Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Warriors of Wakanda

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • Meet the warriors of Wakanda in this special look at Black Panther. See the film in theaters February 16! ► Subscribe to Marvel:
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Comments • 5 535

  • Bus Anut
    Bus Anut 20 minutes ago

    We wuz kangs an sheit like dat

  • KillerTrollolol
    KillerTrollolol 33 minutes ago

    This looks so chucking awesome.

  • Ian Bailey
    Ian Bailey 47 minutes ago

    When you want to enjoy badass African warriors, but the normies keep spouting their shit meme.

  • Q'squad
    Q'squad 50 minutes ago +1

    This movie just had to come out at the time a certain meme is flourishing XD.

  • Edgar Friendly
    Edgar Friendly 55 minutes ago

    Kangsland be real yo

  • Alex Phelps
    Alex Phelps Hour ago


  • 18thletter
    18thletter Hour ago

    Hey..there are no black people in this movie

  • Light Knight
    Light Knight Hour ago +1

    can you show me the way !!

  • Austin Flores
    Austin Flores Hour ago

    Wakanda have tech? It's afrika wtf

  • Seán White
    Seán White 3 hours ago

    Filmed in a non-existent shithole country.

  • Erik Booth
    Erik Booth 4 hours ago

    Looks incredible even if it lacks diversity.

  • Akmal Danish
    Akmal Danish 4 hours ago

    I find the accents unconvincing tbh. Espeacially nakia. She sounds like an indian woman.

  • King David
    King David 4 hours ago

    Wow...I'm very excited for this movie.

  • ArcyTA88
    ArcyTA88 5 hours ago +1

    1:10 why did marvel name him erik killmonger when he was changed to erik stevens???

  • King Tutankhamen Jr.
    King Tutankhamen Jr. 5 hours ago

    De no tha wai!!

  • Sagar Bare
    Sagar Bare 6 hours ago

    I am so exiside this movie
    and I love Marvel.

  • michael rusage
    michael rusage 7 hours ago

    The coolest monkeys in the jungle

  • Blood and Honor
    Blood and Honor 8 hours ago

    We want to be kangs and shiet that's why is has to be a comic book

  • Blood and Honor
    Blood and Honor 8 hours ago

    They have Spears lol it reminds me of a old joke

  • Mysty Redz
    Mysty Redz 9 hours ago

    I'm waiting too long to see this movie:(

  • TrevylerGaming
    TrevylerGaming 11 hours ago

    He’s going to be the kind of king that kno de wae

  • B.M.D
    B.M.D 12 hours ago

    Wakandan knuckles

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 hours ago

    Dey kno de whey brodas.

  • Pube83
    Pube83 13 hours ago

    Right...and the studio will blame the public, saying we're "racist" when the movie bombs.

  • Starlit Freak
    Starlit Freak 13 hours ago +1

    Stop in at and talk about anything you like, we're free and open 24/7/365. See you there!

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 13 hours ago


  • Jdogblingbling
    Jdogblingbling 13 hours ago

    Screw the video, I'm here for the de wey comments

  • Nasrul Abba
    Nasrul Abba 14 hours ago +1

    amazonians vs warriors of wakanda who will win?

  • Schwinn
    Schwinn 14 hours ago

    The actions look amazing!

  • Rabbi Shekelberg
    Rabbi Shekelberg 14 hours ago +1

    we wuz kangz and sheit

  • Abe Wallard
    Abe Wallard 14 hours ago

    _David Hasselhoff (feat. Ugandan Knuckle tribe Da Wae): "Hooked on a feeling"_
    I can't stop this feelin'
    Deep inside of me
    Girl you just don't realize
    What you do to me
    When you hold me
    In your arms so tight
    You let me know
    Everything's alright
    I'm - hooked on a feeling
    I'm high on believin'
    That you're in love with me
    Your lips are sweet as candy
    The taste stays on my mind
    Girl you keep me thirsty
    For...another cup of wine
    Got it bad from you girl
    But I don't need no cure
    I'll just stay addicted
    And hope I can endure
    All the good love - when we're all alone
    Keep it up girl - yeah you turn me on
    I'm hooked on a feeling
    I'm high on believin'
    That you're in love with me
    Oh yeah
    That's right
    When you hold me
    In your arms so tight
    You let me know
    Everything's alright
    I can't stop this feelin' - deep inside of me
    Girl you just don't realize - what you do to me
    All the good love
    When we're all alone
    Keep it up girl
    Yeah you turn me on
    I'm hooked on a feeling
    I'm high on believin'
    That you're in love with me
    I'm hooked on a feeling
    And I'm high on believin'
    That you're in love with me
    I'm hooked...

