BMW Hot Tub First Tests and Issues

  • Published on Oct 5, 2017
  • So the first test wasn't was smooth as I'd like and I like to show you all these bits so here we have the first tests and a few extra bits.
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  • Sean CRONIN
    Sean CRONIN 2 days ago

    I’m kinda aware I’m late but could it have been possible to have a normal car (not convertible) completely full of water and drive with a diving bottle ?

  • biggie smalls2.0
    biggie smalls2.0 3 days ago

    The ad😂😂

  • LoneWolf 125
    LoneWolf 125 4 days ago

    i found his house on google maps

  • Luke Conrad
    Luke Conrad 5 days ago

    This guy looks like tfue

  • WhiteN8IV
    WhiteN8IV 5 days ago

    man you flooded the engine!

  • Fizzy Movies
    Fizzy Movies 6 days ago

    Id like to donate u a 1000bucks but in my country u cant dnate on utube

  • HappyPlanker
    HappyPlanker 6 days ago

    You must be a genius.. come clean with us!

  • steven cole
    steven cole 7 days ago

    This guys a total loon. Love him

  • Mr.Techaky
    Mr.Techaky 8 days ago

    Lol, that car behind you must've been like;

  • ZeroDawn
    ZeroDawn 9 days ago

    So I am happy this shit obly exists in amerika😂

  • Account Abandoned
    Account Abandoned 11 days ago

    Should have bought a hard top car and had it so you could fill the car up to the roof, and would need to drive with either scuba or snorkel gear

  • highdesertworkshop
    highdesertworkshop 11 days ago

    I gotta pee.

  • isabell cats
    isabell cats 13 days ago

    how are you so smart?

    FORMROII 18 days ago

    Got the tools to build a BMW hot tub, can't find a spatula to flip burgers 🍔!

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 18 days ago

    7:05 #chrisfix blinker fluid!

  • Noside Noside
    Noside Noside 18 days ago

    "an hour and 20 minutes later, she's full, she's ready for a spin" in any other video it would be gasoline, but it's WATER

  • Letowon Saitoti Abdi
    Letowon Saitoti Abdi 19 days ago

    hahahah with this definitely you dont need an AC to regulate temperature

  • theREAL .M.V.P
    theREAL .M.V.P 19 days ago +1

    Driving a reverse boat

  • Random Loser Who Loses

    It's a reverse boat

  • Matthew Reimer
    Matthew Reimer 21 day ago

    If Craig Ferguson was a genius he would be this guy.

  • GDogGaming
    GDogGaming 21 day ago

    *6:52* the dude in the back is like wtf. Oh a portable hot tub. Nice

  • cere tomer
    cere tomer 22 days ago

    Would have loved to see the face on a cop if one had pulled you over.

  • ShNi B22
    ShNi B22 22 days ago

    Hope no one has to pee!

  • jens brandt
    jens brandt 23 days ago +2

    so irresponsible driving around like that, who does he think he are? driving without a seatbelt (:

  • Merdos Cooper
    Merdos Cooper 23 days ago

    This guy needs to be my friend!

  • Andrew Lockwood
    Andrew Lockwood 23 days ago

    Where has the grass gone and the BBQ

  • duck 1234
    duck 1234 25 days ago

    this cant be legal

  • Gaming Gacha Paige
    Gaming Gacha Paige 25 days ago +3

    Every time I get a like I’ll add a 🚙
    Starting with mine.

  • Jayninja114
    Jayninja114 26 days ago

    Tfue but older and an engineer...

  • Sadman Yaseer
    Sadman Yaseer 26 days ago

    Imagine driving this in rain.

  • king james488
    king james488 26 days ago

    then he went around a corner really hard, the door popped open, all the water washed him out the door, and her got ran over.

  • poolwaterinmynose
    poolwaterinmynose Month ago

    Yea how hard is it to just spray with flex seal?

  • Ethan French
    Ethan French Month ago

    If only he had flex tape

  • Fortzub
    Fortzub Month ago

    HA HA HA HA HA HA. Ahaha Ahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA AH AH HAHAHA. Fucking Christ shut the hell up

  • Frantic
    Frantic Month ago

    Love the imagery of someone watching a maniac drive down the road in a car full of water while hysterically laughing

  • Hayden .Gamble
    Hayden .Gamble Month ago

    make a power fist

  • BrooksideBoy18
    BrooksideBoy18 Month ago

    2:20.... *Hears crazy laughing from outside*
    Dad...get the rifle...

  • Retarded Roach
    Retarded Roach Month ago

    You could've just bought the car that is a hot tub

  • Tru Filmz
    Tru Filmz Month ago

    Were did the grass go that he put on it?

  • Hanna Wilson
    Hanna Wilson Month ago

    I’m never seen so much fuck shit in one video 😂

  • Eden The Subwoofer
    Eden The Subwoofer Month ago

    7:10 too much blinker fluid😂

  • Yin YuPeng
    Yin YuPeng Month ago

    *The car behind: Dafuq?*

  • why
    why Month ago

    Poor e30 )-:

  • levi levis
    levi levis Month ago


  • Zander’ Greenwood

    I have something that would make this even better put gutters round the edges then have then have those pump water back into the car

  • Saul
    Saul Month ago

    How the hell would you insure this?

  • Fec ni
    Fec ni Month ago

    Inverted boat O.o

  • Peter Mueller
    Peter Mueller Month ago

    So crazy but funny ! Love it !

