Can a Watermelon Protect iPhone 6s from 100 FT Drop Test? - GizmoSlip

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  • Syd 18
    Syd 18 6 hours ago

    He thought it would be fine. He obviously doesn’t know anything

    DRAVEN NDIAYE 17 hours ago

    no it will not

  • الملاك الصغير

    بللعب بل النعمه

  • Montez Williams
    Montez Williams 2 days ago

    Can you mail me a iPhone

  • Noi Karerum
    Noi Karerum 2 days ago

    Funny xD

  • Little Vlog :P
    Little Vlog :P 2 days ago

    I have a IPHONE 6

  • Xzavier Muncy
    Xzavier Muncy 3 days ago

    Yes I think it would be a good time

  • Lachie Bayes
    Lachie Bayes 3 days ago


  • drinking channel
    drinking channel 4 days ago

    How can a Watermelon which burst out in the start when he dropped it from 2m can save iphone

  • Emily Anne Bosch
    Emily Anne Bosch 5 days ago


  • Chloe Tool
    Chloe Tool 5 days ago

    I want a I phone

  • Aaron Hawkins
    Aaron Hawkins 5 days ago



    I don’t think he paid for them he probably got them on a website for free cuz he tests their durability

  • Siddharth Chillarige

    5:36 that’s a wallpaper

  • Siddharth Chillarige

    Well that’s one way to cut a watermelon

  • Jeff Bordley
    Jeff Bordley 5 days ago


  • Isaiah DeVore
    Isaiah DeVore 6 days ago

    “Lighting seed into the watermelon port” yeah, sounds about right

  • pinkpanda beatiful
    pinkpanda beatiful 6 days ago

    can i have a iphone

  • MSP Beauty
    MSP Beauty 6 days ago

    boi can you buy me like 100 iphones you spend so much money n iphones you could give that money to poor...or me...

  • Penny Byrd
    Penny Byrd 7 days ago


  • Rat blood
    Rat blood 7 days ago

    Or live i don't really know

  • Rat blood
    Rat blood 7 days ago

    It's gonna die

  • Alexi love
    Alexi love 7 days ago

    Him:321 here goes
    ME:NOOO I DONT WORK AHAHA😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • PheonixFireBlaze 14
    PheonixFireBlaze 14 7 days ago

    Are y’all rich

  • Oltsuvlogs
    Oltsuvlogs 7 days ago

    That's just idiotic. It's like burning money. Just stupid

  • Ramadhan Penthol
    Ramadhan Penthol 8 days ago

    Hi ,,, can you give a i phone 6s please????

  • Rich Benson
    Rich Benson 8 days ago

    He obviously has money so can I have one( watermelon not a iPhone)

  • Isa Reed
    Isa Reed 9 days ago

    Lightning seed inside the watermelon port what?😂😂

  • Anthony Francisco
    Anthony Francisco 10 days ago

    You should remake this with an iphone 7 water resistant

  • Avi L
    Avi L 10 days ago

    I think it won't survive

  • Davon Rodgers
    Davon Rodgers 11 days ago


  • Leo Fernandez
    Leo Fernandez 11 days ago

    Man that was crazy awesome

  • Andrew Landes
    Andrew Landes 12 days ago

    You should have put it in rice but it’s whatever

  • butter beaning
    butter beaning 12 days ago

    Americans are total dicks!

  • Emily Land
    Emily Land 13 days ago

    it won't potential it

  • Debbie Sigman
    Debbie Sigman 13 days ago

    You should put the iPhone in an Apple he he. Apple in an apple

  • bel_9864
    bel_9864 14 days ago

    Other people have to work and dislike their job for just a home and you're buying things and destroying them. The money that you have spent to buy all those phones is enough to buy someone a small house. Think about others rather than destroy things that are worthless to you, but mean the world to others.

  • amber willman
    amber willman 14 days ago

    No its not going to survive

  • Kennedy Rogal
    Kennedy Rogal 15 days ago


  • paola rodriguez
    paola rodriguez 15 days ago


  • Agustin Mondragon
    Agustin Mondragon 15 days ago

    So many that’s what she said jokes in this video

  • Aiden Hanks
    Aiden Hanks 15 days ago

    I would eat the watermelon

  • Iziah Chu-Foo
    Iziah Chu-Foo 16 days ago


  • Lol PvP
    Lol PvP 16 days ago

    I am eating watermelons as I watch the video LOL

  • Harlee Da Boss
    Harlee Da Boss 16 days ago

    why do you say bad boy a lot?

