Spider-man: Homecoming - Movie Review


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  • southweststrangla420
    southweststrangla420 26 days ago

    the only thing i didnt really like was the fact that spiderman had a jarvis. little iron man pretty much. it gives him someone to talk to all the time. hes not as lonely as he is in the comics. just felt a little weird

  • Ahmed Monsoon
    Ahmed Monsoon Month ago +1

    Jeremy!! Can you do a review of the original (Raimi?) spiderman trilogy? one time for the oldies

  • Abel Mantor
    Abel Mantor Month ago +1

    The movie was amazing when i first watched it last year. Spider-Man at his best.

  • EJ Games
    EJ Games 2 months ago

    I loved so much I bought it on Blu ray and I donโ€™t have a blu ray player i even have the action figure I have it on dvd though

  • saturncrush
    saturncrush 3 months ago

    Pretty stupid. LOL!!!

  • David Heller
    David Heller 3 months ago

    Best spiderman ever the hack of spiderman suit was insane! 2 plus hours never got boring just like Bladerunner 2049!

  • MultiVerse Edits
    MultiVerse Edits 3 months ago +1

    I wonder, is Andrew still his favourite Spider-Man like he said? Cuz he said in the TASM2 Review that heโ€™ll be his favourite Spider-Man forever. Probably not.

    WHAT PISSES ME OFF 3 months ago

    it would have been even more funny to see him say batman but when he says the joker its funny to me lol

  • Lokendra Singh Jodha
    Lokendra Singh Jodha 3 months ago +1

    I hated this movie

  • Yolo
    Yolo 4 months ago

    You suck ass

  • DerpyDoesStuff
    DerpyDoesStuff 4 months ago

    Yeah man, Michael Keaton was great as Joker

  • Sean Gaw
    Sean Gaw 4 months ago +1

    worst spiderman movie only good for kids

  • Yanis Kaps
    Yanis Kaps 4 months ago

    Spiderman Homecoming is my second favourite spiderman movie

  • Dan Albanese
    Dan Albanese 4 months ago +1

    Spider-Man: Good Time no Alcohol
    Spider-Man 2: Awesometacular
    Spider-Man 3: Forgettable T-Minus
    TAMS: Awesometacular
    TAMS 2: Good Time no Alcohol
    Homecoming: Awesometacular

  • Media Venom
    Media Venom 4 months ago

    homecoming rocks. i am glad they took their time.

  • NASH4203
    NASH4203 5 months ago

    Spiderman 2
    Spiderman Homecoming
    Spiderman 3
    The Amazing Spiderman
    The Not So Amazing Spiderman 2

  • Victor Creed
    Victor Creed 5 months ago

    It was a good movie, but there were moments where the CGI let me down. Like it was of 90s monster movie quality. Threw me off a bit.

  • Ali Abdelrahman
    Ali Abdelrahman 5 months ago +1

    I really wanted Jeremy to say webtacular, my life would have been complete!!!๐Ÿ˜

  • ShadowKrueger
    ShadowKrueger 5 months ago +1

    Jeremy I wanna see you review Sam Rami's Spider-Man Trilogy! been with you since 2012 and I'd love to hear your thoughts on my favorite super hero films growing up! :D

  • Epic Tree
    Epic Tree 5 months ago +2

    This unrelated to the video, but it is related to spider man. I just wanted to arddess something I found supper weird in Jesica Jones season 2. It's the scene where Jessica is riding in an rv with another important character, and that character is pretty much telling Jessica what it means to be supper hero. Then Jessica does one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen, she quotes uncle Ben's famous " with great power comes great responsibility" line. And I'm just sitting there semi-screaming " HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAID!!!! SPIDERMAN IS REAL IN YOUR UNIVERSE AND HIS ORIGINS AREN'T COMMON KNOWLEDGE!!!!!". It's just the weirdest thing, and that's pretty much all I wanted to say. I also know that this video is pretty old and probably no one will see it, but oh well.

