Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution: Crash Course World History #28

  • Published on Aug 2, 2012
  • In which John Green teaches you about the American Revolution and the American Revolutionary War, which it turns out were two different things. John goes over the issues and events that precipitated rebellion in Britain's American colonies, and he also explores the ideas that laid the groundwork for the new American democracy. Find out how the tax bill from the Seven Years War fomented an uprising, how the Enlightenment influenced the Founding Fathers, and who were the winners and losers in this conflict.(hint: many of the people living in the Colonies ended up losers) The Revolution purportedly brought freedom and equality to the Thirteen Colonies, but they weren't equally distributed. Also, you'll learn about America's love affair with commemorative ceramics and what happens when rich white guys take the reins from reins white guys, and put together a society of, by, and for rich white guys.
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  • Drew Money
    Drew Money Day ago

    Does anybody have 5 facts about this

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 2 days ago

    anyone else gonna fail their test?

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia 6 days ago +1

    Biased but informative

  • Grace Thanasongtrakul

    0.75 speed

  • athoscc
    athoscc 7 days ago

    John shouldn´t be so hard on himself. He pronunced "Tenochtitlan" just a few episodes perfectly. And thats not easy. Greetings from Mexico and i know im writing this a long, long time after you posted but i just found the channel and im a great fan.

  • Maddix Lunsford
    Maddix Lunsford 8 days ago

    Some people say it was just a massive breakup. I just see it as America being the rebellious teenage kid and Britain as being the middle aged dad that's just done with their kid. "No dad, i am an independent person! I don't need you." and Britain's like "I taught you everything and all i ask is for you to do your chores and this is how you repay me?' Then America moves out of the house and becomes an independent person, while Britain is like, "Stupid rebellious teenage kids." and goes back to his tea and biscuits.

    BRADLEY BRANSON 8 days ago


  • AL Moores
    AL Moores 11 days ago

    But...what about Hamilton

  • Morgan Dyer
    Morgan Dyer 12 days ago

    such a classic

  • Jaclyn E. Alban
    Jaclyn E. Alban 12 days ago

    put speed on 0.75 i swear he talks normal ... why does he talk so fast, is like does he do it on purpose? like wtf.

  • Alone Sparrow
    Alone Sparrow 12 days ago

    I love you John Green.

  • Chelsea Li
    Chelsea Li 14 days ago +1

    England: *sips tea
    US: *spills tea

  • ava . byce
    ava . byce 14 days ago

    hey my history teacher told me to watch u - ava hehe

  • Ethan Jungbauer
    Ethan Jungbauer 20 days ago

    Cries in molasses act

  • NOAH R
    NOAH R 22 days ago

    Crash course is the best

  • Gaming Mary
    Gaming Mary 22 days ago +3

    Britain: the sugar act
    Sweden: still vikings

  • Christian Sechel
    Christian Sechel 23 days ago +1

    Who else gotta write a DBQ tomorrow

  • Millie Smith
    Millie Smith 27 days ago

    best wishes, john green

  • Vanessa Nicolas
    Vanessa Nicolas Month ago

    Actually! The Quebecois did declare their independence but lost and no one helped them in their fight to be a republic

  • Hannah Kellaway
    Hannah Kellaway Month ago +1

    Yo flavoured water is pretty heck'n good though

  • Olivia Dredge
    Olivia Dredge Month ago

    hamilton the musical is overrated, cant even change my mind

  • Vierte Chloe Caidoy

    3:23 thought bubble

  • alice alice
    alice alice Month ago

    7 years war = end in 1763
    Then Stamp act
    Then repealed
    Townshend Acts
    Boston Massacre
    Tea ACT 1773

  • Luis
    Luis Month ago

    I got an f on my test that’s why I’m here

  • Jordane Ellen
    Jordane Ellen Month ago

    Its so wild. I can get stoned and watch you for hours. Thank you for being interesting

  • Jean-Pierre Robinson

    Great Channel and topic.... Just kinda still seems rather bias..... Not quite world history but rather history of Europe and Asia with a bit of the world thrown in. Still haven't seen a single mention of the entire southern half of Africa. The Nguni people equate for most of the Southern African population plus..... The southern tip of Africa was a key point of trade between Europe and Asia which led to entire countries named after Europeans..... Nothing about that either. Kinda sucks. Was hoping to see your take on all that

  • Joe Chang
    Joe Chang Month ago

    Curiously, the Boston tea party and the Mongols are connected. The Chinese sent several expeditions to pacify the mongols, which were very expensive. Someone figured it would be cheaper to pay off the mongols. To save face, this was done diplomatically, as an exchange of gifts. A mongol prince would come with gifts of whatever they had, goat skins?, and were given gifts of silk. Pretty soon, “princes” started showing up from places no one ever heard of. So a policy was made limiting 5he gift to 144? rolls of silk.
    Centuries later, the British ships show up wanting to trade. They were limited to the same amount of silk per ship, which was insufficient to justify the trip. Hence they looked for something else to bring back, and that was tea. But even the British couldn’t drink that much, so the idea to discount tea to the colonies.
    Hence, without they Mongols, the Boston tea party incident might not have occurred

  • Low.life. Abby
    Low.life. Abby 2 months ago +1

    I swear if someone watches this for fun and not because of school , we can’t be friends

  • Mike Or
    Mike Or 2 months ago +1

    We say "potato," England says... wait for it... "potato."
    We say "tomato," they DO say "tom ah to."

