Opening Up About Our Break Up | Liane V

  • Published on Mar 21, 2020
  • This video was so hard to film, but I feel like I'm in a lot better place to finally share my relationship with you all. I also wanted to send you all love during this hard time with isolating ourselves from the virus. Take care of yourselves and loved ones, I'm praying for all your healthy and safety during these hard times ❤️


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    Liane V is a multiple threat musician, comedian, model, actress, and dancer with over 10 million fans worldwide across all her social media platforms. Since 2014, Liane has been in the studio diligently writing, producing and recording new music, all while shooting comedic videos in between with her squad of urban funny friends. Young, hot, talented,and hilarious, this Filipino girl amassed her first million fans within just seven months, and has over 1.7 BILLION loops on Vine to date.

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  • MrEdwardAK
    MrEdwardAK 39 minutes ago

    No one cares

  • Jadalyn Mateo
    Jadalyn Mateo 2 hours ago

    Did she just say sad TWICE. LOL

  • Ines Espinoza
    Ines Espinoza 3 hours ago

    Liane iam trully sorry you are going through this. Heart breaks are the worse. But yes you are right , you need to do what is best for you and your happiness. We love you , you are beautiful . keep your head up high my love . God is with you at all times. Things do happen for a reason. we got to trust God and let him guide us

  • Laura izegbu
    Laura izegbu 4 hours ago

    He literally wasted her time and energy for nothing . Liane you will be alright , someone out there is going to love you unconditionally ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mein Looo
    Mein Looo 4 hours ago

    God has your back, embrace this time of change and make the best of it...better will come. Proud of you 💜

  • Jeremy K
    Jeremy K 5 hours ago

    See dude in Vegas with a chick 2 years ago. He actually came and sat in my booth because he knew one of my guys from Detroit.

  • Yasmín Lucero
    Yasmín Lucero 6 hours ago

    You’re honestly so sweet and beautiful. This is the time to focus on YOU girl. Being in a long term relationship takes a lot of energy from an individual and you should truly use this time to reflect on how you can make yourself better. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Estherina Yeo
    Estherina Yeo 6 hours ago

    I never knew break ups will be so depressing .But thank you so much liane for this video. It really means a lot for me aswell. Love you and God bless you always.

  • Emily Peralta
    Emily Peralta 6 hours ago

    Don't forget that we love you and have our support all the way love

  • Carolyn Bondy
    Carolyn Bondy 8 hours ago

    Never apologize to any of us I’m sorry for what you’ve been through I know how this feels. You’ll come out stronger but allow yourself to feel everything first. It’s good to cry and it helps you feel.

  • Faith Fotu
    Faith Fotu 10 hours ago

    thank for sharing to u you story

  • K K
    K K 10 hours ago

    I feel for you 🥺

  • Van Lenore
    Van Lenore 11 hours ago


  • Lorilei Tinio
    Lorilei Tinio 11 hours ago

    i think this is the realest content Liane has put out and I love her for it. I look up to her now more than ever and I pray you find the peace you need during this time💕

  • Pinh Heart
    Pinh Heart 11 hours ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ your beautiful girl u will find someone better sis 🥰😘❤️❤️

  • gusorion 81
    gusorion 81 13 hours ago

    You should date a regular guy. Why date someone famous? Learn from Hollywood history...

  • 1724kimmy
    1724kimmy 14 hours ago

    You’re beautiful physically but you’re so much more than just a pretty face. You’re smart, talented, ambitious, driven, funny, sweet, caring, and full of potential. No one is perfect, no. But you’re were a great catch that only a fool would pass up. And you bought a house for you and our parents. Don is a dummy. Best of luck liane. I hope you find a far better man that is deserving of you. God has something better in store for you.

  • Kali Jay
    Kali Jay 14 hours ago

    At the end of the day we have to do what’s best for ourselves! You’re beautiful and strong! Sending positive vibes your way 💖💖

  • nati kidd
    nati kidd 14 hours ago

    Liane, keep ya head up, ma! You deserve better... and I have faith you will recover from this experience. I have faith in myself as I have recently had to deal with a major trust issue within my relationship. We are no longer together and I am working on healing and learning how to trust again. You will eventually be ok, I believe in you! All love

    • nati kidd
      nati kidd 14 hours ago

      And thank you for sharing and being vulnerable. the #1 thing IS happiness! Sho you right, Ate!