  • Allyson Hall
    Allyson Hall 5 months ago +1

    Spider-Man It's worth buying on blu ray
    Spider-Man 3 It's a good time if your drunk
    The Amazing Spider-Man It's worth buying on blu ray
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 It's a good time if your drunk
    Spider-Man Homecoming AWESOMETACULAR

  • Robert Carrillo
    Robert Carrillo 6 months ago

    Awesome movie Marisa Tomei hot as shit ..still to this day. Only weight around itโ€™s neck is the less than not funny sidekick.

  • pranav patel
    pranav patel 6 months ago +2

    2. It is like all the coming of age movie in the world teams up with this movie. ( Its better to watch movie like 17 again or flipped or 13 reasons why then this shit.)
    3. Michael Keaton is such an overrated actor in this movies( why? just bcoz he did birdman, there r only 2 or 3 scenes when he steal the show)
    4. lack of character development. (his aunt, her girlfriend, girl who spying on him n peter parker himself)
    5. Hype was not real at all. ( after watching this movie i realized that how good sony's spiderman was. atleast they had layers in their character n not to forget that dope spideysuit)

    • pranav patel
      pranav patel 5 months ago

      The Troll Killer well you started the conversation by telling me 'trolling piece of shit' just so you can get attention n praise that I roasted someone but in spite of roasting me I fucking burned you down to the hell. So Sayonara u piece of shit๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • The Troll Killer
      The Troll Killer 5 months ago

      pranav patel Are you done? Are you done making yourself look like a jackass? Cause I'm certainly done with you and this conversation. I hope no one actually takes your trolling opinion seriously. Goodbye, idiot.

    • pranav patel
      pranav patel 5 months ago

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    • pranav patel
      pranav patel 5 months ago

      N at last, once again u dumbass I m not saying amazing Spider-Man is great movie of all time but it's better than homecoming. N Dr. Connors motives r more relatable n make sense than vulture. Vulture is just a dumb guy who thinks that if everyone is getting money by doing illegal things why shouldn't I do the same but I m not going to kill innocent people. (apart I m going to cut that ship in half n put the life of people in danger up until the ironman is going to welding up that ferry boat๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜)

    • The Troll Killer
      The Troll Killer 5 months ago

      pranav patel congratulations, you just proved my point. You're definitely a moronic troll. So be happy about that, or not. I don't really care, either way.

  • Spiral down viral
    Spiral down viral 6 months ago

    Holy shit I was watching the old reviews he's done which I've watched ALOT and decided to check more recent review which is this one. That is NOT the same man. Wtf he went straight Illuminati clone

  • Brandon Condron
    Brandon Condron 6 months ago

    I'm a huge Spider-Man fan, this is a GOOD Spider-Man movie. Michael Kenton was GREAT. I love Jeremy Jahns and I love this review!

  • Xxrage yo
    Xxrage yo 6 months ago

    However still a good movie

  • Xxrage yo
    Xxrage yo 6 months ago

    The monument slave bs was what threw me off, I don't need weird agenda in a superhero movie

  • Sexy Hobo
    Sexy Hobo 7 months ago +3

    Yeah... Jeremy, what kind of Spider-Man comics were you reading? Definitely not the ones I was. This movie has as much to do with the comics as any other MCU does. (Which is not a compliment, by the way.) I was really hoping for a movie that'd be like Spectacular Spider-Man comics from the early 2000's, filled with emotion and grounded characters. But this was... Ew...

  • Sunny s
    Sunny s 7 months ago

    May be better than Amazing spiderman Series.....but not even close with any of 3 movies in the Original Spider man Trilogy ..... Certainly did not deserve Aweseomtacular Rating .. Over hyped ...boring piece of CRAP

  • Anonymous Phone
    Anonymous Phone 7 months ago +2

    I really don't understand how this movie is so highly rated. I would rate it: "You're not gonna remember it in T-minus" Sorry...

