Comparative Advantage Practice

  • Published on Aug 29, 2017
  • If you want to skip the lesson and just practice go to 10:48. I spend the first have of the video explaining how to identify which country has an absolute advantage, calculate opportunity cost, identify which country has a comparative advantage, and find a terms of trade that both countries would voluntarily agree to. The second half of the video is an additional practice questions where I quickly go over the answers. I also added the answers below if you are in a hurry. Thank you for watching, please subscribe.
    Additional Multiple Choice Questions
    Unit 1 Summary Video (includes quick and dirty trick)
    Situation #1 (5:30)
    The US can produce 20 planes or 2 cruise ships
    France can produce 12 planes or 2 cruise ships
    -The US has an ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE in planes
    -Neither has an ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE in cruise ships
    -For the US, 1 plane costs 1/10 cruise ship and 1 ship costs 10 planes
    -For France, 1 plane costs 1/6 cruise ship and 1 ship costs 6 planes
    -France has COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE in cruise ships
    -Terms of trade: 1 Cruise Ship for 7 Planes
    Situation #2 (11:12)
    Korea can produce 3 cars or 9 motorcycles
    Germany can produce 4 cars or 8 motorcycles
    -Germany has an ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE in cars
    -Korea has an ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE in motorcycles
    -For Korea, 1 car costs 3 motorcycles and 1 motorcycle costs 1/3 car
    -For Germany, 1 car costs 2 motorcycles and 1 motorcycle costs 1/2 car
    -Germany has COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE in cars
    -Korea has COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE in motorcycles
    -Terms of trade: 1 Car for 2.5 Motorcycles

    Situation #3 (13:22)
    Japan can produce 4 laptops or 12 phones
    Brazil can produce 1 laptops or 5 phones
    -Japan has an ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE in laptops
    -Japan has an ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE in phones
    -For Japan, 1 laptop costs 3 phones and 1 phone costs 1/3 laptop
    -For Brazil, 1 laptop costs 5 phones and 1 phone costs 1/5 laptop
    -Japan has COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE in laptops
    -Brazil has COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE in phones
    -Terms of trade: 1 Laptop for 4 Phones
    Situation #4 (16:08)
    Cuba takes 4hrs to make a TV and 12hrs to make salsa
    Mexico takes 1hr to make a TV and 5hrs to make salsa
    -Mexico has an ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE in TVs
    -Mexico has an ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE in Salsa
    -For Cuba, 1 TV costs 1/3 salsa and 1 salsa costs 3 TVs
    -For Mexico, 1 TV costs 1/5 salsa and 1 salsa costs 5 TVs
    -Cuba has COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE in salsa
    -Terms of trade: 1 salsa for 2.5 TVs
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