• Published on May 11, 2019
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    You've always wanted to become a wizard, but the owl with your Hogwarts acceptance letter seems to have got lost on the way? Has nobody invited you to Brakebills either? You're dreaming of making a career as an illusionist, but even your grandma falls asleep during your card tricks? Don't worry, because we are gonna reveal to you today the secrets behind the most incredible tricks. Tricks that anyone can do at home. Now, put on your hat, stock up on rabbits and... Abracadabra!

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  • Dusan Djordjevic
    Dusan Djordjevic 2 hours ago

    Noblice su mama za Oreo.

  • Dasun Amadoru
    Dasun Amadoru 2 hours ago

    What abt the taking the balloon out? I've seen that guy takes it out too after swallowing it! 🤔

    • Dasun Amadoru
      Dasun Amadoru 2 hours ago

      Watched it again! It may explain how he swallowed the balloon but how did he take it out again??? 🤔

  • L7A Gaming
    L7A Gaming 3 hours ago

    Awesome magic trick video

  • Karthik Santhosh
    Karthik Santhosh 3 hours ago

    Ooo shut up then again he take out the ballon from is mouth what you tell about simply not make the idiotic videos

  • Danita Jones
    Danita Jones 3 hours ago


  • Jordan Turner
    Jordan Turner 5 hours ago

    He fuckin said juice didn't he😑

  • Edo 642
    Edo 642 5 hours ago

    I hate Oreo LOL 😂😂😂😂

  • der Marquez Schläger xD

    OMG the TVclipr Mentale Zuflucht (german) was faking this channel😱😱

  • Bobby Holiday
    Bobby Holiday 5 hours ago

    Collins key did the mint one

  • Micro Tech
    Micro Tech 7 hours ago

    Bloody magicians

  • Bhavik Singh
    Bhavik Singh 7 hours ago

    At 4:07 there is Ranbir Kapoor doing oreo advertisement =love from India💓

  • Fami
    Fami 8 hours ago

    0:46 is fake finger

  • Bulgaria 1
    Bulgaria 1 8 hours ago


  • i love cake my account is fake

    DMC is the real magician

  • Zahir Saipi
    Zahir Saipi 8 hours ago

    1:52 "Wallah"

  • Kai S
    Kai S 9 hours ago

    I told you that in confidence

  • Gabriel Sales
    Gabriel Sales 9 hours ago

    Refugio Mental copied you

  • Bruciie Dane
    Bruciie Dane 9 hours ago

    How will you explain the tossing of coin to the other hand? 😐

  • D’Aviun Charles
    D’Aviun Charles 9 hours ago +1

    I knew it all along that musicians was fake nobody believed me but I still knew it

  • sKdPanda
    sKdPanda 9 hours ago

    when you need your video to pass 10 minutes so you start talking about how people prefere to eat their oreos smh

  • Kuritonkana _
    Kuritonkana _ 9 hours ago

    Haven't seen this video yet but already know it is fake thumb

  • Elektron LetsPlay
    Elektron LetsPlay 10 hours ago

    The magic in it is to love magic and as the Mage to make a good Show... let Friends and other People have Fun... thats the real magic

  • Killer Bob
    Killer Bob 10 hours ago


  • gavin codex
    gavin codex 10 hours ago

    some magic can't be explain like dark/black magic

  • Raj Kumari Gupta
    Raj Kumari Gupta 10 hours ago

    I have see this video on other channel

  • Raj Kumari Gupta
    Raj Kumari Gupta 10 hours ago

    Copy video

  • moemas1
    moemas1 11 hours ago

    Whats the song called in the background?

  • Jhon homer Raña
    Jhon homer Raña 12 hours ago

    There's no real magic, only tricks. If you dont believe me ask science.
    What amazes me is how magical they seems to make it. Thus im impress by their dedication and practice.

  • GK Tech
    GK Tech 13 hours ago

    I knew all lol

  • Dagu Kas
    Dagu Kas 14 hours ago

    After your explanation still doesn't make any sense, how about you try one as you know the trick. 😂😂😂

  • Nitesh Gupta
    Nitesh Gupta 14 hours ago


  • GamingNinjaTaco
    GamingNinjaTaco 15 hours ago

    Should of titled it black magic

  • Rama kumaR Buddha
    Rama kumaR Buddha 15 hours ago

    In the smoothini's magic trick why didn't Salt stick to his finger.

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar 15 hours ago

    Ur osm

  • Edgardo Lacno
    Edgardo Lacno 16 hours ago

    Wat a nais magik

  • Zion Aiono
    Zion Aiono 16 hours ago


  • Amber Ph Gaming
    Amber Ph Gaming 16 hours ago +1

    By the way i Know the contestant is lying

    Like thia if you agree

  • John Ron Tangaro
    John Ron Tangaro 16 hours ago

    Human regurgitator.

  • Don Saizo
    Don Saizo 17 hours ago

    This video have swallowing and licking contents. Uhmm

  • Killer Penguin
    Killer Penguin 18 hours ago +1

    *Does This At Class Party*

    RESPECT +1000

  • Jayy Pama
    Jayy Pama 19 hours ago +1

    "a big rubber thing thats not supposed to fit in any person"
    Me: are u sure about that?

  • zander hood
    zander hood 20 hours ago

    At 1.04 you can see the fake thumb

  • Genuwine6799G
    Genuwine6799G 20 hours ago

    Lady’s have a hard time doing the swallowing trick when I’m much mass

  • sourav mutneja
    sourav mutneja 21 hour ago +1

    Now i can die in peace🤣🤣

  • Cole Gladowsky
    Cole Gladowsky 22 hours ago +1

    2:38 you see what I see

  • FAD3 DRAG00N
    FAD3 DRAG00N 22 hours ago +5

    Grandma feel asleep from my card trick and never woke up.

