The Disaster Artist - Movie Review

  • Published on Nov 22, 2017
    Chris Stuckmann reviews The Disaster Artist, starring James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron, Ari Graynor, Jacki Weaver, Alison Brie. Directed by James Franco.
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  • Hannia Diaz
    Hannia Diaz Day ago

    The growling is on point!

  • Nguyen Linh Chi
    Nguyen Linh Chi Day ago


  • Carl Ginland
    Carl Ginland 8 days ago

    A-? Well, as far as I'm concerned, you can drop off the Earth! That's a promise.

  • Shuxy
    Shuxy 12 days ago

    Hey! I got that same cowboy bebop shirt!

  • Contrapunctus XV
    Contrapunctus XV Month ago

    3:58 That's exactly how Star Wars Force Awakens turned out xD

  • Rohit Prabhu
    Rohit Prabhu Month ago


  • Rashelle Ray
    Rashelle Ray 2 months ago

    Your impression of Tommy is so spot on!!

  • York Town
    York Town 2 months ago

    Nice review Chris S

  • Digmer
    Digmer 2 months ago

    Also, greg sestero is a hunk with an actual modeling career and little james franco is not even near to be a hunk. Bad bad casting there.

  • Leo the short guy
    Leo the short guy 3 months ago

    Very funny intro. Nice wig.

  • jackson perez
    jackson perez 3 months ago

    Wait does he have a Metroid tattoo on his right arm

  • Arya Pourtabatabaie
    Arya Pourtabatabaie 3 months ago

    The movie doesn’t even come close to how good the book is. The movie made it into a standard “follow your dream” theme but the book had this deep sadness to it.

  • Yaye Balay
    Yaye Balay 3 months ago


  • Donnie D
    Donnie D 3 months ago

    I like the scene where Tommy can't remember the line and eventually he just yelled "I HIT HER"

  • jesse williams
    jesse williams 4 months ago

    I really agree with this. When it was over I basically said the same thing. It tells this heart breaking story instead of oh look isn’t the room bad it’s so funny ah ha ha. Like the room in hilarious but disaster artist just adds this weight to it.

  • Nick Franklin
    Nick Franklin 4 months ago

    It’s the epitome of polishing a turd.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 5 months ago

    Tommy Wiseau actually went on Jimmy Kimmel with James Franco and actually admitted that he is from Poland

  • Aaronae Aaronae
    Aaronae Aaronae 5 months ago

    I like how Chris shaved his beard to become Tommy.

  • Multiano X
    Multiano X 5 months ago +1

    I barley noticed your Humanz shurt

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez 5 months ago

    i was so surprised at how good this was.. and james franco is a BEAST

  • bryan frengky
    bryan frengky 5 months ago

    I need that shirt

  • Jerry Gil
    Jerry Gil 6 months ago +1

    FREAKIN love your review. Your tommy is SPOT ON, chris! literally laughing my ass off!!

  • Walking Panda
    Walking Panda 6 months ago +1

    James Franco was great as Tommy but you would have done better

  • Mark Ukrainetz
    Mark Ukrainetz 6 months ago

    NIce Cowboy Beebop shirt

  • ktlynmariesmith
    ktlynmariesmith 6 months ago

    I’m dying at your impression of Tommy 😂

  • Dying Meme
    Dying Meme 6 months ago

    So a guy not only directs the film, but stars as the main character as well... Where have I heard that before?

  • Chilled B3ST
    Chilled B3ST 6 months ago

    Oh hi mark

  • Marc Mulligan
    Marc Mulligan 6 months ago

    "These 2 guys with nothing to their name... except a bottomless pit of money."

  • Phil S
    Phil S 7 months ago

    Why did Franco tloss over the Mr. Ripley subplot of character?? That was a huge theme in the book that showed Why and more of Greg getting scared and how! Tommy was quite the stalker if you haven't read this book or seen other docs and a friend of Gregs took him to see tne Matt Damon movie where they both saw Tommy in character and Greg gets even more freaked out. This is also part of Tommy naming Gregs character Matt (Mark to everyone lol can't make this stuff up)in the Room. Don't know why was chopped, think so Franco could improvise more which is sad cause he is good and its such a major point with a long enough movie with perfect cast! Maybe someday well get full version!

  • Gabriel Marquise
    Gabriel Marquise 7 months ago

    Review of the watchmen please?

  • gallaghim
    gallaghim 7 months ago

    Man what a world we live in where someone achieves worldwide success by being shit at something. The only credit I give TW is that he at the very least went out and made his movie (even though he had the money which afforded him the resources).

