Sylas, the Unshackled | Login Screen - League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 26, 2019
  • The official login screen for Sylas, the Unshackled.
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  • Smoke
    Smoke Day ago

    it baits me every time

  • Dyfan Dzakirah
    Dyfan Dzakirah 2 days ago

    IF sylas steal sylas ultimate then what is his ultimate?

  • Crono 7
    Crono 7 4 days ago


  • Nadav Lugassy
    Nadav Lugassy 9 days ago +6

    Who's here after the 3rd issue?!

  • CosmoGamerz/ /TheGodOfFury

    This champ is a russian, i bet this is one of swain's soldier

  • PRună
    PRună 29 days ago

    This theme is one of my favorites

  • Wild Pony
    Wild Pony Month ago

    I broke my bunkbed while watching this video and im about to tell my mummy, im so scared


    Blitz got demonetized so badly. thought he was immune to the yellow mark since is yellow too.

  • Main Urgot
    Main Urgot Month ago +1


  • Darcus DMO
    Darcus DMO Month ago

    3:17 PERFECTION!

  • Minenik
    Minenik Month ago

    Yoik my loading screen now

  • Cheese Master 64
    Cheese Master 64 Month ago

    the question is how can he be so buffed up when he was in chains and had no way to train his muscles all the time

  • abdurrahmane sab
    abdurrahmane sab Month ago +1

    mr steal your login screen.

  • Zeke NX
    Zeke NX Month ago


  • Łukasz Puła
    Łukasz Puła Month ago

    Great, dark login screen that catch me off guard first time
    however i kinda mis a classic one. Imagine hearing a wall crack, explosion and a sylas with this madness in his eyes he has in his splash art, all among the dust

  • Madman
    Madman Month ago

    *>stole my ult*
    *>gets killed by my ult*

  • Ridwan
    Ridwan Month ago

    Hey, it's Ricardo

  • Лысый Каджит

    Итак, как это скачать? :d

  • Just-in K.
    Just-in K. Month ago +1

    We are a penguin

  • Google não deixou eu colocar um nome maior que esse

    that instrumental pause at 1:24 tho

  • Piotr Mikusek
    Piotr Mikusek 2 months ago

    Dear Riot,Communism is back

  • Mr. Predator
    Mr. Predator 2 months ago

    this a beautiful song for main sylas

  • Zubair Shaikh
    Zubair Shaikh 2 months ago

    *Steals Thanos Ult*

  • Martin Tóth
    Martin Tóth 2 months ago

    I have never played with him but i swear he could get a movie or at least could be the big bad in it.

  • Silver Bowz
    Silver Bowz 2 months ago

    after that whole wwe thing and all and the fact sylas has his w named kingslayer, when are we getting a seth rollins sylas skin? XD XD

  • max1331m
    max1331m 2 months ago

    buff sylas

  • Hubert Trzepacz
    Hubert Trzepacz 2 months ago +1

    Project eve
    Project pyke
    Project sylas
    And the login screen music its just converted to project style

  • PraiseDa Memes
    PraiseDa Memes 2 months ago +2

    Riot best champion release to date

  • Stone Behemoth
    Stone Behemoth 2 months ago +2

    Demacia made him a villain. But he is more like an anti hero

  • JPLangley
    JPLangley 2 months ago +3

    "I say no more. Mages of Demacia, the day has come! It's time we fight back!"

  • Wei Steven
    Wei Steven 2 months ago

    I don't know if Riot does it (probably), but I remember Jim Sterling talking about a patent one of the big developer has (I think it was EA or Ubisoft) for a system to manipulate the difficulty of a player's matches in matchmade PvP systems in order to trick the player into playing more by way of subtly artificially treating that player as more or less skilled than they are.
    I know in my experience, every time I finally work my way up to a new rank that I've never been to before, I immediately go on a 1-9 streak and get demoted twice.

  • Paul Ollivier
    Paul Ollivier 2 months ago

    Very good music, kudos

  • Kayn & Rhaast
    Kayn & Rhaast 2 months ago

    Im the only get emotional at his trailer and started crying a littlebit

  • The DeltA
    The DeltA 2 months ago +1

    0:42 You can here MasterYI meditating

  • Hamza Bouslema
    Hamza Bouslema 2 months ago

    Demacia rising is that u ?

