3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • Three allegedly true scary road trip experiences, all sent by subscribers.
    Stories 1 & 2 : Anonymous
    Story 3 : Michael Soria
    Insta: instagram.com/realmrnightmare/
    Twitter: twitter.com/mista_nightmare?l...
    If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
    Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.
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  • tibli
    tibli 20 hours ago

    the first story was almost a direct ripoff of an urban legend lol

  • Daniel Myers
    Daniel Myers Day ago

    I mean, isn’t it *possible* that they assaulted and then threw-out an innocent pedestrian in #2? I mean sure, it’s impolite and crazy to start screaming-especially in an enclosed area like a car. But as far as I can tell, she was either 1) concerned the driver was about to hit something and wreck, 2) harmless, or 3) dangerous; all or none involving an underlying mental condition...

  • Yasbel Nungaray
    Yasbel Nungaray Day ago

    On the second story when he said we got wendys I was looking at my food because I’m eating Wendy’s🤣

  • Izzy wisker27 11

    I’ve got a story : I was with my boyfriends family we was driving from Fresno to averal (America California) we stopped off at a Wendy’s near there. Me and my boyfriend had our own booth yanno doing boyfriend girlfriend things. All of a sudden I heard a scream it was a guy who had problems but at this point I didn’t realize. Me and my boyfriend both turned around whilst his family was backing off. My boyfriend grabbed me and ran out the Wendy’s. The guy had problems as I said and he’d escaped the hospital where he should have been at. There was no harm done other than he attacked a police officer but since then I haven’t gone to that Wendy’s again - thanks just thought I’d share lol x

  • bigboigus
    bigboigus Day ago


  • Pat Standfell
    Pat Standfell 2 days ago +1

    He said girlfriends

  • Compact_Pancake
    Compact_Pancake 3 days ago

    Honestly if I was in story #3 situation or something similar or anything I would run them over they finna take someone else’s life if they ain’t get urs just show them they own medicine

  • Craiasa Dimitru
    Craiasa Dimitru 3 days ago

    Why am I watching this at 1am!!!! Ay I don’t even know man

  • Yeet Skeet
    Yeet Skeet 3 days ago

    0:20 seconds hits. *pauses video* WEST VIRGINIA

  • Maddox Davidson
    Maddox Davidson 3 days ago +1

    How come the ones that say they had a huge light bar and then the video has a dark as crap. Then when the guy says that it was dark with no headlights there is a vid with lights. Logic.

  • C0PY CA1
    C0PY CA1 4 days ago +1

    As soon as he said “It started to downpour.” It started raining outside, pretty bloody heavy.

  • C0PY CA1
    C0PY CA1 4 days ago +2

    Wouldn’t a 10 hour drive be enough to cross one of the USA’s states?

  • Bane Fire
    Bane Fire 6 days ago


  • James 22
    James 22 6 days ago

    Going to Scotland starting tomorrow night

  • Markiplier Is My Senpai

    6:00 good question

  • Steven Burnett
    Steven Burnett 8 days ago

    Dude...no....If the content you have to produce is this bad then just don't produce it and save your fans the trouble. All 3 of these stories were garbage...

  • Ssskittywolf Il
    Ssskittywolf Il 8 days ago

    When the creepy music came on I jumped and said ARE YOU TRYING TO SCARE ME?! Then I thought,he is

  • Jenny Rangel
    Jenny Rangel 9 days ago +2

    Story #1: It was early June 2017, I was taking a road trip with my son To West Virginia to see family....

  • Emma Heckart
    Emma Heckart 9 days ago +2

    Mr nightmare can make a unicorn sound scary

  • dank bagel
    dank bagel 10 days ago +1

    This is why i cary my gun in my car at alll times

  • What a Maverick
    What a Maverick 10 days ago +1

    Roadtrip stories are some of my favorites

  • Typical Squid
    Typical Squid 12 days ago +1

    Home alone squad?

  • Mickle the gamer
    Mickle the gamer 12 days ago +1

    My man in the second story helps a woman alone, with no car, in the middle of the highway. Oh hell no.

