GRANNY'S HOUSE but no GRANNY! Boat Escape + Grandpa God Mode (FGTeeV's Chapter 2 Pt. Two)

  • Duddz Decides to play GRANNY Chapter 2 but this time with NO GRANNY! Should be an easy escape, right? I mean he is deaf, how hard can it be?? Uh... Ok.. Wow... If only the stun worked!!!
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    FGTeeV is a Family Gaming Channel of 6 people. Dad is known as FGTEEV Duddy & Mom, well, we call her whatever but sometimes it's Moomy. They have 4 children, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! We play all sorts of games, Thanks for checking us out.

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  • Logan Delaney
    Logan Delaney 7 minutes ago

    Chase’s voice tho

  • Jayden Trejo
    Jayden Trejo 14 minutes ago

    Chase it is your fault because you said for him to go shoot grandpa one more time.

  • Taina Kake
    Taina Kake 21 minute ago

    i agery

  • Taina Kake
    Taina Kake 22 minutes ago

    i was scard wen he just went past you

  • Taina Kake
    Taina Kake 25 minutes ago

    i tink he spawns tereat the kicin

  • Taina Kake
    Taina Kake 27 minutes ago

    were was grampa he just spawn ringt tereh

  • Its crisp man Omg here he is here

    How did Shawn get up there 👆?

  • Taina Kake
    Taina Kake 35 minutes ago

    but you need to put it on a door handle

  • Taina Kake
    Taina Kake 37 minutes ago

    the door lock is you can lock a door

  • Physics Nylium
    Physics Nylium Hour ago

    Most videos are with duddy and Shawn now but before it was duddy and chase

  • Lesley Grant
    Lesley Grant Hour ago

    Can you tell me your phone number?

  • Lesley Grant
    Lesley Grant Hour ago

    Hi,how are you doing .im good .your my favourite.your so funny!!!

  • Y x
    Y x Hour ago

    Chapter 2 has change plz check thetes an helicopter

  • Maria Espinoza
    Maria Espinoza 2 hours ago

    Play Hello neighbor hide and go seek

  • Cierra Ashford
    Cierra Ashford 2 hours ago

    Play granny chapter 2 with the hole family

  • jaylen taylor
    jaylen taylor 2 hours ago +1

    Jay's I'm a big fan of fortnite Chase

  • Connor Seaman
    Connor Seaman 4 hours ago

    Do a rap song with granny and gramps called gramps house

  • idk idkk
    idk idkk 4 hours ago

    Can you make a song for granny chapter 2 with grandpa 👴

  • idk idkk
    idk idkk 4 hours ago

    He's sooo cuteee '' shawn''

  • gabriella casillas
    gabriella casillas 5 hours ago

    I have this game one my phone

  • Aaron Settles
    Aaron Settles 6 hours ago

    Reason why cases going back at you is because you remember at Chase's corner and then that's when you have put that Lobster in his face and then when he was like a baby you had one opening his mouth and stuff yeah that's why he's getting back at you

  • eray gamer
    eray gamer 7 hours ago

    Play scary teacher 3D

  • Alessandro Sayson Pacheco


  • Alessandro Sayson Pacheco


  • Maria Lemus
    Maria Lemus 8 hours ago


  • Madison Smitley
    Madison Smitley 9 hours ago

    Shawn you’re cute but please don’t make me cringe 😬

  • Leonila Esguerra
    Leonila Esguerra 11 hours ago

    Stoppppppppppppp itttttttttttttttt hahahahahahahaha moewwwwwwwww

  • Leonila Esguerra
    Leonila Esguerra 11 hours ago +1

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha fgteev

  • Leja Vaitkeviciute
    Leja Vaitkeviciute 11 hours ago

    i wish they wold play murder mystery

  • Alan Bush
    Alan Bush 12 hours ago +1

    We're going to have to do something good to this pandemic undefeated

  • Lawrence Deliva
    Lawrence Deliva 12 hours ago


  • Rocio Arias
    Rocio Arias 18 hours ago +1

    Fgteev is the best TVclip channel ever😀😀😁😍😘🙂☺😚😙😘😍😎😀😁 sorry I love it to much I also like duddys wrap

  • Alvand Plazy
    Alvand Plazy 20 hours ago +1

    What kind of language is death supposed to be FGTEEV Dufy

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 20 hours ago +1

    1 off subscribe

  • London Stokes
    London Stokes 21 hour ago +1

    London foia thestkesll

  • Arianna Guzman
    Arianna Guzman 22 hours ago

    Shawn laugh is cute.

