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Carrie Underwood - The Champion (Official Lyric Video) ft. Ludacris

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • Official Lyric Video for “The Champion” by Carrie Underwood featuring Ludacris.
    As featured on NBC’s Super Bowl LII and XXIII Winter Olympic Games.
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    Music video by Carrie Underwood performing The Champion. (C) 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Jonathan Osborne
    Jonathan Osborne 12 minutes ago

    awesome song

  • Jahangir Alam
    Jahangir Alam Hour ago

    i even heard this song in school your one and their one is the greatest song ever i love it.

  • V Rain
    V Rain 10 hours ago

    I got picked to do this in school erm

  • Destructor Gaming YT
    Destructor Gaming YT 10 hours ago

    Holy shit this song is amazing😏

  • GamxrLee XAO
    GamxrLee XAO 11 hours ago

    our teacher is making us learn this for a pep ralley

  • Dawnswirsky Swirsky
    Dawnswirsky Swirsky 13 hours ago

    can't stop sining this. i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! i love your singing it is so bootful.

  • Gena Incantalupo
    Gena Incantalupo 14 hours ago

    Carrie Underwood I love The Champion song

  • Inihyia Allen
    Inihyia Allen 15 hours ago +1

    This is amazing ❤️amazing

  • Serhat Filiz
    Serhat Filiz 16 hours ago

    Bad voice.

  • Yasyoo 2411
    Yasyoo 2411 Day ago

  • Shyla Woods
    Shyla Woods Day ago

    She is wonderful this is my favorite song

  • Mackenzie Weiland

    I love the song

  • Angela Ball
    Angela Ball Day ago

    I love this song I got this song stuck in my head

  • Mandi Judy
    Mandi Judy Day ago

    hi Carrie underwood

  • Ariel Nelson
    Ariel Nelson Day ago

    Like when I have a big test i play this song when im getting ready for school and I some how pass the test every time I listen to this song! U should listen to this when ever u r scared about something big

  • Ariel Nelson
    Ariel Nelson Day ago

    I love this song

  • bert finland jr
    bert finland jr Day ago

    if your feeling down just listen to this song

  • bert finland jr
    bert finland jr Day ago

    I love this song so much thank you for making it

  • bert finland jr
    bert finland jr Day ago

    I love this song so much thank you for making it

  • zannaalen
    zannaalen Day ago

    Omg I love this is much is has inspired me so much!!!!❤️❤️😍😍😍😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Allen & Allen Transport

    Shit nut

  • salman ali
    salman ali Day ago

    Wao :-;😚 i love this voice . Now this is my favourite singer . I love this song so much.

  • kevin gaskin
    kevin gaskin 2 days ago


  • 123 Wrestling
    123 Wrestling 2 days ago

    It’s like there bragging

  • Jackie Wamsley
    Jackie Wamsley 2 days ago

    I love this song

  • Savanna Gill
    Savanna Gill 2 days ago +1

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennie Burnett
    Jennie Burnett 2 days ago

    Who says she is a terble says no one ever your the best singer ever born. My uncle is a singer your better then him and look up yung kriss just a moment

  • Colby Little
    Colby Little 2 days ago

    Carrie is a good singer/hashtag I love her song the champion

  • Michael Fleming
    Michael Fleming 2 days ago

    my teacher Mrs cloud loves this song it's her favorite

  • Astrid Hofferson
    Astrid Hofferson 2 days ago

    This is yet the best song of 2018

  • Skylar Fryman
    Skylar Fryman 2 days ago

    I love the song

  • Desirya McCaslin
    Desirya McCaslin 2 days ago


  • Just Dancer
    Just Dancer 2 days ago

    I love you carrie your awsome i love your songs and this song you ✊😂

  • Clista Thompson
    Clista Thompson 2 days ago

    you r the best singer ever

  • setokaiba991
    setokaiba991 2 days ago

    Welcome to the 2018 NBA Finals.

  • Why Doesiymatter
    Why Doesiymatter 3 days ago

    this song give me chills. her voice hits me deep. i feel tge pain that made you strong to get where you are at. but no need for that wake ass raper😍😍

  • Joseph Daniel Chiasson

    I heard from the grapevine that caribou mines belongs to Stephen Harper. Why are you murdering me carrie and Michael?

  • Savauna Garner.ratzlaff

    I love her voice

  • David Rosevelt
    David Rosevelt 3 days ago

    This is my new theme song

  • Dasiya Harrison
    Dasiya Harrison 3 days ago +1

    Who Else listened to this before a big big big test

    • Fangirl Over here with me
      Fangirl Over here with me 3 days ago

      Dasiya Harrison i actually have a big end of the year test tomorrow, I’ve had this on repeat 😂

  • Jennie Burnett
    Jennie Burnett 3 days ago +1

    Ever Since I Heard about the song it made me think of my softball games and my three out of Park home run

  • Candy Plays
    Candy Plays 3 days ago

    At my school we danced to this song

  • Laura Sonsalla
    Laura Sonsalla 3 days ago

    My daughter loves you

  • Rachel Cottrell
    Rachel Cottrell 3 days ago

    You are very good

  • stephanie small
    stephanie small 3 days ago

    I love this song it is my favorite.

  • Mia Estrada Roldan
    Mia Estrada Roldan 3 days ago

    I love this song and I don't even like Carrie Underwood

  • Punam Modak
    Punam Modak 4 days ago +1

    very powerful & motivating song!!!

