NYC's Best Burger, Explained | Food Skills

  • Published on Mar 13, 2017
  • As the patty wars rage on year after year in New York, the Brindle Room burger consistently lures purists back to the East Village with its simple packaging and masterfully balanced beef blend. Chef Jeremy Spector breaks down the fundamentals of this damn-near perfect cheeseburger.
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Comments • 815

  • Satori
    Satori 7 hours ago

    Burnt burger.

  • Grand Daddy Purple W
    Grand Daddy Purple W 6 days ago +1

    That burger was so rare it was wet with a soggy bun. ..

  • Craig Mc
    Craig Mc 2 months ago

    Jeremy, come to Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. Go to Andrews Burgers and ask for a burger with the lot. That is a burger! It will blow your mind. Head spinning eating. Google it! I'm sure yours is real good too but I'd be surprised if you could match the mouth watering taste of an Andrews!

  • Tom Wheatcroft
    Tom Wheatcroft 2 months ago

    after it's done you just throw it away?....why dont you show "the masses" eating it?....oh glorious masters.
    dafuq man.....sorry

    SToPTRiPPinBOI 3 months ago

    why would you add the cheapest cheese on to a great burger.... Let me put some hub-caps on my Lamborghini so it doesnt distract people form the actual car?!?!?

  • jswanza
    jswanza 4 months ago

    Bottom bun so damn thin and getting soggy af with all that juice. Shit looks guaranteed to fall apart

  • Mari Anna
    Mari Anna 6 months ago +1

    Wow, if this is NYC's best burger, I feel bad for you guys over there!

  • Skyhound
    Skyhound 6 months ago

    People need to educate themselves on cheese before saying American Cheese is crap. If the only american cheese you have had is kraft singles, you have no right commenting on it and should just keep your mouth shut. American is just a very mild cheddar cheese, try land o lakes or a proper artisan american cheese, there is a distinct difference between that and kraft shit singles.

  • flyingbutthole
    flyingbutthole 7 months ago

    This place is actually not good. I would avoid at all cost.

  • Michael Mansfield
    Michael Mansfield 7 months ago

    The burger must be the most overfucked food item in the world.... simple is always best. Great meat, good bun, shit cheese.

  • Guerra dos Bichos
    Guerra dos Bichos 7 months ago

    0:33 it looks disgusting

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller 7 months ago

    Everything he says comes from the back of his throat. Lmao

  • WigganNuG
    WigganNuG 8 months ago

    I KNEW a bunch of snooty, self-described "foodies" would come on here SHIT all over American Cheese and a simple cheap bun. I hardly EVER use American Cheese, except on burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. Its not ALWAYS about "the best" or most expensive ingredients that make a good regional comfort food, like a classic american burger, its often about what WORKS best for most people. MOST Americans will tell you they prefer american cheese on the burger. It melts the best for good creamy texture. It has a simply milky flavor that really compliments beef fat, and helps cut the raw onion. Its just PERFECT for that classic burger feel. Cheddar!? No WAY! I've had mild and sharp, and it just NEVER melts right and COMPLETELY overtakes the rest of the classic toppings of burger. Of course, its all subjective, but I can say from hearing from top notch chefs and just average americans, they PREFER a good American Cheese on their burger over anything else. (BTW, American Cheese does not equal Kraft American Cheese... their are many different manufacturers and they all have subtle differences in flavor.)

  • Curt Popejoy
    Curt Popejoy 8 months ago

    Good to see the food snobs are coming around to the notion that more isn't better with a burger.

  • george atlas
    george atlas 8 months ago

    gr8 burger m8

  • Чарлс Баркли

    simple but probably worked to perfection :). Ill have that like 4-5 times in a month if i was living in NYC

  • Frederik Centervall
    Frederik Centervall 9 months ago +1

    My anaconda dont want none of that soggy bun hun

  • Kamote Tops
    Kamote Tops 9 months ago

    What kind of a man who doesn't want a nice _buns?_ 🤤😎

  • Leo Ruiz
    Leo Ruiz 10 months ago +1

    To medium for my’s a burger, not a steak..

  • kanonokne nikhomvan
    kanonokne nikhomvan 10 months ago

    its not world famous... stop it you fat fuck...

  • face punch
    face punch 10 months ago

    but where is the pickels

  • Gluskap
    Gluskap 10 months ago

    “The whole experience is all about the meat”
    No, it’s not. Too much gibberish in this video so I could only understand this part and as I said it’s not true.

