Titanic Survivor Claims an Iceberg Didn't Destroy the Ship

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Have you ever met a person who hasn’t ever heard the story of Titanic? Unlikely. Even if you ask a 10-year-old, they’ll tell you exactly what took down the gigantic ship. However, some survivors of the sinking legend would beg to differ. Here’s one of their stories, and it has nothing to do with an iceberg.
    Armenian publicist Vaghinak Byurat was 25 years old in the spring of 1912. He described what happened on his journey to America on the most famous ship in the world in his memoirs. He’s never mentioned an iceberg hitting the Titanic, and always spoke about an explosion. And if what he said was true, something must have caused that huge explosion...
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    Young publicist goes to America 0:58
    Was it an explosion? 2:24
    No chance for survival 4:29
    But miracles can happen 5:44
    How Vaghinak was saved 6:19
    What could have caused that explosion? 7:20
    Was there a U-boat? 😮 8:21
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    - Armenian publicist Vaghinak Byurat was 25 years old in the spring of 1912. He described what happened on his journey to America on the most famous ship in the world in his memoirs.
    - In 1912, Vaghinak published some books together with his father, a famous Armenian writer. His task was to take the books to America.
    - They went to bed rather late on April 14, just like on the other nights. Shortly after midnight, something that sounded like a big explosion woke everyone up.
    - None of the crew members wanted to say anything, but a few minutes later it was impossible to deny that the Titanic was going underwater.
    - Vaghinak put his passport and money in a little bag and tied it around his neck. The Titanic’s bow was already underwater by that time. A lot of people in this situation wouldn’t have dared to take it to the open water.
    - The water in the North Atlantic that night was just below freezing, at a scary 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 C). The young writer felt his arms and legs go numb, and he was understandably getting weaker and weaker every second.
    - Then, he bumped into something. It was a lifeboat! But it was so overcrowded they pushed the young man with a paddle when he tried to stick to the boat.
    - Vaghinak woke up alive on board another ship. That ship was the Carpathia, and it was en route to New York with lucky survivors on board.
    - 12 days later, a woman came into the room. She turned out to be the person who saved Vaghinak. Missis Astor told the sailors that the young man was her son, and she wouldn’t let them go without him since she’d already lost her husband on the Titanic.
    - Vaghinak lived a long and happy life and, as a great storyteller, he shared what happened to him many times. Interestingly, he’s never mentioned an iceberg hitting the Titanic, and always spoke about an explosion.
    - It could have been a fire, and quite a lot of people actually believe that theory, saying that coal was burning in the ship’s hull.
    - Another theory that explained the explosion claimed that there was a German U-boat involved in the sinking of Titanic.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  Month ago +5422

    Hey there, BrightSiders, what do u think destroyed Titanic?

    • asiangamer 28
      asiangamer 28 20 days ago

      A big hammer head shark

    • Eva Diop
      Eva Diop 21 day ago

      The water was already below freezing so its only obvious that it was an iceberg

    • Ryan Clark
      Ryan Clark 21 day ago

      Just a weak point in the ship

    • Slytherin Princess
      Slytherin Princess 26 days ago

      @Mr. Playsafe XD

    • Yousuf Rao
      Yousuf Rao Month ago

      The rich 1% destroyed the titanic

  • Second Unit Aerials
    Second Unit Aerials 35 minutes ago

    Gravity killed the ship. The hole let the gravity in

  • Atique Zaman
    Atique Zaman 2 hours ago

    The question and the secret of 100 years and will also
    Almost the whole world know it is TITANIC...
    May be or may be not .....

  • Matt
    Matt 2 hours ago

    He grabbed his passport and cash? Passports didn’t appear till 2 years after the titanic sank. 1914. Maybe someone is making things up

  • Dog & Potato Company Potato

    I know

  • Real EatDonuts1
    Real EatDonuts1 5 hours ago

    Why did they come forward with this now and not before when it was a big deal. Plus......the Titanic didn’t sinn right beside the iceberg, which is 90% underwater. And it all happened at night, when most were asleep. Why would they come forward with this now, and how would they now so many details when they were asleep.
    I smell a scam!

