I Played A Cruel Prank On My Girlfriend

  • Published on May 9, 2019
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    Hi, my name is Mike, and I have a superpower that I have been given since birth - I have an exact copy of me. Yep, it's my brother - Dean, we're twins. And we love to use this! At school, we are the kings of gags. But at one point we took it too far...
    I started dating a girl, her name is Vicky. We met online, and she was from another school, so she didn't know that I had a brother. Great opportunity for a prank! I was supposed to meet her after school, but didn't go. Instead, I sent Dean. I think we need to clarify one thing. We are not just very similar, we are completely identical! We have the same eye color and even voice! We can only be distinguished by one small detail - I have a mole on my temple. And that's why we wear baseball caps.
    We approached this prank with double enthusiasm. Do you get it? Because there are two of us, haha! We planned everything: I told him what to say and how to behave, and then I was going to suddenly find them in the park. Here it is - the moment of truth - they got ice cream, found a bench to have a seat on, and then I came up and said, "Hey, Vicky, who are you hanging out with?!" She looked at me and froze. There was an awkward pause, Dean and I looked at each other and started laughing. “That was awesome prank!” I thought. But at that very moment everything changed. Vicky did not appreciate the joke. She got up with a poker face, took her bag, and left. I looked at Dean. "Go get her, dude!"
    After a second, I was already walking next to her. “Hey, did I offend you? It's a joke! Don't you get it? ” She understood the joke. But she was still offended. Vicki said that we didn't just prank her, we actually tricked her. This is how we had our first argument. I told her about our sense of humor and jokes, she told me about trust. It seems to be all right, and she forgave me. But, unfortunately, she hasn't forgotten.
    From that moment on, she reminded me of it every chance she got. She accidentally confuses my name with Dean's, then she specifically looks under my cap, looking for my mole. I tolerated it because I understood that it was my fault. But at some point, it turned into paranoia. She would check to see who was in front of her at every moment. The last bit of my patience was the moment when we were in a cafe, I went to wash my hands, and when I came back, she began to check me all over again. The moment of the second serious conversation had come. She promised that she would trust me, only if I promised that I would never use my twin.
    The dust settled, and everything was fine with us. Very good. I would even say doubly good, but you know, I promised. But I would not be telling you this story if that was the end of it.
    I was on my way to meet with Vicky, glowing with happiness, because I had gotten tickets to our favorite band for her and I. And the best part - the tickets were to the fan zone. That means we would be as close as possible to the scene. When we met, Vicki was in such a good mood - she had just heard about her friend's birthday, basically a really cool party at her house, and we were invited. And, of course, the concert and the party were on the same day.
    On the one hand, there was the concert of my dreams, on the other - a pretty boring party with her friends, who I don’t like, and they don`t like me either, but at the same time, I would make Vicki happy. This problem could easily be solved if I could be in two places at the same time. This was my superpower after all. I planned everything. It would take two hours, max, and no one will even know.
    In the evening we went to Vicki’s friend's house and the party was just beginning. When everyone started to dance, I snuck off onto the street, and Dean took my place at the house party. I received a message from him shortly after, saying, "Everything is OK!" Twenty minutes later, I'm standing in the fan zone, the musicians take the stage, and I just get overwhelmed with emotions!
    What happened after that moment at the party, I know from Dean. Everything was going perfect. Vicky was hanging out with her friends more, Dean tried not to disappear, but also stayed in sight so that Vicki would not suspect anything. Oh, to be sure, after years of practice, we have learned how to portray each other perfectly. Once I managed to pass a math test for myself, and then change clothes, and take it again and pass it for Dean. And Dean did the same thing for me with biology.
    But there was one small hiccup. Nobody play Twister during exams, and no one needed to stand upside down. Damn Twister ruined everything! During the game, his cap slipped, and Vicki saw that small detail that distinguishes us.

