• Published on May 7, 2019
  • Hi My Phan Club! Here are a few popular exotic fruits you guys have suggested for me to do. Jackfruit, Longan, Guava, Dragon Fruits, Green Mango and Papaya! I’m still working on the rest of the fruit list you guys gave me. Hope you all enjoyed this one 🥰
    (P.S headphone users) This video I was asked to have the eating sounds a bit louder this time. If it’s too loud for you please feel free to adjust it to where you like
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  • ASMR Phan
    ASMR Phan  5 months ago +136

    If you guys enjoy my fruit eating videos here’s a playlist for you! 😘

  • Dewi Official
    Dewi Official Day ago +1

    Hi!! I'm from Indonesia🇮🇩
    I like it😊

  • Richelle Echevarria
    Richelle Echevarria 3 days ago


  • Kadek Seriniasih
    Kadek Seriniasih 8 days ago +1

    Enak pisan e

  • Rifaid faid
    Rifaid faid 8 days ago


  • septira devita
    septira devita 8 days ago

    Makan jambu batu dengan bijinya langsung, hebat betul

  • ifan chika
    ifan chika 9 days ago


  • Darla Leight
    Darla Leight 11 days ago

    Asmr phan would be my freind what is Facebook

  • Raíssa Amorim
    Raíssa Amorim 11 days ago +1

    Brasileiro manda SALVEEEE. Pitomba e jaca😍😍

  • Ranjan Das
    Ranjan Das 12 days ago

    Eat ice cream

  • Saila Saila
    Saila Saila 15 days ago

    Apa cuma aku yang orang indonesia?

  • blog de la Gio
    blog de la Gio Month ago

    Donde venderán esa fruta morada

  • Alondra balderas
    Alondra balderas Month ago +1

    Al chile tu sonrisa se bien finjida😂😂😂😂pero igual me gustan tus videos

    • Alondra balderas
      Alondra balderas Month ago

      Pero no ofendo solo digo asolo q asi sea tu sonrisa😉😘😁

  • Patricia Pilarta
    Patricia Pilarta Month ago

    Have you tried green guavas?

  • XAvery
    XAvery Month ago

    i have eaten all of these expect for the drsgon fruits i rlly want to try them 👉👈

  • Natalia cisterna
    Natalia cisterna 2 months ago

    Holaaa la primera y la segunda frutas como se llama ?

  • Rizal senior
    Rizal senior 2 months ago +1

    Makan salak atau duren nanas mangga

  • Claire Redulla
    Claire Redulla 2 months ago

    I love your vedios😍

  • Jo-an murillo
    Jo-an murillo 2 months ago


  • Acy kiks
    Acy kiks 2 months ago

    She eat Fluids but noise is too much.. Sound like That she eat stone ..anyways i like fruit too

  • Suparman Suparman
    Suparman Suparman 2 months ago


  • pranjal medhi
    pranjal medhi 2 months ago +1

    I like your video so and you have dimple I mtelling right yes or no

  • ngoc pham
    ngoc pham 2 months ago

    The fruit sounds so crunchy l love the sounds and the crunchiest fruit l hear is the pink dragon fruit jackfruit and the green mango

  • Jordan Rodriguez
    Jordan Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Te amo y soy una mujer eso quiere decir que son lesbiana 😍😘😘

  • Elaine Cristina
    Elaine Cristina 3 months ago

    Vai toma no meio do seu cu

  • Саша Малий
    Саша Малий 3 months ago

    Даа! Эти фрукты я ела, такая вкуснятина!

  • sandani rathnayaka
    sandani rathnayaka 3 months ago


  • casal Wellington e milly

    Odeio ver essa mulher comendo comido feio da poxa

  • Rajib Bhattacharjee
    Rajib Bhattacharjee 3 months ago

    Your teeth is very durty

  • là vidà lokà
    là vidà lokà 3 months ago

    لي من جزائر ⁦🇩🇿⁩⁦🇩🇿⁩ يدير لايك

  • Tumadi 007
    Tumadi 007 3 months ago

    buahnya renyah sekali mbak

  • The cool One's
    The cool One's 3 months ago

    Scripted crunch sound

  • Dani C Lerat
    Dani C Lerat 3 months ago

    I think everyone would like to know what kind of lip you are wearing...because Dayam. I love it, beautiful color and such long lasting

  • Zeynep Eser
    Zeynep Eser 3 months ago

    Allah akil versin su sese bakya iyyy

  • Zeynep Eser
    Zeynep Eser 3 months ago

    Medem kalkti ya

  • Zeynep Eser
    Zeynep Eser 3 months ago

    Herşeyi bilmene gerek yok haddini bil yeter😒😒

  • موسى حسين
    موسى حسين 3 months ago +3

    عمي نتي منين جيبين هاي الفواكه انه صايرلي شهر برتقاله ماماكل الي معي لايك

  • Bidyapati Yumnam
    Bidyapati Yumnam 3 months ago

    Want to know ur lipstick brand

  • isaah Tenório
    isaah Tenório 3 months ago

    Porra manw esse povo asmr sabe comer não vot

  • sahar sahoor
    sahar sahoor 3 months ago


  • Vấn Hủng văn
    Vấn Hủng văn 3 months ago

    Quai cả mặt đi chị

  • huu long
    huu long 3 months ago

    có ai người VN ko ạ

  • Filha do Rei
    Filha do Rei 3 months ago +3

    Jaca, mamão e saputi aqui onde moro não é exótico são bem comuns

  • Nazia Jabeen
    Nazia Jabeen 3 months ago

    O god she eats with funny sounds makes my guts ache

  • Fathema Ahmed
    Fathema Ahmed 3 months ago

    There is no microphone in your stomach Why sound by ????

    PARBATI MUKHERJEE 3 months ago +1

    Uncivilized eating so .it is needed to close soon .

  • Indah citra
    Indah citra 3 months ago +1

    Green manggo
    Faforit nyam nyam

  • Lloyd Padiernos
    Lloyd Padiernos 3 months ago +1

    Oh my. All those fruits can also be found here at Philippines. Well, I know they can be found elsewhere.

  • Md Lokman
    Md Lokman 3 months ago


  • Maura Rodriguez
    Maura Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Solo mierda sube esa hp mamona estar subiendo esa mierda

  • Rosilene Guimarães
    Rosilene Guimarães 3 months ago

    Comi direito

  • rokib khan
    rokib khan 3 months ago +1

    How can u eat a lot

  • ukhtya faiqoh ramadhani
    ukhtya faiqoh ramadhani 3 months ago +2

    Jangan makan gitu gituan aja coba kamu makan cicak,tikus pasti nambah subciber😂😂😂

  • Co Huynh
    Co Huynh 3 months ago +4

    Tiếng ăn xột xoạc gớm bỏ mẹ ra, tưởng hay lắm chắc, tao nghe mà muốn vả cho sức cả mồm ra, vl thật

  • Gerilene Jagdeo
    Gerilene Jagdeo 3 months ago +2

    I love jack fruit

  • Shafa Nadiaputri
    Shafa Nadiaputri 3 months ago

    Dadak di Eman eman

  • Enzo Gabriel
    Enzo Gabriel 3 months ago +1

    Só ela mesma , passa batom pra comer kkk , fora isso tudo bem adoro esse canal !!

  • Jaa Wutita
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  • حيدر حيدر
    حيدر حيدر 3 months ago


  • Maria Damasceno
    Maria Damasceno 3 months ago +1

    Eu sou a Brasileira q
    que vc procura kkk