Pen Circle Traps Ant (But How?)


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  • Jam Sauce
    Jam Sauce 22 minutes ago

    It makes sense they stayed in the circle

    If you get out you will be lost
    in the storm

  • Gecko0304
    Gecko0304 2 hours ago

    Ants are smarter than spiders. Ants are in fact one of the 10 animals in the world that can recognice themselves in a mirror.

  • Jayden gaming
    Jayden gaming 2 hours ago

    You know what this means? INSECT FORTNITE IRL

  • The Gaming Dice
    The Gaming Dice 2 hours ago

    it's sad

  • Dina Salman
    Dina Salman 2 hours ago +1

    lol I do this every time I see an insect

  • Slime Monster
    Slime Monster 3 hours ago

    A spider isn’t a insect

  • Gerald Tan
    Gerald Tan 6 hours ago

    The smell

  • Wateries Koh
    Wateries Koh 8 hours ago

    I tried it before but it did escape but it stood there for some time (I was using frixion pen)

  • addictwithapen 21
    addictwithapen 21 8 hours ago

    I could never I’d squash it before the experiment even starts

  • Apolo50
    Apolo50 9 hours ago

    It is the storm from fortnite XD

  • Saaket Dayal
    Saaket Dayal 9 hours ago

    They should make a maze!!!

  • Erap Parinas
    Erap Parinas 10 hours ago

    f bois

  • Meow clan Leader
    Meow clan Leader 12 hours ago

    Fortnite storm lol 😂

  • Me Argo
    Me Argo 13 hours ago

    My ant was trapped only for a few seconds and then continued his or hers way

  • Migz the minecrafter
    Migz the minecrafter 13 hours ago

    Thats real the ant trap i tried it it work

  • Gabby Calina26
    Gabby Calina26 14 hours ago

    Oh my god I tried it its true come and just try it but it needs blue pen or marker

  • Aaron Mizrahi
    Aaron Mizrahi 16 hours ago

    I feel like I'm losing brain cells observing this ignoramus talk about the simplistic science of this phenomena. He looks like a 3 year old trying learn quantum physics.

  • NVM cares
    NVM cares 16 hours ago

    I tried trapping an ant it does not work for me

  • Trevon Ingram
    Trevon Ingram 16 hours ago

    Works with chalk

  • JoJo Pham
    JoJo Pham 17 hours ago

    I used a marker and the ant got trapped

  • Jennifer Dieter
    Jennifer Dieter 19 hours ago

    Spiders are arachnids,not insects

  • Jersey Williams
    Jersey Williams 19 hours ago

    Poor ant

  • Jersey Williams
    Jersey Williams 19 hours ago

    Oh no

  • Norin Flores
    Norin Flores 19 hours ago

    Maybe insects are allergic to ink (Dont say im wrong or a dumbass please and thank you).Or the insects are dumb

  • Kristen Trieb
    Kristen Trieb 21 hour ago

    The ant doesnt run from the Chemical, their trail that they made is destroyed so they leave to find their real trail. If you dont apply a thick enough layer with the pen, then they can still smell thier trail below the ink, and follow it. That is why in the last video the ant leaves right away the second attempt, because it can smell the trail they made and easily follow it.

  • Parker Jones
    Parker Jones 21 hour ago

    A spider is an arachnid not an insect

  • Mr.Maniac
    Mr.Maniac 21 hour ago

    He just called a spider an insect....

  • Zackary St Onge
    Zackary St Onge 22 hours ago


  • ElenatheMarshmallo
    ElenatheMarshmallo 22 hours ago

    when i was little i used to do this with chalk

  • Tristan Shepherd
    Tristan Shepherd 22 hours ago


  • Jiwane the Human

    I's because of the smell of the ink?
    Or..I don't know

    Eh..I'm dumb

  • Cedric David
    Cedric David Day ago

    That so funny

  • xXTheGamerXx
    xXTheGamerXx Day ago

    The Storm in Forntite or Play Zone in PUBG

  • 12201
    12201 Day ago +1

    The pen ink smell so strong that's why the ant can feel a dangerous line cause the smell

  • Denise Salamera
    Denise Salamera Day ago

    Poor ant i feel bad its not funny

  • •Purple & Blue biscuits•

    I tried it and it worked XD

  • Khalidkk1285 Khankk

    Drunk ant

  • CreepySlime28
    CreepySlime28 Day ago

    make a maze

  • Dashing gamer girl 360

    U can also use chalk

  • Christian gamez
    Christian gamez Day ago

    What happens if u cant get an ant

  • newby bast
    newby bast Day ago

    I thought it was a chemical too.

  • Andres Peralta
    Andres Peralta Day ago +1

    you know what you can do,make a maze,and see if the insect is smart .

