David Dobrik | The Rich Life | Net Worth 2019 | $2.5 Million Dollar Mansion

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • David Dobrik | The Rich Life | Net Worth 2019 | $2.5 Million Dollar Mansion
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    David Dobrik took Vine by storm becoming one of the biggest personalities on the platform. But when the app ended, his star did not. In fact, after switching over to TVclip, he has become one of the most successful Vloggers to ever do it. And when your videos are getting a few million clicks a few times a week, well, you're gonna bring in some pretty decent ad revenue.
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  • George Santamaria
    George Santamaria 5 days ago

    He don’t know you like at all

  • George Santamaria
    George Santamaria 5 days ago

    He is the most successful😐

  • joshua dodd
    joshua dodd 6 days ago

    Bro you need to do better research cause susie is not his sister she's just a friend she's actually Jonah's sister and the ferrari is worth well more than 100'000$ and he didn't give his friend a gator which i believe is actually a caiman not a gator he just used it to prank his friend and its owned by a guy who owns a reptile sanctuary and he lets david use a lot of his animals to prank people im sorry but you suck at this and sound like a idiot because you have no idea what your talking about and your joke's suck please find a better host

  • Diego Chasi
    Diego Chasi 10 days ago

    It is the fatsas sister

  • Leon Erickson
    Leon Erickson 10 days ago

    Ferrari convertible lol.. 100k lol.. dude needs to do a lot more research...
    His Ferrari is more like 250+k and the random black Ferrari you showed (that's not davids) is a completely different car..

  • Chuck's poke
    Chuck's poke 13 days ago

    The kid got the .....make you feel good laugh and smile....... I watch just as pick me up when having screwed up day. Good luck hope keeps level head and much success in future.

  • Rɛkwɪəm Lusith
    Rɛkwɪəm Lusith 18 days ago

    Bro Susie is not his sister

  • Edward Martinez
    Edward Martinez 19 days ago

    His sister yea so much research huh 😂😂

  • Musfiq
    Musfiq 19 days ago

    yall are clowns

  • Champagne Papii
    Champagne Papii 21 day ago

    So Jonah is his brother I"m confused

  • Champagne Papii
    Champagne Papii 21 day ago

    I love david

  • Nick f
    Nick f 22 days ago

    His sister. Omg bro

  • TheBestMovieAlive
    TheBestMovieAlive 25 days ago

    So who is this guy?

  • Antonio Capomolla
    Antonio Capomolla 27 days ago +1

    That is not his sister

  • its ok, im white
    its ok, im white 28 days ago

    Do research! That wasn’t his sister he bought a Jeep for, that’s nick’s sister. He didn’t buy anyone an alligator it was a prank.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Sister? What a dumbass

  • Cristobal Reitze
    Cristobal Reitze Month ago

    He did’t buy the alligator

  • Ducman115
    Ducman115 Month ago

    wtf that is not his sister

  • Attk Panda/Machine
    Attk Panda/Machine Month ago +1

    Bro no one cares abt ur life we’re here for David Dobrik don’t abt UR LIFE

  • Curt VanWinter
    Curt VanWinter Month ago

    I'm mad he showed that 488

  • Alex Looez
    Alex Looez Month ago +2

    He said the n word

  • Elyse Craig
    Elyse Craig Month ago

    Dude it's really not that big of a deal of him calling suzie his sister. For one David titled the video that and for two he said he realized after he uploaded it that he made the mistake so everyone needs to chill out.

  • jojie riveral
    jojie riveral Month ago

    micheal please dont ever let this gay dude narrate again

  • Juan
    Juan Month ago

    Yall fr dont know much

  • Travis Chapin
    Travis Chapin Month ago

    Haha Suzie is Nick's sister. You make a video like this and dont even know the basics? Haha

  • Wilfredo Vasquez
    Wilfredo Vasquez Month ago

    Call me

  • Dustin Hammond
    Dustin Hammond Month ago

    Someone needs to do their research before they create a video about folks!

