💕WRAP PRESENTS WITH ME (and lots of cats)!!!💕

  • Published on Dec 8, 2017
  • ♡ This video was actually so much fun to film and I love how it turned out????? ♡
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  • Pixielocks
    Pixielocks  Year ago +164

    TWEET/INSTAGRAM ME YOUR WRAPPING PICS >:) I love to see all the pretty paper and ribbons people pick out!!

    • Clapped kid
      Clapped kid Year ago

      Pixie you are so sweet and bubbly!

    • PotatoAnimeGurl
      PotatoAnimeGurl Year ago


    • Bogidrawsstuff
      Bogidrawsstuff Year ago +1

      i whatched this when it first came out but i just came up with the best idea ever first you should send some tea to sharmander lol second you should get pusheen box its a box you get once a month with cute pusheen stuff sence you like the pusheen plush so much lol !!! love you channel and you (not in a creepy weird way lol) !!

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago

      heheheheh thank you!!!!! >:))) I'm gonna talk about it in the next vlog!

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +1

      WEEE YAY I wanna open any confetti club christmas pressies in a video!!

  • Unicorn Life
    Unicorn Life 6 months ago

    I lovvvveeee your hair❤️😜

  • Sierra Lee
    Sierra Lee 6 months ago

    Ugh I wanna find all this wrapping paper next year

  • Sarahdearr
    Sarahdearr 6 months ago +1

    When is this years coming out? Love love loved this! 🎄💖

  • TheGirlPals Hey we like to play ROBLOX :P

    And Lots of cats!! *clicks*

  • DollfacedZombie
    DollfacedZombie 6 months ago +1

    Are you going to do another video like this this year?

  • Kawaii Killer
    Kawaii Killer 6 months ago


  • utsuro
    utsuro 6 months ago +1

    came back to this video to watch while i wrap my presents for this year :)

  • YaGurł Monii
    YaGurł Monii 6 months ago

    That’s a big cat not the White one the Brown One😂🙌🏽😆🥺

  • well, aint that lovely , no?

    The "and lots of cats" brought me here

  • Crystal Wood
    Crystal Wood 6 months ago

    Hi yes hello pixie I want you to know this is my favorite Christmas video to rewatch!

  • womernellons
    womernellons 7 months ago

    Pleeeeeease do this again this year!!!!!!

  • Summer Martin
    Summer Martin 7 months ago +1

    she is literally jojo siwa at 25

  • Ponce Joseline
    Ponce Joseline 7 months ago

    I just watch this

  • Lorelei West
    Lorelei West 7 months ago

    I love your hair

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez 7 months ago

    I only came heer for the cats

  • Katelyn Newton
    Katelyn Newton 7 months ago

    you're like an adult jojo siwa

  • Alexis Silvey
    Alexis Silvey 7 months ago

    I have the same pusheen mug!!! love!...

  • Melanie Haynes
    Melanie Haynes 7 months ago +1

    I loooove your hair 😍❤️

  • fairyland princess
    fairyland princess 7 months ago

    This is literally gonna be the 2nd year that i watch this video while wrapping the presents because i feel like i have a wrapping buddy💖💖💖

  • House Plant Dynasty
    House Plant Dynasty 7 months ago

    this is how extra I'm trying to be

  • BubbleGum DumbDumb
    BubbleGum DumbDumb 9 months ago

    Your cats are beyond adorable😻

  • Ruby Graham
    Ruby Graham 10 months ago

    you mean shiKNEE

  • Rylan Lee
    Rylan Lee Year ago

    watching it in june because i just really miss christmas. i’m gonna get a tiny one for my room and put shiny little bauble bubbles on it, and leave it up all year and you can’t stop me

  • Nanee Williams
    Nanee Williams Year ago

    For next Christmas, try watching Tokyo Godfathers.

  • 28eskypooh
    28eskypooh Year ago

    oh my you are the best pink is my favourite colour noce video

  • kaah rosa
    kaah rosa Year ago

    when i saw the falalala bag i just remember simplyfacelogical

  • Biri
    Biri Year ago

    Your face is magnificiant absloueltly. Marry me ❤

  • Pio
    Pio Year ago

    This video had a fun commercial so i.. watchED ALL 30 SEC OF IT

  • Georgia Felix & The Cool Car

    Wrapping is the bessssssssssssst! ^_^

  • icey wolf plays
    icey wolf plays Year ago

    Best wishes for you

  • Duchesse de Berne

    Love the fluffy pink satin bow 🎀🛍

  • Izella
    Izella Year ago


  • confetti_yeti
    confetti_yeti Year ago

    what was that bunny baby key chain called its so cute

  • M̤̈Ë̤Ë̤Z̤̈ C̤̈Ḧ̤Ë̤Ë̤S̤̈Ë̤

    Please please tell me what breed of cats you have!