    • Anonymous Phone
      Anonymous Phone 5 months ago

      Then I would say that you have to re-learn who and what the troll is. So many people see trolls everywhere these dayz. Anyone who has other opinion or maybe out of order user name is troll for some reason. Looking forward for your definition of troll anyway.

    • The Troll Killer
      The Troll Killer 5 months ago

      I know it's your opinion but still I gotta say it. Could you be anymore of an obvious troll?

  • emil engen
    emil engen 7 months ago

    it is not that good.

  • george
    george 7 months ago

    This film is fake and gay

  • nuno line
    nuno line 7 months ago

    Joker? dude that shit's Nicholson

  • Xavier Robbins
    Xavier Robbins 7 months ago

    I loved the orchestra in the intro and that the song was based on the rebooted 1977 spiderman series

  • Kable R
    Kable R 8 months ago +1

    Lol wow All the comments i see here are just Chris Stuckman parrots. No offense on that guy i agree with alot of what he says, but c'mon guys think for yourselves. Alot of the comments that I refer to end their comment saying they think spiderman 1 and 2 were the best, and their comment review lacks substance.

  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron Mauer 8 months ago

    I guess I am in the minority that didn't like the movie that much. I didn't like the fact that spiderman didn't know what the hell he was doing. He seemed so much more polished in civil war and this felt like a step back from that. The Vulture was awesome. Also was not a fan of the supporting cast of high school kids

  • glanknightfalcon
    glanknightfalcon 8 months ago

    Best Spider-Man Ever

  • hoota ragis
    hoota ragis 8 months ago

    Worst spiderman movie I have ever watched.

  • The SonicHybrid13
    The SonicHybrid13 8 months ago

    I bought the movie on blue ray ๐Ÿ‘

  • Kickex
    Kickex 8 months ago

    This was dogshit.

  • Gee Cee
    Gee Cee 9 months ago

    This movie suuuuuccccckkkkkeeddddd

  • K. The Artist
    K. The Artist 9 months ago

    Peter is a young man

  • NoxDeadly
    NoxDeadly 9 months ago +2

    This movie was boring af, awesometacular? You sir, are fake news

  • Suzanne Dupras
    Suzanne Dupras 9 months ago

    Thatโ€™s right, everyone, Micheal Keaton was a great Joker.

  • big kahuna burger
    big kahuna burger 9 months ago

    This was awesome I loved it

  • Cyber Mouse
    Cyber Mouse 9 months ago

    This movie was so shit

  • Proxximo Amandil
    Proxximo Amandil 9 months ago +1

    For me personally by far the worst Marvel Movie so far. Mostly plain boring und way too much Slapstick.

  • Mr. Waffles
    Mr. Waffles 9 months ago +2

    I'm sorry but Tom Holland has given us the best Peter Parker to date, he's so perfectly awkward and comical at the same time, this is how I remember the character

  • RandomGamer
    RandomGamer 9 months ago +32

    Spider-Man movies so far
    Spider-Man : Good
    Spider-Man 2 : Awesome
    Spider-Man 3 : Terrible
    The Amazing Spider-Man : Decent
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 : Terrible
    Spider-Man Homecoming : Best Spider-Man movie since Spider-Man 2

    • K A R V O
      K A R V O Month ago

      But homecoming is better than spiderman 2

    • Kavislazy
      Kavislazy 2 months ago

      Ew sonic is gay

  • Leonel Tiago Augusto
    Leonel Tiago Augusto 10 months ago +1

    Jeremy Review the sam raimi Spiderman Trilogy. PLZ

  • Daniel Ham
    Daniel Ham 10 months ago


  • card969
    card969 10 months ago

    To much brown washing, no thanks. sjw Spider-Man is garbage.

  • MW Productions
    MW Productions 10 months ago

    So near to 1 Million views...

