Diamond Mining in Sierra Leone

  • Published on Jun 30, 2012
  • This is a movie about diamond mining in Sierra Leone. Since the brutal civil war the Sierra Leone diamond industry is known as the source for the so called "Blood Diamonds". Diamonds that were mined under forced condition and traded on the illegal markets to purchase weapons.
    More than 10 years after the war, entrepreneurs rehabilitating the mining sector; for more traceability and fair prices paid to the miners.
    For more infos check out the upcoming homepage: www.smc-sl.com

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  • Abhishek Upadhyay
    Abhishek Upadhyay 4 days ago

    Look how Whites have regulated the occupancy on blacks and their land. So sad.

  • Sandhya Wagh
    Sandhya Wagh 5 days ago


  • Ahmet Er
    Ahmet Er 6 days ago

    where is the justıce ?

  • Isaac Willis
    Isaac Willis 6 days ago

    Part documentary & part ass kicking traps workout vid with some shredded mother fuckers! LMAO when the requisite white guys show up to represent for the know-it-all Western fat ass. Zero self respect and the contrast couldn't be greater. SMH!

  • luca capozzi
    luca capozzi 9 days ago

    Lo sfruttamento dei lavoratori.....i padroni delle multinazionali!

  • Thananhton Jongketkran


  • Maruati Tlau
    Maruati Tlau 11 days ago

    Feel so sad for them as so much hardwork sacrifice for risking their life. ..but all benefits for white clever people. They eating their energy.

  • Moe Moe
    Moe Moe 13 days ago

    they work all day and if they find nothing they get paid nothing

  • Christos Dafopoulos
    Christos Dafopoulos 15 days ago

    " Η Ναταλί έφερε κι απίθωσε στην τουαλέτα της μητέρας της, το κολιέ με τα μαργαριτάρια, τα διαδήματα, τα χρυσά βραχιόλια, τα διαφόρων ειδών πετράδια της, τα άπλωσε ευχαριστημένη εκδηλώνοντας το ανέκφραστο αίσθημα που κάνει να χαίρονται ορισμένες γυναίκες βλέποντας τόσους θησαυρούς που μ' αυτούς καθώς λένε οι σχολιαστές του Ταλμούδ, οι καταραμένοι άγγελοι καταχτούν τις κόρες του ανθρώπου πηγαίνοντας να βρουν στο βάθος της γης αυτά τα λουλούδια της επουράνιας φωτιάς.".
    [Από το "Συμβόλαιο γάμου" του Ονορέ ντε Μπαλζάκ (τίτλος πρωτοτύπου: Honore de Balzac Le contrat de mariage), σε μετάφραση του Νίκου Αθανασιάδη, σελίδα 123, εκδόσεις Σ. Ι. Ζαχαρόπουλος, 1988.]

  • Michael Nduna Sibanda
    Michael Nduna Sibanda 16 days ago

    They look like slaves

  • abod MAX
    abod MAX 19 days ago


  • Malinga Ndlovu
    Malinga Ndlovu 20 days ago +1

    Once you see these white people coming to your area know that your minerals are taken

    • Defcon 2
      Defcon 2 4 days ago

      What are Africans going to do with diamonds? Or other minerals? They have no use for them.

  • Budi Santoso
    Budi Santoso 21 day ago +1

    white people always asshole..

  • Reeta Tomar
    Reeta Tomar 27 days ago +1

    diamonds are property of Africans,shame on you u white dogs

  • Umer Elegance
    Umer Elegance 28 days ago +1

    I wonder why African countries are so poor when they have everything to raise their standard. Imperialism still there.

    • Defcon 2
      Defcon 2 4 days ago

      It's poor because blacks are the majority.

  • Efe Türkcan
    Efe Türkcan Month ago

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  • SaketS Sharma
    SaketS Sharma Month ago

    Africans,u need to unite...u need more harmony ..u need to realize the importance of oneness and the day africa is strong...Some fuckin countries like USA and China won't get benefit out of their disharmony... Please choose ur leaders very carefully... Love for Africa from India

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  • Lego Man
    Lego Man Month ago

    not one diamond was found this day.

  • Victor Franco
    Victor Franco Month ago

    So much death and blood over some Diamonds!!

  • Jussara santos duarte


  • IvanGotYokes
    IvanGotYokes Month ago

    This music is god damn terrible.

  • SraPollofrito
    SraPollofrito Month ago

    After finding out mine workers extract diamonds under miserable conditions I decided not to have an engagement ring with a diamond in it.

  • jay wingie
    jay wingie Month ago

    They are slaves in thier own land

  • Anton Chekhov
    Anton Chekhov Month ago

    Fuckingg music you stupid...