  • Mlg Savage
    Mlg Savage Day ago

    Insect abuse

  • temmie rawr
    temmie rawr Day ago

    Arachnophobia here, Im not gonna chase a spider

  • Tony England
    Tony England Day ago

    The ink covered the chemical trail it leaves behind

  • Spork Spork
    Spork Spork Day ago

    It is a toxin in the ink

  • Pugman
    Pugman Day ago

    Did anyone at first glance think the ant was a cats face

  • Leah Grace
    Leah Grace Day ago +1


  • Moonlighting is dumb

    the ant is spongebob and he is in a sea bear circle and he doesn't want to leave the circle because there are sea bears all around him

  • J.L. Howard
    J.L. Howard Day ago

    its both

  • Mahli Gonzalez
    Mahli Gonzalez Day ago

    I used to do this when I was little 😂

  • pinkwin 101
    pinkwin 101 Day ago

    The thumnail look like a cats face to me

  • Fan_ 117
    Fan_ 117 Day ago

    Cause it thinks it’s playing fortnite

  • Destiny Quiles
    Destiny Quiles Day ago


  • Hidden Light
    Hidden Light Day ago

    ants travel through smell. Perhaps the smell of the pen smells like the pherimores of other ants or enemies, so they avoid it.

  • Sharon Letka
    Sharon Letka Day ago

    I would make a maze and make the ant go in and find its way out😂😂(sorry)

  • leah pollittYT
    leah pollittYT Day ago

    it's funny

  • Gustavo Guillen
    Gustavo Guillen Day ago


  • Zeyad981
    Zeyad981 Day ago

    What about writing a maze with a pen for ants

  • Technical_mistake

    i hug the bell and i sub and like

  • Taylor Van Wyngaarden

    I used to doo this all the time with chalk

  • Daylon Owens
    Daylon Owens 2 days ago

    Bees can fly

  • dr ruby
    dr ruby 2 days ago

    just when i thought i could trap my biggest fear... he said it doesn't work always

  • AngryToast101 jmn
    AngryToast101 jmn 2 days ago

    I used a permanent marker and it stopped the ant

  • Rhea Melissa Arinsol

    Oh wait nvm

  • ᏟᏒᎬᎪᎢᏫᎡ plays

    i dont like spiders so

  • Rhea Melissa Arinsol

    I tried this on an ant it worked

  • omgeileen
    omgeileen 2 days ago


  • Theonlygamer Theory
    Theonlygamer Theory 2 days ago

    Nope ur reason is wrong

  • HaS Vlogs
    HaS Vlogs 2 days ago

    I tried it and like a savage the ant went through

  • Aussie Em
    Aussie Em 2 days ago

    So basically just *if you see a massive spider, draw a circle around it with a pen and you're ok* ... *or any other insect*

  • Pac Attack
    Pac Attack 2 days ago

    How does this get on trending

  • the halo life fn hoes

    Draw a maze and make a vid

  • Adalia and Esh
    Adalia and Esh 2 days ago

    I tried it and.....

    It didn't work....😨😨😨

    And the ant bit me😰😰😰

  • Lmaomaggie
    Lmaomaggie 2 days ago

    Pretty sure the ink drys and they come through

  • Uganda Knuckles
    Uganda Knuckles 2 days ago

    It's trapped because the ant thinks it's water and ants can't swim.

  • Excalibur
    Excalibur 2 days ago

    When you believe in flat earth..
    N all your ppl is round earth believer

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming 2 days ago


  • Honey Vega
    Honey Vega 2 days ago

    A spider is not a insect.. It's a aranict

  • Aaron Murai
    Aaron Murai 2 days ago

    You can make a maze

  • Marissa Guzman
    Marissa Guzman 2 days ago


  • kyle doodoohead
    kyle doodoohead 2 days ago

    Dam your eyebrows are so precious 👀

  • Xxsavage_ SenpiexX
    Xxsavage_ SenpiexX 2 days ago

    Please don’t show pictures of spiders I freaking flinch every time

  • Chunky peanut ;-;
    Chunky peanut ;-; 2 days ago

    Waaaaaaaaa I feel bad

  • Sofie's Zone
    Sofie's Zone 2 days ago

    I did this with chalk

  • PandaZ 01
    PandaZ 01 2 days ago


  • aryamah zargar
    aryamah zargar 2 days ago

    Also, spiders aren't insects. They have eight legs! 😑

  • aryamah zargar
    aryamah zargar 2 days ago

    Ok first of all, this ant is not a he, it’s a she. Male ants never go outside the nest. All the workers are females.

  • i cant think of a name

    Make a maze ahhh

    DE DOGE QUEEN 2 days ago

    Is this like salt or something like that...

  • Lilly Gomez
    Lilly Gomez 2 days ago +1

    It's FUNNY

  • Gabrielle Jackson
    Gabrielle Jackson 2 days ago

    *Evily* now I can trap and *KILL* ants! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....

    20 minuets later


  • htm&gaming 103
    htm&gaming 103 2 days ago

    The trick works because ants only see 2D

  • Crissachu Pikachu
    Crissachu Pikachu 2 days ago


  • Speregaming 12
    Speregaming 12 2 days ago +1

    Anyone else think that the thumnail kinda looks like a derpy cat face?

  • Georgina Cross
    Georgina Cross 2 days ago

    Animal cruelty

  • ShimmerShimeon VaporeonLPS

    aka how to torture bugs XD

  • Floral Wengie
    Floral Wengie 2 days ago

    Poor insects 😟

  • amy vs shadow
    amy vs shadow 2 days ago

    Ants are smarter than spiders👓👓👓