  • Pedro Salinas
    Pedro Salinas 10 months ago +2

    This is NOT the best burger in NYC. It's not even the best burger in the neighborhood.

  • Lars Haake
    Lars Haake 10 months ago

    Looks like nothing special.

  • RIcky Rick
    RIcky Rick 10 months ago +1

    Looks disgusting.

  • j0nnyism
    j0nnyism 10 months ago

    Should cook the fries in the beef fat. Trust me on this theyll taste amazing

  • 5.0 FoxBody
    5.0 FoxBody 10 months ago

    I just jizzed on myself

  • Lil Cumstain
    Lil Cumstain 11 months ago

    That bun finna be soggy asf

  • ToxicNYC
    ToxicNYC 11 months ago

    Damn, sure are a lot of burger "experts" in the comment section.

    LEO VERA 11 months ago

    Im not perfect at english, can someone please tell me the % of meats the burger has?

  • McRibs
    McRibs 11 months ago

    Why this dude look like Raj from Kitchen Nightmares

  • baxtermaxtor
    baxtermaxtor 11 months ago

    I had this and it was not great.

  • OntarioStorms
    OntarioStorms 11 months ago

    The bun matters to a high degree. He is probably just a spoiled chef for bun quality in the area.

  • skwigz21
    skwigz21 11 months ago I want a damn cheeseburger...thanks

  • Miguel
    Miguel 11 months ago

    I've had it a few times and I'm telling you guys the bun doesn't not hinder the burger experience at all. It honestly elevates it because it doesn't try too hard to be anymore than just a burger. It's amazing.

  • FUEL
    FUEL 11 months ago

    dude, toast the bun

  • Beef Stu
    Beef Stu 11 months ago

    Looks amazing and terrible for you

  • Stu R.
    Stu R. 11 months ago

    Agree 100% about the bun - it should be super insignificant. Seriously, fast food joints have the best buns, like McDonalds. That's what I dislike about a lot of "gourmet burger" joints - they use these super bulky, huge, thick buns that just hide the meat away.

  • Sirens
    Sirens 11 months ago

    Sorry but it cant be the best burger if you use some crappy bun and say it dosnt matter because its not the focus. You add it because it elevates the dish more. Just imagine if that burger was on a fluffy toasted butter bun, amazing

  • Handwash
    Handwash 11 months ago

    The best burger needs the best cheese and the best bun too. Not just the best meat. Them onions looked good tho.

  • David Zhang
    David Zhang Year ago

    1:25 Instant like.

  • Jason Skelton
    Jason Skelton Year ago

    God bless you!!

  • zach feinstein
    zach feinstein Year ago

    Look at that marbling

  • Tsakan2
    Tsakan2 Year ago

    The bun don't matter? Cmon bud, buns are part of the equation, don't sleep on em. Though you don't need some fancy ass garbage bun

  • Wiam Leiss
    Wiam Leiss Year ago

    Take amazing meat and onions and then ruin with shitty cheese and bun... why?

  • Ali Meh
    Ali Meh Year ago

    Wanting the meat to be a "star" is not an excuse for shitty cheap buns

  • The Jew Crew
    The Jew Crew Year ago +5

    You purposely use a shitty bun??? Smh

    • The Jew Crew
      The Jew Crew 10 months ago

      Josh G shit bun

    • Josh G
      Josh G 10 months ago

      The Jew Crew Not shitty. Cheap. Potato buns are cheap but are by far the best bun for burgers. Brioche is so rich it ruins the whole experiance. Potato bun =75 cents vs brioche 1.50-2.00$ not a crappy bun just cheaper

  • Alice Lin
    Alice Lin Year ago +5

    the onion on the last one made me cry

  • Andrew Lazar
    Andrew Lazar Year ago

    This comment section is pure comedy gold. I will not join the argument because the raw police will come knocking on my door, but this is such a funny comment section.

  • Gonzonalized420
    Gonzonalized420 Year ago +2

    let me guess NYC prices for such a burger? 20-30 Dolllars, minimum?

  • f off
    f off Year ago

    this guy seems like a nice guy .. so someones gonna say hes not from ny i guess

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Year ago

    The Burger at Positive Pie in Hardwick Vermont is way better. Period.