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    • All in one toys By lexi
      All in one toys By lexi Month ago

      Antonio Playz I wanna here it

    • Lashyha Stephens
      Lashyha Stephens Month ago +1

      Epicfart 7

    • The Saiyamen
      The Saiyamen 2 months ago

      It just sounded like your girlfriend was just being a bitch

    • The Saiyamen
      The Saiyamen 2 months ago

      If that something you can call joke then you’re no person how would you like it if someone came in there and bullied you just like you did to her and see if you’re still laughing

    • The Saiyamen
      The Saiyamen 3 months ago

      it sounds like this chick couldn’t take a harmless joke and is now making the guy feel like a bad person even though the girl is being super petty

  • Mía Fernandez
    Mía Fernandez 2 days ago


  • DrPluton
    DrPluton 8 days ago

    I think I've seen that prank on a few different sitcoms. It never ends well.

  • Joila Lacsina
    Joila Lacsina 11 days ago

    Omg did she said "her girl friends" girl are you a gay

  • Thats just Sad
    Thats just Sad 12 days ago

    Ohoho u have a nice spirit too prank ur gf i would never prank a sweet shy girl even tho idk her

  • Karen Robert
    Karen Robert 12 days ago

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  • Adéla Kuchaříková
    Adéla Kuchaříková 12 days ago

    Lol I have a twin too, but we are completely different :D

    Srry for my english 👀

  • Areti Sideris
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  • Areti Sideris
    Areti Sideris 18 days ago

    Ha ha ha

  • BubbleSoda!
    BubbleSoda! 18 days ago

    I hate this voice actor so much 😐

  • John John
    John John 21 day ago

    I have a twin and I told my twin that I'm going to the movies and I got a text from my twin and she said that go here nowwww and my twin wanted to go to her friend's house for a party

  • Sophea Sun
    Sophea Sun 25 days ago

    I did not get it

  • sleepy yuki doodles
    sleepy yuki doodles 25 days ago +1

    Can I just say we have all said "Dam twister" ATELAST ONCE IN OUR LIVES

  • Manohar Hungund
    Manohar Hungund 27 days ago

    U could have used a dark foundation to the temple!

  • xxdark _girlgaming123xx

    Wait guys....haven't you guys noticed that the ones telling the story dont say their real name and voice and lucas and marcus are identical twins and marcus has a mole and lucas doesn't and they both were hats just guessing not hating

  • Eve- Gatcha-girl
    Eve- Gatcha-girl 29 days ago


  • Kelly Brisebois
    Kelly Brisebois Month ago

    Wow your gf is soooo lame

  • Teia Dhurup
    Teia Dhurup Month ago +1

    You played with fire bro.

  • Cube Gaming
    Cube Gaming Month ago

    In a twin

  • Hadassa Esquuviel
    Hadassa Esquuviel Month ago

    Your girlfriend is ugly🤣😂

  • Hypnos kid
    Hypnos kid Month ago

    Dude it’s not your fault, you just have a great sense of humor she does not look for common girls like you

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin Month ago

    I know u may think im doing this for likes, but I once gave my friend a dare to stand on the roof and sing a silly song, she did, and for some reason I thought that I would push her and catch her at the same time to scare her, unfortunately, her leg slipped and she died.. many of u may not believe me, but I still regret it.... That was the prank, THAT I PRANKED THE ONE READING THIS LOL NO ONE DIED THERE WAS NO SUCH JOKE XD im just being stoopid here dont mind me

  • Kayn :3
    Kayn :3 Month ago

    This guy could just make dot with marker

  • Joseph Levatino
    Joseph Levatino Month ago +1

    Surprised that his name isn't kyle

  • Hello fill 46
    Hello fill 46 Month ago

    Who here has ever noticed in a lot of these videos they have the same voice

  • Conner Cole
    Conner Cole Month ago

    Just pot black paint on your twin head where the mole is

  • Ashenicky2009
    Ashenicky2009 Month ago

    Why didn't they just draw a mole onto his head?
    Also, I wouldn't have been so mad if I was her. Both times. I would've been irritated about the party/concert thing, but I forgive people pretty fast

  • Xavier Frost
    Xavier Frost Month ago +1

    Was the joke when he lost his gf

  • {VG} Hex
    {VG} Hex Month ago

    i put a sheet over my brothers head when he was asleep and poured water on it and he passed out

  • timsieslol123 plays


  • starcluster
    starcluster Month ago

    oh no

  • Aušra Šimonytė
    Aušra Šimonytė Month ago

    Yes i did lol

  • Diabolo Junior
    Diabolo Junior Month ago

    I only told my girlfriend a joke that she is flat chested
    I didn't know why she broke up with me with a simple joke.

