THE PASSAGE Official Trailer (2018)

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • THE PASSAGE Official Trailer Action Movie HD in theatre 2018.
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  • Anonymous Change
    Anonymous Change 11 days ago

    Why don’t they just find a different orphan

  • lanieta vakasevi
    lanieta vakasevi 14 days ago

    The basically it's like the walking agant/Lee clementime/ that girl thats immune to the viruses

  • ShAdOwMaN
    ShAdOwMaN 20 days ago


  • Typical_asian_gamer

    Im getting alot of the last of us vibes

  • None None
    None None 2 months ago

    This is a sick movie kidnapping black kids smh

  • Nathxn
    Nathxn 3 months ago

    Is it just me or is that zombie girl still attracted as hell even with all that make up on her?

  • Matt Curry
    Matt Curry 3 months ago

    What does the girl in the thumbnail have to do with the movie? I'm trying to put things together here😂

  • Jayde Bennett
    Jayde Bennett 4 months ago

    it’s similar to the last of us but I dunno, I’d rather it be a movie than a series tbh and the guy looks like Chris Pratt- woulda been better if Chris played the guy but oh well-

  • CutScenes
    CutScenes 4 months ago

    Nico robin in one piece😂

  • Shaan Mohammed
    Shaan Mohammed 4 months ago

    Release date??? Or of released how is it??

  • thegreatwhale yes
    thegreatwhale yes 5 months ago

    find another kid so much easier than looking for her

  • Manuel Nardin
    Manuel Nardin 6 months ago

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  • iBlu - Minecraft And More!

    Maze Runner fucking wannabe.

  • to stupid for a Name
    to stupid for a Name 7 months ago

    what a dumb plot

  • Elmovs Doncry
    Elmovs Doncry 8 months ago

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  • FC Schaeffer
    FC Schaeffer 8 months ago

    The book was really good, nothing I see here makes me want to watch the show.

  • Just Ja
    Just Ja 8 months ago

    does anyone know when its coming out or is it already out btw im from the uk

  • tech hitech vid
    tech hitech vid 9 months ago


  • Martin Paul
    Martin Paul 9 months ago

    Ok, so does this have anything to do with the books...? Kidding, but not kidding, if you know what I mean...

  • Audiomajik
    Audiomajik 9 months ago

    Please tell me he didn't just look at her and basically say "black lives matter"? (>ლ)

  • melmo22776
    melmo22776 9 months ago

    I read the trilogy, I own all three books on audiobooks as well. I’ve listened to them over ten times. The story Justin Cronin told was deep full of feeling and detail. It made Stephen Kings The Stand look like a children’s story. However, this show, this “adaptation” of the trilogy is an insult to the story, the writer, and the fans. In the first 10 seconds of the trailer I knew I will never watch this piece of garbage.

  • ckzckw
    ckzckw 9 months ago

    Love it Caroline Chikeze!

  • Kimberly Eli
    Kimberly Eli 9 months ago

    Wow this movie was pretty good. Little short though

  • George Marial
    George Marial 9 months ago

    Justin Cronin, what have you done? THIS is what they're doing with your books? This is CRAP.

  • Dean de Klerk
    Dean de Klerk 9 months ago

    Cough. The Last of Us.

  • Bayview Ave
    Bayview Ave 9 months ago

    what the fuck is this? a 4 minute trailer? is this an actual movie coming out?

  • ch mamadou
    ch mamadou 9 months ago

    dana white ?

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 9 months ago

    Zack f'ing Morris?

  • Slyguy threeonetwonine
    Slyguy threeonetwonine 10 months ago

    SJW bullshit. *Yawn.* Won't even pirate it.