    TODD DAVID Month ago


  • Fiddz C
    Fiddz C Month ago

    That's not his sister. Jonah's(Nick) sister. David's friends sister lol

  • Nic mccull
    Nic mccull Month ago

    That’s not his sister. Lol

  • jorgehoty
    jorgehoty Month ago

    How does one get the chipotle benefits he does I'm poor

  • Steve Vaughn
    Steve Vaughn Month ago

    David either makes a.lot more, or a lot less than his estimated weath, becaue any time he is asked.about his wealth, he gets very uncomfortable.

    BONGODO 2 months ago

    Who tf is this he says suzie is his sister

  • Douglas Rice
    Douglas Rice 2 months ago

    Im the 420th comment

  • Serena Sturdivant
    Serena Sturdivant 2 months ago

    You said leave your comments so you can improve the channel. How about do some research. Oh wait I bet you don't even read the comments.

  • Almenzy
    Almenzy 2 months ago

    @3:09 the answer is "the F word"

  • Aguboy
    Aguboy 2 months ago

    Begins with N and rhymes with bigger

  • No-brain- Crew
    No-brain- Crew 2 months ago

    His sister 😂 😂

  • ClaytonCliff
    ClaytonCliff 2 months ago

    Suzie, the chick he gave the Jeep Wrangler too, is not his sister. She’s the sister of Jonah (a friend of David’s and a member of their group of friends known as the “Vlog Squad”). Gotta check the facts before u post stuff in ur videos

  • stijn groot
    stijn groot 2 months ago

    "100K" for that Ferrari....sign me up! that car costs at least 250 to 400K.

    • Elyse Craig
      Elyse Craig Month ago

      He said HALF of it cost that. And seat geek paid the other half.

  • Reinrev Agbay
    Reinrev Agbay 2 months ago


  • Jesse Pacheco
    Jesse Pacheco 2 months ago

    David calls Suzie his sister just saying. Maybe that’s what he meant

  • Joe khangman
    Joe khangman 2 months ago +1

    I mean all the titles that involve her say "MY SISTER DOES..." so i know where he was coming from. The real travesty is that he said a ferrari cost 100,000? You wish.

    • Elyse Craig
      Elyse Craig Month ago

      @Joe khangman 😊

    • Joe khangman
      Joe khangman Month ago +1

      Elyse Craig oh really he said half? Okay i take that last part back then.

    • Elyse Craig
      Elyse Craig Month ago

      He said half of it was that much and said seat geek paid the other half.

  • Rena Strickland
    Rena Strickland 2 months ago

    You did a great job

  • Rena Strickland
    Rena Strickland 2 months ago

    He Bought his friend Susie a jeep not his sister who of two or both not old enough to drive. Get ur info correct

  • Tom and Jay Eat
    Tom and Jay Eat 2 months ago

    His sister? Ur never getting a car from david you fool.

    QALEBCUINNHWG 2 months ago


  • Leonard Arch
    Leonard Arch 2 months ago

    not well done

  • Evelyn Chavez
    Evelyn Chavez 2 months ago

    This guy is an idiot

  • Nun Special
    Nun Special 2 months ago

    A rarri is like 300k

    • Milky SpongeCake
      Milky SpongeCake 2 months ago

      Nun Special I think in the vlog Ian said they would pay 50k and David said he would pay the other half. So I always assumed it was 100k

  • leahhopkins
    leahhopkins 2 months ago

    lmaoooooo HIS SISTER 😅💀

  • Marco Fattore
    Marco Fattore 2 months ago

    You obviously don’t watch his vlogs

  • ¡Isaac!_0tx
    ¡Isaac!_0tx 2 months ago +1

    Buying his sister a jeep 😂😂😂

  • Dan Macakanja
    Dan Macakanja 2 months ago

    Wow. Terrible host who obviously isn't a faithful watcher of the Vlog Squad.

  • don keller
    don keller 2 months ago

    He didnt buy that alligator. It belongs to Brian Barczyk. Do some research before you make videos, that make you look stupid.

  • Matt P
    Matt P 2 months ago

    Need better research team it's his friends sister who got the jeep

  • Anthony Vazquez
    Anthony Vazquez 2 months ago

    That not her sister

    AMAZING_ GURU 2 months ago

    So many mistakes in this video

  • YellowBirb
    YellowBirb 2 months ago

    This dudes needs to stop using copyrighted music

  • Luke Hanson
    Luke Hanson 3 months ago

    Jeremy sucks