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  • Published on Jul 30, 2019
    There is enchantment in the light. From Robert Eggers, acclaimed director of 'The Witch,' and starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. THE LIGHTHOUSE - In Theaters October 18
    RELEASE DATE: October 18, 2019
    DIRECTOR: Robert Eggers
    CAST: Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson
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Comments • 6 893

  • slaking21
    slaking21 13 hours ago

    Oscar nominees for best films this year:
    Uncut Gems
    other good films that I don't know of

  • Michael Johnsen
    Michael Johnsen 13 hours ago

    If there exists a song on the soundtrack called "Whyd'ya spill'yer BEANS", I believe my spotify will be working overtime.

  • Michael Barrutia
    Michael Barrutia 18 hours ago

    This movie looks so good it has a very different feel to it.

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 20 hours ago

    This has a certain lovecraft call of Cthulhu vibe. I can't wait.

  • Ian H
    Ian H Day ago

    This is the kind of movie you just wanna curl up in the theater with a blanket and glass of bourbon with. Fall.
    Preferably October.
    ...while it’s cloudy outside.

    ...and cold.

  • l i f e
    l i f e Day ago

    But what is this movie about?...

  • RosalieClark
    RosalieClark Day ago

    October 18 hurry up so find out what that disturbing thing at 1.04 is!

  • Isabelle Forstmann

    You know what this film feels like? It feels like a film that was filmed in the 1890s, at the very start of the silent era, bewitched by black magic to have sound decades and decades before the invention of talkies and lost to sea before it had ever been screened for an audience and now it’s washed up on the shore and in the act of projecting it we’re opening up a wormhole and awakening a Victorian era beast
    I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited for a film

  • Palomazo Lucas
    Palomazo Lucas Day ago

    Is very COOL!!! I see in the cine 😄

    RED SHIRTS 2 days ago

    How long have we been waiting for this movie? 5 weeks? 2 days?

  • HelpfulVader99
    HelpfulVader99 2 days ago

    0:00 / 1:27 this sound is supposed to be a foghorn right?

  • Mike Powdrill
    Mike Powdrill 2 days ago

    Well impressed with this

  • Derek Fleek
    Derek Fleek 2 days ago +2

    "Damn ye! Then let two strike ye dead, Winslow! Hark!"

    This is going to be an instant classic

  • Schehrazad A
    Schehrazad A 2 days ago

    Unbelievably stunning cinematography. Now that I’ve seen the Joker, this is the only other movie I’ve been looking forward to.

  • Throw communists out of helicopters

    Why’d you spill your beans?

  • mason lmao
    mason lmao 2 days ago

    this is what good film making is.

  • Franc Marcus
    Franc Marcus 2 days ago +2

    and this folks is how we know he’s gonna be a good Batman

  • Hector Torres
    Hector Torres 2 days ago +1

    What's the name of the chants on the background??

  • ᅚ
     2 days ago

    This trailer looks like a fever dream.

  • David C
    David C 2 days ago

    5 days left

  • Webb Merriam
    Webb Merriam 2 days ago

    I know it's unlikely, but does anyone know the shanty song in this?

  • Ordinary Psaecho
    Ordinary Psaecho 2 days ago

    H.P. Lovecraft horror movie you say?... can’t wait for this movie to spill its beans.

  • Joseph S
    Joseph S 2 days ago

    Anyone have a list of theaters this will be in? I'd be willing to travel a bit to see it, but I can't find the info anywhere (besides the release date).

    • ilford6x6
      ilford6x6 2 days ago

      What's your closest major city?

  • Farhan Haque
    Farhan Haque 3 days ago +1

    Oscar for Rob?

  • N I G H T M A R E
    N I G H T M A R E 3 days ago

    Such and odd yet intriguing combination with modern CGI and 1940’s movie production

  • J G
    J G 3 days ago

    the rime of the ancient mariner

  • George McFly
    George McFly 3 days ago +1

    The singing is so mesmerizing

  • Amber Marshall
    Amber Marshall 3 days ago

    This reminds me of that one lighthouse mystery where the three lighthouse keepers disappeared without a trace. No one knows what happened to them, and the situation is creepy. I wonder if this is based off of that?

  • Gypsy Washington
    Gypsy Washington 3 days ago +2

    "I've been thinking bout those beans"

  • Charli Portillo
    Charli Portillo 3 days ago


  • Raf
    Raf 3 days ago

    I'm assuming this is all about the Flannan Isle Lighthouse mystery. Welp, we'll never know until premiere. Hope this turns out great!!
    Edit: added a word

  • Needa Natty
    Needa Natty 3 days ago +1

    calling it now... they were both so drunk the whole time they image half of whats happening and either kill themselves or eachother

  • Thug Nasty
    Thug Nasty 4 days ago

    One of them is already dead through out the whole movie.

