New AMD processors are SLAYING

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    It’s Epic,40108.html
    Google’s using them
    And Microsoft
    And lots of people
    phones still use Android
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    Galaxy Book S has a Snapdragon 8cx

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  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 5 months ago

    Wow, that's some dubious marketing for that open source AI speaker. You opt in by buying the product, goofy people. Don't want people listening to you, don't let them (by saving some money and not buying a smart speaker).

  • Mo Uddin
    Mo Uddin 7 months ago

    Mycroft has come a long way. I remember trying to install it on my Linux PC back in the day and it sucked

  • MapleLeafAce
    MapleLeafAce 7 months ago

    I don’t really care if Epyc is winning. It’s not a consumer cpu and doesn’t affect me at all. I’m not gonna be slotting an Epyc into my practical pc. Just like Xeon doesn’t affect me.
    And yes you come across as a major fanboy.

  • go0ch1011
    go0ch1011 7 months ago

    Sounds like hemorrhoid OS...what does this mean 4 us consumers = more BACKDOOR 😝

  • Mshojat
    Mshojat 7 months ago

    What type of Windows 10 is running on that Snapdragon laptop? could that same version of windows be used to run on a Raspberry Pi 4?

  • craziedzombie
    craziedzombie 7 months ago

    Fuck Huawei. Do not buy anything they have their greedy, evil and corrupt paws on. It's a chinese government company like all companies there.

  • Alan D1
    Alan D1 7 months ago

    10 seconds of AMD? WTF AMD is the title so half the video should be that. 75% advertisement.

    DR.NEGA 7 months ago +1

    jay2cents is talking about it right now

    DR.NEGA 7 months ago +1

    heard the news about AMD refuse acknowledge their navi is overheating issues and halting its productions on their owned cards ??? 110 degrees celsius sure is hotter like VENUS or hot earth

    DR.NEGA 7 months ago +1

    millennials sure talked terrible ...all the words on this video, i didn't get anything what he said

  • vBDKv
    vBDKv 7 months ago

    AMD will always be the best. They don't threaten OEMS, they don't milk 4 cores forever and they dont overcharge any of their products. All this is 100% the opposite of Intel.

  • Dave
    Dave 7 months ago

    Harmony is Skynet...

  • Feri-Fa
    Feri-Fa 7 months ago

    Valve is busy developing half life 3 😂

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 7 months ago

    Your promotion of Huawei is a violation of U.S. Sanctions against Huawei
    I believe you're also in violation of Canadian law concerning Huawei
    I'm going to bust your Canadian chops every time you make a move against my country.

  • Broken Syntax
    Broken Syntax 7 months ago

    Mycroft is Sherlocke's brother.

