Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Warriors of Wakanda

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • Meet the warriors of Wakanda in this special look at Black Panther. See the film in theaters February 16! ► Subscribe to Marvel:
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  • safin wajed
    safin wajed 11 days ago

    মজছ ;

  • Mike signs
    Mike signs Month ago

    the thing I love most about the movie is that they got Diana Gurira to play Okoey. this women plays 2 of my favorite badass women warriors in tv/movies.(for those who don't know she also plays Michone in the walking dead)

  • Mahesh Kumar
    Mahesh Kumar 3 months ago

    R.I.P Stan Lee.......

  • tmorris53
    tmorris53 5 months ago

    Want to see them fight the Amazon warriors.....would be epic!!!

  • aastef
    aastef 6 months ago

    If you love Black Panther, you should check out my remix of the OST "Wakanda"! It's up on my channel! ;)

  • Ulrik Hansen
    Ulrik Hansen 7 months ago

    Made by black people (superheroes). Uh..eeh..

  • Alt Fit
    Alt Fit 7 months ago


  • Koriander Yander
    Koriander Yander 8 months ago

    They remind me of the Dahomey warriors

  • barry lyndon
    barry lyndon 8 months ago

    Real wakanda

  • TonyKanameKuran
    TonyKanameKuran 9 months ago

    One of the best MARVEL pictures ever! And Ryan Coogler is the next John Singleton, Tim Story, F. Gary Gray, and Spike Lee!

  • Robert S550stang
    Robert S550stang 9 months ago

    No feminism in wakanda

  • KingJustice98
    KingJustice98 9 months ago +1

    Yeah.....ok, but why are they bald?

  • Ratana Gonesh
    Ratana Gonesh 9 months ago


  • toneman335
    toneman335 9 months ago

    This trailer makes me feel I am at a Starbucks in Philadelphia.

  • Kim Shaun Escolta
    Kim Shaun Escolta 9 months ago

    A fantasy world where blacks are more high tech than whites. Yep.

  • Nameless Nick97
    Nameless Nick97 9 months ago


  • Jason Tachin
    Jason Tachin 9 months ago

    rw:Nakia, Okoye ,but who is the 3rd female warrior using a pair of Panther head like ,fang like Boxing war gloves in the movie? i heard when she uses them they have bolts of energy like lightning and the gloves are made up of the element i believe its called Adamantium .

  • unitedman
    unitedman 9 months ago

    Will there ever be an Asian superhero?

  • hisardo dagmar
    hisardo dagmar 10 months ago

    What's all the hype about? Cool but not that special. Typical Hollywood virtue signalling

  • Djack
    Djack 10 months ago


  • Marisol Lino
    Marisol Lino 10 months ago +1

    Black panther

  • King Brockn
    King Brockn 10 months ago

    Just another shit hole country.

  • Nondumiso Mngomezulu
    Nondumiso Mngomezulu 11 months ago +2

    I live for the DARK BEAUTIES in the movie mhmmm

  • desert1cop
    desert1cop 11 months ago

    A crock of it

  • Ong Grace
    Ong Grace 11 months ago +1

    Wakanda's very own Amazons:Dora Milaje.

  • Bryan Max
    Bryan Max 11 months ago +1

    They were like for this part you have to be bald.
    Black girl: oh hell no. Do you know how long it took me to grow my hair
    Director: we will pay you 20000
    Black girl: i suppose my girlfriend can hook me up with some weave. Sign me up

  • Bajar gaming gaming
    Bajar gaming gaming 11 months ago +2


  • Simply. Ada_
    Simply. Ada_ 11 months ago

    Y'all with the Ugandan knuckles meme are just ridiculous Tbh.

  • Slippschitts Hey
    Slippschitts Hey 11 months ago

    How much of these profits will go to the black folks livin in our communities. You should be fixin up are houses in detroit with these profits they made of our people and culture

  • Jujubead
    Jujubead 11 months ago

    Is there a Dora Milaje video game out there?

  • { W a y l a }
    { W a y l a } 11 months ago +1

    Wakanda Foreva

  • Kimberly K
    Kimberly K 11 months ago +3

    I watched this movie every week since it’s come out pls help me

  • Afro Deesiac
    Afro Deesiac 11 months ago

    Dora Milaje need their own Netflix doubt the War Dogs that were down with Killmonger will need to be reigned back in.