  • mateo garza
    mateo garza 3 months ago

    This is such a ethnocentric video. It offers a facile explanation of the revolution, denigrating the vast idiosyncrasies of the early colony.

  • Christine Ramsey
    Christine Ramsey 3 months ago

    This video is very biased against the British.

  • ivan lau
    ivan lau 3 months ago

    In New York you can be a new man!

  • Javier Palma
    Javier Palma 3 months ago

    I'm from Costa Rica and I am really sad about Count Chocula no longer existing :(

  • Dipti Gapat
    Dipti Gapat 3 months ago


  • Drew R
    Drew R 3 months ago

    To be clear- yes, the US only extended participation in government to a percentage of the population, but this was a massively unique and radical move towards democracy. There's no reason to belittle this. Also, to be clear- the British instituted slavery and were probably the most dominant and brutal colonizers, the world around.

  • syrinxdude
    syrinxdude 3 months ago

    Wow. An anti-American screed by an Eric Foner acolyte. Go research elsewhere instead of this Howard Zinn ADHD mess...

  • Jesus Orozco
    Jesus Orozco 3 months ago +1

    So much PC cringe. lol.

  • british people yellow teeth

    You forgot to say that jefferson and washington wanted to abolish slavery but couldn't due to fear.......

  • David Booth
    David Booth 3 months ago

    A president must know how to wear a suit and how to bowl! Oh yeah and also be a billionaire!! Plus what about the equal rights of the native Americans?

  • Thomas de Boer
    Thomas de Boer 4 months ago

    The Netherlands already in 1579 denounced king Philip II of Spain by default and came to form a government not gouverned by a monarch ( the Republic of the Seven United Provinces). And the Pilgrims shortly fled to the Republic to leave it shortly afterwards, as there supposedly was 'too much freedom' here. So the revolutionary American Revolutions seems not that revolutionary.
    I'm just saying.

  • Aquib Shamshad
    Aquib Shamshad 4 months ago

    Deae John,
    I highly admire you but the statement you made that "Mountain Dew is better than Tea" 'The Tea', has made me so so sad.
    May be as most Americans if they ever drank or it should be said 'Take Tea' they do so in form of Ice Tea, and Doesn't truly know what the real Tea is, I invite you to India and have Tea our way(although it isn't Indian way, mostly learnt by China and British mixing Milk in that and ofcourse no tea bags)
    Tea Lover make him listen.

  • Alexa Cratum
    Alexa Cratum 4 months ago

    Seriously , tea is not english at all.

  • Students Account
    Students Account 4 months ago


  • Amanda Lockridge
    Amanda Lockridge 4 months ago

    "This was back when a congress actually did things, by the way, and it was *awesome*."

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 4 months ago

    Sướng good l đi

  • xXInfinityDiesXx
    xXInfinityDiesXx 4 months ago

    When everyone in the comments are talking about Hamilton and not Assassin's Creed 3
    *sad Connor noises*

  • K. Charles II
    K. Charles II 4 months ago

    Your terrible at speaking this subject and a waste of time for educating the subject

  • gstrummer g
    gstrummer g 4 months ago

    well done!!

  • rajivunome
    rajivunome 4 months ago

    Video starts 0:56

  • Lilou ou
    Lilou ou 4 months ago +5

    "all men are equal" * except black slaves who are cattle, *except women who are cattle, *except poors who are rich's bitches.
    ahahah YEAH what a major advance regarding equality.... Not that much change in the end! At least some European countries like France had abolished slavery in their mainland since centuries (Louis X), that was actually equality as no other nation had quite ever had it.

  • AlyssaC
    AlyssaC 4 months ago +2

    Not one mention of Alexander Hamilton? :o

  • Jason Dutcher
    Jason Dutcher 4 months ago

    Hey Mr. Green I have a question. I read somewhere that the British made slavery illegal to disrupt the French slave trade and to give them a reason to openly attack french ships. Is that true?

  • Ellie Harrington
    Ellie Harrington 4 months ago

    Thomas Jefferesons coming home

  • Pissed off brit
    Pissed off brit 4 months ago

    If America won the revolutionary war how come the U.S has to pay the queen of England subs each year ???.....p.s I'm half Brit half Yank

  • Alex Rator
    Alex Rator 5 months ago

    England: Stamp tax
    America: No stamp tax!!!
    England: Tea tax
    America: No tea tax!!!
    England: I Give You Some Colour See-See!
    America: It’s color, bro...
    England: [RAGE QUIT]

  • Thomas Knoll
    Thomas Knoll 5 months ago

    You forgot the Royal Proclamation of 1763. This is arguably why "No taxation without representation" became the rallying cry of the colonies-- it disallowed settling beyond the Appalachians because England didn't want a war with Native Americans. This, in many colonists' minds, disproved the British argument that Parliament represented all of Britain and its colonies even if they didn't have votes. Many colonists would have been fine with the the tax if they had been allowed to settle the land they just fought and died and proved themselves for.

  • iqra Munawar
    iqra Munawar 5 months ago

    is there urdu version of crash courses available on youtube????

  • Audrey the cat nerd
    Audrey the cat nerd 5 months ago

    America does have its own tea, y’all just refuse to admit sweet iced tea is a thing

  • Ariel Vang
    Ariel Vang 5 months ago


  • Ariel Vang
    Ariel Vang 5 months ago +1

    Do u know crash course kids???