  • Santeri Airanne
    Santeri Airanne 13 days ago +2

    -kid wants to stop to take a piss
    -starts an argument instead of letting kid take a piss
    gg well done there, dad of the year

  • Fuzzie Bee
    Fuzzie Bee 14 days ago +1

    "it was dark outside, I was tired...it was what felt like a hundred degrees in my room, I opened my window.....there he was Bill Cosby"

  • Quentin Williams
    Quentin Williams 14 days ago

    T R A F F I C D R U M S

  • Braun Strowman unofficial

    1st story he should have gotten the pickup drivers name

  • Vicky Palomares
    Vicky Palomares 15 days ago

    Heres a scary story

    Your phone is at 1% and you forgot your charger and no one else in your family has an iPhone charger

  • Tanisha Sharma
    Tanisha Sharma 15 days ago

    The last one though ...

  • Jan-Michael Shugg
    Jan-Michael Shugg 16 days ago

    West viginya country road

  • Unicorn slime Serbia
    Unicorn slime Serbia 17 days ago

    I thought the guy in the pick up truck would be the bad guy lmao i was wrong

  • Ameer Khan
    Ameer Khan 19 days ago

    So we expected to believe that dumbass didn't look once in his rear view mirror? 😂 😂

  • Jason Treece
    Jason Treece 19 days ago

    The scariest thing that ever happened to ,me was too robbers ran past me with a gun 1 year ago they robbed this store down the street sadly there was a getaway car and they escaped

  • Sub Zero ( LuisXIV)
    Sub Zero ( LuisXIV) 19 days ago

    nah horror story is a very nice morning you look at your wallet and your bank account, all the money's gone for no reason :v

  • Mad MuziQ Television
    Mad MuziQ Television 20 days ago

    What could a grown man possibly have to argue about... with a 9 year old? 😂

  • Patricia Cruz
    Patricia Cruz 20 days ago


  • Нина Андријанић

    i could watch these videos f o r e v e r,like litearlly...🤯

  • ianthia
    ianthia 22 days ago

    The first one reminds me of that story in that one book of scary stories about the girl that got followed by a car when she left her high school cos a guy got in her backseat

  • Chris h.
    Chris h. 22 days ago

    All 3 of these stories don't make a damn bit of sense. There's no explanation given for what supposedly happened, just a strange scenario that leaves the listener with nothing, other than the set up.

  • Juana Valencia
    Juana Valencia 22 days ago


  • BrambleBrown Cat
    BrambleBrown Cat 22 days ago +1

    "I was taking a road trip with my 9-year-old son Tom to West Virginia..."


  • It’s YA BOI SKinnY CHIkEn

    Country roads take me home to the place I belong West Virginia mountain momma take me home country roads

    KURTZS PLAYS 25 days ago

    I got to say you have had a lot of scary shit happen to you

  • Coley E
    Coley E 25 days ago

    okay im not a BBQ Becky kind of person, but i seriously feel like i might be while watching these videos
    truck guy: there were sketchy traffic cones in the middle of the road and a spike strip
    me: call the cops
    truck guy: i just walked back to my truck
    me: to call the cops?
    truck guy: i heard someone yell for help from the woods, there was no way i was going in there thoug
    me: good! call the police! tell them where you are! please!
    truck guy: i walk over to the woods
    me: no for the love of god just go back to your truck and dial 911
    truck guy: sees the guys and walks calmly back to his truck
    me: okay good job there! now lock the doors and call the the cops asap
    truck guy: speeds off, doesnt say he ever did anything about it
    me: ...........my dude...... i get its freaky and youre tired but like.......... you just gonna let them keep doing that shit??? You just saw this trap to rob and/or kill someone and you were like "hm... this is the next persons problem" and just went on with your life?