  • Zoey Hunniford
    Zoey Hunniford Year ago


  • Sarah Sweet
    Sarah Sweet Year ago

    Toradora Christmas Episode....but its sad. And now its after Christmas :I

  • Jacqui Thebes
    Jacqui Thebes Year ago

    I just found your channel and I’m so glad! You are so beautiful and lovely 💖

  • Kate Bryant
    Kate Bryant Year ago

    This is a Question (no hate) just wondering how do you celebrate CHRISTmas without being religious? Jw

    • Bogidrawsstuff
      Bogidrawsstuff Year ago

      Kate Bryant! I think she just gives and gets gifts and decorates like Christmas !

  • bro
    bro Year ago

    You are so colorful

  • Diane Fields
    Diane Fields Year ago

    Omg I love wrap gifts for any celebrates. You like wrap gifts? 👍🤟🏻😘🎁💖

  • Mason Wheaton
    Mason Wheaton Year ago

    I only found you two days ago but I subscribed after watching one video and I just love watching your videos :) I've never met seen someone who's just as gay and pastel as me. I also hope this isn't creepy but I just really like your voice! It's calming! Tldr: im new and I love your channel

  • I'mJustBri
    I'mJustBri Year ago +1


  • Abby C.
    Abby C. Year ago

    Haha my cat does that too!

  • 千尋Kimi
    千尋Kimi Year ago

    i like the colors but the contrast hurts to look at

  • Kennedy Swan
    Kennedy Swan Year ago

    Hey! I was watching this while wrapping presents!!

  • Misha Marie
    Misha Marie Year ago


  • _Lizzy Jordynn
    _Lizzy Jordynn Year ago

    Omgggg, everything is so colorful!!😍😍

  • Lola Willis
    Lola Willis Year ago

    Very jealous of her nails😒😍😍

  • SienaMelia
    SienaMelia Year ago

    Okay, i love you...

  • Paige Sawler
    Paige Sawler Year ago

    love love love this video!

  • Gillian Ladd
    Gillian Ladd Year ago

    As I was watching this to get in the holiday spirit, I realized that we both have similar names! Plus, you’re cats are adorable. I’m definitely subscribing! 😁

  • Destinie B
    Destinie B Year ago

    Love u hair!

  • Winter Noelle
    Winter Noelle Year ago

    If you basically just said your atheist I AM TOO!!!! I still like Christmas music too!!

  • Claudia Davis
    Claudia Davis Year ago

    I wrap presents for my brother and saying its a rolex watch when its an empty cerial box xD

  • Samantha Guevara
    Samantha Guevara Year ago

    I love you room

  • Wit Beyond Measure

    Finally got my wrapping done watching this x

  • astrid aka lanai
    astrid aka lanai Year ago

    Omg i got the pusheen holding the candy cane from a friend as a christmas gift this year lolll

  • Qyoute Yt
    Qyoute Yt Year ago

    We have color codes to!

  • Qyoute Yt
    Qyoute Yt Year ago


  • Sodie Pop
    Sodie Pop Year ago

    Clannad. Such a holiday feeling with the snow.

  • Strawberry Cheerio

    OMG! You are so soft and pink.

  • Gracie Davis
    Gracie Davis Year ago

    You are going to be the cutest old lady ever.

  • Rebecca Perry
    Rebecca Perry Year ago +1

    Where did you get those creepy little baby bunnies? They’re so cute 😻

  • Caileigh Crow
    Caileigh Crow Year ago

    "you can kind of see a sliver of cat" is going to be my senior quote

  • Jaiara Ranae
    Jaiara Ranae Year ago

    I love watching your videos!!!!!!!!😂💖💖😭

  • Ella Curtis
    Ella Curtis Year ago

    this was so relaxing I’m obsessed omg, please do more !! 💗

  • Lidda
    Lidda Year ago

    You scared the frig outta my cat too lol

  • alienpuns
    alienpuns Year ago

    I actually came back and watched this while I wrapped presents. My wrapping paper is covered in cats with little Santa hats on them and I love it!!

  • Slime Pet Peeves
    Slime Pet Peeves Year ago +1

    She said she sucks at rapping..no honey you don’t.

  • Taylor Thornley
    Taylor Thornley Year ago

    I specifically waited to watch this video until I was doing something wrap-ey and mama is making tissue paper pom-poms so here we go!