  • Mr. Si Señor
    Mr. Si Señor Year ago

    Little to undercooked

  • Tony S
    Tony S Year ago +1

    Learn how to make a burger you fucking hipster douchebags. I don't eat anywhere that serves me a hamburger patty the shape of a ball.

  • DMG Report
    DMG Report Year ago

    i mean tbh, you havent traveled the world to taste burgers. so the best burger you ever had doesnt mean shit lol

  • Tyler
    Tyler Year ago


  • Mill Michael
    Mill Michael Year ago

    Old News!

  • marioelbros
    marioelbros Year ago +1

    No dressings, too much fat, too simple. NEXT.

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez Year ago

    how much is that damn Burger come on now???? I don't think I'll be buying it looks good though

  • Thomas An
    Thomas An Year ago

    This guy reminds me of a socially acceptable version of Raj from Kitchen nightmares

  • Seaneas
    Seaneas Year ago

    Seth Rogen + James Franco = This guy

  • Luis Cortez
    Luis Cortez Year ago

    He's really not lying about this burger.

  • CY Cheng
    CY Cheng Year ago

    Burger blood

  • Elshan A
    Elshan A Year ago

    that doesn't even look tasty

  • According To Honda

    Aged meat trimmings? So. the furry stuff?

    CRIBBSSTUD Year ago

    i call bs that is only 10% fat lol

      CRIBBSSTUD Year ago +1

      that sounds about right looks great i would love to try it. Thanks for the comment!

    • Brian McDonald
      Brian McDonald Year ago

      I think I saw a video a while back where they said the pattie might have been around 30% fat

      CRIBBSSTUD Year ago +1

      understood i am butcher but claiming 10% fat is arbitrary

    • Brian McDonald
      Brian McDonald Year ago

      It's 10% fat but not factoring the percentages of fat that are in the chuck and short rib which will have a decent amount on their own.

  • AMIR P
    AMIR P Year ago

    I was there, it's great.

  • Nathan Schacher
    Nathan Schacher Year ago

    Hey i got an idea, how about you rename that burger 'The Piss & Shit Burger' because this burger looks absolutely disgusting

  • Nathan Schacher
    Nathan Schacher Year ago

    actually a disgusting excuse for a burger, NYC should stick to pizza

  • Horst Tristan von Wittenbach

    "American cheese melts perfectly"... That's everything it does. No much after that... 😙🎼

  • 123puta3
    123puta3 Year ago

    This is nothing special...

  • phazek2
    phazek2 Year ago

    should have added bacon instead of the onions

  • Unthawed
    Unthawed Year ago

    American cheese sure won't overwhelm the burger with additional flavor since it doesn't have any :')

  • jeffwads
    jeffwads Year ago

    0:26 moneyshot.

  • Nikola Tasevski
    Nikola Tasevski Year ago

    American cheese is borderline cheese lol

  • KrsJ
    KrsJ Year ago

    $17 for that? No thanks.

  • Andrew Valentine
    Andrew Valentine Year ago

    You mean best New Jersey burger?

  • Gryffydd David
    Gryffydd David Year ago

    I've been watching food videos for about an hour and now I'm crazy hungry, but I'm pretty sure all I have in the house is a grapefruit.

  • spinningchurro
    spinningchurro Year ago

    Nope, looks like a complete waste of great meat. Shitty bun, shitty cheese, ONLY grilled onions? What a joke. New Yorkers are insulted that you'd call this the best burger in their city.

  • Kali Southpaw
    Kali Southpaw Year ago

    Hey assholes-
    Has it ever occurred to you that some people don't like the texture or mouth feel of rare beef? Not to mention the health risks when using commercially available ground beef?
    I hate to break it to you, but you can cook ground beef so that it's brown most of the way through, with maybe a hint of pink in the center, and not have it dried out and hard?
    You sear the outside, which gives it a nice crust that holds in the juices, as long as you use a ground beef with a high enough fat content, it will be juicy and flavorful if you sear it and don't press the juices out. I cook it that way all the time, and everyone that's had one of my burgers said it was great.
    Fuck you assholes. I'm tired of this "have it my way or you're wrong" shit. You want to eat fucking steak tartare, go ahead. I don't want it. And if I come to your restaurant and you give me shit about it, I leave, I don't pay, and I break shit on my way out. And maybe hurt you in the process. And if you think I'm kidding, I'm not. Done it.

  • FootSoulgerZ Krew

    who has had this burger?

