Sylas, the Unshackled | Login Screen - League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 26, 2019
  • The official login screen for Sylas, the Unshackled.
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  • hocine riad
    hocine riad 2 days ago

    hey that my communist boi

  • Noxus'un Eli Darius
    Noxus'un Eli Darius 2 days ago +1

    186 dislike bc main

  • MANNØ 3U
    MANNØ 3U 6 days ago

    a pior login screen q eu já vi xD

  • Confused BOI
    Confused BOI 9 days ago +2

    Rito should have give him a scythe and a hammer

    I think i spelled scythe wrong

  • unnamed
    unnamed 12 days ago

    3:00 this part had me shook

  • はせちめぐはみ
    はせちめぐはみ 18 days ago

    This theme is broken like this champ

  • order and chaos
    order and chaos 19 days ago +1

    I love that the sylas and poppy have the same violin solo on demacia rising theme

  • Savage Animal
    Savage Animal 20 days ago +2

    2:49 😵😍

  • E17 BORA Yalniz
    E17 BORA Yalniz 23 days ago +1

    Sylas: Sees Thanos

    Snaps fingers

  • Daniel Bórquez
    Daniel Bórquez 23 days ago

    An amazing theme for an amazing character

  • Davi Alexandre
    Davi Alexandre 25 days ago

    I found the song from his trailer better than that.

  • Muhteşem Oyuncu
    Muhteşem Oyuncu 27 days ago +1

    All the dislikes from Blitz mains and LoL haters

  • Smuuchie
    Smuuchie 27 days ago


  • Matt Allen Beldad
    Matt Allen Beldad 28 days ago

    Demacian Falling

  • Safayet anowar
    Safayet anowar Month ago

    1:42 goosebumps

  • Boxhead
    Boxhead Month ago

    3:01 gives me the creeps

  • Natallia Isabel
    Natallia Isabel Month ago +1

    League of Legends only has thieves
    Sylas steals your ULT
    Neeko steals your appearance
    Zoe steals your spells
    Thresh steals your wife

    • WhatsAToad
      WhatsAToad Month ago +1

      Zoe technically recycles in a way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Gian Gumabong
    Gian Gumabong Month ago +1

    Rito make a full music about this plese i reallly like this song

  • David Sebastian Zavalla ESPINOZA

    it looks like Pyke's login screen

  • A Boosted Tree
    A Boosted Tree Month ago

    Who here got mad that Blitz died from a dumb champ?

  • AlexLun
    AlexLun Month ago

    Comrade sylas

  • YaSUo MaIN
    YaSUo MaIN Month ago

    Finally a demacian who needs skill

  • Coven Lissandra
    Coven Lissandra Month ago +1

    Pls steal my hearth

  • Choi Seo-Seoyoung
    Choi Seo-Seoyoung Month ago

    1:42 ~ Demacia Rising

  • Oct'avius!
    Oct'avius! Month ago

    He is so awsome~! 😍

  • Sulaiman Dawood
    Sulaiman Dawood Month ago +1

    The moment at 3:17 when the theme merges with Demacia Rising giving it that sad and dark feel!

  • doki the dog
    doki the dog Month ago

    Soy el único que piensa que esta canción le hubiera quedado perfecta a pyke :v?

  • du bist
    du bist Month ago

    Dude when the music started I just thought: Rhaast? Is this you?

  • Jailson
    Jailson Month ago

    H.I.P Blitzcrank

  • 일상생활 불가능한변태 악마

    Sylar's counter is Udir. Because his R is a flash.

  • YhelloWish
    YhelloWish Month ago

    Can we copy strike SYLAS?

  • Senhor Perry
    Senhor Perry Month ago

    this song combined perfectly with the character and its philosophy, the violin and the cello behind in a melancholy and terrifying rhythm, symbolizing the French revolution that has the same climate, along with the fact that Sylas is a revolutionary. Perfect.

  • taha elhour
    taha elhour Month ago

    Can we just thank riot for giving us the option to download these

  • Exon
    Exon Month ago

    Seeing this for the first time was incredible

  • PugInSpace
    PugInSpace Month ago

    The best login screen doesn't exi-

  • Patrick Estrela
    Patrick Estrela Month ago

    Best animation.

  • 愁い-Unorthodox
    愁い-Unorthodox Month ago


  • Spyder
    Spyder Month ago

    2:35 omg

  • Lloyd Vaan
    Lloyd Vaan Month ago +1

    i love more league's music and art than the game itself

  • Dillon Karren
    Dillon Karren Month ago

    Sounds a lot like Red Kayn's theme.

  • Sir Pugell
    Sir Pugell Month ago

    Beginning sounds alot like rhaasts theme

  • nobre
    nobre Month ago +1


  • 헤드셋머리가3개면

    Is he smoking?

  • Gemma Ti
    Gemma Ti Month ago

    please, does exist a longer version of this epic music? or, might someone know who is the composer?

  • Beiken Andersen
    Beiken Andersen Month ago

    Al principio iba a sonar awaken pero sylas se robó el soundtrack con el r tremenda referencia me mande

  • Justin K.
    Justin K. Month ago +1

    Should've been the soviets anthem

  • Samet Uslu
    Samet Uslu Month ago

    Im here for 3:17

  • Assassinoid
    Assassinoid Month ago

    Can we copystrike Sylas?

  • Magnezar
    Magnezar Month ago

    Nerf W plz

  • Thorin Oakenshield
    Thorin Oakenshield Month ago


  • Boaster Roaster
    Boaster Roaster 2 months ago

    Dang those back muscles look good

  • Javi B
    Javi B 2 months ago +2

    So he's just some shirtless nibidy who runs around hitting people with his bdsm cuffs while screaming "we live in a society!"

