Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • Lemonade Mouth Disney Channel Movie Reaction
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Comments • 6 209

  • kira joy
    kira joy 21 hour ago

    I what about them in prison hello

  • Lia Crenshaw
    Lia Crenshaw 22 hours ago

    The beginning of the movie sounds like the breakfast club. I do love the breakfast club its one of my favorites though.

  • Official CosmicSnail
    Official CosmicSnail 22 hours ago

    You better take this back Alex

  • Ella Judge
    Ella Judge 22 hours ago +1

    do “Let It Shine” next

  • Nerdy Watch
    Nerdy Watch 22 hours ago

    That is Velma from the real life movies and that is Kimberly from the new power rangers and that is the older sister from good luck Charlie. I don't know how I actually know this but uhh yeaaaaaah.

  • Ben B.
    Ben B. 22 hours ago

    Dont say that abt lemonade mouth 😔🤘🏻

  • jungle master red
    jungle master red 23 hours ago

    The music was pretty good.

  • gage piller
    gage piller 23 hours ago

    Okay but like, the reason why this movie is better or seems better than a lot of disney original movies is because its not. Its based off of a book. Yeah they changed a few things here and there but its core was still the same. So its not a fully original story like they try to do with other movies

  • Javi Iglesias
    Javi Iglesias 23 hours ago

    Can you make one about #realityhigh ?? Pleaseee

  • Peach_Tree 123
    Peach_Tree 123 23 hours ago

    When I saw the title i freaked the frick out!! Until you said Lemonade Mouth was a good movie and yes I do agree!! ^^

  • Steph
    Steph 23 hours ago

    I really love this movie, even though I hadn't watch it many times. It's just... well, I really like musicals and sensitive stories, and this movie does pretty well both of them. And, of course, there's this John Hughes feeling in it, so it's basically impossible to not like it at least a bit. It's light, heartwarming, and doesn't treat like a dumb, unlike many teen movies.

  • Outertale
    Outertale 23 hours ago

    Do “Let It Shine”

  • Gglitch 77
    Gglitch 77 Day ago

    Alex Meyers we need you
    There’s a high school musical show😱

  • Lexi Kline
    Lexi Kline Day ago

    The second I see/hear “lemonade mouth” and “dumb” in the same sentence... let’s just say there’s a dead body that I had nothing to do with

  • kat elena
    kat elena Day ago



  • K.S.Lawrence 3
    K.S.Lawrence 3 Day ago

    You should review zapped 😝😝😝

  • Sebastian Lopez-Carrillo

    do high school musical the musical the series when it comes out tommorow
    cant wait!!!!!

  • Jules
    Jules Day ago

    Never watched this movie or had an interest in it but I do really like the question authority shirt and kinda want one

  • Margot Wyman
    Margot Wyman Day ago

    do victorious

  • J Sharp
    J Sharp Day ago

    Just your average teen rebellion mo-...is that Tisha Campbell??

  • Amy Nicole
    Amy Nicole Day ago

    Thank you! It’s one of my fav disney movies lol

  • Princess Manasse

    Big red flag moment was funny asf 💀💀

  • Nugget Chicken subway

    I thought this movie name was fake bruh

  • BloodMinecraft
    BloodMinecraft Day ago

    *24 frames of nick wants to know your location*

  • Elisa Kistemann
    Elisa Kistemann Day ago

    What is wrong with you? Why don't you do a video about how nice a movie is or something? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  • Sienna
    Sienna Day ago

    Review Dexter!!

  • lauren hartwich
    lauren hartwich Day ago

    Wasn't the band arrested in the movie

  • AzureAnie
    AzureAnie Day ago

    Wow I feel so old, that detention music teacher lady looks familiar, like from Martin? And I had no idea the dad was dating some GIRL IN COMMUNITY COLLEGE THAT'S BASICALLY ME DATING MY DAD

  • lauren hartwich
    lauren hartwich Day ago

    Please react to teen beach and teen beach 2...omg...best Disney musical ever

  • Platinum
    Platinum Day ago

    Wheres the part where they morph into Power Rangers????