  • That Bro
    That Bro 22 hours ago

    I just love your voice

  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee 23 hours ago +1

    Reveal shin lims ultimate tricks

  • Betzalel Lebovic
    Betzalel Lebovic 23 hours ago

    marshmallows can't be squeezed down without widening. go ahead, i'll wait for you to try the cookie trick. can't do it, can you? this was accomplished by a trick for sale created by a magician named bizzaro, available at

  • Life with Brian & Bryan


  • u reply back, ur racist
    u reply back, ur racist 23 hours ago +5

    *Magician joins chat*
    *#MindWarehouse** joins chat*
    *Magician disappears*

  • Aryan Persaud
    Aryan Persaud Day ago

    I hate Oreos say what you want but I like chips ahoy

  • Jordon Eccleston

    OK so I just seen an add Ford cars and there is his kid at trilling the cars or whatever like I am bend it said that he was a junior in high school but yet he's 13 I'm 15 and I'm just a freshman

  • I'll watch Anything

    What show is that at 6:16 I forgot

  • the gaming tiger 27

    When you get the magic Oreo I was eating Oreos

  • Truth seeker
    Truth seeker Day ago +1


  • Luke Gutman
    Luke Gutman Day ago

    *_ A huge rubber thing doesnt belong in your body_*

  • SÅÑÅł J
    SÅÑÅł J Day ago

    1.9K u found me

    Do l got 1K yet

  • Joyce Dicksen
    Joyce Dicksen Day ago +1

    I like tricks to

  • Dawood Ali
    Dawood Ali Day ago

    The first magic I knew it before

  • Garota Gamer
    Garota Gamer Day ago


  • Marwan Rifa'i
    Marwan Rifa'i Day ago

    No 1 is real magic

  • GachaStories
    GachaStories Day ago +1

    2:33 *deepthroat* 😏

  • Jakub Kubu
    Jakub Kubu Day ago

    Reveal some of the David Blaine's tricks. For example frog from his mouth.

  • TitanDestroyer 101
    TitanDestroyer 101 Day ago +3

    Jokes on u

    I already knew how they do the magic tricks way before this video

  • Jack Waibel
    Jack Waibel Day ago +15

    So he deflates the sword, thank you for clarifying👍

  • Mirvete Aliu
    Mirvete Aliu Day ago

    You have a really chill voice

  • A loyal Trash
    A loyal Trash Day ago

    What about the part when they pull up back the balloon from their mouth??

  • Jojoflo
    Jojoflo Day ago

    Im surprised no one made a joke about the balloon trick

  • Jyjx Kxkx
    Jyjx Kxkx Day ago

    It's Not magic if you Know the Trick -_-

  • The Youpi
    The Youpi Day ago

    For the magic, that they crunch the blades, I can not say it's fake, because my grandfather crunches blades and he swallows them.

  • Jon Saridjan
    Jon Saridjan Day ago

    Do shin lin's

  • Axel Martín
    Axel Martín Day ago +1

    Like si este canal es el canal secundario de Refugio Mental

  • Evo 1
    Evo 1 Day ago

    The part of Chris angel the chains actually locked

  • Stack Jay
    Stack Jay Day ago

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  • Rany's Vajayjay
    Rany's Vajayjay Day ago

    2:38 my girlfriend can do much better....with both end of her holes.

  • short football clips

    Did anyone notice ranbir Kapoor

  • cmax cristian
    cmax cristian Day ago


  • Faith Hannah Mari Chan

    Wow cool video thanks for sharing

  • Whoosy GamingXD
    Whoosy GamingXD Day ago

    Blm tau mreka kalo limbad bisa makan paku

  • Miko Kura
    Miko Kura Day ago

    Explaining tricks is ruining magic. Thank you

  • mark ritual
    mark ritual Day ago

    Just wish they didn't mad at you

  • Junaid Syed
    Junaid Syed Day ago

    8:35 One can see the mint coming out of his hand and not throat.

  • MinisterOf Gaming ac

    How about shinlim?

  • ضحك 2019
    ضحك 2019 Day ago

    funny animals

  • Antoine Crampton

    Still don't get the chain trick 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio Day ago

    " You are a wizard, Harry !!"

  • Shubham
    Shubham Day ago +1

    So that is how magician make us fool

  • LetchePlan :}
    LetchePlan :} Day ago

    So basically how to eat oreos?

  • Slayz
    Slayz Day ago

    Is the glue one safe cause im about to try it.

  • Gherniel Garcia
    Gherniel Garcia Day ago +2

    Hey Guys can I get like for no reason?

  • Shane Q
    Shane Q Day ago

    Tbh it’s best not knowing the trick like that’s what’s amazing about it

  • san xose alla veralé

    Who else knew these tricks before ??

  • Arsh Chopra
    Arsh Chopra Day ago

    & my silly as thought that was real magic.

  • Rayyan San
    Rayyan San Day ago +1

    I cannot think that
    That look blur in the camera
    So fast i cannot think about it

  • bu Yungg
    bu Yungg Day ago

    How about Shin lim

  • ᴇ s ᴄ ᴀ ɴ ᴏ ʀ

    75% of the video is nonsense/all talk
    25% is the explanation

  • Kack Four
    Kack Four Day ago

    u missed a lots of point that i wanna know . about balloon when they a take it back .

  • Lukah Beckham
    Lukah Beckham Day ago

    It is a fake thumb