  • Fabio CROCE
    Fabio CROCE 2 months ago

    1:41 here start the best part

  • hocine riad
    hocine riad 2 months ago

    hey that my communist boi

  • Enes Yetim
    Enes Yetim 2 months ago +4

    186 dislike bc main

  • MANNØ 3U
    MANNØ 3U 3 months ago

    a pior login screen q eu já vi xD

  • Confused BOI
    Confused BOI 3 months ago +3

    Rito should have give him a scythe and a hammer

    I think i spelled scythe wrong

  • unnamed
    unnamed 3 months ago +1

    3:00 this part had me shook

  • はせちめぐはみ
    はせちめぐはみ 3 months ago

    This theme is broken like this champ

  • order and chaos
    order and chaos 3 months ago +1

    I love that the sylas and poppy have the same violin solo on demacia rising theme

  • Savage Animal
    Savage Animal 3 months ago +1

    2:49 😵😍

  • E17 BORA Yalniz
    E17 BORA Yalniz 3 months ago +2

    Sylas: Sees Thanos

    Snaps fingers

  • Davi Alexandre
    Davi Alexandre 3 months ago

    I found the song from his trailer better than that.

  • Exetiorfan
    Exetiorfan 3 months ago +1

    All the dislikes from Blitz mains and LoL haters

  • Smuuchie
    Smuuchie 3 months ago


  • Matt Allen Beldad
    Matt Allen Beldad 3 months ago

    Demacian Falling

  • Safayet anowar
    Safayet anowar 3 months ago

    1:42 goosebumps

  • TheAlpha
    TheAlpha 3 months ago

    3:01 gives me the creeps

  • Natallia Isabel
    Natallia Isabel 3 months ago +1

    League of Legends only has thieves
    Sylas steals your ULT
    Neeko steals your appearance
    Zoe steals your spells
    Thresh steals your wife

    • WhatsAToad
      WhatsAToad 3 months ago +1

      Zoe technically recycles in a way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Gian Gumabong
    Gian Gumabong 3 months ago +1

    Rito make a full music about this plese i reallly like this song

  • David Sebastian Zavalla ESPINOZA

    it looks like Pyke's login screen

  • A Boosted Tree
    A Boosted Tree 4 months ago

    Who here got mad that Blitz died from a dumb champ?

  • AlexLun
    AlexLun 4 months ago

    Comrade sylas

  • JHIN gerbread
    JHIN gerbread 4 months ago

    Finally a demacian who needs skill

  • Coven Lissandra
    Coven Lissandra 4 months ago +1

    Pls steal my hearth

  • Choi Seo-Seoyoung
    Choi Seo-Seoyoung 4 months ago

    1:42 ~ Demacia Rising

  • BroGamer
    BroGamer 4 months ago

    He is so awsome~! 😍

  • Sulaiman Dawood
    Sulaiman Dawood 4 months ago +1

    The moment at 3:17 when the theme merges with Demacia Rising giving it that sad and dark feel!

  • doki the dog
    doki the dog 4 months ago +1

    Soy el único que piensa que esta canción le hubiera quedado perfecta a pyke :v?

  • du bist
    du bist 4 months ago

    Dude when the music started I just thought: Rhaast? Is this you?

  • Jailson
    Jailson 4 months ago

    H.I.P Blitzcrank

  • 일상생활 불가능한변태 악마

    Sylar's counter is Udir. Because his R is a flash.

  • YhelloWish
    YhelloWish 4 months ago

    Can we copy strike SYLAS?

  • Senhor Perry
    Senhor Perry 4 months ago

    this song combined perfectly with the character and its philosophy, the violin and the cello behind in a melancholy and terrifying rhythm, symbolizing the French revolution that has the same climate, along with the fact that Sylas is a revolutionary. Perfect.

  • taha elhour
    taha elhour 4 months ago

    Can we just thank riot for giving us the option to download these

  • Exon
    Exon 4 months ago

    Seeing this for the first time was incredible

  • Shard
    Shard 4 months ago

    The best login screen doesn't exi-