Apollo 13 Lunar Dreams


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  • TheLegoMan1996
    TheLegoMan1996 28 days ago +1

    I know it’s not practical, but this scene makes me wish that we could send Jim Lovell and Fred Haise to walk on the moon before it’s too late (both are still alive but in their eighties and nineties) since they never got the chance to do so before.

    • TheLegoMan1996
      TheLegoMan1996 5 days ago

      Captain Sisko Really? That would be exciting!

    • Captain Sisko
      Captain Sisko 5 days ago

      They get ready to send a women to moon

  • brad
    brad Month ago

    wowzie so realistic..kubrick must have been so jealous haha

  • Miles Standish
    Miles Standish Month ago

    18k views? Humanity is doomed.

  • Noah Pedro
    Noah Pedro 4 months ago

    Is so sad you never make it into the moon😔

  • Maverick
    Maverick 4 months ago +1

    I love this Moon Scene with the Music !!! So Magical !!!

  • Alex Bellingham
    Alex Bellingham 5 months ago +1

    I felt bad for Jim each time I watch this scene, He trained so much and so hard yet to come this far and lose the biggest goal of all. I think James Horner does a really good job in giving us a audio view of how we should feel in this sequence....Remember in some sequences we are Jim or Jack or Fred. Heck in some sequences we are the NASA Teams on the ground.

  • Dom woodhouse
    Dom woodhouse 6 months ago +1

    Almost every dreams we have can't all come true. This scene really makes me feel sad. But at the least the crew onboard Apollo 13 made it back to Earth safely. Jim Lovell would enjoy being on the Moon, more than Neil Armstrong, Pete Conrad or Alan Shepard would. But his family and life is always first.

  • Charles P.
    Charles P. 6 months ago

    I couldn’t imagine something in life as powerful as this. Being on the moon and gazing back at Earth, at our home. I would be bawling like a baby.

  • Fight the fat Earth
    Fight the fat Earth 7 months ago


  • Trend101Warrior
    Trend101Warrior 8 months ago +3

    It's pretty fucking amazing how we went from the primitive 1920s-30s to the atomic bomb, jets, missiles, GPS, internet, and moon landing within less than 4 decades.

    • Captain Sisko
      Captain Sisko 5 days ago

      That WW2 generation was bad ass, they build the empire state building in one year, Today it took 7 year to complete one of the freedom Towers, My grandfather during ww2 would build 100feet long cargos ships for navy in 2weeks. The new space launch system program, has been trying to build a rocket to take us back to moon for about 10 years now

  • LHR 2020
    LHR 2020 8 months ago

    Leonardo da Vinci ?
    do you believe that ?

  • Davis Phillips
    Davis Phillips 9 months ago +1

    How did the real Jim Lovell react when he saw this scene?

    • Captain Sisko
      Captain Sisko 5 days ago

      Watch apollo 13 moon special edition, where jim Lovell and his wife do commentary through the who movie jim Lovell remains quit, but his wife get emotional almost cry

  • o iptamenos olandos
    o iptamenos olandos 10 months ago +1

    This scene always makes me cry😭

  • S Y
    S Y 11 months ago +1

    Das ist die schönheit was gott erschafen hat

  • Makuta Miserix
    Makuta Miserix Year ago

    If you look closely you can see Stanley Kubrick in the helmet reflection.

  • Jay Giray
    Jay Giray Year ago +13

    Of all the astronauts in the Apollo program, Jim Lovell deserves the most to land on the moon.

  • Jay Giray
    Jay Giray Year ago +1

    If was Deke Slayton, I would assign the back up crew of Apollo 12 to Shepard's Apollo 13 thus Lovell will be in Apollo 14 and Shepard in Apollo 15.

    • Carolina Thrills
      Carolina Thrills 3 months ago

      Jay Giray Shepard couldn’t go bc he had an ear infection. Plus if they known this would happen they wouldn’t have done the mission

  • Maverick
    Maverick Year ago +2

    I love this Scene !!! And the Music is awesome !!!

    • Rob M
      Rob M 3 months ago

      Maverick the music always gives me chills

  • Gaetano Gianino
    Gaetano Gianino Year ago +5

    Very emotional scene. My passion for moon and science in one minute

  • GIJeff1944
    GIJeff1944 Year ago

    Watching this scene really fed my 13 yr old astronaut fantasies. Seeing this movie in theater in 1997 really made a big impression on me.

  • JP X
    JP X Year ago +4

    This film is ultimately about a man who never got to experience his dream. Sad scene of Lovell lamenting his lost chance of visiting the moon.

  • Still Searching
    Still Searching Year ago +1

    I remember watching this movie for the first time. This scene sent shivers through my body.

  • Jason Guthrie
    Jason Guthrie Year ago

    Beautiful scene:)

  • corox
    corox 2 years ago

    Jay Weidner brought me here.

  • Grimreaper57
    Grimreaper57 2 years ago

    Well Bill Paxton gets to go to the moon for real now...

  • SoundOFmusiK
    SoundOFmusiK 3 years ago +27

    this scene always makes me cry 😭 so emotional!

    • Rugby Guy
      Rugby Guy Year ago +1

      SoundOFmusiK so close but so far

    • Brittany H
      Brittany H 2 years ago

      RedAcademicSupport me too

  • Robob Kerman
    Robob Kerman 3 years ago +3

    This scene always made me want to become an astronaut

    • Rob M
      Rob M 3 months ago

      Robob Kerman too much math.. fuck that shit I’m out 👋🏼👋🏼

  • Toma Sucin
    Toma Sucin 3 years ago +13

    In this 1995 movie, this looks very fake. So let me as, if they couldn't make a 100% realistic set in the nineties, how could they have made such an authentic set in the sixties?