  • nak bohi
    nak bohi Month ago


  • Ahmet Öztürk
    Ahmet Öztürk Month ago

    Haçlı sömürgesi

  • Tabassum Kapadiya
    Tabassum Kapadiya Month ago

    hira mila😂

  • BabyRex
    BabyRex Month ago

    Blood diamond in real life lol

  • Çekdar Kasap
    Çekdar Kasap 2 months ago +2

    sömürgeci piçler adamların altınlarını elmaslarını yedıler açlıkdan ölüyorlar

  • Manik Sen Official
    Manik Sen Official 2 months ago +1

    greedy for money . these guys destroying their country .

  • barnabas ndou
    barnabas ndou 2 months ago

    this is slavery.#down with it

  • Sam bertolli
    Sam bertolli 2 months ago

    The Title should be "Slave Labor in Sierra Leone"

  • Dracule Mihawk
    Dracule Mihawk 2 months ago

    Same thing was happening in my country

    PiXO MUZIEK 2 months ago

    Fuck the black dude working with those white man! Bitch African is what he is

    PiXO MUZIEK 2 months ago

    This is fucking bullshit

  • Brett Denaro
    Brett Denaro 2 months ago

    This video would be way more interesting if you cut the music out altogether!

  • carbine 420
    carbine 420 2 months ago

    What a fuckin mess...greed....T.I.A

  • jeremiah levit
    jeremiah levit 2 months ago

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  • Rajesh Harsora
    Rajesh Harsora 2 months ago

    workers dont know prise value of diomond?

    • Defcon 2
      Defcon 2 4 days ago

      Africans don't have any use for diamonds, so for them they're worthless. If they decide to "get smart" and sell them for a lot of money, whitey won't pay, thus the price comes way down.

  • The truth tv
    The truth tv 2 months ago

    Its sad to watch my brothers slave for the white men. They come and take their land, take their women, and rich resources, swim in riches and luxury while they make my brothers slave for scraps. When will my people wise up.

  • Jack SYNN
    Jack SYNN 2 months ago

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  • Am Pm
    Am Pm 2 months ago

    these poor guys are made slaves in their own land. Countries with wealthy mine are captured or ruined by whites. Sl is no exception .

  • Anowar Islam
    Anowar Islam 2 months ago


  • mohdyaqub khan
    mohdyaqub khan 2 months ago

    After seeing conditions of these guys.i feel sick.

  • TooonVille62 A block
    TooonVille62 A block 2 months ago

    Id like to meet w them smoke a few blunts n talk #s 😈

  • Sagar J.B
    Sagar J.B 2 months ago

    Really they are working harder

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  • Kafkaz Canavarı
    Kafkaz Canavarı 2 months ago

    Fuck europa.
    Fuck usa

  • majid sami
    majid sami 2 months ago

    Fuck the white men

  • Shalu Sureshkumar
    Shalu Sureshkumar 2 months ago

    Were is diamond

  • Ahmad Alzahrani
    Ahmad Alzahrani 2 months ago

    Stupid Africans , these diamonds and others resources is yours . Don't let Europeans companies steal your economic !!!

  • Murat SERDAR
    Murat SERDAR 2 months ago

    Maden sahipleri beyaz.calisanlar zenci.kapitalizmin amina koyayim

  • Grand Wizard
    Grand Wizard 2 months ago

    Exactly how the blacks should be treated. This way they're not killing each other and stealing. Pathetic race.

  • Pope Francis
    Pope Francis 2 months ago

    White man. 😑

  • Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan 2 months ago

    modren slavery smh😥😳

  • Hail Satan666
    Hail Satan666 3 months ago

    fuck this world and those diamonds

  • abdu aziz abdu rahman
    abdu aziz abdu rahman 3 months ago

    They say that they hate black peaple but i tell you this...the world is empty with out black.....

  • my name 22851609
    my name 22851609 3 months ago

    Don't think we are over talking but reality is that they are fooling u

  • my name 22851609
    my name 22851609 3 months ago

    Don't allow to be cheated , use ur minds

  • n Thakur
    n Thakur 3 months ago

    blacks working white watching

  • ludovic Work Family Party

    You don't wanna be part of slavery ?? stop buying jewelry.. This is absolutely not normal that these white ass are stealing other people richness.. absolutely disgusting !

  • v icky
    v icky 3 months ago

    Did dey find single piece also waste if energy tm money

  • Spoony Steam270
    Spoony Steam270 3 months ago

    Name of song?