  • Carmen Montoya
    Carmen Montoya 16 hours ago

    This is preparing you for greater things Liane. Maybe the Lord has a different plan for you.. I went through something similar but obviously not in the spotlight. Seek the Lord's counsel. You will never regret that decision. God bless you. ..Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  • Keahi Ohana
    Keahi Ohana 16 hours ago

    I feel like we’re in the same place, at least very similar. I’m such a forgiving person but it’s so hard to forget because it hurts so much. These guys don’t realize how much we loved them, how we would never do what they did, we would never think of doing anything to hurt the person we love. ❤️

  • Rosemarie B. Oliva
    Rosemarie B. Oliva 16 hours ago

    Man I’m hurt I love you so much Liane and feel so bad for you but you will get through this

  • Gina CC
    Gina CC 18 hours ago


  • KimyOnTube
    KimyOnTube 18 hours ago

    I saw him in Las Vegas airport few months back.

  • Michaela Fisher
    Michaela Fisher 19 hours ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story your such a beautiful person and this is so inspiring i love you thank you!

  • Pxo M_
    Pxo M_ 19 hours ago

    You go girl! Homeowner! Keep it up 👍🏼

  • Harvest Moon
    Harvest Moon 20 hours ago

    Never trust a lightskin

  • Tasneem Rodrigues
    Tasneem Rodrigues 20 hours ago

    You are young and beautiful you don’t need a man to complete you just remember that you are strong don’t waste your tears for him #girlpower

  • Ana Chabeli Martinez
    Ana Chabeli Martinez 22 hours ago

    Jesus knows your heart! He‘s the only one who can fullfill what you realy need in your life! Of course stuff of this world makes us temporarely happy.... but the deep deep peace only comes from him! Trust him!🙏🏾 wish you nothing but the best🌈❤️

  • Lizzie Mcardle
    Lizzie Mcardle Day ago

    Your such a beautiful soul I pray happiness upon you, and you are a strong women ❤️

  • Amy Kingsbury
    Amy Kingsbury Day ago

    Thank you for this video. This has helped me so much ♥️♥️♥️

  • Maggie Montelongo

    Liane you are a woman with dignity and strength- you show people how to treat you and when you allow the bullshit because that’s what it is . That person will continue on that path. God is right beside you through this🙏🏻

  • Jasmine Pantoja
    Jasmine Pantoja Day ago

    I’m definitely going thru a break up, I needed this so glad this popped up in my feed. It’s definitely hard going thru this during quarantine but also it has give me the chance to actually address how I’m feeling inside of pushing it down.

  • Da'Lecia Moses
    Da'Lecia Moses Day ago


  • Katherine Ancheta

    Thank you for being real . Beak-ups are hard and these types of things will truly take time to heal.

    Have faith and continue being the amazing person you are. Trust in God's plan!

  • Siinfull Beauty
    Siinfull Beauty Day ago

    Prayers to you and your family I literally just got out of an relationship like 2 weeks ago with the love of my life just came from the Bahamas moved in with him left from Cali to Atlanta to move in then went back to Cali to visit my sick sister then to hear the words I think u should stay in Cali cause I feel it’s not going to work out smh I was sick for a week but everything happens for a reason!!! I put it in gods hands

  • BossBabe 1111
    BossBabe 1111 Day ago

    It's true what that gurl in the background said about this Quarantine time has made us all reflect on things & it's easy to get in our feelings! Being vulnerable to us makes YOU human like all of us! Sending love💜 to you

  • Rosemary
    Rosemary Day ago

    I know the feeling and honestly I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get over my break up since I was with this guy for 7 yrs. but I promise you it gets easier. Of course your gonna have your difficult days but you will get through this. Watching your video inspired me so much more ❤️🙏🏻

  • maria espinoza
    maria espinoza Day ago

    Wow. Really can relate. You are so brave

  • valerie barajas
    valerie barajas Day ago +1

    Consider this a blessing from God though it may not feel like it now. He did the same thing to his other long term girlfriend before you. He clearly doesn’t appreciate good women. Wishing you all the best.