    • Baby Mochi
      Baby Mochi Month ago

      Diabolo Junior cause a joke is supposed to be funny :)

  • 円万
    円万 Month ago

    you lose everything.

  • Fantasy 87
    Fantasy 87 Month ago

    My twin sister and I could never pull off the old switcheroo. We tried a few times but no one was fooled for single second because our personalities are so different. But the weird thing is, I get mistaken for my sister all the time and it's so annoying because like I said we're different. It's usually with people I don't know too well so that's probably a big factor but no one in my family has ever mistaken for me for my sister. Not even my younger brothers and cousins so it's really annoying when I am mistaken for her. I'll admit I've snapped at people a couple times which I'm not proud of because in my mind I'm thinking they should know how different my sister and I are even though I know they don't know us well enough to tell us apart yet. And if you look at us hard enough you'll see that our face shapes are different plus my sister hates wearing her hair long while I love it so you can pretty much tell us apart by our hair. But still I get called by my sister's name. Sometimes being a twin can be really annoying.

  • TheTruePatrickBoi
    TheTruePatrickBoi Month ago

    1:01 BOOOOO

  • Mantas Krisciunas
    Mantas Krisciunas Month ago


  • MusicalArtist25
    MusicalArtist25 Month ago +1

    This is why you don't play practical jokes.

  • Andreas Sihotang
    Andreas Sihotang Month ago +1

    I wish I had a twin

  • HappyFace GamingYT
    HappyFace GamingYT Month ago +1

    What happend is the story teller is dien :0

    ARMY FOREVER Month ago +1

    I hate tou

  • Assassin 1
    Assassin 1 Month ago

    1:15 did he say bitch to have a seat on.

  • Coop
    Coop Month ago


  • Coop
    Coop Month ago


  • Kurt Playz
    Kurt Playz Month ago +2

    In my school there are 2 brothers and that look the same, same age, and same height but one thing that can tell you which one is which one of them has a higher pitched voice and the other one has a lower pitched voice

  • Darlene Hunter
    Darlene Hunter Month ago


  • RachelOnYT 12
    RachelOnYT 12 Month ago +1

    You’re so FFFF

  • Khadga Bhattarai
    Khadga Bhattarai Month ago

    Your brother shall couler a red thing there

  • AnimeKing
    AnimeKing Month ago

    You should’ve let your brother record it and then watch it ._.

  • Izzi Victorio
    Izzi Victorio Month ago

    She kinda sounds like a bitch.

  • Emily Vasquez
    Emily Vasquez Month ago +1

    You should’ve draw a mole with a marker or something on your twins temple 😭

  • Moses UBF
    Moses UBF Month ago

    This is stupid. Dude, don't be with a girl who doesn't share your sense of humor

  • Imagine Stories
    Imagine Stories 2 months ago +1

    The person who narrated it sounds like a pretty cringey person....

  • Kylie Trevino
    Kylie Trevino 2 months ago +1

    The girl is the dumb one lol

  • Mr Tentacles
    Mr Tentacles 2 months ago

    I’m a twin but I’m not a dick

  • Bibi. B
    Bibi. B 2 months ago

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  • Fatima queen of maen Martinez

    Thanks for the next one is at the same time and place and I'll see if I can find a way I can get this resolved Love and place for the car ride I can do that I have no

  • the girl
    the girl 2 months ago

    Why does your hat change the colour every time you are with your brother?

  • Jenny Duong
    Jenny Duong 2 months ago

    I don’t like boys so stupid

  • Phillip Nguyen
    Phillip Nguyen 2 months ago

    Just make a makeup mole or something that looks likes a mole