  • Celeste Stoker
    Celeste Stoker 3 months ago

    Fat white pigs standing around while these poor Africans work their asses off for them for pennies. This is disgusting. I hope anyone buying diamonds educates themselves and invests in lab grown, for the Earth and humanity.

  • Farzana Bhuiyan
    Farzana Bhuiyan 3 months ago

    Africa is rich with natural resources but sadly no leader or government works for them and outsider taking all the advantage.

  • Shqiponja shqiptare
    Shqiponja shqiptare 3 months ago

    La scchiavitu umana che i americani fano lavorare la gente comune in Sierra Leone

  • renu bansiwal
    renu bansiwal 3 months ago

    I was waiting to see where the hell diamonds are?

  • Insta MSP
    Insta MSP 3 months ago

    Literally looks like slavery

  • 0104tito
    0104tito 3 months ago

    So sad for them

  • MeandPerfectlyPosh
    MeandPerfectlyPosh 3 months ago


  • Son of Africa
    Son of Africa 3 months ago

    White men again.. take take take. Ripping Africa of. The day of reckoning is coming where the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

    • Chris Thomson
      Chris Thomson 3 months ago

      Son of Africa not really ripping them off white guys own this here and they are providing work and income for lots of people who would otherwise have no work

  • Martha Maya
    Martha Maya 3 months ago

    This is terrible!!!!

  • Damian Cobb
    Damian Cobb 3 months ago

    Shits fucked up

  • Anthony Ennis
    Anthony Ennis 3 months ago

    This is soo wrong

  • md Khurshid
    md Khurshid 3 months ago

    Sunny leone

  • LoL Salgado
    LoL Salgado 4 months ago

    The people of africa

  • Chill E.D.
    Chill E.D. 4 months ago

    Shithole country that has diamond mines?

  • Chill E.D.
    Chill E.D. 4 months ago

    The white man has his nose everywhere!

    HARSH VARDHAN T.R 4 months ago

    please any body send me that background music link please

    HARSH VARDHAN T.R 4 months ago

    please tell that what the song is that ... please give me the link about dat music pls pls.....

  • Vijay Muddu
    Vijay Muddu 4 months ago

    I think people who buy diamonds contribute to this, if people buy less diamonds then they can focus on other works like farming etc...

  • mani
    mani 4 months ago

    this is called white people terrorism

  • Leighton Goodner
    Leighton Goodner 4 months ago

    Yall all realize this happens in every country, right? People getting paid shit to make someone else rich.. For those of you who consider this slavery, yall need to look in the mirror because youre doing the same exact thing. But since they have all of these riches in their country, their dollar doesnt hold as much value as ours. Theyre a dictatorship, just like North Korea. Blame their government, not "the white man". And they are rebelling against it, hence "the white man" there. Government makes them work for no pay, white man comes in and says "hey, you wanna get paid for doing this?" Check the facts please. For anyone who has seen Blood Diamond, thats like an undocumented documentary.

  • Nick Adkins
    Nick Adkins 4 months ago

    if you read the description you will see the entrepenuers bought the land, and pay the miners fair prices....Where before they were forced to do it with no pay.

  • Guillaume Youde
    Guillaume Youde 4 months ago

    Verry good

  • Guillaume Youde
    Guillaume Youde 4 months ago

    Verry good

  • zeynel Turgut
    zeynel Turgut 4 months ago

    Black peopels are not slaves of you👎💎 boo bad video

  • Sandy Laguitnay
    Sandy Laguitnay 4 months ago

    Fuck those intruders

  • galihadventure
    galihadventure 4 months ago

    Normally the miners got very small percentage of the diamond they found!

  • Paul Phoenix
    Paul Phoenix 4 months ago

    WHITE PEOPLE! ring any bells???

  • Tu13Dekh
    Tu13Dekh 4 months ago

    Why UN cannot see this Chil d labours? Just because some rich people are behind this?If we see some child labors workin in India just to support their family and not to make rich the richest Human Rights always raise tgeir voice

  • Akasha Chambers
    Akasha Chambers 4 months ago

    what's the name of this song?

  • Daniel Mathew
    Daniel Mathew 4 months ago

    Reminds me of blood diamond guy

  • Jabran Khalil
    Jabran Khalil 4 months ago

    White people abuse the black. Lok that the fucking white looks very clean and the blacks works hard for few fucking money. Protect your diamand please its your own country not for him. Sale the diamand with good huge money not with few $ please

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  • Adriano - Pedras Preciosas

    mais um inscrito like 😃 feliz ano novo

  • Benxy Khongsai
    Benxy Khongsai 5 months ago

    What is messi doing here😂😂.?