  • McKenna Henderson

    Do the Disney Movie Starstruck

  • David Anguiano
    David Anguiano Day ago

    For December you should do Santa Hunters

  • itsyunji
    itsyunji Day ago


  • Hannah Grant
    Hannah Grant Day ago +1

    React to liar liar vampire or I’ll sue you :)

  • Mama UwU
    Mama UwU Day ago

    I have a movie that really bad and I’m hoping you can make a review on it. It’s called Sleepover and you can find on TVclip movies for free

  • GuardianOfMoon
    GuardianOfMoon Day ago

    Would love you to cover the Disney Channel movie: The Color of Friendship

  • magdalena wojtczak

    Well they announced YOU season 2 so maybe we can look forward to that in a few month

  • Brooklyn Davis
    Brooklyn Davis Day ago

    Can you do baby daddy next please👍👍😄😄😄💓💓💓

  • Meme Global
    Meme Global Day ago

    you should do Teen Beach movie or Let It Snow!!

  • midnight-cloud wolf1

    You should do stranger things i want to know how your reaction will be

  • Ryder Ace
    Ryder Ace Day ago

    How about zombies

  • Teal Mandala
    Teal Mandala Day ago

    You can absolutely get in trouble for reading in American public school, I speak from experience.

  • bella
    bella Day ago


  • Muffins33
    Muffins33 Day ago +1

    I’m still waiting for you to do insatiable season 2

  • Lord Yopo
    Lord Yopo Day ago

    Love this movie

  • Leslie Acosta
    Leslie Acosta Day ago

    mean girls?

  • Debbie Lynn Poulin

    Can you do malificant 2

  • Emma Burke
    Emma Burke Day ago

    Someone made a gif of 6:46 I used it while describing a situation I witnessed where a man was verbally abusing this couple. THE GUY IN THE COUPLE WAS THE DUDES KID so that deserved the big ol red flag. And I KNEW the animation style was familiar somehow

  • Sunset of the SkyWings

    take a shot every time he starts the video with "you know"

  • fairycatLJT
    fairycatLJT Day ago

    Okay, just from this video, I can guess what Lemonade Mouth fanfic is like (and I'll go check ao3 to see if I'm right):
    -F/F ships are popular, especially with Stella, and Stella being played by young "lesbian Jesus" Hayley Kiyoko only bolsters that
    -but legit, Stella's really all out here like "fuck authority, fight the power," so there's no way she's not a fan favorite, even if she wasn't Hayley Kiyoko
    -Mo/Charlie is the Fan-Preferred hetero couple
    -Wen's dad's young gf gets shipped with some of the teens because that's how young she seems
    -dark fic about Olivia's dad
    I will reply to this comment with my ao3 findings, and maybe some Tumblr findings as well.

    • fairycatLJT
      fairycatLJT Day ago

      My findings:
      -There is more F/F than M/M, but I'm surprised that there's more het than femslash.
      -I totally forgot about crossovers! There are a few crossovers with Power Rangers (2017), probably because they have Naomi Scott in common. There are also a couple crossovers with other DCOMs.
      -I found two on ao3 where Charlie Delgado is a trans guy.
      -There are so many Tumblr posts about being gay for Hayley Kiyoko and/or Naomi Scott.
      -There are also several Tumblr posts asking why people were concerned about Naomi Scott's singing ability for Aladdin because "didn't you hear her in Lemonade Mouth?!"
      -One of these fics, posted on both ao3 and FFN, is titled "Girls Like Girls."
      -Yep, I found a hurt/comfort fic on FFN regarding Olivia's dad.
      -There are some future fics on FFN (i.e., the band when they're older).
      -I cannot overstate the presence of posts about Lesbian Jesus Hayley Kiyoko.

  • Tierney Bilstrom

    please do zombies!!!!!!!

  • Gracjan R
    Gracjan R Day ago

    now do “Let It Shine”

  • Reyna Pineda
    Reyna Pineda Day ago

    Frozen Frozen!!!!!!!

  • charlieteevee
    charlieteevee Day ago

    Can you do Cory in the house pls

  • ?????????
    ????????? Day ago

    React to elite

  • Thomas Locke
    Thomas Locke Day ago


  • quenched
    quenched Day ago

    omg can you review euphoria next?!

  • kiszkacrazy
    kiszkacrazy Day ago

    Am I the only one who would like him to do a video about The Dirt from Netflix?

  • Atiyyah Limalia
    Atiyyah Limalia Day ago

    Could you make one of these for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Carlos Maravilla

    I was just listening to breakthrough......