  • Luke Emin
    Luke Emin Month ago

    At 2:11 if you slow it down, you can see that the sign he blurred out said lonsdale road

  • DarkLeagon
    DarkLeagon Month ago

    what would have been better is if you where wearing a fish costume or something

  • blampa
    blampa Month ago +2

    Watch the reaction of the trooper who pulls you over for driving alone in a carpool lane. That would be a good video.

  • Sonari N. Roulette
    Sonari N. Roulette Month ago

    Literally the opposite of a boat.

  • Symbiote Mullet
    Symbiote Mullet Month ago

    This video perfectly shows why Colin is my favourite mad scientist. Excellent laughter.

  • VisionShot 696
    VisionShot 696 Month ago +1

    2:10 he starts have some sort of autistic rampage

  • Swift Gaming
    Swift Gaming Month ago

    During with laughter cause water is leaking out (noise)👍

  • omerkha
    omerkha Month ago

    sometimes the best things in life don't have to make sanse

  • Tracy Houser
    Tracy Houser Month ago

    2:12 He's mad with power

  • gideon rainey
    gideon rainey Month ago

    thats basically a reverse boat

  • -TJ-
    -TJ- Month ago

    Breaking news: Colin drowned in a car accident.
    Did he drive into a lake?
    No, it was a normal road.

  • EM Chant
    EM Chant 2 months ago

    This is one way of watering the grass

  • Martin B
    Martin B 2 months ago

    No brakes no problems

  • Playmobil is Cool
    Playmobil is Cool 2 months ago

    Person driving behind you: WTF is that

    KROZFiRE 2 months ago

    I want to see a non convertible, hardtop car filled with water, and the people who drive it need to wear scuba gear

  • Adam Zeller
    Adam Zeller 2 months ago

    I love e30s so much

  • DEAD 13
    DEAD 13 2 months ago

    So this is where the shower water comes from

  • funky punk
    funky punk 2 months ago

    Thats what i call car pool

  • MSi GS70 6QE
    MSi GS70 6QE 2 months ago

    Dis guy is crazy

  • Deimos
    Deimos 2 months ago

    Imagine living next to this guy and hearing that absolute mad scientists laugh at 2:13 on a daily basis haha

  • Sojjer
    Sojjer 2 months ago


  • XCHDragox115
    XCHDragox115 2 months ago

    BBQ Party happens in Colin's car hahaha

  • ok
    ok 2 months ago

    It usually doesn't bother me too much, but the amount of fake laughing in this video was maybe a bit excessive.

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man 2 months ago

    inverse boat

  • marn200
    marn200 2 months ago

    Next time upgrade this thing to an amphibious vehicle.

  • one BOHNIE boy
    one BOHNIE boy 2 months ago

    If you think about it, he’s driving a reverse boat

  • K J
    K J 2 months ago

    If I could like this twice I would.

  • Tito Nicko
    Tito Nicko 3 months ago

    Bathtub at 2080

  • CSX
    CSX 3 months ago

    Better Blur Out That Cars Plate In 0:31

    ABRY ME 3 months ago

    Free carwash haha
    You just made my day🖤

  • Accel Well
    Accel Well 3 months ago

    All through this video I kept thinking this guy looks hell tired. I keep forgetting he has a kid now

  • Jake the Cat Gamer
    Jake the Cat Gamer 3 months ago

    Try to make a car that will remove any water from inside the car like in case a driver drove off to a lake, pond ,etc

  • Bizzycola
    Bizzycola 3 months ago

    What's crazy high and has 7 figures?

    ..Colin's water bill.

    ASUTOSH MISHRA 3 months ago

    You are the most happiest person in the world 😁...

  • Melanie Lapierre
    Melanie Lapierre 3 months ago

    If you Go for a job interview in this thing and your soaked you’ll say “ my car has a little bit of a leak in the roof

  • A Cat
    A Cat 3 months ago

    Now fill it with booze

  • Django Stewart
    Django Stewart 3 months ago

    1:06 Where's Mary?

  • Tigas
    Tigas 3 months ago

    Dont forget the shower gel...

  • Millie Elizabeth11
    Millie Elizabeth11 3 months ago

    How was that legal

  • Freddie Dembrey
    Freddie Dembrey 3 months ago

    Should've used flex tape

  • Can We Get 100,000 subs with no videos?

    So, is this like an inverted amphibious car?

  • B8 STIG786
    B8 STIG786 3 months ago


  • Raymond Holt
    Raymond Holt 3 months ago

    i bet all neighbors refer to this bloke as one thing: bastard. , not us we love em, but....his neighbors gotta deal with this 24/7 LOL

  • Avi •
    Avi • 3 months ago

    So in Britain, this is legal. But you cant own a gun

  • danny austin
    danny austin 3 months ago

    horn.. lol

  • danny austin
    danny austin 3 months ago

    your neighbors... hahahaha

  • Matthew Moser
    Matthew Moser 3 months ago

    2:10 THAT is pure joy! That's the whole point of all that work!

  • PBMS123
    PBMS123 3 months ago

    A regular car, with a roof and windows, filled with water, driving it with scuba gear on.

  • Pokemon Master3D
    Pokemon Master3D 3 months ago

    Your lucky the police wasn't around you...

  • Gentleman W
    Gentleman W 4 months ago

    How to water your plants Colin edition

  • tea time commenter
    tea time commenter 4 months ago

    reverse boat

    REVERSE ASK 4 months ago +1