Teddy Atlas breaks down Manny Pacquiao’s win vs. Keith Thurman | SportsCenter

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Teddy Atlas joins SportsCenter to break down Manny Pacquiao’s victory against previously unbeaten Keith Thurman to capture the WBA welterweight title. Atlas calls the fight an example of the 40-year-old Pacquiao looking strong against Thurman, who hasn’t fought in two years.
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Comments • 5 202

  • Jonas Juarez
    Jonas Juarez 2 hours ago

    Somebody get this man to a hospital because it looks like he's in a permanent half-stroke state.

  • COco Yo yo
    COco Yo yo Day ago

    Teddy is so bias to fighters he like and dislike.

  • Siquijorian Warrior
    Siquijorian Warrior 5 days ago

    Be carefull Teddy you'll be eaten by Pacman💣💣💣💥😈😜😝😁😂😆

  • Its KEL Official
    Its KEL Official 7 days ago

    Thurman after the fight:
    Accept the fight he was just more skill
    Teddy atlas after the fight:
    Because of inactivity 🤮🤮🤮

  • David
    David 8 days ago

    WHat is wrong with Teddy? ffs always hating on Pacquiao like he stole his lunch money or something. Its hard to imagine that Cus D'Amato took him under his wing, what a disgrace Atlas is as a trainer.

  • Makukuy kuy
    Makukuy kuy 9 days ago

    yah! you should pick manny to win bcoz kieth is inactive boxer.. but still you pick keith to win right? now you making excuses, you hole of shamer..

  • Ben Mac
    Ben Mac 9 days ago

    This man is bias. And jealous. Lol

  • james caiquep
    james caiquep 11 days ago

    catch him coming catch him going was bad strategy for keith thats his stragety in the 1st half of the fight. when he was trying to be on pacs chest was when he was able to turn in around in the 2nd half till he got caught by a body shot. keith was doing marquez he should have done a horn strategy.

  • Yohohoho Wkclooh
    Yohohoho Wkclooh 14 days ago

    teddy at"lost" . . . i bet he lost again 🤣

  • El Michelle
    El Michelle 15 days ago

    Looks like someone lost money after the fight

  • sfjim 0
    sfjim 0 16 days ago

    Shut up teddy you dont know about boxing you educating the boxing fans with knowledge no way your one stupid commentator i know ....

  • Kwatro Pogi
    Kwatro Pogi 16 days ago

    The important dont underestimate the age of 40 coz 40 have more experience than younger age in boxing

  • Romeo W
    Romeo W 17 days ago

    Pacquiao should fight Spence to STFU of Atlas.

  • FEL Arcade
    FEL Arcade 19 days ago

    Teddy never give manny the credit he deserve, when i hear th cuestion i know teddy atlas is gonna talk about thurman inactivity to desacredit pacman

  • taburnok taburnok
    taburnok taburnok 19 days ago


  • Tou Chang
    Tou Chang 21 day ago

    Salty AzzholeTeddy never wanna give Pac credit. Bla bla bla,,,Teddy Manny was off two years too and he came back tougher and smarter and had 4 to 5 straight wins before gotten robbed by The Budhead Horn.

  • Arnold you
    Arnold you 22 days ago

    Teddy atlas is not a pro sports pro boxer not in a beauty of sports. Exemple. Mr. Atlas is a pro mayweather he is not unpair person..

  • Gilbert Mendez
    Gilbert Mendez 24 days ago

    Accept it teddy gay.. Thurman was beaten .. and set a new world record the oldest welterweight champion in the world..

  • Glen Tindoc
    Glen Tindoc 24 days ago

    Jesus christ bruh just give credit where credit is due, pac is 40 and he beat a top 3 welterweight.

  • mar mancera
    mar mancera 25 days ago

    The greatest false prophet teddy

  • Oscar Tuazon
    Oscar Tuazon 25 days ago

    Teddy Atlas, you said Keith Thurman's loss to Pacquiao was that Thurman was not active for years,or hasn't have a fight in two years,whereas you also predicted that Thurman will knockout Pacquiao inside three rounds, why the sudden changed of mind after the fight was over? Is that a prediction of a supposed to be perfect analyst or a great broadcaster? Other reasons that you made was that Thurman is young and undefeated champion,powerful puncher,long reach etc,etc,.Admit it Mr.Atlas that just like most fighters underestimated Pacquiao, and had a devastating loss.

  • J.G. The Skymark
    J.G. The Skymark 26 days ago +1

    Mega Fight:
    Bob Arum vs Teddy Atlas

  • Charliemagne Crabajales

    shut up Tedy, youve never learned. Pacquiao can win any opponent in welterweight division, its not about age, its not about inactive or active factor that youre talking about Thurman which you try to imply spence are not, its about style and mastery. Youre analysis and the rest of other analysts have failed for many times. learn from the boxers themselves and they will speak the same truth, Manny have mastered the ring that even Floyd would never dare to challenge him without bias from the judges.

  • Arthur Miller
    Arthur Miller 26 days ago +3

    I’m from the old school-when I think of the greatest boxers of all times, I think of Ali, Duran, Hagler, etc.. These champions dodged no one. Just like Manny who may be the GOAT!!

  • Larry's Studio
    Larry's Studio 26 days ago


  • 260ne friend
    260ne friend Month ago

    Who care a what teddy say...😂😂😂

  • mike bonti
    mike bonti Month ago

    This old man has no credibility at all,

  • Mattie Williams
    Mattie Williams Month ago

    Manny was on p.e.d. like always he should have been drug tested.