  • rregaS
    rregaS 2 months ago

    Most epic login screen music in history of league of legends, it beats even aatrox and darkin kayn in my opinion.

  • Neeko
    Neeko 2 months ago

    So Ironic to have Demacia Rising in this.. I love it

  • SharkanG 10
    SharkanG 10 2 months ago +2

    *wow KIRBY looks very cool in this game*

  • Vedat 'STR4NGE' Özmen
    Vedat 'STR4NGE' Özmen 2 months ago

    Obscure recalled..

  • Kamil Alakaya
    Kamil Alakaya 2 months ago


  • ANON
    ANON 2 months ago

    And on this day the OP heal started.

  • LoL Darth Ynot
    LoL Darth Ynot 2 months ago

    [ Execute the entire Demacian royal family Intensifies ]

  • supernova
    supernova 2 months ago

    He also stole Kayn's music

  • vi
    vi 2 months ago +1

    Me encargare de esto -_-

  • Sebas Garcia
    Sebas Garcia 2 months ago


  • Alemahom M
    Alemahom M 2 months ago

    1:25 This part is sick!

  • Mitus
    Mitus 2 months ago

    Arguably the coolest login screen of them all.

  • Daniel Nieto
    Daniel Nieto 2 months ago +1

    ZOE:our spells
    PYKE: our kills
    NEEKO: our looks
    SYLAS: our ults, our login screens

  • Holloaway
    Holloaway 2 months ago

    Sounds alot like Rhaast Login Theme.

  • My Boss Is My Baby
    My Boss Is My Baby 2 months ago

    Im getting serious vibes to sombras highlight inteo thing Where she hacking it

  • The Engineer Guy
    The Engineer Guy 2 months ago

    If this theme has a title, it'll be "Demacia's Decline".

  • Javi
    Javi 2 months ago


  • King of Angels
    King of Angels 2 months ago

    Sylas, the trash :)))

  • Mr. Newbie
    Mr. Newbie 2 months ago

    i like this one i i hope u guys can make a movie about league of legend

  • dito natschkebia
    dito natschkebia 2 months ago

    i think sylas has interractions with fiora

  • Sonan X
    Sonan X 2 months ago

    I never got to see this login screen. All I got was the 2019 Season login screen instead wtf

  • Sonamatee Koonjbeeharry

    The music does it all

  • nicky_giordano
    nicky_giordano 2 months ago

    Боже, лучший загрузочный экран. Я не могу наслушаться

  • AsafPlay
    AsafPlay 2 months ago

    Nerf sylas

  • lifecraft animations
    lifecraft animations 2 months ago

    first my ult, then my login screen. how much you want a bet he's the one who stole graves cigar?

  • Javier Moldoveanu
    Javier Moldoveanu 2 months ago +2


  • Alejandro Pérez
    Alejandro Pérez 2 months ago


  • Help Skarner and Warwick pls

    help skarner

  • Jai Veron
    Jai Veron 2 months ago

    Sounds more like pyke

  • Santiago Correa Restrepo

    que vuelvan las login screens de antes

  • That Vinegar Boi
    That Vinegar Boi 2 months ago +5

    He does pose like DIO
    And I like that

  • Caio Gomes
    Caio Gomes 2 months ago

    And shall de comunist revolution began...

  • Purplebot_ Hd
    Purplebot_ Hd 2 months ago

    Targon(Zoe) Shurima,Piktover,bandlecity etc is missing XD

  • Riotmaker ZeroNine
    Riotmaker ZeroNine 2 months ago +4

    The Violin Part Marks His Suffering due to Persecution of Mageseekers in Demacia.
    The Demacia Rising leitmotif marks the Dark Side of Demacia.
    The Piano Part marks he was He was Born Poor and Suffered life Imprisonment.

  • Sailor Pan
    Sailor Pan 2 months ago

    Sensing *THICCNESS*

  • Dawoud Sager
    Dawoud Sager 2 months ago


  • Handa
    Handa 2 months ago


  • Martinez 666
    Martinez 666 2 months ago

    At least 1000 views are mine

  • Normi
    Normi 2 months ago +1

    He's been locked up for years but he's more muscular than me, how???

    • Normi
      Normi 2 months ago

      +Fulano De Tal he was locked up, he wasn't carrying them around. I was gonna say how does he have big lats when he's carrying them around, but I realise his second E is literally doing rows.

    • Fulano De Tal
      Fulano De Tal 2 months ago

      Carrying those have af chains around does that

    • Tahm Kench Rzeczny Król
      Tahm Kench Rzeczny Król 2 months ago

      Training and magic (maybe some inlegal potions)

  • abdurrahmane sab
    abdurrahmane sab 2 months ago

    poor blitzcrank

  • Gilgamesh ,the treasure hunter

    You know, as someone else said, Im definitely hearing bits of Kayn's login themes, Aatrox's, etc

  • TheDada Channel
    TheDada Channel 2 months ago

    Really... GREAT😉

  • Mr. Staff
    Mr. Staff 2 months ago +3

    New Champion Spotlight : *Shaggy*

  • Cyprian Michalczyk
    Cyprian Michalczyk 2 months ago +16

    3:10 This bit is so god dam powerfull.
    He stole my ult, login screen heart and virginity!

  • Ivaylo .Traykov
    Ivaylo .Traykov 2 months ago +1

    Kratos skin pls rito

  • kekektz Izi28
    kekektz Izi28 2 months ago

    I want him with russian accent

    CTHULHU 2 months ago +2