  • Valentina
    Valentina 11 months ago

    I LOVE IT 😍😍❤️❤️👏🏼

  • Ira Williams
    Ira Williams 11 months ago

    Gotta love the feminism in this movie

  • Jay Echo
    Jay Echo 11 months ago

    This movie is way overrated. The plot was very bad. Only the action sequences were good and the Cgi and VFX. According to the plot,I would say this is very bad

  • TheGamingSnake YT
    TheGamingSnake YT 11 months ago


  • Amatniki GD
    Amatniki GD 11 months ago


  • RamadhanDhan
    RamadhanDhan 11 months ago +1


  • Sky Quill
    Sky Quill 11 months ago

    The Dora Milaje, specifically Okoye, made this a good movie for me.

  • Andries Pretorious
    Andries Pretorious 11 months ago +2

    It was actually a really good movie

    • Not an npc
      Not an npc 7 months ago

      Andries Pretorious really, some points in it made me want to shoot myself in the head

  • Rantaro Kyoma
    Rantaro Kyoma 11 months ago

    Btw the warriors aren' just women the rhino tribe is warriors *cough*cough*Alex Mascot

  • Makiba Uboke
    Makiba Uboke 11 months ago

    I want to say THANK YOU Marvel and Stan Lee for this movie. It is evident that we (blacks) are sooooo tired of being portrayed as ratched degenerates, wild women, thugs, killers, poverty-stricken and pathetic that is getting old. Based on our reaction, we obviously want to see ourselves with dignity and not begging. I hope Hollywood got the message. I also like to thank you for understanding that though we do have many lifestyles as others, it was refreshing to see a film of us as straight. I truly don' t judge, but it was refreshing.

    • Makiba Uboke
      Makiba Uboke 10 months ago

      Yes I wholeheartedly agree, without Ryan's and J. Robert Cole's vision and goals; this movie would have been just another Marvel hero movie.

    • TC G
      TC G 10 months ago +1

      Makiba Uboke And thank you to Ryan Coogler. His direction and focus on realistically incorporating inspirations of African and African American cultures (yes, he is the one who fought hard for this), is the reason the movie turned out like it did.

  • P. K.
    P. K. 11 months ago

    i neva freeze..!! 🐆

  • LoneStarWolf Entertainment
    LoneStarWolf Entertainment 11 months ago +2

    Tribalism and Futurism combined? I love it!!

  • XorexkZ-ROBLOX
    XorexkZ-ROBLOX 11 months ago

    Don fresse...
    I nevva fresse... -Black Panther ,2018-

  • Nogge
    Nogge 11 months ago

    best movie ever so far tho.. BUT IM SO HYPED UP TO WATCH AVENGERS INFINITY WAR!!!!

  • Biruk Tefera
    Biruk Tefera 11 months ago

    Who knows this movie the talk about Ethiopia?

  • avci baris
    avci baris 11 months ago +1

    Great movie . Finally to show the world kids something different than all does white hero's. Waganda.

  • Anazavelia Cremency
    Anazavelia Cremency 11 months ago

    hahaha wakanda army nimeielewa iyoo huuu wat a movie

  • Nathan Pogboat
    Nathan Pogboat 11 months ago

    Good michonne

  • Epani Rachmaditia
    Epani Rachmaditia 11 months ago

    Wakanda Forever intensifies

  • Frostgrl681
    Frostgrl681 11 months ago

    You all do know that an Elite female regiment actually existed in Africa right? Look up the all female regiment of the Dahomey tribe. They were fierce and they were the kings body guard.

  • Krimpus
    Krimpus 11 months ago +1

    The politics in this movie is what kept me away

    • Muju
      Muju 11 months ago

      Krimpus there you go babbling you alt right racist talking points. I’m done debating with you. Revisionist my ass. The truth is the truth. Just because your ancestors omitted it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen

    • Krimpus
      Krimpus 11 months ago

      God save this generation, black revisionist of history.

