Rocket Slammer Pt. 1


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  • Oof Memes 69
    Oof Memes 69 14 days ago

    Collab with the hacksmith

  • Antonio Valentin
    Antonio Valentin 23 days ago

    can you make D.j.-Yonder's Fortnite pic-axe

    BROKEN X 25 days ago

    Wow a kinda dope version of Reinhardt's rocket hammerr

  • Ewan Mcloughlin
    Ewan Mcloughlin Month ago

    Honestly thought this was supposed to be Reinhardt’s hammer from Overwatch

  • Blue Bear
    Blue Bear Month ago

    PLZ PLZ PLZ do a collab with The Hacksmith

  • -Commando-
    -Commando- Month ago


  • Hemish Patel
    Hemish Patel Month ago

    Why didn't you use the styro slicer?

  • S and L Campion
    S and L Campion 2 months ago

    The rocket slammer is a harvesting tool not weapon do you even play fortnite?

  • Trodden _Rex6
    Trodden _Rex6 2 months ago

    I can make vindertech slammers

  • Total_Kayhem
    Total_Kayhem 2 months ago

    I... Thought that was rienharts hammer.. oh

  • Arc ENT
    Arc ENT 2 months ago

    Make the Apreture sciense hand hel portal device! Or the portal gun!!!!!

  • cord
    cord 3 months ago

    Its a Vindertech slammer

  • karen pittman
    karen pittman 3 months ago

    What would happen if you mixed hiragan oxide with liquid nitrogen

  • ibrahim khaishgi
    ibrahim khaishgi 3 months ago

    Do Q&A with Grant,Have you or Grant ever got injered?

  • Chain Chomp Swamp
    Chain Chomp Swamp 4 months ago

    I have that weapon in fortnite stw

  • gamer boytv
    gamer boytv 4 months ago

    have you seen overwatch reinhardt's rocket hammer

  • Autumn Bishop
    Autumn Bishop 4 months ago


  • surpreme leader ren
    surpreme leader ren 4 months ago

    Omg 😱. The soccer ball he used is the same one mine is.

  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack 4 months ago

    I wonder what powers the rocket if the ENERGY MODULES don't do anything

  • Ian Lucena
    Ian Lucena 4 months ago

    I thought it war reinhardt's hammer

  • Just Epic
    Just Epic 4 months ago +2

    I just ate a sandwich

  • Brandon Casey
    Brandon Casey 4 months ago

    This is pretty cool you should do some more things like this!

    ULTRA4PANDA !! 4 months ago

    Please make reinhardts rocket hammer from overwa... oh wait you’re already doing that (sort of)

  • Keira’s Club!
    Keira’s Club! 5 months ago

    This is awesomely random!

  • Unkind_Club
    Unkind_Club 5 months ago

    It’s actually called the vindertech rocketslege but it’s super cool it’s so accurate

  • Josef Ishak
    Josef Ishak 6 months ago

    Discount Reinhardt rocket hammer

  • dashton wolf
    dashton wolf 6 months ago

    The things people will do for that 10 minute mark

  • FaDe Arch
    FaDe Arch 6 months ago


  • Noa Megu
    Noa Megu 6 months ago

    Awesome Vid. Keep It up.Nice Shirt Too.

  • Rocco Havourd
    Rocco Havourd 6 months ago

    Where can I find a sheet of EVA foam like the one you used?

  • Oscar Napieralski
    Oscar Napieralski 6 months ago +1

    I got a add for fortnite before this video who else?

  • legendary games
    legendary games 6 months ago

    Make something in pubg

  • Goggles Guy
    Goggles Guy 7 months ago

    I already liked KOR but this makes it even more awesome

  • Jeff Peppard
    Jeff Peppard 7 months ago

    You should do it from br

  • Dominic
    Dominic 7 months ago

    Do some kind of Battle Royale pickaxe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stavros psaroudakis
    stavros psaroudakis 7 months ago

    this is how the king of random makes

  • spacemangames66
    spacemangames66 7 months ago

    I wish the fortnight meme would die already...

  • StormBreaker
    StormBreaker 7 months ago

    Where is king of random

  • Derp Squad
    Derp Squad 7 months ago

    anyone else think that he should have filled the inside with something? lol

  • Triggered  karma
    Triggered karma 7 months ago

    You should make the inferno from how to train your dragon please

  • needforspeedexp gaming
    needforspeedexp gaming 7 months ago

    Do the scar please

  • David Ho
    David Ho 7 months ago

    Gimme it

  • Gibby
    Gibby 7 months ago

    Please don't do fortnite anymore, it is cool but way overdone

  • Colin Cunningham
    Colin Cunningham 7 months ago


  • Ramez Baslious
    Ramez Baslious 7 months ago

    Can you make a scar or a guided missile

  • Ramez Baslious
    Ramez Baslious 7 months ago

    This item is from save the world

  • Ajmain Hyder
    Ajmain Hyder 7 months ago

    Deep Nat voice sounds like Grand

  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins 7 months ago

    Nice. With all the EVA foam I'm wondering if you've been checking out Punished Props. Also, did you bother making patterns while you were making this? It would make replicating it easier.

  • Andrew Glassman
    Andrew Glassman 8 months ago

    Do more Fortnite

  • Justin Abdelshahid
    Justin Abdelshahid 8 months ago

    I took 3 hours to do this hammer

  • trinity n
    trinity n 8 months ago

    do the vindertech axe!

  • Create Logic
    Create Logic 8 months ago +1

    That is great!