  • ava ανα brooke carter

    day sideways buttcheck

  • Valerie shovan
    Valerie shovan 23 hours ago

    I bruped right befor shat said ew it was crazy😂

  • Mcdokies
    Mcdokies 23 hours ago +1

    play subnactica again

  • Mcdokies
    Mcdokies 23 hours ago +1

    make subnactica part 3

  • Mcdokies
    Mcdokies 23 hours ago +1

    bet the subnactica

  • Mcdokies
    Mcdokies 23 hours ago +1

    make subnactica part 3

  • Mcdokies
    Mcdokies 23 hours ago +1

    play subnactica

  • Mcdokies
    Mcdokies 23 hours ago +1

    play subnactica

  • Mcdokies
    Mcdokies 23 hours ago +1

    make subnactica part 3

  • Lina Martinez
    Lina Martinez 23 hours ago +1


  • Kristi Whetsel
    Kristi Whetsel Day ago

    You and Colin's key edits to much.

  • Poop fart Nuggets

    It is my birthday

  • Robert Guillot
    Robert Guillot Day ago

    Hey did u now that granda's deaf but not blind but granny's blind but not deaf

  • Danielle Puglisi

    Fgteev duddy how do spell Shawn

  • Luz Maria
    Luz Maria Day ago

    When he found the hiding spot, that book was slendrinas diary bro

  • Richard Waite
    Richard Waite Day ago

    Shaun is so gurkey he is a gurkey turkey no aphens but yeah

  • Stormchild 17
    Stormchild 17 Day ago


  • Kali Boggs
    Kali Boggs Day ago

    I've been watching you since I was 5 and I'm 7 years old well I've been watching you since I was like four

  • Africa Cortez
    Africa Cortez Day ago

    The door lock is for if grandpa or granny comes then you can put on the door lock on the door

  • Alfredo Gustavo F

    Mexicana se creen ni Berio

  • Carlizayla Walton


  • Carlizayla Walton


  • Carlizayla Walton

    Up s stairs

  • Carlizayla Walton

    You need a shotgun to open that gate

  • Klebonas La
    Klebonas La Day ago

    And ate it

  • Klebonas La
    Klebonas La Day ago

    On 8:07 on the vid shawn picked his nose

  • PikachuGamer840
    PikachuGamer840 Day ago +3

    It’s so weird seeing Granny: Chapter Two before the helicopter update
    This is how many people agree.

  • Saiyuran Reddy
    Saiyuran Reddy Day ago

    YouVersion you weird child

  • Cassie Weaver
    Cassie Weaver Day ago

    Will you play fortnight

  • Chandra Baxmeyer

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh granny can go on roofs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan Bush
    Alan Bush Day ago

    Shut up Sean

  • Alan Bush
    Alan Bush Day ago

    Why is Sean a scary cat I hate Sean fgteev Shawn agreed Arno

  • Mira Dacevic Kovacevic

    i am gobeg to die from granny i love fgteev

  • saif Alshuweihi
    saif Alshuweihi Day ago

    What your phone number

  • Aimee Ebb
    Aimee Ebb Day ago

    Just to let u know that of the baby bites you more than 4 times you will die

  • Aimee Ebb
    Aimee Ebb Day ago

    Like all of Fgtvee's vids if u love his vids

  • Leisha Chapman
    Leisha Chapman Day ago

    Omg I this is good video

  • Sarah Sarah
    Sarah Sarah Day ago


  • Sarah Sarah
    Sarah Sarah Day ago

    Is Shawn druck

  • Sarah Sarah
    Sarah Sarah Day ago

    Pls friend me on roblox my name is ArticooI ar articooI by the way at the end is a capital i

  • Sarah Sarah
    Sarah Sarah Day ago

    What the heck is rog with Shawn?????

  • Julia Hernandez
    Julia Hernandez Day ago

    I am big fan

  • Jhyzen Howard Rosete

    Click the like button if you see Shawn crying

  • Brooklynn Huff
    Brooklynn Huff Day ago