  • Mary Tomlin
    Mary Tomlin Year ago


  • Baillie Eubh
    Baillie Eubh Year ago

    I don't like this girl I love her

  • xrainbowmintx
    xrainbowmintx Year ago

    you put so much time and effort into your presents! I've gone for efficiency this year, wrapped everything up in the same paper, labelled them all, boom xD

  • Adriana Garza
    Adriana Garza Year ago


  • Chay_ Chay_
    Chay_ Chay_ Year ago

    I love how colorful her room is 💕💜 -xoxo

  • gorgons
    gorgons Year ago

    i was like, how are you able to wrap without your cats getting in y- oh no there they go LOL

  • TMCBailey
    TMCBailey Year ago +6


    WELL. Okay then

    • Izella
      Izella Year ago +1


  • Dii
    Dii Year ago

    There’s episodes of miss kabayashi’s dragon maid. And there Christmas episode

  • Nancy Senpai
    Nancy Senpai Year ago

    You have the most beautiful cats in the world 😍😍😍
    And you also wrap presents in a cute way 💗

  • Rainb0wSheep
    Rainb0wSheep Year ago

    I just wanna know how u do your nails at this point. Like what do i need to buy to make my hands that rainbowy and sparkley

  • someone you might know

    Hey I'm back because I'm wrapping my presents yaaay:D

  • HouseCoat Hurly
    HouseCoat Hurly Year ago

    Fav TVclipr only founding out today soz for the bad grammar

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai Year ago

    i love your vids so much💕you inspire me everyday :)

  • TheMunchkin66
    TheMunchkin66 Year ago

    Pixie I’m so sorry to ask this when I’m SURE you’ve answered it in the video + somewhere else but where did you find that adorable mint wrapping paper? I went to Michael’s for some things and looked for it while I was there but didn’t come across it. This video is so adorable and I hope you’ll do more in the future! You’re so creative and I love the way you wrapped everything. I know everyone you’re giving gifts to will love it too!

  • Jess Crago
    Jess Crago Year ago

    I'm currently wrapping my presents while watching you wrap yours! Love you Pixie

  • Min doesn't give an f Yoongi

    When you realize that you have no one to give presents to.

  • Izzy 123
    Izzy 123 Year ago

    Totally make a Christmas playlist 😀

  • Leslie Inglis
    Leslie Inglis Year ago

    so, per your Christmas anime suggestion request, I would suggest Kanon as it takes place during winter but be forewarned the whole series is wistful and melancholic but it's lovely. I also enjoy the Azumanga Daioh xmas episode. (sorry I'm one of your geriatric followers at 32 lol my suggestions are dated)

  • the1975ismyDaniel UGH

    how many oz are in your davids tea?>:) cus I rly wanna get some but I don't know how much >:c

  • SeekerFantasy
    SeekerFantasy Year ago

    You know I have SAME tape as you. lol.

  • knitkate
    knitkate Year ago

    My favorite Christmas songs are either White Winter Hymnal (the cover by Portland Cello Project) or the Christmas at Hogwarts song from the Harry Potter soundtrack. I’m not a Christian, but I like happy winter celebrations.

  • Heather O' Gorman

    I love this video! I recently did some wrapping though yours is much better. I love that cute wrapping paper! The tied ribbons add such a cute element that I never even thought of doing! I'm taking some ideas from this for future wrapping! Also that tea sounds so good! I wish I could get some David's Tea! Need to go on a hunt for it! I'm in Ireland so time to go online lol

  • TwoForTea Stephanie

    I got here from Kelly Eden mentioning you in her most recent video and I am so happy I've found you.
    You're so sweet and positive and I want to be your friend 😄❤
    She also mentioned (she believes) you're Canadian. I kind of got the vibes watching what you were wrapping.
    I'm from London Ontario myself. Where are you residing?

    • TwoForTea Stephanie
      TwoForTea Stephanie Year ago

      Pixielocks Awesome! I'm sure you'll have a great time
      College years are the best. I assume you're doing something with fashion? 🙂 I know you'll be fantastic. If you ever come Toronto way id definitely like to meet up and show you around. Some of my high school friends live there. I think we'd get along well 😊
      ❤ thanx for the welcome

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +1

      Aww welcome!! I live on Prince Edward Island right now but am moving to New Brunswick next year for college :)

  • OysterRose
    OysterRose Year ago

    I totally thought pusheen was a feminine boy lol oh well

  • Mina Frederick
    Mina Frederick Year ago

    ATTENTION PIXIELOCKS spreepicky.myshopify.com/products/reservation-sailor-moon-magical-stick-umbrella-sp1711420

  • Null Eins
    Null Eins Year ago

    every time i watched something scary i‘m coming directly to your channel to calm me down 😂
    i love your pink fluffy world it makes me so happy ❤️

  • Elizabeth J Matson

    Hi Jillian! I know you’ve probably mentioned this in previous videos, but what software do you use to edit your videos? Thank you!

  • eva venema
    eva venema Year ago

    hey :) I've never watched anime but everyone's always so excited about it, and since jillian has a lot of people who watch her videos who like anime too, i thought maybe I could ask here in the comments where to start? What is a good series to start with, and does anyone have a tip for a good site?

  • sickhypnoticc
    sickhypnoticc Year ago

    did you resist or did you use her bath bomb and go back to get a new one?