  • Ta_Ar 45
    Ta_Ar 45 Day ago


  • Ta_Ar 45
    Ta_Ar 45 Day ago

    Wish all the best for you, i hope that ypu find your soulmate and be happy 🙏

  • Kyasuriin Zoldyck

    I’m sorry about what happened Liane.. everything happens for a reason.. God has better plans for you and it will come to you very soon. I love your optimism even though what happened was recent.. you’re indeed a strong woman. Thank you for sharing this vulnerable topic, I empathise what you felt because it’s a bit similar to what I went through with my ex and I learned new things from your video. I love you Liane.. don’t you ever change because you’re perfect!! (Not perfect perfect but 101% fine woman that every men need!) ❤️

  • Adorably Ashley
    Adorably Ashley Day ago

    Support system is everything you need! Stay strong beautiful ❤️✨

  • Jeremaine Luber
    Jeremaine Luber Day ago +1

    take this time to really heal girl

  • Brandi Lee
    Brandi Lee Day ago

    You are wonderful and strong for sharing. You will get through this, we all will get through this. Sending positive energy, love and good health. Thank you.

  • A M
    A M Day ago

    You will get through this. It will be a bit of a roller coaster for a little while, and that’s ok! I was in a relationship for 7.5 years and we were engaged; I had to cancel my wedding as well. I couldn’t believe something like that happened to me. But I got through it. And met an incredible man who actually loves and respects me! You’ll find that too. ❤️

  • BoredRandomCraptv
    BoredRandomCraptv Day ago +1

    Most men literally can NOT be trusted. EVER! Like... how? HOWWW?!!!

  • Maryella
    Maryella Day ago

    Damn i can't believe he cheated on this beauty

  • Gwendolyn Skutnik
    Gwendolyn Skutnik Day ago +1

    This whole video has left me so confused. I just can't see how any guy could possibly cheat on a woman who is as amazing as Liane. She is everything! amazing personality, drop dead gorgeous, perfect body, has a beautiful singing voice, and is a professional dancer. He will realize he lost something amazing. Really shows the true kind of guy he is and will ALWAYS be.

  • Jennifer Castro
    Jennifer Castro Day ago

    Blessings to you beautiful! You have an amazing soul and seem so genuine, kind, and caring. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’m sending love and hugs to you.

  • Desiree Perez
    Desiree Perez Day ago

    The video hit me on so many levels. The girl talking in the background is 100 percent correct. This isolation has us in our feelings because we can’t keep busy. stay strong 😞

  • Erica McElrath
    Erica McElrath Day ago

    Wow. Who in the world would cheat on Liane V!? If that's not what happened which I think it is then excuse this comment but shes the prettiest and sweetest girl just comes to show "boys" not men dont give a shit

  • RiAHH
    RiAHH Day ago

    Liane you're so gorgeous & talented! I'm sorry that you are going through this but it'll make you stronger believe it or not. You deserve so much more than what you've been through. Prayers to you!

  • Simmi Chahal
    Simmi Chahal Day ago

    You're such a beautiful soul Liane, it's so heartbreaking to see you crying. But one quote that helped me through a difficult break up was "what a wonderful thought that someone of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet"... Instead of looking back and missing the relationship you had, I hope you can look towards the future and know God has something amazing planned for you, and Don was not your forever. He was a part of your life during a chapter, maybe a few chapters but there is so much more to your story. Keep holding your head up. I admire you so much ♥️

  • Isis Matamoros
    Isis Matamoros Day ago

    You deserve so much better! This video made me cry. We are strong woman and will survive this breakup.

  • Martinne Clare
    Martinne Clare Day ago +1

    i totally understand your situation.. i was with my ex for almost 5 years. the whole 5 years, shit happens and i keep forgiving him coz he cries in front of me and asking for forgiveness and promising me he was gonna change but never did.. the last fucked up thing he did just really pushed me.. it needed to stop, i deserve more. WE DESERVE THE BEST. took me a while to completely move on.. and i found a man that treats me like a Queen! 👑
    your fans are right,
    YOU ARE THE WOMAN SOMEONE IS PRAYING FOR!! you got this Liane! WE FILIPINAS ARE STRONG!! Prayers for you and the fam! ❤🙏🏼

  • Adetilewa Awosanya

    Congratulations on the house liane!!!!!

  • Merie
    Merie Day ago

    It is difficult to get back BUT not impossible 💕

  • RycePlays
    RycePlays Day ago

    She is pure gorgeousness, what do you cheat on her with? She has ass and the face and the chest she’s a 10/10 which is rare. What can beat her? It’s like when JAY Z cheated on Beyoncé, what can beat them?