  • TheWhoGivesAShitChannel

    ok...but what defook is the plot about?

  • the burrito
    the burrito 14 hours ago


  • Stew Hamm
    Stew Hamm 15 hours ago

    i neva freeeeeeze

  • iPhonetique
    iPhonetique 16 hours ago +1

    Man am I sick of all these suckass sci fi movies with fires and explosions and shit, I'd rather see a realistic fantasy movie for once

  • Real Religion
    Real Religion 16 hours ago

    Lmao so some blk women want to boycott the new black panther movie because the co star is dating a sexy Latina dime piece?!?! Look around, wake up, I don't even think there's many blk men in Hollywood that generally date within their race. I don't even think the star of the movie Chadwick Boseman dates blk women, so where's the scrutiny against him. And the the girl is obviously not white so I don't know how you guys mixed that up. You should be happy for the young black man, he's successful and he's got hot girlfriend. Would you rather see him working at Wal-Mart or delivery driver for ups paying child support to some Thot......

  • Bearded Anglo
    Bearded Anglo 16 hours ago +1

    Should just name the movie FUBU!

  • ahimi sada
    ahimi sada 16 hours ago

    full movies link

  • Biju Pappachen
    Biju Pappachen 17 hours ago


  • heav .diamond.
    heav .diamond. 17 hours ago


  • Dylan Valesco
    Dylan Valesco 17 hours ago

    Stupid shit

  • A P
    A P 18 hours ago


  • Mick Berry
    Mick Berry 18 hours ago


  • Tacocow
    Tacocow 19 hours ago


  • Lies, damn lies, and stats

    This is embarrassing. 1)There are more female warriors than male warriors.2) The female warriors look like men.3) The men have more hair on their heads than the women. Smh

    • Onyeka Onyebuchukwu
      Onyeka Onyebuchukwu 5 hours ago

      Lies, damn lies, and stats : That's how the comics visualized it.

  • Nicollo Malik Lavelle
    Nicollo Malik Lavelle 19 hours ago

    the blackest movie rating 5/10

  • Frank Bootleg
    Frank Bootleg 20 hours ago


  • caykex/A.C.M.
    caykex/A.C.M. 20 hours ago

    *_CLICK!_* *_CLICK!_* *_CLICK!_* *_CLICK!_* *_CLICK!_* *_CLICK!_* *_CLICK!_* *_CLICK!_* *_CLICK!_* *_CLICK!_*

  • Life of Blogging
    Life of Blogging 20 hours ago

  • justoldog
    justoldog 20 hours ago

    FINALLY! A film that shows the high levels of technology and advanced society that is in Africa!

  • rose asa
    rose asa 20 hours ago

    Racist film

  • khankrum1
    khankrum1 21 hour ago

    Black Panthers are native to South America, NOT AFRICA!

    • Onyeka Onyebuchukwu
      Onyeka Onyebuchukwu 5 hours ago

      khankrum1 : Nah...he was not a beaner or a wetback. Stan Lee never made beaner superheros.

  • IchbinX
    IchbinX 21 hour ago +2

    Black People = You Must Love This or Racist

  • Wata Shi
    Wata Shi 21 hour ago


  • Christopher Muiruri
    Christopher Muiruri 22 hours ago

    I just can't wait...

  • Michael Goodlow
    Michael Goodlow 22 hours ago

    Why does the depiction of African culture always seem to boil down to "warriors" in loincloths carrying spears?

    • Pube83
      Pube83 13 hours ago

      Because that's as high tech as they got before they sold each other into slavery?

  • Sadistic Cupcake
    Sadistic Cupcake 23 hours ago

    When will we The Uganda Knuckles Movie

  • Pete Graberass
    Pete Graberass 23 hours ago +1

    Looks like crap to me!

