• Published on May 7, 2019
  • Hi My Phan Club! Here are a few popular exotic fruits you guys have suggested for me to do. Jackfruit, Longan, Guava, Dragon Fruits, Green Mango and Papaya! I’m still working on the rest of the fruit list you guys gave me. Hope you all enjoyed this one 🥰
    (P.S headphone users) This video I was asked to have the eating sounds a bit louder this time. If it’s too loud for you please feel free to adjust it to where you like
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  • ASMR Phan
    ASMR Phan  2 months ago +121

    If you guys enjoy my fruit eating videos here’s a playlist for you! 😘

  • isaah Tenório
    isaah Tenório 11 hours ago

    Porra manw esse povo asmr sabe comer não vot

  • sahar sahoor
    sahar sahoor 23 hours ago


  • Vấn Hủng văn

    Quai cả mặt đi chị

  • huu long
    huu long Day ago

    có ai người VN ko ạ

  • Filha do Rei
    Filha do Rei Day ago

    Jaca, mamão e saputi aqui onde moro não é exótico são bem comuns

  • Nazia Jabeen
    Nazia Jabeen Day ago

    O god she eats with funny sounds makes my guts ache

  • Fathema Begum
    Fathema Begum Day ago

    There is no microphone in your stomach Why sound by ????


    Uncivilized eating so .it is needed to close soon .

  • Indah citra
    Indah citra 2 days ago +1

    Green manggo
    Faforit nyam nyam

  • Lloyd Padiernos
    Lloyd Padiernos 2 days ago +1

    Oh my. All those fruits can also be found here at Philippines. Well, I know they can be found elsewhere.

  • Md Lokman
    Md Lokman 2 days ago


  • Maura Rodriguez
    Maura Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Solo mierda sube esa hp mamona estar subiendo esa mierda

  • Rosilene Guimarães
    Rosilene Guimarães 2 days ago

    Comi direito

  • rokib khan
    rokib khan 2 days ago +1

    How can u eat a lot

  • ukhtya faiqoh ramadhani

    Jangan makan gitu gituan aja coba kamu makan cicak,tikus pasti nambah subciber😂😂😂

  • Co Huynh
    Co Huynh 3 days ago +4

    Tiếng ăn xột xoạc gớm bỏ mẹ ra, tưởng hay lắm chắc, tao nghe mà muốn vả cho sức cả mồm ra, vl thật

  • Gerilene Jagdeo
    Gerilene Jagdeo 3 days ago +2

    I love jack fruit

  • Shafa Nadiaputri
    Shafa Nadiaputri 3 days ago

    Dadak di Eman eman

  • Enzo Gabriel
    Enzo Gabriel 3 days ago +1

    Só ela mesma , passa batom pra comer kkk , fora isso tudo bem adoro esse canal !!

  • Jaa Wutita
    Jaa Wutita 4 days ago


  • حيدر حيدر
    حيدر حيدر 4 days ago


  • Maria Damasceno
    Maria Damasceno 5 days ago +1

    Eu sou a Brasileira q
    que vc procura kkk

  • Muhammad aqsyal gilangsyah

    Apa cuman gue yang dari indonesia

  • Jasmine Smith
    Jasmine Smith 10 days ago +1

    My favorite is the cracking sound of the guavas!!!

  • Cristine Duran
    Cristine Duran 10 days ago +3

    Jackfruit you can boil the seed with some salt its yummy..watching from philippines

  • 123 321
    123 321 11 days ago

    ASMR PHAN What is your origin of country?

  • atha official
    atha official 12 days ago

    Durian please

    GTH GAME TỔNG HỢP 12 days ago

    chị có phải ng vn ko

  • Toño Montenegro
    Toño Montenegro 14 days ago

    me gustaría comer esa fruta de color rosado por fuera y blanco con semillitas por dentro no sé cómo se llama pero se ve delicioso

  • Trang Duong
    Trang Duong 16 days ago

    Thanh Long Trắng
    Ổi Sẻ
    Thanh Long Đỏ
    Đu Đủ
    Lặp lại trình tự nhưng k theo thứ tự
    Minh chuẩn nhât vì mình là người Việt Nam.....