  • Annie Shi
    Annie Shi 8 months ago

    ive never played fort nite

  • Emmanuel Pabilario
    Emmanuel Pabilario 8 months ago

    Hey, im just wondering what will happen to a 1000°C iron ball when put in a liquid nitrogen

  • Cesar Hernandez
    Cesar Hernandez 8 months ago +1

    Still not Grant😳

  • hack master
    hack master 8 months ago +1

    I thought this vid was about overwatch

  • Tristan Farrell
    Tristan Farrell 8 months ago +1

    Mack more vids

  • James Dean
    James Dean 8 months ago

    Xbox one Mast3rHunt3r 86 victorys add up :) best of best

  • Eric Burdo
    Eric Burdo 8 months ago

    What contact cement are you using?

  • Splatoon is life oof
    Splatoon is life oof 8 months ago +1

    6 Year Olds who only play Battle Royale: *lOL tHAT ISnT IN THE GAME dUMMY!*

  • Si Ilk
    Si Ilk 8 months ago

    Dammm I wonder how many of you guys actually make these projects ??like who has all these tools lying around at home ?🤔🙄🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Matthew Ongkingco
    Matthew Ongkingco 8 months ago

    What if you put silicone on a plant and cast it in metal
    - use plastic plants

  • V2 weapons
    V2 weapons 8 months ago


  • simon
    simon 8 months ago

    Could've filled it with spray foam for a little heft

  • Vogue Of Today
    Vogue Of Today 8 months ago

    Hlw brother

  • Wisecup2015
    Wisecup2015 8 months ago +1

    Aka rein hart hammer and that is from save the world

  • furyfox13
    furyfox13 8 months ago

    Most of the people on this video are most likely cosplayers wondering how too make this weapon for a costume

  • furyfox13
    furyfox13 8 months ago


  • red thunder
    red thunder 8 months ago

    put stuff in the center to make it stronger

  • EL Plagua
    EL Plagua 8 months ago

    Bruh I still don't know wtf fortnite is tbh

  • Nate - Team BST
    Nate - Team BST 8 months ago

    How about a gun that seized the means of production so we can all live in a happy little Utopian Commune and all win all our games of Fortnite and live Happily Ever After?

  • Colby Kopacz
    Colby Kopacz 8 months ago

    You obviously haven’t played the game😂

  • Brady Pfeiffer
    Brady Pfeiffer 8 months ago

    Build a Fortnite Port-A-Fort water feature.

  • Connor Senethavilay
    Connor Senethavilay 8 months ago

    Where tf is the actual king of random? Am I right?

  • Red Tiger
    Red Tiger 8 months ago

    What about PUBG 😥

  • Tiddly Wibbler
    Tiddly Wibbler 8 months ago

    Uhhh... nobody knows what that is because that is from save the world

  • Mishn
    Mishn 8 months ago +1

    This is literally Reignhearts hammer from Overwatch. First they copy off of PUBG now Overwatch. *Fortnite has SO MUCH originality*

    • Chain Chomp Swamp
      Chain Chomp Swamp 4 months ago

      No I has a totally original design I play overwatch as well and I assure you they are totally different

  • Hi
    Hi 8 months ago +1

    Can you sell this hammer as merch?

  • Samuel Villavicencio
    Samuel Villavicencio 8 months ago

    Hhhh hhh

  • Ishaz Balao
    Ishaz Balao 8 months ago

    So the hammer is filled with shield potion? That might be why it is super effective.

  • Grant1878
    Grant1878 8 months ago +1

    Suprised no one’s said anything about Reinhardt

  • Mithul Ganesh Babu
    Mithul Ganesh Babu 8 months ago +1

    something from minecraft

  • Kitten Master
    Kitten Master 8 months ago +1

    Could you perhaps include measurements for people who want to build it?

  • deathraydave
    deathraydave 8 months ago +2

    No please

  • Justin Fencsak
    Justin Fencsak 8 months ago

    Add me on psn kascnef82

  • Sngltrk Studios
    Sngltrk Studios 8 months ago

    Everyone is triggered bc it’s from save the world

  • Highlights of the Week
    Highlights of the Week 8 months ago +1

    *Hello there, dudes :3*
    How it's going?
    Wanna try to build it

  • Lego Universe Returns
    Lego Universe Returns 8 months ago


  • ParadigmFilms
    ParadigmFilms 8 months ago

    Hacksmith did it first

    OpTiCzZ_ FENCER 8 months ago

    His fingers are like octopus tentacles

  • Elias Govaerts
    Elias Govaerts 8 months ago +1

    So... every roll of tape is the same size

  • Shahim Nganji
    Shahim Nganji 8 months ago

    Shoulda filled it up wid expanding foam

  • Marty Ray Project
    Marty Ray Project 8 months ago +21

    He's a future in cosplay. Get after it my guy!

  • Default
    Default 8 months ago

    I WANT IT!

  • Jobey Dillon
    Jobey Dillon 8 months ago +1

    Collab with Codys Lab again please.

  • Jobey Dillon
    Jobey Dillon 8 months ago

    Collab with Codys Lab again please

  • Jobey Dillon
    Jobey Dillon 8 months ago

    Collab with Codys Lab again please

  • Jeff Lopez
    Jeff Lopez 8 months ago

    Please make more fortnite things

  • nepsii
    nepsii 8 months ago +1

    you should make the nocturno from stw

  • Khairultop Top
    Khairultop Top 8 months ago

    I really love the merchs
    I bought a lot of em