  • black jack1171
    black jack1171 10 months ago

    I like Tom's spidey better...

  • Dan W
    Dan W 10 months ago

    Jeremy, your reviews are the best. That's all.

  • HitlerBear
    HitlerBear 10 months ago

    Only part I didn't like was the clumsiness just for the sake of comedy. I remember Spidey as the guy slinging through New York not being hindered by a trashcan cus he has fuckin Spidey senses lol. Good but not awesometacular

  • milking cow suprise
    milking cow suprise 10 months ago +1

    did you notice that there were no fight scenes that lasted more than a minute in this movie??

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis 10 months ago

    Spider-Man 2 is the best one. Hands Down

  • guts on the mic
    guts on the mic 10 months ago

    definitely the best spiderman so far

  • Gehtea.
    Gehtea. 10 months ago

    Surprised at not having the spidy sense at all in the movie

  • JShedgehog
    JShedgehog 10 months ago +1

    Please review the Raimi films!

  • Todd Garver
    Todd Garver 10 months ago +5

    I hated this movie. I hated how peter was obsessed with getting Starks approval/help. I want Peter to not care about any of the other Avengers in his own movie because he has his own issues to deal with. They kinda did that but the Shadow of Stark is huge.

  • DonnyTheDonMega
    DonnyTheDonMega 11 months ago

    The dude who plays spiderman would be grate as marty mcfly in a back to the future remake

  • usc trojans1987
    usc trojans1987 11 months ago +2

    Tobey Maguire - Best Peter Parker
    Andrew Garfield - Best Spider-Man
    Tom Holland - Best Peter Parker AND Spider-Man

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue 11 months ago

    Loved it

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor 11 months ago

    This movie is awsome plus funny,hilarious,action-pack ๐Ÿ˜€ Best of 2017 movies of the Year!!!๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • atsgonia taravonia
    atsgonia taravonia 11 months ago +1

    shittacular u mean... the movie was awful

    • RJnator
      RJnator 7 months ago

      atsgonia taravonia nope

  • rayshawn howard
    rayshawn howard 11 months ago

    I just watched it on my Xbox One today and I got to say it was spectacular my second favorite Spider-Man movie sorry but Spider-Man 2 would always be number one to me in my opinion

  • Extra thicc Cheese pizza
    Extra thicc Cheese pizza 11 months ago +1

    This movie was ok I guess but it was definitely not as great as people say it is I mean people say this is better than sm 2 it's not
    1 spider Man is kind of iron Man
    Why does he have to have a person who talks to him in the costume like iron Man and all these different options for web attacks that's cool but I would have liked that if he lernd how to do these web things himself this is not supposed to the iron spider
    2 Peter as spider Man seems kinda goofy in this movie things do start to get more serious neer the end but I feelt like they spent a little too much time on the joke cracking part of spider Man I really don't know why every time spider Man is in the same universe as other marvel caracters he has to be dumbed down to a person that does not reley know how to do things

  • QueenBiancaBrookes
    QueenBiancaBrookes 11 months ago

    Wow this review is almost at 1 million views. I was in the SpiderMan Homecoming Movie ๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿฟ. So I really enjoy watching these reviews #BiancaBrookes

  • neverpure20
    neverpure20 11 months ago

    Joker still messed with people's minds

  • Charles Gorman
    Charles Gorman Year ago

    I love Spider-Man Homecoming.

