Japan Exchange: A DAY IN SCHOOL WITH ME Pt 1 | Euodias

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  • 박수빈
    박수빈 9 hours ago

    중간에 한국말 하는 친구 너무 귀여워요 😂❤❤💕

  • Siena Hernandez
    Siena Hernandez 11 hours ago

    Subcribed because of radwimps

  • PurpleUnicorn
    PurpleUnicorn 18 hours ago

    so KAWAIIII~

  • Night Of Wishes
    Night Of Wishes Day ago

    *He's cute 💛*
    I remember watching this and my friend asking me, "what does 'oi' mean?" And it's hard to explain it to her because some words in my language (Filipino - Visaya - Tagalog) doesn't have a English word and so I just tell them *"it's means 'die!'"* to mess with them!
    Edit: *I laughed so hard at the broccoli part!*

  • DJ L&P
    DJ L&P Day ago

    I wanna go to japan and live for ever I live in Greece and my school is hell

  • foxy yazgaming
    foxy yazgaming 2 days ago

    2:58 person- -freezes- uhh ello?

  • I am a potato
    I am a potato 3 days ago

    I’d love to go to school in Japan but idk how to speak Japanese

  • Hana Kuchiki
    Hana Kuchiki 3 days ago

    Someone speaks my language! Firipinji! (lol im sure i say that wrong)

  • Hana Kuchiki
    Hana Kuchiki 3 days ago

    I wish my school is this big!

  • The Cardigans ooo
    The Cardigans ooo 3 days ago

    Я русская, но как же приятно осознавать, что я все понимаю !!!

  • Lung Cancer
    Lung Cancer 4 days ago

    fuck im about to go to school in japan this february i need help T^T

  • Doctor Potassium
    Doctor Potassium 4 days ago

    Nice outro. Fuckin love that song.

  • Litzer
    Litzer 4 days ago

    I know the ending song its from your name

  • gilda emata
    gilda emata 4 days ago

    Do you speak in tagalog? Omggg......... Omggg
    I'm a Filipino too

  • angelica louis
    angelica louis 4 days ago

    what's the name of the high school?.....It's so nice

  • Angie Brown
    Angie Brown 4 days ago

    Japanese people always have black hair

  • elaine P
    elaine P 5 days ago

    It's good school is nothing from the movie Actually happens

  • Jai Dangi
    Jai Dangi 5 days ago

    They are expressive and the boys seems more quiet compared to ours

  • Crid Taylor
    Crid Taylor 5 days ago


  • Vivian underhill
    Vivian underhill 5 days ago

    I’m going to Japan to be an exchange student too! Does anyone have any advice? 😅

  • TeachMe Channel
    TeachMe Channel 5 days ago

    Ah! SHE JUST SAID "mahal kita💕" it means i love you! 👏👏👏

  • BallerMJ
    BallerMJ 6 days ago

    It’s my dream to go to a Japanese high school and play basketball im entering 9th grade next year and I’ll be at least 6’8 and I’m a ranked player in my state 😂I wanna cook sum ppl but it would be fun to hang around everyone as well

    • Vorg HC
      Vorg HC 57 minutes ago

      Is that you Kagami? Kappa

  • OfficialSnowFX Playz

    Im waiting for someone to dab

  • James James
    James James 6 days ago

    where is Ranma?

  • Caro S.
    Caro S. 7 days ago


  • Kim Wooker
    Kim Wooker 7 days ago

    Did I hear Kimi no nawa’s ost at the end? ^^ so cool

  • Raj Prashant
    Raj Prashant 7 days ago


  • Miku Hatsune
    Miku Hatsune 7 days ago


  • Not A Great Singer
    Not A Great Singer 7 days ago +1

    In the phillipines,
    Kids just play the song *HAYAAN MO SILA BY EXB* and wear like fuckboy shorts and tshirt and i am saying like *what is happening in this generation?* 😂

  • do rae mon
    do rae mon 8 days ago

    Oh damn. I was about to ask who’s the guy in the left corner of the room.