  • ben hager
    ben hager 7 months ago

    for the average consumer i think alot of these new cpus are just not worth it. i mean if you have no budget concerns and just want the best, then you represent probably 1 or 2% of the entire market, as most people do care about there spending. that being said, if your a gamer it is very easy to waste money on a cpu. if your into production / streaming / editing then the case for one of these becomes better, but still for price / performance ratios i still cant justify the extra cost of building anything with the newest available cpu. and if your contracted to build a massive server for some company thats trying to save money, then these are awesome , but most consumers are not building a massive server setup. i can list dozens of cpus that are several generations old, can be bought for a very low price, save tons of money and still perform within a reasonable percent of anything brand new. if your a gamer all you need to do is make sure your frame rates stay within the adaptive sync range of your display ( because is anyone not using an adaptive sync display for gaming? your missing out ) . for example i use a freesync 144hz 1080p screen, its freesync range is 60-144 fps / hz. as long as your frames are in that range you get butter game play. drop below, or exceed that and you get tearing. you end up capping your frames. meaning too much cpu is just a waste because it doesn't matter if it will do 300fps if your display can only render 144, or even 240hz/fps. example. im using an antiquated x58 xeon platform, x5675 oc@ 4.5 ghz. its 6 core 12 thread beast. i paid 18 bucks for it. with a vega 56 i got used, i have 500 bucks in my whole computer and it literally embarrasses my buddies when they see the performance it delivers and i tell them what i spent on it. everyone i game with has well over 1k invested in there own systems, and cant even get close to what my 500$ rig is capable of. i mean sure i could have spent over 1k on my system, but that in game feel would be no different for all the extra money ive spent. i could have put an i9 9900k in my system and still, the game play experience is no different than what i get from my 18.00$ ( yes 18 bucks ) cpu. mind you i tuned my system for my 1080p 144hz display. obviously if your wanting to use a 1440 or 4k display your going to need more cpu capability, so keep your display in mind when building a system. personally i much prefer higher frame rates / lower resolution than i do higher res / lower frames. holding 100+ fps is very addictive and once your used to it, even a much higher resolution monitor that may look much better in a still frame, just doesnt have that silky feel you get from higher frames. but hey to each his own. the next thing is too look at the xeon e5-1680 v2. this is an 8core 16 thread cpu, that is unlocked, will hit 4.5 ghz pretty much np, its 5-6 years old, has 25mb of cache, and is about 250 bucks. it performs within a margin of an i9 9900k which is soo much more expensive and for 250 bucks im almost 100% certain you will not find any cpu that are available for that price that will perform equally. . im just sharing some wisdom if your an aspiring enthusiast gamer. if your on a budget dont be afraid of an older cpu they still perform great and you can save alot on your build. gamers , do your own research but i promise you that you dont need the latest and greatest ( very expensive) system to get the performance you want. now for content creators , streamers, anyone doing professional editing etc, i can still make a good argument for an old xeon, considering its performance / price ratio. i can only think of 2 examples of why you would want the new amd cpus, one is if your a huge company needing to build a server facility, where power consumption and overal performance is a very important thing, or someone who just doenst care about the money they are spending and you just want the latest and greatest toys. but if thats not you, i can think of no reason to spend all that money on one of these. dont get my wrong im quite an amd fan boy, i love their products and i appreciate that they are producing such excellent cpus now, but im concerned that there is so much marketing trickery at play, trying to stimulate business and get people excited , so they run out and buy one, and its like some taboo secret that no one wants to talk about that ," oh yea btw, you can spend this much on a used cpu and it performs within some silly small margin of this brand new one ( youll need to overclock- but thats what enthusiast do right?) that your spending many more hundreds on" we wont talk about that..... as cpus get better and better, the performance gaps between the new / and older cpus gets much much smaller, ( moores law) so its becoming more difficult to justify all the extra spending on the newest of the new. 10 years ago the market was much different i think, because the performance gap between generations was quite extreme, so you could easily justify the extra money you spent for the newest cpus available, but now in the current market you just cant make that argument any more. take what ive said with a grain of salt, its just some wisdom thats worth keeping in the back of your mind. the average consumer will never need this cpu

  • Xamiakass
    Xamiakass 7 months ago +1

    unless you get a faulty chip and AMD simply refuses to even acknowledge that :D

  • Captain XLAB
    Captain XLAB 7 months ago


  • Lemustache
    Lemustache 7 months ago

    i love this guy jokes. no homo ofc

  • Sharkinator
    Sharkinator 7 months ago

    0:03 Jon Martin? Damn, you've changed a lot since you moved back to the States. I guess it's the beard?

  • Gamix 3000
    Gamix 3000 7 months ago

    My cousins iphone 6s just shut down while she was sending a snap to her friends. When she turned it back on it said that the battery couldnt deliver the power it needed so it shut down

  • BAM5
    BAM5 7 months ago

    PSA: Steam did appear to fix the vulnerability a few updates ago.

  • Andrei Munteanu
    Andrei Munteanu 7 months ago

    the amount of screaming and shitposting is on apropriate level , i like dat

  • Algis Marcinkevicius
    Algis Marcinkevicius 7 months ago


    IAMTHEJUGGERNATE 7 months ago

    Just so people know, if you buy a Sennheiser headset that has one of those volume wheels, they tend to start to have issues after a while. That said, if you are okay with adjusting your volume just through your devices (your PC, TV, mp3 player/phone, etc.) instead of with the headset itself, you can use a soldering iron to bypass the volume wheel in the headset, and it goes back to having static-free audio (the bypass makes the headset permanently on full volume, but you can just adjust the volume from your devices to put it back to a comfortable listening level). The reason I mention this is because I had to do this surgery on two different Sennheiser models, and while the wheels were different on each headset, they both started causing audio issues after a year or two of use (mainly static and volume cutting out to on ear or the other based on the position of the volume wheel). I am not super handy with soldering but I was able to do this procedure fairly easily by following the tutorial, so if you know somebody that owns an iron, just follow a tutorial on how to fix the headset with a soldering iron and you should be able to salvage the headset (I have been using both headsets for about 2 years now after doing the solder job, and they still work perfectly). Just though I'd let this community know, since this quick fix saved me about $500.