    Edit: of course he didn’t wrote about an iceberg, he never saw it. He only heard what he thought was an explosion!

  • Wert Gamer
    Wert Gamer 5 hours ago +1

    He discusses it in 7:20 your 7 minutes are saved

  • Jesse Crump
    Jesse Crump 5 hours ago +1

    This is purely fiction. Madeline Astor was pregnant and 18 not in her 50s when she sailed on the RMS TITANIC and lost her new husband, John Jacob Astor, in the sinking. At no point did ANY survivor say an iceberg did not sink the ship during the American or British inquiries. The picture of the TITANIC in her slip before her launch was not where the coal bunker fire occurred since A: the coal bunkers were farther aft, and B: the hull was empty at that time. The bunker fire was put out early in the morning on April 14th, 1912. And the coal bunker fire theory has been thoroughly debunked. The iceberg damage did not go into the area affected by the fire. For all you naysayers out there, I've been researching the TITANIC disaster for 24 years.

  • GD AJN
    GD AJN 6 hours ago

    Top Ten Anime Betrayals

  • Kok Hon Kwan
    Kok Hon Kwan 7 hours ago +1

    OMG why the titanic at go to the icebrug I never see before?...

    • Jesse Crump
      Jesse Crump 5 hours ago

      The iceberg was hidden by a cold water mirage. That and coupled with the fact the water was a flat calm "like a mill pond. Not a breath of wind" and it was a moonless night, it was impossible to see the berg in time to avoid it

  • Josh Woodward
    Josh Woodward 8 hours ago

    It didn’t it says in the movie and the history website lier

  • nathan morello
    nathan morello 9 hours ago +1

    With An
    Nothing To Do
    It Has

  • asa
    asa 14 hours ago

    At the exciting part a ad comes on..

  • AprilWolfNation Xx
    AprilWolfNation Xx 14 hours ago

    " And what happend next was a miracle"

    *ad plays

  • MatildaPlayz
    MatildaPlayz 15 hours ago

    Omg. He never confirmed it wasnt an ice burg. What a waste of time. Just want money from getting ads

  • Wombo 4500
    Wombo 4500 16 hours ago

    Why is the 10 year old bald

  • Dan Da Man 20 24 Fortnite

    What abt his friend

  • Claire McGroggan
    Claire McGroggan 17 hours ago

    I think both happend

  • gustavs boganovic
    gustavs boganovic 19 hours ago

    i think that a boiler exploded

    • Jesse Crump
      Jesse Crump 4 hours ago +1

      Ur wrong. All of the boilers are intact.

  • Pranav Shanmukh Hari

    India was a colonybof Britain till ,1947

    SGPJA APULU Day ago

    Fire 🔥 and Iceberg

  • Ehtesham Malik
    Ehtesham Malik Day ago

    The TITANIC sank in the Bermuda Triangle

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy Day ago

      Geography is not your strong point huh? Titanic sank in the North Atlantic.


    i must agree


    so true!

  • Xingguo Guo
    Xingguo Guo Day ago

    Probably not an iceberg.PROBABLY

  • Jon Houghton
    Jon Houghton Day ago +1

    The lights were likely from the SS Californian.

  • Madeline Ryan
    Madeline Ryan Day ago

    There was no explosion

  • Don’t check my videos! Nubz

    If you guys want to know what happened to the guy that jumped with him, he died. He drowned
    Also, my theory of how the titanic drowned is that a fire burned in a room, and then when it started burning an iceberg had hit the burning room.

  • Carnival Glory
    Carnival Glory Day ago

    They are too cold

  • Carnival Glory
    Carnival Glory Day ago

    Bob man icebergs cant explode

  • Lil Punz
    Lil Punz Day ago

    This was the most dumbest thing you have post

  • Kristina White
    Kristina White Day ago

    As soon as it said ‘’a meracale happend’’ it cut to commercial

  • Anousone Chanthalangsy

    Why it has been named unsinkable even before they use it? How did they know it's unsinkable
    Maybe it's a test cruise
    Now they know the answer

    • Jesse Crump
      Jesse Crump 5 hours ago

      She was deemed practically unsinkable by her builders because they designed her to withstand the worst accident they could think of at the time. The media just removed the practically part.