  • Joseph Daniel Chiasson

    Changed from 33:8 to 33:7 pretty quick didn't you. I told you so pion, but you still followed wade in secret.

  • Joseph Daniel Chiasson

    Champio? Champ 3:38? Yum.

  • Kaylee Lacour
    Kaylee Lacour 4 days ago

    love this song I keep listening to it over and over again

  • Carmelinda Mejia
    Carmelinda Mejia 4 days ago


  • Maya Landaverde
    Maya Landaverde 4 days ago

    Next week I'm in 3rd grade we have testing this whole week and kindergartners gave us cards saying you are gonna rock this test!!! And they put this song on

  • Fast Plays
    Fast Plays 5 days ago

    This is the theme song for my school

  • Melanie Pearch
    Melanie Pearch 5 days ago +1

    I am the champion

  • Brandy Ferguson
    Brandy Ferguson 5 days ago

    I absolutely love this song

  • BOBM567
    BOBM567 5 days ago

    This shit is fucking trash. She’s good but holy shit this song is bad

  • Ethel Breland
    Ethel Breland 5 days ago +1

    I love this song it's so inspiring it helped me when I was down

  • TU tran
    TU tran 5 days ago

    I here this song in school 😍

  • Fatima Adreeta
    Fatima Adreeta 5 days ago +1

    How on earth this has 5.2 k dislikes?

  • Lina Estradabella
    Lina Estradabella 5 days ago

    love it

    TORENA BRUNSON 5 days ago

    My teacher play this song every time we test

  • rose stemming
    rose stemming 5 days ago

    Wow this song isn't very country...I like how she can do different styles and still rock it!!

  • Jacob Lanning
    Jacob Lanning 5 days ago +2

    keep your head and never give up in life when you have a challenge don't get frighten by the hard times just fight and power through the battle it will make you be a better person in life

  • Joslyn Loew
    Joslyn Loew 6 days ago

    This is the song that gets me up in the morning

  • Billy Leon
    Billy Leon 6 days ago +1

    My school is putting this song in the lunch room because am testing before we start test we go have go to the lunch room to hear the song

  • playgirl play
    playgirl play 6 days ago +1

    That pretty good jk it's awsome

  • Chaddameagher
    Chaddameagher 6 days ago


  • Ur Wrong
    Ur Wrong 6 days ago

    She uses auto tune so its not really her actual voice.

  • Red Gamer
    Red Gamer 6 days ago

    i like this song

  • Natalia Bowen
    Natalia Bowen 6 days ago

    nice song

  • Emilie Menard
    Emilie Menard 6 days ago


  • sevim saltan
    sevim saltan 6 days ago

    perfect :)

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby Williams 7 days ago

    i was with my choir and my teacher played this song and everyone sang we all love this song 60 something kids!

  • Brooklynn Sanders
    Brooklynn Sanders 7 days ago

    i love this song

  • Eric Lofquist
    Eric Lofquist 7 days ago +1

    this song is for ppl who are champions like ppl who have cancer that's what the song is for

  • lesly schnapp
    lesly schnapp 7 days ago +1

    My teacher puts this song ALL the time

  • America Castillo
    America Castillo 7 days ago

    My teacher showed us this song

  • Malia Rowell
    Malia Rowell 7 days ago

    Carrie Underwood is so awesome she's my favorite singer

  • Tara Dolen
    Tara Dolen 7 days ago

    Love reading the lyrics... Take 5 min and get INSPIRED

  • stacie monaghan
    stacie monaghan 7 days ago


  • Jonathan Resendiz
    Jonathan Resendiz 8 days ago

    cool song dude I'm your biggest fan of the video

  • Martha Preciado
    Martha Preciado 8 days ago

    You better listen or die

  • Lunar Eclipsewolf
    Lunar Eclipsewolf 8 days ago

    Omg this is amazing I can’t stop listening to this

  • Sanquisha Grady
    Sanquisha Grady 8 days ago

    at school

  • Sanquisha Grady
    Sanquisha Grady 8 days ago

    i am doing the pep rally for this song in you can sing

  • Policeboy123
    Policeboy123 8 days ago

    Listen to this in my cruiser.

  • Gmail Test
    Gmail Test 8 days ago

    You did so good I am so proud of you

  • Jay Ram
    Jay Ram 9 days ago

    VR +RM =RAM

  • California Kid
    California Kid 9 days ago

    This should be the theme for WWE Clash of Champions

  • Savanah Paxia
    Savanah Paxia 9 days ago

    favorite song

  • Grummpycarcae1 pro
    Grummpycarcae1 pro 9 days ago

    I love her new song cry pritty its amazing

  • Adela lopez
    Adela lopez 9 days ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗l like the song

    BOX GAMER 9 days ago

    This is are song that are school horizon play for test in the morning of test day

  • Rhianna Rodriguez
    Rhianna Rodriguez 9 days ago

    i like the song

  • adison thomas
    adison thomas 9 days ago +1

    i have a school talent show and i a m singing this song

  • joanie keyser
    joanie keyser 9 days ago

    This would defo work as an entrance theme for a female WWE Superstar! As usual, Carrie totally killed it!

  • Corrie yoder
    Corrie yoder 9 days ago

    Such a Powerful song.. I love it!! :)

  • Juliana Freitas
    Juliana Freitas 9 days ago

    finalmente achei essa musica estava procurando a tempo

  • Sooyoung trash
    Sooyoung trash 9 days ago

    Can someone suggest motivational songs like this