  • michellemobley1
    michellemobley1 10 months ago

    Man I cried hard asf he couldn't be do that to that lil girl. She was so scared

  • Andiavang
    Andiavang 10 months ago

    i dunno SHIT about whatever this is, but my favourite song is playing in the trailer so i have to watch this

  • grace harris
    grace harris 10 months ago


  • Uttam Dhakal
    Uttam Dhakal 10 months ago

    where is the movie man just trailer in youtube

  • da96103
    da96103 11 months ago

    I see a bootleg Chris Pratt and a bootleg Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu
    Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu 11 months ago


  • Word Unheard
    Word Unheard 11 months ago +1

    🎶 Zack Morris is traaaaash! 🎶

  • Gilvin
    Gilvin 11 months ago

    Well they can kidnap another one?

  • MrHydroguy
    MrHydroguy 11 months ago


  • Donna Cabot
    Donna Cabot 11 months ago

    Just like lie to me. A political hot potatoe and it'll get cancelled.

  • Angron's Stepson
    Angron's Stepson 11 months ago

    Yeah it would be almost impossible to find a child with no family in our current society. Hahahaha. Riiiight. Like there aren't millions of them in foster care right this second. Lot of work for one particular kid. The government would have a thousand of these kids stocked in a warehouse somewhere to experiment on if this shit was real.

  • Al denver
    Al denver 11 months ago

    lmao you see that Actor clearly hired cause he looks exactly like Chris Pratt.

  • Vinny Berry
    Vinny Berry 11 months ago

    Patient Zero...


  • Hammern28
    Hammern28 11 months ago

    This looks... like a waste of time and money.

  • ICore 07
    ICore 07 11 months ago

    zack morris is playing a serious role now

  • ThaGoochtookmylunch money

    So...Zack Morris ISN'T trash?!🤔😦

  • Steven Randall
    Steven Randall 11 months ago

    always some idiot trying to make a last of us film

  • Fetboi Gaming
    Fetboi Gaming 11 months ago

    Chancellor Kane .. is that you ?

  • Sofia Cecilia Pelegrina
    Sofia Cecilia Pelegrina 11 months ago

    Which is the song on minute 2:51?

  • James Hendricks
    James Hendricks 11 months ago

    way to ruin an excellent trilogy of books, with a crappy made for tv movie and show..

  • Sooner Jon The Conservative

    read the books and loved them. hope the series is true to the books.

  • DatFreak1982
    DatFreak1982 11 months ago

    My solution... just get another kid... there are litterly millions out there, which noeone cares about.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 11 months ago

    how is she supposed to save the world when all shes doing is running away from those guys. its not like she was exposed to the virus and become immune to it(able to creat vaccines and she didnt turn into a zombie btw) unless theres a twist?

  • Cutie Boop
    Cutie Boop 11 months ago

    The Last of Us is looking great!! 👌

  • Adeel Afzal
    Adeel Afzal 11 months ago

    Which song was that?

  • OneHell OfAParent
    OneHell OfAParent 11 months ago

    The books are absolutely amazing

  • caroline moraa
    caroline moraa 11 months ago

    Who else thinks The plot is like Last of us? I haven’t played the game yet but yeah???

  • Putera af
    Putera af 11 months ago

    What song ?

  • AR15
    AR15 11 months ago

    I think this one's good. Unlike all those boring cgi movies and all those john wick look alike movies.

  • Killmepweas
    Killmepweas 11 months ago

    They could of just taken another girl😂

  • Mezie Mbamara
    Mezie Mbamara 11 months ago +2

    😏 *The last of us... Ridley Scott DLC pack.*

  • phil
    phil 11 months ago

    Last of us you are not

  • Erin S
    Erin S 11 months ago

    Can't wait to see This! Excited!!!😉😊

  • Kerem Go
    Kerem Go 11 months ago

    Thank you for putting the entire movie online for free in the form of a 4 minute trailer.

  • Trischia Sangalang
    Trischia Sangalang 11 months ago

    the man offering him something looks like Bryce Walker from 13rw

  • Rhonda Burnham
    Rhonda Burnham 11 months ago

    Read the book. It is awesome!