    • Bucky McBadbat
      Bucky McBadbat Day ago

      @funkeystudiosTV the only advance screenings i know about were the film festival it debuted at and the screenings on the 18th in the us
      i doubt he was at the festival

    • funkeystudiosTV
      funkeystudiosTV Day ago

      Bucky McBadbat some people got advanced screening

    • Bucky McBadbat
      Bucky McBadbat Day ago

      funkeystudiosTV i think he’s just making a prediction, like the 6th sense lol
      movie isn’t out so how can he know?

    • funkeystudiosTV
      funkeystudiosTV Day ago +1

      Is this true? You better not have just spoiled the fucking movie for me.

  • Eurolithik
    Eurolithik 4 days ago

    I was waiting for someone to take the concept of the old grainy black and white films, which always held an eerie light , and modernize it into a film. This is the psychological thriller ive been waiting for. I hope its on par with Hereditary in terms of mind fuckery

  • Coda Mission
    Coda Mission 4 days ago

    It reminds me of a 50s european art film

  • Rana Mathew
    Rana Mathew 4 days ago +2

    This is going to be an act off between these two.

  • Shubhi Virk
    Shubhi Virk 4 days ago

    1:09 Green goblin laughing

  • Saksham Gupta
    Saksham Gupta 4 days ago

    So this movie is actually black n white

  • Martin Turon
    Martin Turon 4 days ago +1

    The movie was excellent, a true feast for the senses. The amazing first half makes up for all the slightly overboard/flimsy third act. While Eggers's "Nosferatu" project seems to have fallen through , watching "The Lighthouse" I've realised there's no better person to re-make the infamous vampyre movie.

  • Brandon Payne
    Brandon Payne 4 days ago +3

    They really made this look old I love it

    • Brandon Payne
      Brandon Payne 3 days ago

      @Fran Fran me too.

    • Fran Fran
      Fran Fran 3 days ago +1

      @Brandon Payne yes!!! I will definetly be watching this movie in theatres!

    • Brandon Payne
      Brandon Payne 3 days ago

      @Fran Fran you mean to also make it look weird and eerie?

    • Fran Fran
      Fran Fran 3 days ago +1

      The point og the black and white style of filming isn't only so they can make it seem like a 50s movie . It was also used to make it seem ILL (so to speak) and grainy and jadajadajada

  • Stephen Bales
    Stephen Bales 4 days ago

    "How long have we been on this rock? Two weeks? Two weeks? In two weeks we'll have lost the contract to Quest and Oscorp will be dead."
    "No, no...Willem, you're mixing movies again. Set, let's run it again, back to formula!"
    "Back to formula?..."

  • N LM
    N LM 4 days ago +1

    brutal la peli! Dafoe y Pattinson estan espectaculares los dos, menudo duelo de titanes!!

    DEUS EX 4 days ago

    Boi I am
    M O I S T

  • Garrett Judd
    Garrett Judd 4 days ago

    Kinda getting a cure for wellness vibe

  • Charles Parkhurst
    Charles Parkhurst 4 days ago


  • Squad Billies
    Squad Billies 4 days ago +3


  • Sys0p
    Sys0p 4 days ago

    4:3, really?

  • Troopertroll
    Troopertroll 5 days ago

    Several years ago I wrote a parody canto of The Raven called "Il Gabbiano" (The Seagull). It was performed straight as a serious skit in the middle of my uni's sketch comedy show.
    This film has a seagull bit and is frighteningly similar. I'm so excited for it.

  • Gabriel Idusogie
    Gabriel Idusogie 5 days ago

    Nothing is scarier than cabin fever

  • Weeded Materials Productions

    i think this is the first trailer i've watched repeatedly in anticipation for a movie in a long ass time

  • Aerial Camera & Video Imaging

    Samuel Beckett meets Wes Anderson

  • Brandon Hernandez
    Brandon Hernandez 5 days ago

    What’s the sailor song here?!

  • Matty Jurado
    Matty Jurado 5 days ago

    Rad! This is a lot different than the trailer I saw last night before Mister America.

  • Oh for Real?
    Oh for Real? 5 days ago +1

    So dope! Can’t wait guys! Love the trailer

  • David Zahn
    David Zahn 5 days ago

    HAHAH what?!? I was confused that this was not a comedy when it said the director of the witch was doing this...da fuq?! haha

    • HolyTHOT Begoner
      HolyTHOT Begoner 3 days ago

      I'm sorry, I haven't seen The Witch.
      Why are you guys laughing?

    • Visuals For You
      Visuals For You 4 days ago

      The trailer doesn't show it but apparently this movie can also be considered a comedy.

  • David Bailey
    David Bailey 5 days ago

    What’s a whickey?

    • Visuals For You
      Visuals For You 4 days ago +1

      Somebody who runs a lighthouse basically. Like the wick of a candle.

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin 5 days ago +1

    What’s the name of this shanty

    BRYAN STARS 5 days ago

    It feels like it based on those men who dissapeared without a trace.

  • Ryan Elliott
    Ryan Elliott 5 days ago +2

    It was given a 10/10 by YMS... YMS! Now that's how you know it's a good movie.

  • Rockos Basilisk
    Rockos Basilisk 6 days ago

    JENKIS! This music shivers me timbers!