  • Mattie Williams
    Mattie Williams Month ago

    Floyd beat Manny,Floyd beat manny, Floyd beat manny, get off crack.

  • Spartacus Cheetah
    Spartacus Cheetah Month ago

    Brain damage poor Teddy.. 🐒
    _Mr.. Bean.?

  • Anthony Anicas
    Anthony Anicas Month ago

    Its a garbage.. how can he say thurman is in active... young hungry figther figthing a old senator..n too many alibi... its sucks of the sweet science......

  • Cromwell Cabalu
    Cromwell Cabalu Month ago

    Spence did not knock down Mikey Garcia. How can Spence take out the Pacman?

  • Xavier Vega
    Xavier Vega Month ago

    Wow.....I bet Teddy was punching the air like Cuba Gooding JR in Boyz in the Hood after Pac won this fight.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker Month ago


  • ThriftGarageSale Addicts

    Hater will always be a hater!!

  • itsme jdc
    itsme jdc Month ago

    too many excuses acusation thurman is a champion whether he has 2 year layoff he need to defend his belt and pac win by a decision but it was really a close fight hands off to the fightera

  • Ryan Dubongco
    Ryan Dubongco Month ago

    now i know keth thurman is like teddy atlas, trashtalk first before anything else 😂😂😂

  • HBK
    HBK Month ago +1

    Keep your big mouth shot Old Man..

  • Durchshot
    Durchshot Month ago

    Teddy put all his money to Thurman thats why he's angry to pacquiao.

  • Lich Kingshead
    Lich Kingshead Month ago

    Pacquiao chose Thurman because he's inactive? If I recall correctly it was Thurman who called out Manny giving him the trashtalk and all other kind of stuff. Manny chose Thurman not because of the inactivity but because to shut the foul mouth of his.

  • MrNickolitis
    MrNickolitis Month ago

    Atlas is the kind of guy that will spit on people down on their luck. This human is a sick fucker.

  • Panget Saucillo
    Panget Saucillo Month ago

    D paden naka move on talo KC dati alaga ung negro hahaha

  • Toyang Oyang
    Toyang Oyang Month ago

    Quack quack quack teddy bear 🧸 atlas(T) keep crying 😭

  • I'll Teach you to Fear

    this old man forgot to drink his medicine.

  • Antonio Alfabete
    Antonio Alfabete Month ago

    You must Accept tha Sir Manny Paquiao has God's grace,God's gift and had a natural talent in boxing. He's a true Legend not just in the ring but to all the people in his beloved country. He share his blessings to all needy.not like your Fake TBE who spends his money jus for fun and luxury

  • Hoof Hearted
    Hoof Hearted Month ago

    Dear Teddy, You asked what supplement Pacquiao is taking? Here it is..... It's called Moringga Leaves, in tagalog - Malunggay! Research it and try it and your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner will thank you! And me!

  • Ramil Mariano
    Ramil Mariano Month ago

    You mr. atlas are a pro boxer not for the beauty of boxing. Is that because you are a american? Comeon mr. atlas be honest to yourself. Stop using media against a filipino boxer like pacquiao... you are not honest as a commentator. Stop talking!!!

  • venyl ralph obsiana

    this man a good actor

  • Random
    Random Month ago

    Your spence is too slow ..... see the fight with foster

  • Earl Garcia
    Earl Garcia Month ago

    Could I be wrong? Yes, you are most of the time.

  • Earl Garcia
    Earl Garcia Month ago

    Another wrong prediction from Atlas. One of many.

  • J Mccants
    J Mccants Month ago +13

    I want Max & Stephen A. Smith to debate this:
    *What's greater achievement?*
    *"50-0 record or 8-Division World Champion?"*

    • Rational Police
      Rational Police Month ago +3

      Several fighters have reached 50-0 at some point in their career. There’s an active boxer right now that is 53-0. But no one has ever reach 8 division or even 7 division champ. And pacquiao skipped 2 weight classes

  • Freon914
    Freon914 Month ago

    Hey teddy I know you might never read this but I just want you to know the reason why thurman didn't catch paquiao coming in. It is because paquiao already know that all of his opponents always trying to catch him coming in because thats where marquez get the KO. Thats why paq is making his attacks faster and unpredictable and always moving to an angle were the enemy can't reach him with those fast footspeed.

    IAM GAB Month ago

    Sounds like bob arums brother. Sour and salty.

  • jon bon jovi
    jon bon jovi 2 months ago

    Old man idiot.god of stupidy and no knowledge.

  • Ramil Mariano
    Ramil Mariano 2 months ago

    O... come on mr atlas you are talking about pro boxer not a pro boxing... stop talking mr pro boxer not pro boxing.

  • jhun dela cruz
    jhun dela cruz 2 months ago

    Oh Teddy..Teddy..Teddy..

  • Drsam Raspberry
    Drsam Raspberry 2 months ago

    This oldman only believe in suplemments and spence is just an average fighter overly overated no way he can deceive an eight division world champions like manny.

  • Chef Ybanez
    Chef Ybanez 2 months ago

    Teddy Atlas never like pacman ever since.

  • Raizel Estrama
    Raizel Estrama 2 months ago

    This old man prediction always wrong, why are they even guessing him, his bad with his job he better retired :)