  • sonia matin
    sonia matin Day ago

    Am I the only one who is crying for his dad and the time when the lady pushed him? I wonder if his mom and the boy cried at that time?

  • Hayden Griffiths

    who knows

  • Snajasn SHHsv
    Snajasn SHHsv Day ago

    I really wonder how do you know that people are still investigating and still don’t know the answer some of them are just saying some gossips and some of them who couldn’t investigated,are saying that it was iceberg so we still don’t know the answer 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Aaron Joseph
    Aaron Joseph Day ago

    Ha ha "john wick poke some holes with a pencil" ha funny.

  • Aaron Joseph
    Aaron Joseph Day ago

    I kicked it😢

  • Cynthia Parker
    Cynthia Parker Day ago

    i’ve excepted that everything is a lie

  • David N. Christian

    I believe it was an iceberg

  • Maddy Christian
    Maddy Christian 2 days ago

    There was a iceberg underwater! And the ship was not ready so.......

  • sis vs bro channel
    sis vs bro channel 2 days ago

    No icebrerg

  • Elaine Angelo
    Elaine Angelo 2 days ago

    Im smart now thank you

  • JirenThe- Gray
    JirenThe- Gray 2 days ago

    Missle tech in 1912 ok

  • N M
    N M 2 days ago

    Moren is not a French name but he could have misunderstood which does not negate the man's existence. The explosion is likely since the fire event has been confirmed by experts and there is nothing new to the idea. But that the ship never hit the iceberg could explain why they never took the ship to remove it from the sea and study its aspect to find out where the alleged iceberg would have hit...and explains why they only went diving to look at it. It could be the greatest story behind the sinking that an explosion sunk it not an iceberg. Where you can blame an iceberg without repercussion, rather than the ones supposed to insure mechanical safety on the boat which would have jailed for life those rich people, and that would have hurt some ego but more importantly it would have hurt some wallets where you cannot sue an iceberg but you can sue the company for endangering and killing lives due to blatant recklessness (especially because the fire was a known event from before sailing from dock and no one took it upon themselves to take seriously).

  • Daniel Batson
    Daniel Batson 2 days ago

    He was sleeping so he didn't see the ice burg that why

  • Digimonchamp1
    Digimonchamp1 2 days ago

    Or a boiler blew up and the ice burg disrupted it so it exsploded

  • Pavan Aiyappa
    Pavan Aiyappa 2 days ago +1

    These days TVclip comments are filled with jokes etc etc with no facts whatsoever !!!!

  • Hydro Virus
    Hydro Virus 2 days ago

    titanic is going to sail in 2020 don't worry guys no more iceberg due to global warming iceberg is no more xd

    • Jesse Crump
      Jesse Crump 5 hours ago

      You do realize that is dead in the water? Plans for the TITANIC II died years ago

  • josh h.
    josh h. 2 days ago

    Hey bright side loose lips sink ships 😲

  • fox36975
    fox36975 2 days ago

    Some did believe that boiler room got overheat n left mark on titanic

  • tomusmc1993
    tomusmc1993 2 days ago

    This is an interesting story about surviving. This video presents no factual information about any other reason for the ship sinking.
    click bait

  • Brent Equibal
    Brent Equibal 2 days ago

    Stop faking this is FALSE

  • Jp
    Jp 2 days ago +1

    Title and thumbnail are completely misleading. U-Boats were there during the second world war, not in 1912, why do you lie about that. And i think you got 2 things mixed up, that U-Boat shot down the SS Caribou. Dont mix 2 stories together.