  • Agus Sutiono
    Agus Sutiono 16 days ago

    kan belum makan durian

  • Rakib Rakib
    Rakib Rakib 16 days ago

    ওই বা হাত দিয়ে খায় নাকি

  • Ali Novi
    Ali Novi 17 days ago

    Hi my henniy band ay

  • Bella Dya
    Bella Dya 17 days ago +1

    saya suka filam asmr

  • Sukonna Islam
    Sukonna Islam 18 days ago +1

    আপনার খাবারে এত শব্দ কেন হয়

  • Camera Bolero
    Camera Bolero 18 days ago +1

    Thanh long
    Nhãn lòng
    Thanh long đỏ
    Đu đủ

    • Trang Duong
      Trang Duong 16 days ago +1

      Còn thiếu mây loai quả nhãn ..... nữa

    • Trang Duong
      Trang Duong 16 days ago

      Cái này mới là chuẩn nhât nek kkkkk

  • Camera Bolero
    Camera Bolero 18 days ago

    Chị là người VN phải k ạ

  • Francusco Jesus
    Francusco Jesus 19 days ago

    Só de ver mim dar água na boca

  • Kaitlyn Antash
    Kaitlyn Antash 20 days ago

    All that work to peel a Jackfruit I will pass

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  20 days ago

      Kaitlyn Antash that was nothing! You should see it before I cut it all up! It’s seriously a pain in the A**.

  • jessica oliveira
    jessica oliveira 20 days ago

    Delícia essas frutas amooo

  • Little Joy
    Little Joy 20 days ago +4

    Did u know that we have all those fruits in philippines and i dont consider them as exotic😂
    Hahaha by the way eating jackfruit + guava + papaya= omg hahaha filipino knows what i mean😢😂

  • Ái Tân Giác La Ngọc Giai

    Chị là người việt nam ạ 😗

  • Agun Massaya
    Agun Massaya 22 days ago

    Siapa suka nonton asmr lek ya

  • Nasiha Bukic
    Nasiha Bukic 22 days ago

    Ti nisi normalna

  • Abcd Abcd
    Abcd Abcd 22 days ago

    Kathal khele amon sound hoi ami jantam na😢😢

  • Sona Bhattacharjee
    Sona Bhattacharjee 24 days ago

    Jackfruit is very dry....

    • Sona Bhattacharjee
      Sona Bhattacharjee 20 days ago

      Come in kolkata...there are two type of jackfruit....jackfruit is a jusiy is hard and another is very soft and very jusiy....u don't no...that is ur falut...

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  20 days ago +1

      Sona Bhattacharjee I never had a wet one before lol

  • Karina Jaylene
    Karina Jaylene 24 days ago

    This makes five hundred comments🙃

  • Anupam Ghosh
    Anupam Ghosh 24 days ago

    Very Sweet

  • dyah sha0103
    dyah sha0103 26 days ago

    Seharusnya sudah dikupas kulitnya

  • Yakelin Espinoza
    Yakelin Espinoza 27 days ago

    I love your videos😘😘😘🍇🍈🍒🍏🍎

  • Angel World
    Angel World 28 days ago

    I like your video soo much please make more and more video

  • rio* rio
    rio* rio Month ago


  • yoyo's area
    yoyo's area Month ago

    Jackfruit.... Tasty fruit ever

  • yoyo's area
    yoyo's area Month ago

    Dragon fruit is most tasteless fruit

  • Jojo B
    Jojo B Month ago

    The guava here in Malaysia can be twice the size or three times the size of your guava.

  • Victoria Jimenez
    Victoria Jimenez Month ago

    What brand of lipstick are you wearing?? That sucker stays put....doesn't come off!!

  • Victoria Jimenez
    Victoria Jimenez Month ago

    Yeah sounds like you got some popcorn popping back there now just need some butter 😂😂 😉

  • Ava Dunne
    Ava Dunne Month ago +2

    In Australia it is freezing because it's Winter

  • Rifki Rifaldi
    Rifki Rifaldi Month ago

    Wah enak banyet kelihatannya

  • royarni silalahi
    royarni silalahi Month ago

    Hi.. Phan.. I am new follower in your chanel🤗Love when see how you eat the dragon fruit.. Yummii... \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ from indonesia

  • Yuda Putra
    Yuda Putra Month ago +1


  • Limane Limane
    Limane Limane Month ago

    اسنانك مايوجعوكش

  • Emir KFC
    Emir KFC Month ago

    I'm no

  • bri wright
    bri wright Month ago

    Eating jackfruit also right now and it is not an exotic fruit in jamaica we eat them a lot bcz they grow here a lot ❤

    • ASMR Phan
      ASMR Phan  20 days ago

      bri wright I love Jamaica! I went there a few years ago. I wish we had these fruits all the time. I live in the states and they have to be imported in to the stores

    SSONG ASMR Month ago


  • Rubab Kazmi
    Rubab Kazmi Month ago


  • What Not
    What Not Month ago

    Who eats guava seeds? 🤨

  • Thiên Nguyễn
    Thiên Nguyễn Month ago

    Bn là ng việt à

  • riza yani
    riza yani Month ago

    Eeeeh,orang kaya yang gak puasa,yang lagi puasa leik eh laik atau lyaik yaaa...hehe😜