  • Dany #gotaworldtosee
    Dany #gotaworldtosee 7 months ago

    Chris imitation sounds like a thai lady haha

  • Lexyvil
    Lexyvil 8 months ago

    Oh hai Chris.

  • Happee Birthdae
    Happee Birthdae 8 months ago

    You should've wore that wig throughout the whole review lol

  • aWin w
    aWin w 8 months ago

    Please do drunken master 2!!

  • Tony Zhou
    Tony Zhou 8 months ago +1

    you're not my fucking mother!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 8 months ago

    “It’s bullshit, I did not hit her. I did nooot. Oh hi, Mark!”

  • Miguel Navarro
    Miguel Navarro 8 months ago

    Oh hi Chris!

  • Rory Whelan
    Rory Whelan 8 months ago +1

    Tommy actually looks like Chris here

  • RurouniStarchild
    RurouniStarchild 8 months ago

    I really love your Cowboy Bebop shirt!

  • Former Brothers
    Former Brothers 9 months ago

    Please for the love of God, STOP using this internet created non-English phrase "Based OFF." Nothing is EVER "Based off" oF ANYTHING!

  • Cloud of Reverie
    Cloud of Reverie 9 months ago

    This is the rhythm of the night. 🎵🎵🎵

  • donkey thong
    donkey thong 9 months ago

    Great review, had me in stitches.

  • Omar Gabriel Tafur Tafur

    Don't be mean but i think James Franco deserved the oscar for best actor more than Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour

  • Jess Sandoval
    Jess Sandoval 9 months ago

    Disaster Artist ...”it real Hollywood movie...huhuhu”

  • Devin McCreery
    Devin McCreery 9 months ago

    I did not hit her, it's not true, it's bullshit, I did not hit. I DID NOT. Oh, hi youtube.

  • 1f5sda1991
    1f5sda1991 9 months ago

    I saw this in the theater with Dad and we laughed. The audience laughed as well.

  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan 9 months ago

    Ick, I'd definitely rather watch The Room instead of Home Movies. I hated that show.

  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave 9 months ago

    I haven't seen the movie is worth checking out?

  • Elijah O'Dell
    Elijah O'Dell 9 months ago

    This was an inspiring movie

  • lol bag
    lol bag 10 months ago

    “These two guys with nothing to their name..... except this bottomless pit of money Tommy seemingly has” quite a contradictory sentence there my friend

  • JJ
    JJ 10 months ago

    I want your shirt so bad, the two best combinations

  • Vote For Pedro
    Vote For Pedro 10 months ago

    I loved this movie so much, gave me even more respect for Greg Sestero and new found respect for Tommy Wiseau. Tommy is either a genius or completely clueless 😂

  • Hazel Walsh
    Hazel Walsh 10 months ago

    The worst acting I have ever seen in my life...This is a very weird guy who just happens to have a shed load of money... I’m sure most of us could make an awful movie with enough dough... it is laughable! I can’t watch the whole film... just the highlights... it’s just very Odd.. I think he’s from another planet... he thought he was making a classic movie... The guy is clueless... He’s very lucky it became a cult... ( which has a lot to do with him paying for it to be a screened long after most cinema’s would have shut it down) As it was universally laughed at...He then ran it once a month at midnight so students would watch it.. He has had to run with it... and say it was meant to be funny... but it really wasn’t.... I honestly think the guy might be brain damaged or something... ( from his car accident) I mean him no harm... but he is the worst actor I have ever seen in my life.... I think people are just fascinated on how someone can mess up a film to that degree and take himself so seriously.... I’m bemused by the whole thing. He must be mentally impaired in that car accident and he sued for millions... hence his never ending supply of cash... and his complete lack of self awareness... He’s from another planet!!

  • kahsindra
    kahsindra 11 months ago

    Ah home movies. I miss that show.

  • ChocoKaylaRobin
    ChocoKaylaRobin 11 months ago


  • Kouroshie Yoshi
    Kouroshie Yoshi 11 months ago

    Is that a Cowboy Beepbop shirt?

  • lessly carthan
    lessly carthan 11 months ago

    James is that good to act that bad.its like the cheesie 1 liners of 80s films Herbert west in the re animator is my colt classic best.

  • MrRayhonda
    MrRayhonda 11 months ago

    I love that Cowboy Beebop x Gorillaz shirt :O where'd you get it? Also great review of course!

  • Tristan the Average 2118
    Tristan the Average 2118 11 months ago

    Took him 2 minutes to get into the movie

  • Nick Kentros
    Nick Kentros 11 months ago

    It was...ok. Relied too much on the jokey recreation of The Room. I would have preferred a little bit more of what happened after the premier and the transition from a terrible movie to THE terrible movie and the cult following and how Tommy has sort of become a celebrity

  • Jake Tibbs
    Jake Tibbs 11 months ago

    This movie deserved more Oscar nominations.