  • michelle tate
    michelle tate Day ago

    Girl I hope you look in that mirror on the day you're done crying and say I am over him and ready to move on from "us". Please don't go backwards because it's not how you grow. He proved with his actions that he's not willing to grow with you and that's ok. You were never meant to be his and he was never meant to be yours. My dad would always tell me nobody can take what's meant to be yours. So I hope moving forward you look for what means more to you for you. And understand it isn't him, never was. He damaged your trust when you guys were planning a future. That's not a solid foundation to build anything on. I hope you find your happiness soon and he lost his best lol stay true to yourself no need to lower your standards or love for yourself ❤️

  • Sathtra
    Sathtra Day ago

    Not sure why or how I came across this, but you got this girl. People are meant to come to our life to teach us something. There is always something brighter and bigger at the end of the tunnel. Take the time to find yourself and truly enjoy yourself. I love you. Don't worry and it's okay to cry. I was cheated on after 15 years with two kids. But you know what it is okay I'm grateful that it ended because I found myself. I know my worth and I love the things I do now. Along the way, I found someone who loves me unconditionally. Its another tough patch and you can do this.

  • Izzy X Izzy
    Izzy X Izzy Day ago

    Stay strong Liane! Love you and been following you since your VINE days. Laban lang! Pinoy tayo kaya yan! 💪🏻🙏🏻🇵🇭❤️

  • Crystal Royalty
    Crystal Royalty Day ago

    Very sorry !

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko Day ago


  • Bianca Gonsalves

    Sending my love out to you. ❤️

  • Codiline Dye
    Codiline Dye Day ago

    You are such a sweet soul. I am rooting for you in every single way.

  • Jen Rivara
    Jen Rivara Day ago

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’m going through a similar thing. What helps is every time I feel sad, I try and shift my focus to being grateful. Sending love your way! Smile :)

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko Day ago

      Thank you for this video ❤️🙏🏾

  • Noy Siphaengphet

    He’s not even cute , corny try’s soo hard dude he’s fake ppl can see right thru trying to b kool but ain’t ..u can do better

  • Sophie M
    Sophie M Day ago

    Congarts on your two houses can't wait to see your house and your beautiful smile and music love you so much stay beautiful stay strong stay you 😘

  • Jacky Pietersen
    Jacky Pietersen Day ago

    Liane I feel your pain😔I was thr before I know exactly how you feel I know I'm just a stranger but I really feel your pain I mean it's like everyone around you that you guys invested in they don't see what your actually going thru I mean they have simpithy but it's just a pain nonone would understand I pray and hope you get better you will get thru this 🙏all the best and strongs love❤️🌍😢I love you and keep being the strong beautiful person you are

  • Sophie M
    Sophie M Day ago

    Well I don't know what happen but I hope you find peace happiness and yourself again you entitle to cry feel the pain you was in love so I get it. Love will come around when it's right and you will know it and sorry to your family and his because u can see that you guys family was in it and engaged part is very hard too wishing you happiness much love to you liane v and what he done has nothing to do with you Its him baby not You I tell myself that about my bf so remember he isn't that man yet the one he know he couldn't be or he knew he couldn't be for you knew that and messed up so keep your head up and social media messing up stuff even if u aren't famous I know for fact

  • Woe Kimosabe
    Woe Kimosabe Day ago

    This video is a video I didn’t know I needed ... it was so insightful. A break up during this quarantine is fucking HARD. I’m on the same page 💔. keep your chin up - don’t let your crown fall. It’s easier said than done but you’ve got this. 🙏

  • Lexy _xa
    Lexy _xa Day ago

    Who else thought this was a prank 😭

  • Its CurlyBeccc
    Its CurlyBeccc Day ago

    Who ever that lady is in the back was speaking Magic!! I’m glad you have her there!! ❤️

  • Ant B
    Ant B Day ago

    I knew he cheated goddamnit Don why you did this is to a woman who loves and support you?! Liane I’m sorry you had to go thru this, stay strong!🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Grace Min
    Grace Min 2 days ago

  • jahson parris
    jahson parris 2 days ago

    liane I have been watching your videos for years and your vines
    don't worry you will find the right man
    all the people that dislike you are just haters and leave her alone she is a beautiful women with a good heart

  • O G
    O G 2 days ago

    Sometimes you have to let things go in order for them to come right back at the right time. But in some circumstances things don't workout that way. You just be you, I know you'll be with the love of your life have babies and get a house when it's time. Stay Blessed xo ❤ god bless you and your beautiful self! 💗

  • King
    King 2 days ago

    Keep your head up beautiful! big love from Australia 🇭🇲