The Halloween Skin Challenge In Fortnite!


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  • GoldenNarwhal12
    GoldenNarwhal12 15 hours ago

    Lachy was so selfish in this vid

    SAMMYBOI92FIFA Day ago


  • Alyssa Danielson
    Alyssa Danielson 3 days ago

    How did u get reaper sythe

  • Charley Tyler
    Charley Tyler 3 days ago

    Play with me

  • Craig Marsh
    Craig Marsh 6 days ago


  • Antonio Gambino
    Antonio Gambino 8 days ago


  • Amanda Sa
    Amanda Sa 9 days ago

    Who is watching in season7???

  • Ethan West
    Ethan West 10 days ago

    my fav viedeo

  • NewJuiceMan30
    NewJuiceMan30 12 days ago

    21:20 he took a non spooky skins grenade launcher

  • sportkid 20
    sportkid 20 13 days ago

    I got a joke
    Read more

  • Linda Rodriguez
    Linda Rodriguez 13 days ago

    whos watching in 2021,

  • Dimitri The Dice
    Dimitri The Dice 15 days ago

    24:20 And thats the reason Ghoul Trooper never returned...

  • Megan Ouellette
    Megan Ouellette 18 days ago

    What’s your name and how old are you

  • Damian martinez
    Damian martinez 19 days ago


  • Allen Last
    Allen Last 19 days ago

    Just watching your videos just watch there’s a tornado outside

  • bossboy killla
    bossboy killla 20 days ago

    Don't say omg in vein

  • Craig Marsh
    Craig Marsh 20 days ago


  • Giovanna Helton
    Giovanna Helton 20 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I use code Lachy so should you

  • Zach Lockwood
    Zach Lockwood 20 days ago

    How do you bunny hop

  • Paul Mckinlay
    Paul Mckinlay 20 days ago

    can you please make a football team game

  • MusicalMustard
    MusicalMustard 20 days ago

    2:19 the save the world skin was a skull trooper wanna be so you can loot him "but ya didn't"

  • Melissa Taylor
    Melissa Taylor 21 day ago

    1:59 Justin Bieber ohhhhhhhh

  • xd_ Icysniper
    xd_ Icysniper 22 days ago

    Future season 6 player:something is wrong with Leaky Lake and the zombies got scared and ran away for this season

  • Rishabh Mishra
    Rishabh Mishra 22 days ago

    You missed a gold heavy shotgun

  • Remington Johnson
    Remington Johnson 25 days ago

    He missed a chug

  • Dante Leblanc
    Dante Leblanc 25 days ago

    Lachlan is loot goblin when he was sniping the shadow stone reviving his partner the big shield was from the default and tried saying it was from the shadow stone. 😂 6:59

  • Flip dog plays
    Flip dog plays 25 days ago

    rip tree :( 2018 to 2018

  • Edward Smith
    Edward Smith 26 days ago

    Lacey was being very greedy

  • Dandre Holiness
    Dandre Holiness 26 days ago


  • simon rasmussen
    simon rasmussen 26 days ago +1

    cloak is way better

  • ThisGameDooDoo Yt
    ThisGameDooDoo Yt 26 days ago

    Christmas skins are coming back out , are ya buying it?

  • Diego Reyes
    Diego Reyes 26 days ago

    Where the costume for the drift???????

  • Chris Kearse
    Chris Kearse 27 days ago

    your awesome bro keep posting

  • Name Less
    Name Less 27 days ago

    Calamityis a vampire hunter not a cowgirl wjy does everyone say that

  • Leon Jackson
    Leon Jackson 27 days ago

    6:43 He did 78 damage, which means bodyshot but he says "oh what a headshot"

  • Fortnite Master109
    Fortnite Master109 27 days ago

    2:34 it a skin we can’t loot but loots

  • Sleepy8448
    Sleepy8448 28 days ago

    i love how you play

  • LegoStamps Vidz
    LegoStamps Vidz 29 days ago

    In game racism at its finest jk

  • Mins Pie
    Mins Pie 29 days ago

    Lachlan lowkey doesn’t share loot 😂 everyday “I’m taking that” .. share bro

  • Keegan Glascott
    Keegan Glascott Month ago

    isnt the dire skin halloween??????

  • Payton Mckellar
    Payton Mckellar Month ago

    Lachlan you should put streamer mode on so people will not full you as much

    JOSIAH_FROM_Yt Month ago

    Lucky I love u but u insult woofles to much

  • MLG Gamer
    MLG Gamer Month ago

    3:40 are you guys mad that when he killed the zombies he didn’t go back for the heavy

  • John Harris
    John Harris Month ago

    You missed a a lengendary heavey stoty

  • 呂秉澤
    呂秉澤 Month ago

    LINE:ym553喜歡床上遊戲..配合度高.... 愛玩遊戲的伴侶你在哪

  • golgeter 07
    golgeter 07 Month ago

    legandari have jou mist

  • Rajni Kaur
    Rajni Kaur Month ago

    You're not ready for this
    Wait what!

  • Home baked Pie
    Home baked Pie Month ago


  • General Zazou
    General Zazou Month ago

    It’s a heavy Sniper not a Bolt Action Sniper!