  • joetylerdale
    joetylerdale 7 months ago

    LOL, enjoying these more & more!

  • Scott MUrphy
    Scott MUrphy 7 months ago

    AMD is killing AMD

  • woget264
    woget264 7 months ago

    So FB is going to give the people who write the fake newsthe power to choose what is and isnt news ?

  • Lord Immortallix
    Lord Immortallix 7 months ago

    China spying bad, Google spying good

  • Anderswan Lin
    Anderswan Lin 7 months ago

    I like how they didn’t even care to sign in to twitter

  • IrishBruse
    IrishBruse 7 months ago

    The quick brits THE British are coming but quicker

  • Calvin Tomaschko
    Calvin Tomaschko 7 months ago


  • RacATheFurious
    RacATheFurious 7 months ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate James "SLAYING" face on the vid thumbail :D

  • jackson schuck
    jackson schuck 7 months ago

    Tbh I hate it when people just talk about intel CPUs as i5s or i7s. When I bought my first gaming pc it was advertised as having an i7, they didn't specify it was a 9 year old i7 860k.

  • Caffeine Man
    Caffeine Man 7 months ago

    Carol is going to think I screwed her over by installing an inexpensive battery for a discount. She is going to tell everyone I am a scammer without ever talking to me about the message. Sure she could have driven 2 hours 1 way to the nearest Apple store to have an genuine apple tech replace the battery.

  • Dennis Schmitz
    Dennis Schmitz 7 months ago

    Ugh, what happened to the camera? Looks like Sony... Yikes
    Not using RED anymore? Looked far better...

  • conner secondino
    conner secondino 7 months ago

    I actually have an aunt carol and she has constant battery life issues to lol. But thankfully she Dosnt have an iPhone xD lol you were so close to making me think you guys were stalking me xD at 4:21

  • Rémy Sealey
    Rémy Sealey 7 months ago


  • OldGamerNoob
    OldGamerNoob 7 months ago

    Huawei's new OS can almost run Android apps
    (how long until someone makes a wrapper to it can just run any Android app?)

  • Monder kbaeli
    Monder kbaeli 7 months ago

    where is the benchmarks for this new killer CPU ?!

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 7 months ago

    Awesome video!

  • Mr. Rothstein
    Mr. Rothstein 7 months ago

    Genki made a solid Switch Bluetooth adapter that matches well and runs proper codec APTx-LL
    They deserve a shot

  • FdPros
    FdPros 7 months ago

    epyc victory royal

  • Paul DuPré
    Paul DuPré 7 months ago


    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 7 months ago

      loved the new video?

  • ZekwaldIX
    ZekwaldIX 7 months ago

    **weeps in FX-6100**

  • swaroop
    swaroop 7 months ago +1

    This dude seemed soo out of breadth.

  • Ryan Carr
    Ryan Carr 7 months ago

    The frickin switch dock thing.
    I just bought an off brand MacBook USB c thing and it works fine. $20

  • Jono1795
    Jono1795 7 months ago

    Valve pls fix.

  • StarvingGeek
    StarvingGeek 7 months ago

    wow microkernel

  • Garrick Pahl
    Garrick Pahl 7 months ago

    Yeah and then China can truly fucken spy on us with ease

  • Palaash Atri
    Palaash Atri 7 months ago

    Valve should rather fix the PAK file errors plaguing CSGO right now than making new games. They are a nightmare.

  • Bleezey
    Bleezey 7 months ago

    heyy if anyone wants to give away a pair of those Massdrop's ;)

  • Earl Gray
    Earl Gray 7 months ago

    I'm friends with one of the engineers at Mycroft. Cool tech

  • Jack Crawford
    Jack Crawford 7 months ago

    Robot at 3:07

  • candra ismail
    candra ismail 7 months ago

    harmony os, harmonious os, harmongnious. . . . . .. hongmeng os

  • Besher
    Besher 7 months ago

    Valva plz fix

  • Backstage Bum
    Backstage Bum 7 months ago

    Don't trust Huawei. Don't trust China.

  • asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwrad

    Imagine if the EPIC Store had a 0-day vulnerability, everyone and their dog would attack them endlessly. But since it's Steam everyone is "oh, ok just fix it quickly". What a bunch of fucking stupid fanboys.

  • Nick King Televised
    Nick King Televised 7 months ago

    Need advice. Moving from HI to CO. Selling my PC to a local before I move and building a new system. I currently have a 4790k and GM200 Titan X, along with 16gb ram and a custom PETG Loop with all the bells and whistles. EVGA G2 850 psu and ROG Hero Motherboard. Includes monitor 1440p ROG SWIFT 144hz 1ms. I'm going to ask a $1,000 for everything. PC, Monitor, 3 gaming mice, mechanical key, firefly pad. Fair Price or ask more?

  • JommyJohnz
    JommyJohnz 7 months ago

    So umm....China made Skynet...Great

  • suthesan arasu
    suthesan arasu 7 months ago

    No thanks, I am better with US spy on me. I don't need China (communist dictatorship), looking into my data. Why do you think there's Taiwan is not a part of China?🤔 And Europe rules will keep American companies in check.

  • Riccardo Pini
    Riccardo Pini 7 months ago

    6:13 for a moment i tought he was going to say "Valve, please fix."

  • Allan Reyes
    Allan Reyes 7 months ago +1

    Intel should give us a good price-performance now or else AMD would win all the time, i hope AMD won't go monopolize the market then changing their price little by little then becomes like Intel in the future. Competition is good in business but monopoly? that's worst nightmare of consumers.

  • c0ntagion
    c0ntagion 7 months ago

    Nice beard ya got there Jon!

  • Malcolm Middleton
    Malcolm Middleton 7 months ago

    For the same amount of materials, that's a WIN

  • Serena Poketeen
    Serena Poketeen 7 months ago +2

    250 watts for 64 cores, sounds great. Hope 48 cores for normal PC, comes in 5 years. Please next one Nvidia an their sad overpriced RTX series.

  • New Keys
    New Keys 7 months ago

    i bought a Ryzen 5 3600 advertised as running at 3.6ghz... straight out of the box it was running at 4.02ghz. Satisfaction.

    • lee x
      lee x 7 months ago

      3.6ghz is its base clock boost is 4.2ghz one core with all core boost around 4ghz (think most sites they advertise it as 4.2ghz)

  • L1191
    L1191 7 months ago

    Honestly one of my favourite TVclip channels, literally watch it even if I don’t care about the specifics. Keep up the tech news in none serious ways XD

  • Brian Cooper
    Brian Cooper 7 months ago

    Facebook really zucks!

  • cgwworldministries
    cgwworldministries 7 months ago

    When was the last time you've used a desktop?

  • GeneralJaguar
    GeneralJaguar 7 months ago

    Massdrop support US customers only. Hard pass, get up with the times.

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres 7 months ago

    Well at least Apple gives you a notification

  • Pan Darius Kairos
    Pan Darius Kairos 7 months ago

    I just wish AMD's gpu's were better...

  • its_sawwyer
    its_sawwyer 7 months ago +1

    Sounds like harm me so

  • aarocka11
    aarocka11 7 months ago

    Yasss queen slay

    Please kill me

  • Joe Deats
    Joe Deats 7 months ago

    "At least it has a headphone jack"......Brilliant!

  • gertjan van der meij
    gertjan van der meij 7 months ago

    JAMES get the fuck out of here ! YOU SUCK !

  • land fill
    land fill 7 months ago

    This guy again??!? I fucking hate this guy!!!!!

  • Alicia Chan
    Alicia Chan 7 months ago

    Harmony its more like horny

    • Alicia Chan
      Alicia Chan 7 months ago

      @okow tina what?

    • okow tina
      okow tina 7 months ago

      Genki is a Japanese word. It's basically pronounced as gainkey, just with not much stress on the n sound.

  • Roshan
    Roshan 7 months ago

    Slaying my wallet