  • CousinLpsProductions
    CousinLpsProductions 16 days ago


  • Demontae Petty
    Demontae Petty 17 days ago

    So cool 😎😎

  • Aimf12
    Aimf12 17 days ago

    He must have rich parents😂

  • Aimf12
    Aimf12 17 days ago

    How can he just throw away iPhones😩

  • Ange Sammy
    Ange Sammy 17 days ago

    Im so black that Im crying

  • Mia Smith
    Mia Smith 17 days ago

    That's what's she said

  • Kennedy Endress
    Kennedy Endress 17 days ago

    No it won’t won’t protect the phone

  • The bffs
    The bffs 18 days ago

    it was the water because of the

  • The suicidgamer
    The suicidgamer 18 days ago

    im surprised it didnt crack

  • Wontae Jones
    Wontae Jones 18 days ago +1

    He'll no that iPhone gone be messed up

  • Liang Chen
    Liang Chen 18 days ago +1

    Hi GizmoSlip!

  • Ana Soto
    Ana Soto 18 days ago


  • Patience Tucker
    Patience Tucker 19 days ago

    i know a watermelon is not a bad boy

  • Patience Tucker
    Patience Tucker 19 days ago

    if you keep buying new phones you got to give me one

  • Elizabeth Horton
    Elizabeth Horton 19 days ago

    😄🦄yes 😀🦄

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel Diaz 20 days ago

    That was awesome

  • Jasper The Spirit
    Jasper The Spirit 20 days ago

    What a waste of watermelon :(

  • teresita cervantes
    teresita cervantes 20 days ago

    No it won't

  • Penelope The Kiwi
    Penelope The Kiwi 20 days ago

    don't you think the phone wouldn't live if at the start of the vid you dropped a plane watermelon from your hands and teh watermelon broke in half just like that?

  • Abby Saylor
    Abby Saylor 21 day ago +1

    Why do you always take the plastic off of the phones

  • Carlisle Brown
    Carlisle Brown 21 day ago

    2:24 I want to jam this thing in there *that's what she said*😂

  • Smepy SuperDog
    Smepy SuperDog 21 day ago

    Dude u literally dropped meh phone because my phone is exactly the same phone I 😍ur vids even though they are absolutely crazy 🤯

  • Joy Udinsky
    Joy Udinsky 22 days ago

    The water damage is risky though!!

  • Joy Udinsky
    Joy Udinsky 22 days ago +3

    I think it will survive!

  • DA T
    DA T 22 days ago

    RIP watermelons

  • Cole Steffens
    Cole Steffens 22 days ago

    Yo what's up Brandon! HUGE fan and an idea for a video. How about dropping an iPhone X with a whole Lego set protecting it. Again you rock and love watching this channel!!! Peace out Homie

  • Kambria Thomas
    Kambria Thomas 22 days ago


  • 糖 糖
    糖 糖 23 days ago

    oh my god!!!!!!

  • Maddox Rankin
    Maddox Rankin 23 days ago

    That's what you wish she said

  • Renard Iskandar
    Renard Iskandar 24 days ago

    do you sell the chargers?

  • gymnast 3821
    gymnast 3821 24 days ago

    so does he pay for all the devices

  • Makaylah Jackson
    Makaylah Jackson 24 days ago

    i thiunk yes so dloes my brother

  • Scout The Fox
    Scout The Fox 25 days ago

    6:00 it started ghosting! 😮

  • Foxy Fox
    Foxy Fox 25 days ago

    I don’t think so because the first one broke in the beginning

  • Lee Hunt
    Lee Hunt 25 days ago

    This is protecting!
    He dropped his phone to pieces!
    But I got a watermelon to protect it!

  • Leila Richard
    Leila Richard 26 days ago

    His dog 🐶 is so CUUUUUTTTTTEEEE OMG

  • xMiso12x
    xMiso12x 26 days ago +1

    Why cant you test real iphone cases instead of this stupid fucking shit

  • Squishy Fun For Everyone!

    That’s what she said!

  • lemon lemon
    lemon lemon 27 days ago


  • Kawaii Cats
    Kawaii Cats 27 days ago


  • Trippy G
    Trippy G 27 days ago


  • Chris Dugan
    Chris Dugan 27 days ago


  • Anna Quick
    Anna Quick 29 days ago


  • Pragati Kavlekar
    Pragati Kavlekar 29 days ago


  • Luca Joseph Riedel
    Luca Joseph Riedel Month ago +1

    Such a waste of food people are dieing because they don’t have any food! Im not that old but i do know that!

    CLUMSY KAY Month ago

    How do you even afford

  • Jonathan Farias
    Jonathan Farias Month ago


  • Eden Jane
    Eden Jane Month ago +1


  • Christopher English


  • Willberto the Great

    Funny joke

  • the bossy
    the bossy Month ago +1

    Can i have an iphone to give it as a present for my mom please

  • Martin Challis
    Martin Challis Month ago

    I think 🤔 you have smashed the inside of the Iphone

  • Joe Richardson
    Joe Richardson Month ago


  • Barbara Buenrostro
    Barbara Buenrostro Month ago

    th fhfjfif8fidif

  • gabrielle horror
    gabrielle horror Month ago

    Soooòooooooo awsome