  • Henry Romain
    Henry Romain Year ago +1

    This movie sucked ass

  • Mido Mansour
    Mido Mansour Year ago

    Terrible fucking endin ruined it all

  • moliere waleo
    moliere waleo Year ago

    wait, what? let's be honest before this movie spider man was my favorite superhero but don't get me wrong tom holland did the best portrayal of peter parker, although i love the vilain and everything else my real problem is with the superhero "SPIDER-MAN" any person who reads spider man comic books know how strong flexible and how great his reflexes are so in my opinion taking away his spidey sense was the dumbest shit ever c'mon judging by what I've seen even a normal human has better reflexes than spider-man!i know what excuses you'll give " oh he's just a kid he's just figuring things out he's not fully grown yet" PLEASE he was a kid in the comic books but was still hella impressive!!! spider-man is he most underrated superhero ever that's why people who doesn't know his real potential will love this movie!!! this spider-man sucks!!!!!!!!! now my favorite superheros are captain america and back panther!

  • Alex Lloyd
    Alex Lloyd Year ago

    There was barely any action in the movie, probably one of my least favourite marvel movies to date. Maybe it was just too overhyped but I didnโ€™t care for it.

  • suicune2001
    suicune2001 Year ago

    I just saw this yesterday. It was soooo good! I was honestly really surprised.

  • rollin blardz
    rollin blardz Year ago

    geez Jerry, how about we really blow Peter Parker''s mind with a picture of aunt May (Marisa Tomei) & doc octopus (Alfred Molina) in the 1995 movie "the Perez family""

  • stupreme
    stupreme Year ago

    I liked Garfield more, but blame other dudes that wrote & directed

  • MutenRoscher
    MutenRoscher Year ago

    yea i mean its... really not imo. had to give it 3 trys to finnish. but i did it. im proud

  • TheSpindashPro
    TheSpindashPro Year ago

    The movie was awesome!

  • Ardashes Najarian

    My two problems with this movie was that it felt like Spiderman didn't take any responsibility or any blame for any of the harm that was his fault. Like I know he's new at this and I know he's learning but there's a bit too much destruction. Also, I wish his origin story with Uncle Ben and the spider bite was at least mentioned, just a 5 minute scene is all I ask. The film just felt incomplete otherwise. That said, I loved everything else

  • Barbara Gully
    Barbara Gully Year ago

    OMG, I loved this movie so much! ๐Ÿ’ฏ for this movie!

  • Joespider _
    Joespider _ Year ago +1

    The movie was boring, it tried to be funny, it tried to have character development with Peter, which didnโ€™t seem to take place. The thing that destroyed the film was what I thought would...tony stark and the avengers. THAT was the whole point of the film! The vulture and his business was more of a side story. Iโ€™m sure, this Peter Parker/Spider-Man may have been closest to the comics that has ever been...but that doesnโ€™t mean it was a good movie.

  • leocmen
    leocmen Year ago

    +Jeremy Jahns this movie is so over-the-top... A childsh Peter powered by Stark Tech does not convince...

  • no
    no Year ago +1

    "iron man, people love him... watch the movie please"

  • Ianโ€™s Beats
    Ianโ€™s Beats Year ago +11

    If I was to grade all of the spiderman movies this would be my answer:

    Spider-Man: A
    Spider-Man 2: A+
    Spider-Man 3: C
    The Amazing Spider-Man: D+
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2: F-
    Spider-Man: Homecoming: A-

    • Johnny Ringo
      Johnny Ringo 2 months ago

      Spider-Man- A+
      Spider-Man 2- A
      Spider-Man 3- B-
      The Amazing Spider-Man- B
      The Amazing Spider-Man 2- C-
      Spider-Man Homecoming- A

      AZUREGAMER521 3 months ago

      Ianโ€™s Beats thereโ€™s no such thing as an F-

    • Buck Rogers
      Buck Rogers Year ago

      Bandwagon much.