    • Carey 89
      Carey 89 2 days ago

      u boats excisted in ww1 u 20 sunk lusitania

  • monkey doctor
    monkey doctor 2 days ago +1

    I met a person who thought Pearl Harbor and titanic were the same thing

  • How to knock Coward
    How to knock Coward 2 days ago

    A gaunt shark hit the
    Cruse. Boat

  • Kaleb Guichelaar
    Kaleb Guichelaar 2 days ago

    U-boats weren't invented until the end of World War 1

    • Jesse Crump
      Jesse Crump 4 hours ago

      Actually not true. Uboats were used in the beginning of World War I. It was a Uboat torpedo that sank the RMS LUSITANIA.

  • Minecrafter Pro
    Minecrafter Pro 2 days ago

    A demon?🙁🙁🙁🙁😞😞😞no,🤔🤔🤔a underwater volcano?

  • Martin Geier
    Martin Geier 2 days ago +1

    Thats pretty interesting, so long post of an non-native english speaker incoming:
    The impact of the iceberg itself wouldn´t have sounded like an explosion - remember the ship was sure one of the fastest of its time, but ships in general are pretty slow, so i can tell it actually hit with an maximum of 21kn, which is about 40km/h (24mph) - pretty slow - and that would be if they had never spottet that iceberg and were at full speed, both is not correct. They actually (so the story) spotted it, but too late - they even took the engines in reverse to stop in the right time, so they will have been pretty slow. I guess not more than 10km/h (6mph) - an collision, even with an object that big, at that speed wouldn´t possibly sound like an explosion, more like a scratching.

    A fire actually could be possible, but if we think again - wouldn´t everyone on the ship have noticed it?
    If there would have been a fire down in the engineroom - it would have smoked quite severely, if it was strong enough to weaken that kind of hull. Even if it was only glowing, not flaming.
    I think it is impossible that nobody would have noticed that there is smoke coming out of the enginerooms, because there would only a small part of it be going through the funnel.

    The sound of an explosion could have come from the icy water, that came pretty fast into the enginerooms, where most of the engines must have been enlightened - that were pretty much ovens, burning coal at at least 200-300°C (about 500°F) maybe more. If icy water were to come onto them or extinguish them in one hit, that would pretty much have made a ton of steam in less than a second. This fast enlargening of the volume is known of when you try to extinguish burning oil with water - it explodes, same with fluid metal.
    This could be what they heard as an explosion, i guess. Because it actually was a kind of explosion - a steamexplosion.

    It is known, that the Titanic hasn´t stopped at the place of collision they changed their course slightly and drove on with full (avaiable) power while sinking - so there is no wonder that this iceberg wasn´t within sight anymore as Vaghinak and his friend entered the deck. It was nighttime after all.

    But we´ll never know whats the truth. This is also just a guess :)

  • potter fan34
    potter fan34 2 days ago

    GUYS THIS IS A TRUE TITANIC STORY! On the Titanic someone wanted to go back to there bunk.😂😂😂😂😂! Then they over slept and all the boats were gone! So he went and QUICKLY got a life jacket with a whistle and then he was in the FREEZING water for 2 hrs and then he luckily came up to his friend in a boat with 10 others! So he survived! He past away in 1998!

  • potter fan34
    potter fan34 2 days ago

    I have spent so much work and so much time on this subject! I really like the subject I went to the experience place in Belfast in Northern Ireland!I DON'T WATCH THE MOVIES THERE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAD

  • Landon Langford
    Landon Langford 2 days ago

    The titanic would have survived the iceberg. It’s “unsinkable” but the fire weakened the hull which was where the iceberg hit. With this the hull was so weak that it sunk. I think that it would be just fine it the fire never started. -My theory’

  • Xinter Ceptor
    Xinter Ceptor 2 days ago

    2:12 time traveler spotted

  • David Playz
    David Playz 2 days ago


  • Tejon Henry-graham
    Tejon Henry-graham 2 days ago

    What happened to his French friend does anyone know?

