I Caught My Gf With Her Prof

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Hey. My name is Dave and I'm 20 years old. I think everyone knows what jealousy is, and many people have even felt it… But in my case, it went too far. I ruined my future because of jealousy. Alright, I`ll tell you my story.
    It all started last year in my college cafeteria. I saw a very beautiful girl who was eating at another table. I don't know what happened, but I couldn`t take my eyes off of her. I literally just stared at her and it felt like my brain shut down for about 2 minutes... It only turned back on when she came up to me. The cutest face in the world said to me, "What are you looking at, moron?" In truth, if she had said something different, perhaps I would not be that interested, but after this "moron" comment, I was totally hooked. After that, I found her on Facebook, added her as a friend, immediately apologized for the awkward situation, and explained that normally I do not stare at girls, but she was an exception. She laughed and said that she actually kind of liked it. We talked and exchanged some memes. It was cool, but the problem was, she didn't tell me about one little detail. I asked her out, but the answer stunned me. She already had a boyfriend. I was like, "What?" If she had a boyfriend, why was she so easy going with me? More importantly, why was she flirting with me? I asked these questions to her and her answer was interesting... She said she liked me, and she was tired of her boyfriend. Yeah, this answer meant that she had a boyfriend right now and that was not good, but I knew that she definitely gonna end up with me. And, well, as I expected, she broke up with her boyfriend a couple of days later. And we started dating.
    We were together for six months and it was cool. But sometimes we fought, and it`s always been for the same reason... jealousy. It bothered me that she was too easy going with guys, while I limited my communication with other girls. And of course, the circumstances from the beginning of our relationship just fueled the fire, so I was always on high alert. You know, cause she had broken up with her previous boyfriend so easily. There were many reasons to be jealous, but an incident with Mr. Orton made me angry. He was a young history professor. I noticed that on days when Megan had history classes, she always dressed up prettier than usual. And once, when we were sitting at McDonald's, she left her phone at the table and went to place her order. And right at that time, Mr. Orton called her, and the picture on his contact was their joint selfie. Of course I started a fight. I didn't like that she was so nice to him. But she said it was just because she wanted a good grade in history. It was our biggest fight, and we even stopped talking for a few days. But then I apologized for overreacting, and she apologized for giving me a lot of reasons to be jealous.
    After some time, as part of a scientific expedition, our college began to gather students to go camping at Yellowstone National Park. Megan liked the idea, and she asked me to go with her. But I couldn't go. I already had a family trip planned to go to another city for my uncle's birthday. And it was clear that the expedition was going to be interesting, but I still couldn`t go. I didn't want to let Megan go alone, so I asked her to not go on the trip either. Especially when I found out that Mr. Orton would be leading this hike... Yeah, whatever, I was still jealous. Even though she really wanted to go she understood how I felt and agreed to stay home. So everything was cool. I went to the birthday party and had a great time with my family. I told Megan I was going to go to my uncle's for a week, but I managed to get back a couple of days early. I decided to surprise her and went to her house without calling her first. Her parents opened the door and I asked for Megan, but they said that she was still in Yellowstone and wouldn't be back until tomorrow. This information stunned me. I wanted to call her to sort things out, but I decided to give her a chance to come clean. So I just said, "Hey, where are you now?" But she told me she was at home. So, I caught her lying and started yelling at her. She wanted to apologize, but her credibility was compromised because, if she lied to me once, she could have lied to me before. We argued again and I was so angry that at some point I just yelled, "We're breaking up," and hung up.
    She started calling me nonstop, but I ignored her. The next day I told my friends about what happened... To cheer me up, they invited me to a party, and I thought, "Why not?" After all, she's to blame for what happened, and now I'm a free man and I can do whatever I want...

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    Thanks for watching. Have you ever been this jealous? How did you fight it? Tell about it in the comments. And be sure to share this video with your friends!

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    • Voltaik Oasis
      Voltaik Oasis 17 days ago

      I’ve actually been jealous like that before although it was with my best friend and my girlfriend and I could not stand him after that I don’t talk to either one of them anymore even though I care about them both a lot still.

    • The Beykid
      The Beykid 17 days ago

      If your facing two years of jail how did you submit/tell the story

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      Did you get your girl back XD

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      His girlfriend wasn't cheating on him he broke up with her

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    This is why you should never date someone that would break up with their gf/bf to be with you

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    *Actually Happened*

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    We were best friends and I fell in love with her, after 2 years she became my best friends girlfriend and I didn’t like it so I asked her to hang out she said yes but of course she couldn’t breakup with my best friend so we were close best friends♥️♥️😍

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