    Great scene btw :D

    • Fight the fat Earth
      Fight the fat Earth 7 months ago

      The real footage looks ridiculous

    • Colin Montgomery
      Colin Montgomery Year ago

      I don't think it looks very fake at all. When was the last time you were on the Moon?

    • Liliana Sanchez
      Liliana Sanchez Year ago +1

      Toma Sucin is because is a movie, and in your dreams..! Hahaha

    • Bowens92
      Bowens92 Year ago

      Toma Sucin try to do better.
      At year 2018 lol

    • G Jose
      G Jose 2 years ago +6

      Toma Sucin Exacally, conspiracy theorists are retards.

  • Lord Saracon
    Lord Saracon 3 years ago +16

    Truly one of the greatest scenes in cinema. It really shows how far humanity has come, how much we've discovered, and how much we've been through. This movie will always hold a special place in my heart.

    • Fight the fat Earth
      Fight the fat Earth 7 months ago

      That looks just like how they did it in the 70s. Maybe this is how they did it? On a movie set lol

    • Davis Phillips
      Davis Phillips 9 months ago

      “I look up at the moon, and I wonder, When will we be going back? And who will that be?”

    • JuhoRiitakorpi
      JuhoRiitakorpi Year ago

      Dont let him think Donal! ;)

    • Donal Lour
      Donal Lour 3 years ago +2

      Too bad the Earth is nearly at zenith when viewed from the gently rolling terrain from the Fra Mauro Highlands ;)

  • PawelK198604
    PawelK198604 3 years ago +14

    I'm very SAD for mr. Lovell he train so hard to fly the moon, but his crew cannot land there is so SAD, in general it is sad to watch someone dream is pooped :-(

    • Davider
      Davider Year ago

      Especially a dream like this!!

    • xXxSnoopdawgxXx
      xXxSnoopdawgxXx 2 years ago +1

      +Ryan Heath he never made it

    • PawelK198604
      PawelK198604 2 years ago

      Ryan Heath How he nade it?
      It was last misiom for him :-(

    • Radin Claw
      Radin Claw 2 years ago +1

      I think he made it to the moon eventually. Just Apollo 13 was a bad mission

  • Roborav
    Roborav 3 years ago +4

    Funny the moon and the mountains in this looked like the faked moon footage.

    • MonkMeds
      MonkMeds Year ago +1

      You mean to say this movie that cost $62 million to produce tried to accurately replicate what you can easily see with a $200 telescope in your back yard? Say it isn't so.

    • Councilman Les Wynan
      Councilman Les Wynan Year ago +1

      Funny, the battlefields in Saving Private Ryan looked like the "real" World War 2.
      Your logic doesn't hold water.
      It's amazing what a few million dollars and a professional production crew can accomplish.

    • Bowens92
      Bowens92 Year ago

      Roborav lol try to make a real moon scene if not don't bitch

    • Donal Lour
      Donal Lour 3 years ago

      Too bad the Earth is nearly at zenith when viewed from the gently rolling terrain from the Fra Mauro Highlands ;)

    • CooManTunes
      CooManTunes 3 years ago +4

      +Roborav You should've been aborted.

  • Neil Kruse
    Neil Kruse 4 years ago +17

    I've always wondered what must have been going through Haise and Lovell's minds while they were passing the moon. They must have known that they'd never get another chance to go back, and there they were quite literally missing out on walking on the moon. Must have been heartbreaking.

    • Rugby Guy
      Rugby Guy Year ago +1

      Colin Breen it was quite a blessing for them to make it back alive

    • Donal Lour
      Donal Lour 3 years ago

      Haise was the backup CDR for Apollo 16 and was poised to command 19. The cancellation of Apollos 15-19 left only Apollo 14 and the revised Apollos 15-17 missions remaining. Apollo 20 was cancelled 3 months before Apollo 13 to make use of it's Saturn V for Skylab.
      Apollo 16 backup CDR Fred Haise (red stripes) and backup LMP Edgar Mitchell (LMP Apollo 14)

    • whovianhistory buff 2345
      whovianhistory buff 2345 4 years ago +3

      in many ways they became more famous by not landing on the moon most people could only name 2 people who landed there Armstrong and aldrin if not for the near disaster Lovell, haise and swiggart would likely have been forgotten by history in many ways leading a team through a crisis like that was a greater feat than landing on the moon itself

    • Hawnix Artistry
      Hawnix Artistry 4 years ago +3

      I agree. It must have been hard to truly realize that given how close they were...and especially for Lovell who came close twice! however it's quite a blessing to be able to go into space at all. Most people in the world don't ever get that opportunity

  • Daniel Ponce
    Daniel Ponce 5 years ago

    Al único que no le gusta el video es a Tom Hanks, obviamente XD

  • MB MB
    MB MB 6 years ago +2

    looks to be the same quality as the "real" apollo 11 footage lol

    • LHR 2020
      LHR 2020 8 months ago

      the same Technics, the same studio...
      what you expecting?

    • Stuart Carragher-Hall
      Stuart Carragher-Hall 9 months ago

      MB MB you disrespectful piece of dirt.

    • Councilman Les Wynan
      Councilman Les Wynan Year ago +1

      Are you stupid? This is far better than the real lunar surface footage. They didn't bring professional cinematic cameras to the moon, you miserable piece of shit.

    • G Jose
      G Jose 2 years ago +1

      Michael Barke It was real.

    GIROBOTII 7 years ago +3

    This movie is absolutely awesome.

  • The 8-Bit Guy
    The 8-Bit Guy 7 years ago +3

    Wrong aspect ratio. Everything looks skinny.

  • MrCoolster24
    MrCoolster24 7 years ago

    Luv dis film