  • Hari AV
    Hari AV 8 days ago

    why this girl is so cute ^^ damn

  • 私自身愛
    私自身愛 8 days ago

    mahal din kita

  • 私自身愛
    私自身愛 8 days ago

    lilipat na’ko sa Japan mga lodii

  • Hemray Arjoon
    Hemray Arjoon 9 days ago

    I wish every day in my school was fun like this

  • Churrbro 264
    Churrbro 264 9 days ago +1

    I've always wanted to be an exchange student in Japan! Too late now I just finished, plus my school is poor asf 😂

  • Mekazuki Chan
    Mekazuki Chan 9 days ago

    There Soo nice!

  • Killjoy0329
    Killjoy0329 9 days ago +2

    Bruh that dude at 4:50 is literally me every morning

  • Katrina Smith
    Katrina Smith 9 days ago

    You can actually film in school there? Or you have to have special permission?

  • evari.
    evari. 9 days ago

    For some reason, I've always wanted to try on japanese uniforms.

    LOAF OF TOAST 9 days ago

    well this school is hire quality than my school

    COUCH POTATO 9 days ago

    the magi music tho

  • Jeff Sandagan
    Jeff Sandagan 10 days ago

    Wohh someone is a filipino..

  • Inky Calamari
    Inky Calamari 10 days ago

    we dont call it glucose just sugar

  • Issam Jmari
    Issam Jmari 10 days ago

    Oh shit ! i wish i go here in this school :) But My country ( Morocco ) Do not exchange programs to japan :(

  • Taenggo_SONE 7
    Taenggo_SONE 7 10 days ago

    Im from philippines ! 😂 mahal kita

  • ありかしかんあ
    ありかしかんあ 10 days ago

    Do you by any chance have a real life Japanese highschool love story happening????? I NEED TO KNOW!!! ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

  • Gaming Tube
    Gaming Tube 10 days ago +1

    Too bad its not like ANIME

  • Profera Laste
    Profera Laste 10 days ago

    Wooooaaaahhhh Everybody's hair is the same! Beautiful hair❤❤

  • nexie
    nexie 10 days ago

    Omg what's their @ 😭😍💯

  • Mason Dawg
    Mason Dawg 10 days ago

    Do they any other sign than the “peace” sign 😂😂

  • Mason Dawg
    Mason Dawg 10 days ago

    She doesn’t have a butt😂😂

  • Rosette Bonita
    Rosette Bonita 11 days ago

    Im looking foward to live in japan.. 😢😢 might be a dream only..

  • mai chan
    mai chan 11 days ago

    شهالكياته 😭💜💜 ،، 😿💖cute

  • rafusht
    rafusht 11 days ago

    4:30 she said oi youtube?
    oi means hi in portuguese XD
    wow japanese schools looks so nice. i love japan btw :)

  • red cat
    red cat 11 days ago

    Listen to the teacher before she grabs the duster and make it advance in your direction.

  • KL Midori7
    KL Midori7 11 days ago

    i wana go to japan!!!! studying japanese here in my country just doesnt add up to the feels

  • abby casey
    abby casey 11 days ago

    do some of you know any japanese school that have beautiful uniform?

  • harshita gupta
    harshita gupta 11 days ago

    In which class u r?pls respond

    NERF THIS 11 days ago

    3:34 omg he's a filipino!!! metoo O(≧▽≦)O

  • CreepCake
    CreepCake 11 days ago

    lmao they do the peace signs like we do the finger gun signs in Argentina (a lot)

  • Ben Cruz
    Ben Cruz 12 days ago


  • Kenny Sinuraya
    Kenny Sinuraya 12 days ago

    zen zen zense is a end song ;)

  • Screen Shotz
    Screen Shotz 12 days ago

    2:46 😍😍

  • Camila Cahuana
    Camila Cahuana 12 days ago

    a love this music 5:11

  • Allyza Guiab
    Allyza Guiab 12 days ago

    And you alsa speak Tagalog😆 ikaw na ang magaling😁

  • PHyBiX Gaming
    PHyBiX Gaming 12 days ago

    I heard in Tagalog, I love you. Why did you say that to him? Are you guys a couple?