  • Billy Crawford
    Billy Crawford 23 hours ago

    Looks lame when compared to the Avengers

  • Sirenity
    Sirenity 23 hours ago

    honestly the best upcoming movie

  • Kind CoLLaTz
    Kind CoLLaTz Day ago

    *W A R R I O R S O F U G A N D A*

  • Vishal Nalliah82
    Vishal Nalliah82 Day ago +1

    Black on black, I can watch this on the ghetto streets of America...FOR FREE !!! Throw in some hood rat bitches, that shit would be entertaining.

  • Adam Dragion
    Adam Dragion Day ago +1

    Warriors of Uganda*

  • Noy Doy
    Noy Doy Day ago +1

    They sure know da wea.

  • Канал Клана HsmZ

    Warrior of Uganda

  • Канал Клана HsmZ

    Warrior of Uganda

  • Maxirof
    Maxirof Day ago

    Wait wat¿?????1:17

  • Gordon Chiew
    Gordon Chiew Day ago +1

    wakanda is no match for uganda

  • Dawson Breek
    Dawson Breek Day ago +4

    Lupito nyong'o is sexy af and her complexion is pretty. I hate being light skinned

    • A Man
      A Man 16 hours ago +2

      Dawson Breek if that’s you in your avatar picture, you have perfect complexion. Love the skin you’re in.

  • marmalade hoverfly
    marmalade hoverfly Day ago +1


  • Dinesh Chathuranga

  • Connor
    Connor Day ago +1

    Do YoU kNoW dAe WaY?

  • The Story Jar
    The Story Jar Day ago

    Will wait for the release, and we will review you

  • jazzlehazzle
    jazzlehazzle Day ago


  • Joaquin Torres
    Joaquin Torres Day ago

    satellite arab discrimination defendant election full predict permanent habit.

  • Kinyua Kariithi
    Kinyua Kariithi Day ago

    I love this guys,Kenyans we are waiting it

  • Dmitry Sergeevich

    Warriors of Wakanda😂😂. I seen all)

  • Kelly KitKat
    Kelly KitKat Day ago

    The soundtrack is awful.

  • tomjamapz
    tomjamapz Day ago

    There is no good king in the real world.

  • Dredzul
    Dredzul Day ago

    But do you know da wae?

  • Roth NeverCare
    Roth NeverCare Day ago


  • StamLuk TV
    StamLuk TV Day ago

    1:18 brudda

  • AelineCaelina DorianRowan

    I wish Storm is in this movie... 😢

  • Indi Indi
    Indi Indi Day ago

    I'm so freaking excited!!!!!

  • Mars Bars
    Mars Bars Day ago

    For a moment, I thought those were all dead pools in the thumbnail.

  • bamboo
    bamboo Day ago

    Black panther is going to show the strength and toughness of the typical African woman. Another great movie for #blackfeminism

  • GiggleHz
    GiggleHz Day ago +1

    all types of kangs

  • Janis Sanders
    Janis Sanders Day ago

    I can’t wait!!!!! 😁😆😂

  • SsauLl
    SsauLl Day ago

    Do you know da wae? That's all I could think of by reading the title

  • Neeku Plays
    Neeku Plays Day ago

    You spelled Uganda wrong

  • Flyingsword
    Flyingsword Day ago

    Trump said they all are from shithole.

    • Neeku Plays
      Neeku Plays Day ago

      Flyingsword if it wasnt by vibranium it would be true tho

  • jamie andrews
    jamie andrews Day ago

    I'm loving the soundtrack on this. Can't wait to see this in the theater.

  • Master Ikem
    Master Ikem Day ago

    I really want to watch this movie so bad now.

  • Alexander Cordova

    1K White people are pissed.

  • afendi ujud
    afendi ujud Day ago

    Black la not Tamil la

  • chris griffin
    chris griffin Day ago +7

    We wuz Kangz an sheeeiiiittt!

    • Steady Mobbin'
      Steady Mobbin' Day ago

      chris griffin Open up...I'll take care of that thirst you got for black nut😙

  • Ellerpainting Contrator

    Really all black. Weres the white people.

  • MD Niwaz Uddin
    MD Niwaz Uddin Day ago

    Funny, useless