  • fearsomestm00c0w
    fearsomestm00c0w Year ago

    Burger looks good, fries look shit.

  • i Marjibi
    i Marjibi Year ago

    Tried like 2 months ago. Tasted pretty good. Would eat it again if I'm ever in NYC again.

  • Kevlar 92
    Kevlar 92 Year ago

    They fries look unreal

  • Chris
    Chris Year ago

    I've been to Brindle Room. It IS the best burger I have ever had

  • MrY3110w
    MrY3110w Year ago +1

    ground beef has to be well-done idiots

    • Kyle Butler
      Kyle Butler Year ago +3

      That's mainly if you buy pre-ground chubs, like from a factory cuz you don't know whats in it, but if you know that the beef is high quality and you're making your own grind/blend, then you SHOULD cook it medium rare, just like you would with a high quality steak, otherwise it'll be a well done hockey puck

  • torontario1
    torontario1 Year ago

    cant do medium rare my steak nice and rare but minced meat will make you sick.. id had med rare burgers several times and it doesnt make it any better just give you the risk of getting ill..

  • Hansy
    Hansy Year ago

    How to get cardiac arrest 101

  • Oliver Marks
    Oliver Marks Year ago

    this burger was fantastic

  • jose soto
    jose soto Year ago

    I been several times and it's as good as advertised.

  • Obi
    Obi Year ago

    And here I am going on with my diet plan...

  • SehMatjoe
    SehMatjoe Year ago

    No ketchup wtf

  • TheSteak
    TheSteak Year ago +12

    I've eaten here and there's one major problem.... IT'S TOO SMALL!
    Still a great NYC burger though. It's not the best, but easily in the top 5-10 in NYC.

    • Seth Grecko
      Seth Grecko 4 months ago

      Lol too small? U most be one thick slab of beef fella

    • Derrick Parker
      Derrick Parker Year ago +2

      🙏🏾 🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • TheSteak
      TheSteak Year ago +3

      1 second ago
      In NYC..
      - The Spotted Pig (Pricey, but amazing blue cheese burger with great fries)
      - The NoMad Bar (Small like Brindle Room, but gourmet! This burger is made of dry aged meat and bone marrow!)
      - Virginias (Three words... Bone Marrow Mayonnaise.)
      - The Breslin (It's a lamb burger, so it's not technically a "burger", but it's still amazing. This is usually where I bring out-of-towners who want to eat like kings. Plus their fries are fried THREE TIMES!)
      Best burger in America... Possibly this one:

    • TheSteak
      TheSteak Year ago +6

      In NYC..
      - The Spotted Pig (Pricey, but amazing blue cheese burger with great fries)
      - The NoMad Bar (Small like Brindle Room, but gourmet! This burger is made of dry aged meat and bone marrow!)
      - Virginias (Three words... Bone Marrow Mayonnaise.)
      - The Breslin (It's a lamb burger, so it's not technically a "burger", but it's still amazing. This is usually where I bring out-of-towners who want to eat like kings. Plus their fries are fried THREE TIMES!)
      Best burger in America... Possibly this one:

    • Derrick Parker
      Derrick Parker Year ago

      TheSteak where's the best place to get burgers from?

  • Curt Popejoy
    Curt Popejoy Year ago

    That was the least interesting hamburger I've ever seen. City folk are paying big bucks for stuff many of us have been making at home for a very long time.

  • Alexander Šárovský

    no bacon?

  • Hassan Hesham Elgamal

    this dude needs to wash his hands

  • hotdogsvin
    hotdogsvin Year ago

    No lettuce? Tomatoes? Onions? Pickles? A bit boring.

  • YogDodoth
    YogDodoth Year ago

    the bun is not important, it's all about the meat? faaaaaaail. A good burger needs a good bun, is like you serve lobster in a trash can.

  • o.-
    o.- Year ago

    It's raw meat.

  • The Uniform
    The Uniform Year ago

    He just killed his burger with that shit bun! I'm a chef here in Hollywood CA, and the first thing you learn when making a burger is a cheap bun can ruin the best meat. He went thru that whole process, of aging the meat and crown it with basic bun( didn't even butter and toast it) SMFH! disgrace, I'm sure he charges $20 also. Fucking hipsters are a cancer in the food industry.

    • TruthxAR
      TruthxAR Year ago

      agreed. its like good lyrics with a terrible beat