    • Muju
      Muju 11 months ago

      Krimpus there you go believing the lies you were taught in school. As a student of European history, African history and anthropology I can firmly state that your worldview is tainted. The notion that Africans were primitive were propagated by your ancestors as part of an effort to discredit Africans. Yes there are many Africans that are not technologically advanced but when it comes to social norms they are far better than your fellow blood thirsty caucasians. Also prior to the coming of Europeans there were advanced African civilizations like the Mali empire, Benin empire, Songhai empire, Great Zimbabwean empire. Africa is a vast complex continent with a diverse groups of people. You westerners just bunch them up and preach that nonsense. How about you take a trip to the continent to learn a thing or two. I bet you will come back a changed man.

    • Krimpus
      Krimpus 11 months ago

      I never said that whites alone build this world, that why I said 90% of it. We got knowledge and tech from the east and as well algebra from arabs. However blacks and the Indians we got nothing from them as they never contributed anything except forced labor. There are no black inventors I am gonna call a bs there, if they are please be sure to elaborate on that. Also I am the last person to be fooled by history, how about ask yourself why is it that we conquered you?
      When we got to Africa or the Americas there was nothing TO conquer as there were no standing buildings taller than two stories. All that was there was a vast jungle of primitive tribes which unsurprisingly they are common in Africa to this day. If you want to make the argument that slaves helped build cities I am cool with that but during the industrial revolution blacks were not the workforce it was European immigrant who came into America for a better life. Honestly all you have to do is look back to Ancient Rome era and Africa was still like that way before whites came and worked them to death. Perhaps its time to be realist of some things such as not all cultures are the same as you can see we were the better people and frankly we are still more influential than any African country to date.

    • Muju
      Muju 11 months ago

      Krimpus see I say you’re wrong in many ways by saying the world was built solely by whites. Black inventors in the states and slave labor all contributed to building western societies. The European Invasion and colonialism of Africa helped them gain valuable resources to be able to fund their nation building. Don’t be fooled by what you have been thought in your schools. Research mercantilism, slavery and it’s effect on African societies. Also during the industrial era where do you think most of the labor came from? Just because it’s not written in your history books does not mean it didn’t happen. America especially is not all the work of a white man. maybe you should read more about other races and their contributions to western civilization. And the world we know now is not built by whites alone. There are chinese, Indians, Malaysians, Africans doing amazing things to contribute to this modern day society.

  • Mohamud Ali
    Mohamud Ali 11 months ago

    Am in africa rigth in kenya bro and we loving the black panther its like the first black positive super hero movie that makes me proud

  • Jiyaul Hak
    Jiyaul Hak 11 months ago

    How do download

  • duta legawa
    duta legawa 11 months ago


  • tray4168
    tray4168 11 months ago

    So many bald black men.

  • Abdul Kader
    Abdul Kader 11 months ago

    the Dora Milaje should have a movie of their own!

  • Alexandre Ribeiro
    Alexandre Ribeiro 11 months ago

    Marvel inovou foi espetacular esse filme 🍿 🎥

  • ray yahya
    ray yahya 11 months ago

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  • Stenestalyne Cheghe
    Stenestalyne Cheghe 11 months ago

    I see the sprits of our ancestors in this movie BLACK PANTHER

  • GuildBankLooter
    GuildBankLooter Year ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Gashina Kpop
    Gashina Kpop Year ago +2


  • Pan Darius Kairos
    Pan Darius Kairos Year ago +1

    Ok, watched BP today. Solid movie, good. Right up there with the rest of the origins movies. But I'm not sure why it's gettimg all these rave reviews.
    It's about par for the course for a new Marvel character.
    Rushed character development.
    Weak villain (to be fair, I feel all Marvel movies uave had weak villains, and Killmonger was a little better than most, but still uncompelling).
    CGI was poor in some spots (boss battle between Killmomger and BP, for example).
    The rhinos were dumb - too Jurassic Park.
    I'd give it an 8/10, but Iron Man and Doctor Strange were still sligjtly better.

  • Ayumi Lindsey
    Ayumi Lindsey Year ago


  • Tracy Dillon
    Tracy Dillon Year ago

    This awesome hero has been around a while. Good to see him on the big screen.