  • David Parry
    David Parry 11 months ago

    _The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few..._

  • blerg blergson
    blerg blergson 11 months ago

    first off you showed the entire damn plot in the "trailer" you dumb as s, secondly if your entire movie premise revolves around needed a child and the plot is how one kid got away... then you just get a different fuc king child. everyone involved in this sh it show needs to be slapped repeatedly in the face.

  • Human Being
    Human Being 11 months ago

    The plot is dumb.
    There's literally thousands of children for sale, I mean adoption, all around the world.

  • Jovanni Ward
    Jovanni Ward 11 months ago

    Seem like “The Last of Us “ in reality

  • CognizantxNight
    CognizantxNight 11 months ago

    01:08 *DESMOND!* 🐐

    NUR HAKIKI 11 months ago

    placebo is doing the song, so it would be ok

  • Michael Mallory
    Michael Mallory 11 months ago

    Is that woman related to Will Smith?

  • Mony Pratto
    Mony Pratto 11 months ago

    Cuando la estrenan en Argentina??

  • Alex Dobre
    Alex Dobre 11 months ago

    so she was the only homeless kid in the US? :)))) and whats up with the same hairstyle for the entire movie?

  • Cheng Vang
    Cheng Vang 11 months ago

    Just this one kid they need? I'm pretty sure they can find a million more lonely kids.

  • Umar Azmat
    Umar Azmat 11 months ago

    a Mixed reaction

  • sugadennis
    sugadennis 11 months ago

    I would have gone to see it- if they didn’t show the whole movie in the trailer!

  • Ci De Jong
    Ci De Jong 11 months ago

    the last of us

  • Laura
    Laura 11 months ago

    This is a lot like that game 'The Last of Us'... And like, they could've used any kid, so why are they after her?

  • Kira Washington
    Kira Washington 11 months ago

    For all the people that are saying thanks for showing the whole movie you are wrong because it's a show so you basically haven't got anything spoiled.

  • Ghoulby
    Ghoulby 11 months ago

    This actually looks really cool

  • TeddySpaghetti
    TeddySpaghetti 11 months ago


  • sugar-ray palfrey
    sugar-ray palfrey 11 months ago

    Zack morris

  • Saniya Haroon
    Saniya Haroon 11 months ago

    Did anyone else get "THE LAST OF US" vibes??? Or is it just me?

  • Edd Learns To Engrave
    Edd Learns To Engrave 11 months ago

    this one is another one that dosnt make sense im sure they would be able to find another kid in 5 mins after they loose this one

  • rackelthejackel
    rackelthejackel 11 months ago

    Wait is that Zach Morris???

  • Opmehoofd
    Opmehoofd Year ago

    I hate this idea... its f-in stupid. 1childs life more important then humanity bullcrap

  • Zg Programeri
    Zg Programeri Year ago

    1:38 LOLOLOL Yeah right, a kid knows about social workers and asks for her rights. lololol

  • Jess H.
    Jess H. Year ago

    What is this shitty movie

  • Zlavek Korpach
    Zlavek Korpach Year ago

    The Last of Us...

  • Lancelot Xavier
    Lancelot Xavier Year ago

    Wow, incredible CGI. Black scientists.

  • skinny jason
    skinny jason Year ago

    why dont they just get any kid? why does it have to be her?

  • Brandon May
    Brandon May Year ago

    Children of Men with Zach Morris?

  • AJ Boo.
    AJ Boo. Year ago

    Literally thought the thumbnail was joker

  • firelizard2
    firelizard2 Year ago

    Or just watch Logan.

  • Wayne V.
    Wayne V. Year ago

    What song was being played ? anyone know ?

  • onwheels
    onwheels Year ago

    As a fan of the trilogy since it's first release, I can say they butchered such an amazing book and produced this garbage by the looks of this trailer.

  • Julio Gonzalez
    Julio Gonzalez Year ago


  • viri NERVO
    viri NERVO Year ago

    All I see here it's the Last of Us... ❤️

  • Baba
    Baba Year ago

    Slight spoilers from the from the books for anyone who is thinking why don't they just get a different girl. Amy is "Special" think the last of us, I won't say why though ^^.