  • discreet90210
    discreet90210 2 days ago

    I think there was an iceberg but i think it would be responsible if a fire was included to weaken the hull and then the iceberg struck

  • David Spires
    David Spires 2 days ago

    like the say an airplane blew up the twin towers at the bottom when it hit the top :/

  • Gideon Brown
    Gideon Brown 2 days ago

    I think a fire destroyed it

  • Nate Szitanko
    Nate Szitanko 2 days ago +1

    Bright aide is faker than my dad

  • Yoda Parseghian
    Yoda Parseghian 2 days ago

    A famous Armenian writer. That’s an irony lol. I thought writers careers depended on integrity.

  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh 2 days ago +1

    Truely fake 🖕

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 days ago

    You could've put Titanic music in the video,dude!

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 days ago

    *4:14* Rose and Jack were at that place, dude! Didn't he tell that.

  • Conrado Naguit
    Conrado Naguit 2 days ago


  • Larissa Aperghis
    Larissa Aperghis 3 days ago

    Oh my days this guys such a waffler

  • hakima kassid
    hakima kassid 3 days ago +1

    People in Titanic : Jus Lemme Drown
    People in North Korea : I can swim the whole road To UK.. Let me swim Lemme Swiiiiim

  • Loida de los Santos
    Loida de los Santos 3 days ago


  • manoj tripurari
    manoj tripurari 3 days ago

    Thanos exploded it with the power stone

  • It’s all relevant
    It’s all relevant 3 days ago

    Why do you view Europe is a single country Spain France Germany do United Kingdom tons more I can’t name all of them but why do you view is it single country it’s a group and its economy of people

  • Jomar Philip Rambano

    I have a friend that never knows about the Titanic, even the movie, she doesn't know about it untill I told her the story I know.

  • Max rose
    Max rose 3 days ago

    I'm a Titanic survivor I'm 7 years old right now

  • Bay Demn
    Bay Demn 3 days ago

    I thank that it was sabatoged

  • Hans christian,ole Jakobsen

    it is cigars and fires causing titanic ship causing the sink .-.

    re insta edit: it explodes for some reason .-.

  • Maria marijue R.Dulog


  • Zoey
    Zoey 3 days ago +1

    Actually, the story is fake. The titanic sailed 107 years ago and you had to be at least 18 to ride so everyone the rode would be dead. But hey it was nice to try to get more money wasn't it!:) Of course it was don't even bother replying!

  • Jayden KaVictory
    Jayden KaVictory 3 days ago


  • Memeloveingboi2 plays

    ice burg is alive lol
    oh wait globial warming

  • Memeloveingboi2 plays


  • Lilliana Ortiz
    Lilliana Ortiz 3 days ago

    Lies ice burg did it

  • Finn Howard
    Finn Howard 3 days ago

    They say it was a German U-boat, and draw a line from France on the map.

  • cookie crisp
    cookie crisp 3 days ago

    this dude talks so slow hes just trying to reach minutes

  • Brandi Goguen
    Brandi Goguen 3 days ago

    Wasn’t an ice berg it was you mom

  • Real Mariotus
    Real Mariotus 3 days ago

    What happened to his friend

  • Adrian Hauser
    Adrian Hauser 3 days ago

    I believe you

  • KatLover 18
    KatLover 18 3 days ago +1

    What happened to Moren, the guy who jumped off the Titanic with him?

    • Jesse Crump
      Jesse Crump 5 hours ago

      Odds are he wasn't even on the ship either.

  • Susanna Hayes
    Susanna Hayes 3 days ago +1

    Do you think the Titanic was hit by karma?I mean,they named it "The Unsinkable Ship"

  • karen skates
    karen skates 3 days ago

    It was an iceberg I met with a scientist he said that it was a iceberg that killed the Titanic🌊🌊

  • Anubala Meitangkeishangbam

    lol that was an exploden 😂😂😂
    who agree me like me 👇👇👇

  • joe886988
    joe886988 3 days ago

    The supporters of the Federal Reserve blew up the ship because some of the passengers on the ship were against the Federal Reserve and would've kept America Great but that didn't happen

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 3 days ago

      As 60 people voted against it, I don't think the three on board would have made any difference.

  • Marina Parker
    Marina Parker 3 days ago