  • GuildBankLooter
    GuildBankLooter Year ago

    Funny how this resembles nothing in africa

  • Mike McNiel
    Mike McNiel Year ago

    If Wakanda can have a wall, why can't we!?

  • Rachel J
    Rachel J Year ago

    Just realised the female warriors are based off lionesses. They work together to hunt and take down prey, and fight as ‘one’. As a pride.

  • Joshua Morris
    Joshua Morris Year ago

    this movie was excellent!

  • Omar Brown
    Omar Brown Year ago

    Ayyyy first comment since this has been out!!!! I loved it!!!! Thank you Marvel!!

  • Krassi 3000
    Krassi 3000 Year ago +1

    Wow thanks for the trailer. i will never watch this.

  • Nellie K. Adaba
    Nellie K. Adaba Year ago


  • migf27
    migf27 Year ago

    Video game coming

  • Carsten N
    Carsten N Year ago

    That fighting scene looked like more than obivious CGI.

  • Tellin'ya What_it_is!

    Where DE f...k are the Zulu. They be bad dudes.

  • Tellin'ya What_it_is!

    Are the Africans gonna riot and Kane a west bust the stage when the movie get no Oscars awards?

  • The Praj
    The Praj Year ago

    Checkout my channel to watch the best fight between Thor and hulk. Pls do subscribe if possible

  • Janero Meeks
    Janero Meeks Year ago

    I don't care if the tickets were a 100 bucks a piece. I would have paid it. This movie gave me so much life! It's everything!

  • Marie Cooper - Lisgar MS (1569)

    i cant belive they dpnt have an accent?

  • Mariana Ngombo
    Mariana Ngombo Year ago +1

    Most beautiful part of the movie was the coranation of T'challa....oh my 😍😍!!

  • Stacey M
    Stacey M Year ago

    The women blessed my soul

  • Your Welcome
    Your Welcome Year ago

    I've seen the movie o_o the Dora complete steal the show

  • Andrea Horne
    Andrea Horne Year ago +4

    The "media" in America keeps referring to an all African-American cast. The cast are members of the African diaspora not e'rybody black is African Amerikkkan !

  • Riaz eligaar
    Riaz eligaar Year ago

    This all interview is script

  • Bruh
    Bruh Year ago


  • willis mckay
    willis mckay Year ago

    how to be a billionaire ? open a KFC in wakanda.

  • Ahmad Ramadhan
    Ahmad Ramadhan Year ago +2

    the fight between the Dora Milaje and killmonger was EPIC

  • Mason's Wacky World

    My son loved Black Panther...

  • justinl458
    justinl458 Year ago

    Wonder woman and the Amazonians vs okoye and the warriors. Who wins?

  • Proximity Symbol
    Proximity Symbol Year ago

    Do they lick their lips, eat watermelon and grab their crotches in Wakanda? This would be a great opportunity for blacks to go back to Africa and create your own utopia. You'll never have it in America. History proves this. Go back to being kings of the jungle.

  • Samuel Hain
    Samuel Hain Year ago +1

    If blacks could just have their OWN nations, they'd SOAR! Oh wait...

  • Inglewood Blackman


  • Septy Retno
    Septy Retno Year ago

    I am already watching black panther in movie

  • The T-10
    The T-10 Year ago +1

    However you wanna put it, this movie is not diverse. Diversity is where you have people of many different skin colors, religions, backgrounds, genders, and social standings. As far as I'm concerned, its cast is 90%+ black. The recent Star Wars movies are diverse. The MCU as a whole is diverse.
    Nevertheless, I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Wakanda Forever!

  • Rohith Sathyan
    Rohith Sathyan Year ago

    0:26 wakanda forever

  • Callahan Covington

    *The Dora Milaje women were SOOO HOT!!*

  • Faux Shizle
    Faux Shizle Year ago

    HEY TVclip Name a black governed nation in history that doesn't collapse from corruption, tribalism, gang rape and murder every decade or less......think you have one in mind......the answer is.....NONE....EVER...Sub-Saharan Africans have never built a city, invented anything other than grass huts and spears, and continue to enslave each other to this day....Marvel's "Wakanda" is the PERSONIFICATION of your entire Continent's FAILURE...that's why the rest of humanity LEFT YOU THERE.