  • 126188ish
    126188ish 25 days ago +3

    I got an ad right after story 1 and I was hiding in the comments so I thought it was story 2 lol
    Woman: Please, please!
    Man: You tried to choke me and you think I'd... Never mind welcome aboard

  • Emkhlo Gardelk
    Emkhlo Gardelk 25 days ago

    I had a scary road trip once me and my sister hade to sit in a car with no phone no nothing and worst of all we had to heart old people jokes I hated it

  • Lazy Laxia
    Lazy Laxia 25 days ago

    Country rooaaad take me hommeee

  • Joaquin Gaute
    Joaquin Gaute 26 days ago

    If the first story is true he is one irresponsible parent

  • Teena Courtney
    Teena Courtney 26 days ago

    WTF!! How in the hell don't you notice that it isn't your son in the car...I call BS, or she's one helluva negligent mother...The poor son

  • 8Lights8
    8Lights8 26 days ago

    The first story sounds like the fictional story from one of those scary stories to tell in the dark. Same exact plot and everything...

  • Tay Armey
    Tay Armey 26 days ago

    On the third one I would drive away quickly

  • mtg shop
    mtg shop 27 days ago

    While watching this I’m heading to Tennessee and now I don’t want to go any further

  • Paul Perez
    Paul Perez 27 days ago

    You let your 9yo go to the bathroom alone??? At a rest stop!??

  • Dior Diorrrs
    Dior Diorrrs 29 days ago

    The first guy deserved it! who lets their 9 year old alone!!!

  • ѕαναnnαн вєnnєтт

    Don’t worry...you’re safe now!
    Have some milk and cookies! 🥛 🍪
    Take a blanket! 🌠
    Take a teddy bear! 🧸
    Here’s a hug from me 😁

  • r m
    r m Month ago

    West Virginia mountain mamma coutry roads

  • Hendog 257
    Hendog 257 Month ago +2


  • Elie Romero
    Elie Romero Month ago +1


  • Kingbros_ Gaming
    Kingbros_ Gaming Month ago

    Ma man Mr nightmare could make spongebob scary

  • Just_thunder30 ttv_yt
    Just_thunder30 ttv_yt Month ago +1

    I’m on a road trip rightnow

  • giannis psillias
    giannis psillias Month ago +1

    thank god that guys girlfriend was wolverina

  • William Ozzy
    William Ozzy Month ago

    You would consider these conditions to be poor conditions

  • Mighty Corndog of America

    Okay, I'm from WV and in Monroe (where I live) I have NEVER heard of such thing happening, this must have been near Jamestown if I had to guess because those are really the only overly populated area. I hope you enjoyed the outdoor time with your family though :D

    Edit: Okay, it isnt okay to leave your child alone, even in such a small populated area. Bad parenting.

  • The Oshawarrior
    The Oshawarrior Month ago

    Story 1 had some country roads, going to West Virginia, and a mountain momma might be waiting.

  • not lilpcupp
    not lilpcupp Month ago

    Who else on a road trip watching this?

  • Leah
    Leah Month ago

    This scares me because we go on a 18 hour drive every year to Florida and I get paranoid when I go into a store like at 3:00 AM and no ones there at all.

  • becky ward
    becky ward Month ago

    1 story
    i go to west virginia all the time so uh now i’m terrified 😂

  • Ronnel Echavez
    Ronnel Echavez Month ago

    Story 1. Why bother not telling that personal stuff when you are to be made anonymous in the story anyway? I have an idea of what it is though. You're seeing another man other than your son's dad and the kid knew it.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Month ago

    Bruh the roads in Mexico at night are fucking terrifying

  • v Honest
    v Honest Month ago +1

    Wendys isnt 24hr service ever period. Exposed fake stories

  • poppy gis
    poppy gis Month ago


  • TheThriceIsRight
    TheThriceIsRight Month ago

    What in the unholy FUCK is a drump? I've heard some unbelievable stories but these three take the cake
    The first story is literally just a retelling of the 'ooh spoopy guy hide in backseat and scary driver flash headlight'

  • Tavis Wallace
    Tavis Wallace Month ago

    Wait he said girlfriends right

  • Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen

    Everyone here talking about the stories and I'm just triggered by the first video of a guy on the Autobahn totally hogging the passing lane.

