfield chain so bad when I was younger

  • IttyBitty Lex
    IttyBitty Lex 18 days ago

    250k for a chain? I'm so sick lol

  • Lil Swayzee
    Lil Swayzee 19 days ago

    Pants ID? and hoodie ?

  • saavaa
    saavaa 19 days ago

    1:02 got u

  • Reezy F. Baby
    Reezy F. Baby 20 days ago

    +GQ get Chris Brown on here for the "On The Rocks" segment

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 20 days ago

    Get me on this show and I’ll show you jewelry

  • Trevonious11
    Trevonious11 20 days ago

    The juerery is fkn lame tyga do something cool thats actually beneficial if not for yourself then for someone else

  • GangstaScrewMaster
    GangstaScrewMaster 20 days ago

    I’m feeling that rose gold Crippy watch. He’s really smart when it comes to jewelry. Impressed.

  • Crystal-gayle Green
    Crystal-gayle Green 20 days ago

    You all want mayweather here

  • Neptoon
    Neptoon 20 days ago +6

    I’m into jury too

  • Erdo Haldeda
    Erdo Haldeda 21 day ago

    Get wiz khalifa

  • O'Shae Pryme
    O'Shae Pryme 21 day ago

    LSD XTC....wth

  • BurntChief #BCG
    BurntChief #BCG 21 day ago

    ‼️‼️‼️ New fire on my page 🔥🔥🔥 go check it out

  • Adrian Ramirez
    Adrian Ramirez 21 day ago


  • Ghosty
    Ghosty 22 days ago

    Why did i think it was KILLY at first lmao

  • futuRe
    futuRe 22 days ago

    those poor watches....

  • Kenyatta Sule
    Kenyatta Sule 22 days ago


  • Kenyatta Sule
    Kenyatta Sule 22 days ago

    Tyga you my baby 😗

  • James Wills
    James Wills 22 days ago

    It looks super good and is at a great price. It looks and feels real. People always come up to me and ask me if its real! Its looks awesome and classy.

  • Steven Washington
    Steven Washington 23 days ago


  • ItsYaBoi Noah
    ItsYaBoi Noah 23 days ago

    Trippie redd next

  • Finiki f
    Finiki f 23 days ago

    Did yall know that tyga went broke

  • ouss skyz
    ouss skyz 23 days ago

    I have 3$ dollars :/

  • brent benoit
    brent benoit 23 days ago

    Bunch of thralls got those diamonds for you in dark caves

  • Humboldt Rootz
    Humboldt Rootz 24 days ago

    Miss me wit all that jewelry and give me a pair of them RAF Simmons jeans💯🤙

  • Cianira garcia
    Cianira garcia 24 days ago

    Me conformo con uno Dios mío cianira república dominicana waoooo

  • Roo Fing
    Roo Fing 24 days ago

    1:04 -1:07 beat name ?

  • david phillips
    david phillips 24 days ago

    The kingdom of heaven is at hand. The kingdom of heaven can be compared to leaven, in which a women took and hid in three measure of mill until it was all leavened.

  • Freddie Cool
    Freddie Cool 24 days ago

    Are those all paid off? I won't be surprised if they get repossessed !

  • Joshua Downs
    Joshua Downs 25 days ago


  • J1Beats
    J1Beats 25 days ago

    4:14 when you nut and she keep sucking

  • Charity Mujeyi
    Charity Mujeyi 25 days ago

    Love it. 💘 ..X

  • Innocent A
    Innocent A 25 days ago

    Show this to my dog, now it's snoop dogg.

  • KingMaximus
    KingMaximus 26 days ago

    He is in debt because of these, lol.

  • Adnan Ali
    Adnan Ali 26 days ago


  • Donna Claborn
    Donna Claborn 26 days ago

    Sounded like jury lmao

  • CxR2262
    CxR2262 26 days ago

    He had to run it back to the Pawn Shop after this interview real quick.

  • American Fitty
    American Fitty 26 days ago

    Kylie called, she says she wants her loan back.