  • Daniel Baumgartner
    Daniel Baumgartner Month ago

    Who is doing the invisible glitch on kids in playground lol

  • Nolan Vasquez
    Nolan Vasquez Month ago


  • Nolan Vasquez
    Nolan Vasquez Month ago

    I used code patchy support a creator btw

  • PUNISHER 01107
    PUNISHER 01107 Month ago

    You should have turned on streamer mode

  • Haseeb Naziri
    Haseeb Naziri Month ago


  • Kajus Gurevic
    Kajus Gurevic Month ago

    M3 name fortnite is doze lukas im noob skin :(

  • Kajus Gurevic
    Kajus Gurevic Month ago

    Is not work lachy code

  • Kelvin Andrade
    Kelvin Andrade Month ago +1

    Body shot get it right

  • HeadlessSam
    HeadlessSam Month ago

    When you get lazered by a AR and check who you got killed by!

    Ohh wait it’s lazerbeam

  • Solomon Wheeler
    Solomon Wheeler Month ago

    19:16 drinks shield doesn't get any tho

  • Ashley Stallings
    Ashley Stallings Month ago +1

    You got a superseded scar😠

  • Jeremy Jackson
    Jeremy Jackson Month ago

    also the omega is a person

  • Jeremy Jackson
    Jeremy Jackson Month ago

    the tomato man is a costume

  • Pandalion25
    Pandalion25 Month ago

    OMG woofless!

  • James Wheeler
    James Wheeler Month ago

    I'm white

  • Baker Boy
    Baker Boy Month ago

    You’re so good teach me

  • simmy snipes
    simmy snipes Month ago

    The racer skin that killed him shouldn't have i added up all the damage lachy did it was 213🤔

  • Morticl Baller
    Morticl Baller Month ago

    14:35 it went from health to shield

  • keaton & kendall Peak playz

    Me and my sis have been watching since u we’re just starting fortnite we love how u play and now we play all the time

  • Shaz
    Shaz Month ago

    Hey Lachlan do the random skin/glider/back bling/pick axe or anything but if you get skull trooper for example you can only use epic thing heal slurp only no exception all must be epic no common no freeze no med kit and no chug jug just your whole inventory must be what the rarity. Is
    Tips when you’re doing this challenge
    Common bandage
    Uncommon med kit and mini shield
    Rare big shield
    Epic slurp
    And legendary chug jug

  • sportkid 20
    sportkid 20 Month ago

    You killed someone called the fat old lady

  • Angel Delgado
    Angel Delgado Month ago

    When he said im jugling these balls *face plams head*

  • Megan Angliss
    Megan Angliss Month ago

    Lachlan do THE NFL SKIN ONLY CHALLENGE means you can only loot NFL skins

  • Te Ahuru Hohaia
    Te Ahuru Hohaia Month ago

    At 4:19 look at the tree on the right you can see a llama on top of the tree

  • may oo
    may oo Month ago

    You guys should do a challenge that kill NooB and you can take this stuff

  • Gaynor Harrington
    Gaynor Harrington Month ago

    Hey Lachlan can you please send me the Skull trooper skin I’ve subscribed to you’re channel.
    If you say yes my name in Fortnite is xXDoneItAgainXx.
    Also I really want the Skull trooper because I’m a default Skin and I really want a cool skin.
    If you said yes thank you so much.
    If you said no AWWW.

  • TS7
    TS7 Month ago

    Omg omg omg I was in your game

  • Jakoby Bell
    Jakoby Bell Month ago

    rob needs loot too:)

  • Blake Livingston
    Blake Livingston Month ago

    I’m a big fan pls shout me out!!

  • Nylan Mccormick
    Nylan Mccormick Month ago

    Do more videos with this guy

  • Nylan Mccormick
    Nylan Mccormick Month ago

    Do more videos with this guy

  • Star shooter4
    Star shooter4 Month ago

    You mist legendary heavy shot gun at cor up Ted area its at 347

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago


  • Talitha_ _Jayd
    Talitha_ _Jayd Month ago

    here before 1 mil views😉

  • DT CoMpLeXed
    DT CoMpLeXed Month ago

    Still waiting for ghoul trooper BTW

  • Benjamin James Stapleton

    you killed a twitch streamer!!!

  • Tyler Martin
    Tyler Martin Month ago

    When you do challenges where you can only loot certain skins turn on streamer mode so that it tells you what skin it is

  • Buster 888
    Buster 888 Month ago

    at 5:26 he hits the guy for 211 damage thats some bullshit

  • BuiBuff
    BuiBuff Month ago

    thats actually a body shot Lachy LOL 6:43

  • cheryl batty
    cheryl batty Month ago

    I love Lachlan

  • jah boy 36
    jah boy 36 Month ago

    your videos are great,im thnking if we colud friend each outher and play together
    becuse i have never played with a youtuber and IM INLOVE WITH UR VIDOES

  • kim schollen
    kim schollen Month ago

    19:25 look in kill feed
    That Guy barney

  • altin jakaj
    altin jakaj Month ago

    juggling those balls - thats what she said

  • Itz TGC Hacxzz
    Itz TGC Hacxzz Month ago

    So many defaults no skin November


    bro no offense but if any one notices at 15 minutes when yo guys took down the skull trooper Lachy you took everything bro just saying

  • GD _Chronic
    GD _Chronic Month ago

    The dire Lachy killed isn’t that a spoopy skin considering its a werewolf?

  • 1320 cLoak
    1320 cLoak Month ago

    4:05 not to hate or anything but not a bunnyhop

  • romario richardson
    romario richardson Month ago

    love your vids bro keep up the good work

  • Jesal Patel
    Jesal Patel Month ago

    I want skull trooper!

  • Big boi rap god Bruh

    Bruh your teammate is ass at fortnite he dies every round

  • The Laser llama
    The Laser llama Month ago

    I thought war paint would be a scary skin