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ Year ago

    May is the hottest chick on earth

  • RinzleR One
    RinzleR One Year ago +2

    No, sorry i watched it and thought it was SHIT. The comedy was barely funny, there wasn't enough time/scenes with the other characters to grow some sort of connection or likeing to them (Including Aunt May IMO!)... the villian was just a cunt with a grudge cause he lost a big contract and sold illegal highly dangerous weapons in revenge for losing that job, boo hoo, like they should have given a better reason for him to become the vulture or at least maybe he was already connected in crime in some way until he became the vulture .... the talking iron man spider suit was cool but kind of got annoying cause he didnt even do much cool shit with it (noob) plus we've seen that shit in 3 iron-man movies....the dude who played peter parker was alright i'll give him that, but the movie lacked more scenes of action like the first gen of spider man 1 and 2 (except for the tower and plane part) and what a poop of an excuse for that so called modern day 'ship' crush, whatever it was, like why introduce the girl then she left...lol came off as kinda soft to me, at least the previous ones had drama (sometimes too much) in it but a little more wouldn't have hurt, it's better IMO to grow a connection to the character, maybe I could have if I found them heartwarmingly funny, but i didn't.. anyway I rate this movie: 2.5/5 for plot. 2/5 for drama. 2.5/5 for action. 2/5 for comedy. 1/5 for romance. 2.5/5 overrall

  • gibbs615
    gibbs615 Year ago

    Ya know THIS Spider-Man was NOT like how the last movies were! A LOT of things were missing like REDHEAD MJ, GWEN STACY, HARRY OSBORN, J JONAH JAMESON & OLDER AUNT MAY! Also this one was a REAL WEAK AMATEUR compared to the last ones!

  • wildreams
    wildreams Year ago +1

    I liked it.

  • shhhutthefokup
    shhhutthefokup Year ago

    I didnt like it :( Tom Holland played the role perfectly though!

  • Kenith McIntosh
    Kenith McIntosh Year ago

    Michael Keaton will always be Batman!

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf Year ago

    Holy shit! A bunch of dislikes from idiots that don't understand that this guy reviews movies and has an OPINION. Jesus Christ! People disliking and commenting some dumb shit like, "this movie fucking sucked." Now, for all the slow people reading this, that is YOUR OPINION. I have an opinion, Jeremy has an opinion, and your parents that hate your guts have an opinion. Now, my OPINION, is that this movie was awesome and deserves the rating it got. Enough said.

    • Buck Rogers
      Buck Rogers Year ago

      Jetwaven do you have to believe that every critic is right? I

    • Alpha Wolf
      Alpha Wolf Year ago

      And are all the other 200 critics on rotten tomatoes riding that band wagon as well?

    • Buck Rogers
      Buck Rogers Year ago

      +Drew-Trevor yeah you are absolutely right! It's very obvious.

    • Buck Rogers
      Buck Rogers Year ago

      Drew Trevor true that, but Stuckman was too quick in giving his opinion on Homecoming. He thought that almost everyone loves the movie, so, his review was basically just conforming to fans' reviewers at that time,. Had he reviewed the movie today, it will be a more honest one, a totally different outcome.

    • Buck Rogers
      Buck Rogers Year ago

      This dude jumped on the marvel-dick-sucking bandwagon. This is not really his opinion.

  • The Boogeyman
    The Boogeyman Year ago

    worse spiderman movie yet. the kid is 14 but acts like hes 3 and nothing is funny even though the film is basically a goofy comedy. fat kid was really annoying

  • KingNirada
    KingNirada Year ago

    holy crap man Micheal Keaton as the joker? that'd be way to intense i'd have a heart attack holy hell.

  • kenlogin1
    kenlogin1 Year ago

    Did we watching the same fucking movie? It was shit i actually stoped caring 1/3rd of the way in. U guys are dumb

  • Feras Nj
    Feras Nj Year ago +1

    oh look, it's jeremy overrating another marvel movie. i'm a big marvel fan but srsly awesometacular ? worth buying on blue ray maybe, but that s it.
    baby driver and the big sick are the only awesometacular movies in 2017 thus far(at least from the ones i watched)

  • Kujo The Mujo
    Kujo The Mujo Year ago

    karen is bae

  • BatPierrot
    BatPierrot Year ago

    A Marvel movie, nothing less, nothing more.