    • PHyBiX Gaming
      PHyBiX Gaming 2 days ago


    • Osion V
      Osion V 2 days ago

      PHyBiX Gaming no she wasn't allowed to have any relationships when she was there. She was just simply saying what she only knew in tagalog.

    • PHyBiX Gaming
      PHyBiX Gaming 12 days ago

      I know your reading.

  • Likaro Hernandez
    Likaro Hernandez 13 days ago

    Aueo estás si son escuelas

  • tmr la sensei
    tmr la sensei 13 days ago

    Very cute

  • Justin Balaguer
    Justin Balaguer 13 days ago

    mahal din kita :p

  • Omg 100
    Omg 100 13 days ago


  • Omg 100
    Omg 100 13 days ago

    OMG IN 3:40 SHE SAID “mahal kita”
    = “ i love you” 😂😂 SHIP SHIP SHIP 🚢

  • harry harhar
    harry harhar 13 days ago


  • just me
    just me 13 days ago

    i wanna be an exchange student at Japan!!!!! At least I've ever been an exchange student in china and Australia lol

  • Rin Tohsaka
    Rin Tohsaka 14 days ago

    How were you able to go to Japan

  • RebornedShadow 135
    RebornedShadow 135 14 days ago

    can anyone else hear the music in the backround

  • Texting stories and maybe more things;;;

    I wanna move to Japan. I wanna leave Greece. People are so nice there.... Here you can hate someone so easily. You know how they act before they even talk to you. :(

  • Alfred Chen
    Alfred Chen 14 days ago

    Did you buy one of those Japanese flip phones?

  • Javid Ghani
    Javid Ghani 14 days ago

    Can any one tell me by japanes studys i want go there

  • Cuddle MeGucci
    Cuddle MeGucci 14 days ago

    4:37 Aye leave my boy alone he was trynna enjoy his food in peace. XD

  • Cindy Zhao
    Cindy Zhao 15 days ago

    why is no one talking about that guy at 3:10

  • Tåmårå {Ęłłßwørłd}

    I'm actually doing a research paper on japans education system this helps!

    SUCK MY BALLS 15 days ago


  • Athena Silverio
    Athena Silverio 15 days ago

    3:37 mahal kita

  • jasmeeny imvu
    jasmeeny imvu 15 days ago +1


  • ariiieru
    ariiieru 15 days ago

    "Did you spoke tagalog?"
    Me: What did HE SAYYY?? I wanna know

  • YungJoshi
    YungJoshi 15 days ago

    They are all so cute omg

  • JaceyB Vlogs
    JaceyB Vlogs 16 days ago

    I'm so jealous your school seems so fun
    In my school all I do is stress out😫🤧😭

  • InevyFTW
    InevyFTW 16 days ago

    Today we sucka

  • Costy Hetalia
    Costy Hetalia 16 days ago

    Wow if I film something at school they would suspend me

  • Aditya AAR
    Aditya AAR 16 days ago

    Looks so friendly..

  • Tasha Cantillo
    Tasha Cantillo 16 days ago

    Did she just said "mahal kita"?

  • AthenaMamble Faiputra
    AthenaMamble Faiputra 16 days ago


  • Gucci Cypress
    Gucci Cypress 16 days ago

    0:41 I found Dora >:o

  • Cah Gamers Indo
    Cah Gamers Indo 16 days ago

    You Indonesian?

  • H e h e
    H e h e 16 days ago

    Finally someone that appreciate Broccoli xD

  • Pastel Toast
    Pastel Toast 17 days ago

    They let you record at school?

  • Pastel Toast
    Pastel Toast 17 days ago

    I’m jealous T^T

  • potaeto chims
    potaeto chims 17 days ago


  • sakora arbea
    sakora arbea 17 days ago

    روعه😍اتمنى ان اكون في اليابان يوما ما