  • Michael Von Stukahausen
    Michael Von Stukahausen 11 months ago

    Lol, I bet this guy is one of dudes that has a tattoo on his calf.

  • Iris Le-Jones
    Iris Le-Jones 11 months ago


  • Mahmoud Alfarhaty
    Mahmoud Alfarhaty 11 months ago

    The Real Question Is Did Tommy Suffer Brain Damage When He Had The Car Accident

  • Fabrice Soonekindt
    Fabrice Soonekindt 11 months ago

    O H H I C H R I S !

  • Akilleus
    Akilleus 11 months ago

    Oh hi Chris

  • Eric Lamoureux
    Eric Lamoureux 11 months ago

    Hahahahahahahaha your impression is frikkin AWESOME!!!! BAHAHAHA

  • KaneFan57
    KaneFan57 11 months ago

    Ah hah hah, what a review, Chris. My main flaw was Dave Franco. He never acts different. He's just Dave Franco in every movie

  • Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
    Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss 11 months ago +177

    Chri's impression of Tommy is actually spot on!!!!

  • Henry Lawrence
    Henry Lawrence 11 months ago

    Very good stuck.

  • Jorge Gutierrez
    Jorge Gutierrez 11 months ago

    fantastic review bro i cant wait to see this movie

  • RelativelyLarge Steve

    The first impression was ok

  • Frappa Canu
    Frappa Canu Year ago

    just perfect

  • TheVideoKeeper
    TheVideoKeeper Year ago

    "I HIT HER!!!"

  • 1969cmp
    1969cmp Year ago

    Franco talented.

  • Cody Ritner
    Cody Ritner Year ago

    I stand corrected

  • Cody Ritner
    Cody Ritner Year ago

    You didn't do his stupid laugh once while impersonating him?

  • Leslie Borregard
    Leslie Borregard Year ago

    The movie is gonna have a sequel called “THE CLOSET” where only trolls will watch it!

  • Vert Rex
    Vert Rex Year ago

    Was cowboy bebop and ghost in the shell main character on there

  • Cesar Dominguez
    Cesar Dominguez Year ago +2

    Long Dark Hair really BECOMES YOU, Chris!

  • Badge Man
    Badge Man Year ago

    I'm not convinced on Franco's performance, especially the accent. Just doesn't work for me being a big 'fan' of The Room.
    oh and Tommy made all his money in fashion, selling clothes.

  • Ricky G
    Ricky G Year ago

    Denny was definitely my favorite character in original movie

  • PFilmsStuff
    PFilmsStuff Year ago

    That wig brings out your nose.

  • nick robertson
    nick robertson Year ago

    Your my favourite reviewer
    Hai doggy

  • * AnimalHeadSpirit *

    Hesher is like Tommy Wiseau's rebellious offspring.

  • Ghost Burger
    Ghost Burger Year ago +1

    It's official... Tommy Wiseau is in an Oscar nominated film

  • ash 101
    ash 101 Year ago +1

    Review Birdemic..
    Awesome shirt btw

  • 謝承君
    謝承君 Year ago

    Please review I, Tonya

  • King Jinzo
    King Jinzo Year ago

    Where do you get your shirts. i need them so bad.

  • Stefen Lopez
    Stefen Lopez Year ago

    This was so fucking funny lmfaoo

  • Liam's Lenz
    Liam's Lenz Year ago +1

    This movie betrayed me, it didn't keep it's promises, it tricked me, and now I don't care anymore!

  • Talapino
    Talapino Year ago

    this movie made me, laugh, smile, and cry, haha, what a story mark

  • Thomas Clowater
    Thomas Clowater Year ago

    Good vid but you need to either start or stop trying with your Tommy Wiseau impression

    KAPPA CHAN Year ago

    I loved the "Not in a million years! And after that?" part
    Eventho it was allready in the trailer and I knew it was coming

    CIRUS MEDIA Year ago

    This movie was shit... no seriously, it was SHIT!
    It's only funny if your in a room filled with people who finds humor in odd situations... and hearing them laugh makes the show a lil more entertaining.. but for real tho, this remake is not brilliant. It's just alright.

  • Ciel Nicolas
    Ciel Nicolas Year ago

    Great shirt!!

    PR1NCE DARKNESS Year ago +2

    Oh, hai Chris.

  • Badge Man
    Badge Man Year ago

    Hai babe!

  • raT_Ttat
    raT_Ttat Year ago

    watched it today and its overrated. the room is way better