  • Da Boz
    Da Boz Month ago +1

    1. I thought millennial parenting was bad but DAMN.

  • Luis Guzman
    Luis Guzman Month ago

    Me: this doesn't look scary
    Watches: holy cow

    SK8EVERYTHING 4EVER Month ago +1

    How did the truck driver know to say "that isn't your son"? Did I miss something? I was pretty stoned while listening.

  • issac marks
    issac marks Month ago

    fuckin tom man

  • refreszsho
    refreszsho Month ago

    Me: gulps before he even starts talking

  • kempkedanielle
    kempkedanielle Month ago +1

    That dude with the 9 year old doesn't deserve kids.

    • Ender Wolf
      Ender Wolf Month ago

      Yeah maybe before he left the restroom place he should've looked back at Tom.....

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai Month ago +1

    Meet the yandere.
    🔪 👘
    She says hello

  • olny12
    olny12 Month ago +1

    That first story reminds me of scream queens

  • Rebecca's Crazy Life

    Are these real stories

  • TPS-Dragon Mangos Mangos

    Never trust a stranger

  • lexi2008
    lexi2008 Month ago

    I love u Mr nightmare.

  • momaceita
    momaceita Month ago

    Thanks for the ride mister....

  • Bobby
    Bobby Month ago

    This made me realize how terrifying and evil people really are.

  • Kiara Hendershot
    Kiara Hendershot Month ago

    He left his son at the rest stop omg 😭😭😭☹️

  • devilz gaming
    devilz gaming Month ago +1

    Last one was scary AF

  • Caitso 4
    Caitso 4 Month ago

    Most exciting road trip I’ve ever had is I saw a naked man running along the road sining Highschool musical

  • Kendall Perry
    Kendall Perry Month ago

    Not related at all, but if a driver has to flash their high beams because you’re going slow in the left lane (like he thought was happening in the 1st story) they’re not being aggressive, you’re being a dumbass slow driver which is dangerous. Completely unrelated but always and important psa.

  • No U
    No U Month ago

    This is Pac man.... 1 like=1 ghost eaten

  • flight wing
    flight wing Month ago

    I can’t believe these stories r true

  • NeonNekoGirl
    NeonNekoGirl Month ago

    Ok Idk if anyone will read this but this happen while I was watching this.
    I was already on story 2 while watching this and I was drawing while listening then I heard a scream outside. I assume it was the video but I realized it wasn't after I watch this before (this is before the scream in the video as well). I pause the video to make sure and sure enough it was a real scream. I was soo fighting after that. I really wanna call 911 at that point, I check with my parents, my dad believe what i said and my mom was too busy on the phone. My dad check and said he heard nothing but still believe me. I post it on Snapchat hoping of anyone that i know heard this a well. After I post it one of my neighbor's already call the cops. Which they came pretty fast even tho the hospital (police car are there to) is near where I am. Idk what happen but I'll try to keep updated if any info comes in. I'm still shaking after this because of my anxiety. Hope this doesn't scared anyone while watching
    Edit: English isn't my first language so sorry about grammar.

  • SilverShadowWing
    SilverShadowWing Month ago

    I think Tom got a bag of crisps and dident come out...


  • Andres Lucero
    Andres Lucero Month ago

    When u stoped at wendys u should have got me bacon fries

  • Hi Avocado burger
    Hi Avocado burger Month ago

    6 hours!!!! I’m driving 14 hours right now!!!!

  • Luis G
    Luis G Month ago

    1st storie seemed fake af idk

  • Bridge over fluoridated water

    1st story is the father of the year eh? I mean this hero makes his kid go to a rest stop bathroom alone at night and at the end of the story doesn't say "I don't know what would have happened to my child that I left alone and drove off" but says "I'm glad I didn't look at the dude, who knows what would have happened to ((ME)) if he saw me notice him"... who's the real creep in this story ffs?

  • A_ DaDDy4409
    A_ DaDDy4409 Month ago

    I’m home alone R.I.P