Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, arrested in London

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Julian Assange's long standoff with international authorities is over. Police removed the WikiLeaks founder from Ecuadorian Embassy Thursday. He had been inside since August 2012, hiding from a British arrest warrant. Assange faces potential charges in the U.S. and elsewhere. Imtiaz Tyab reports.
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Comments • 790

  • Ek Villain
    Ek Villain 2 days ago

    Let’s get to 392053 signatures before the end of the day, can you sign now?
    chng.it/pgtnJPcC please support him 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🔗🔗🔗

  • Konqueror 1
    Konqueror 1 4 days ago

    This was exactly how security carried me out the last time I went out for steamed snow crab.

    I fng luv, love, LOVE! steamed crab legs with drawn butter!

  • dan imossi
    dan imossi 7 days ago

    You know who is right and who is wrong.
    Stand together 😤

  • LordVeni
    LordVeni 9 days ago +1

    RIP Free speech

  • FROGO Creature
    FROGO Creature 9 days ago

    Next one.
    He suffer a ❤ attack in jail.
    Due to blood pressure issues.
    Wait and 👀.

  • arnab marik
    arnab marik 10 days ago

    how come 5 metres gap between face and limbs

  • P.R. T
    P.R. T 10 days ago

    Good bye freedom of speech!

  • Bfme Fan
    Bfme Fan 15 days ago

    julian assange was the second coming

  • tommyfromthearmy
    tommyfromthearmy 17 days ago

    Is everyone forgetting that he is a child molester also?

  • tommyfromthearmy
    tommyfromthearmy 17 days ago

    are you guys serious you think he is a hero? he watched the movie hackers to many times. Every country has secrets in order to protect themselves from other countries, if the us govt went door to door telling every civilian " Hey just so you know our nothern boarder isn't really that secure and russia could probably actually take us in a nuke war and dont tell north korea but were all talk we would actually give them anything, thanks us citizen just wanted you to know everything the govt knows" Thats what Assanges thinking is, we should all know everything but guess what? if every civilian knows it than so do our adversaries who want to hurt us. GET REAL PEOPLE, COME ON

    CADAS 17 days ago +1


  • Véronique pidancet barriere

    Hello everyone,
    We must all mobilize to save Julian Assange.
    Who is Julian Assange?
    A multi-award-winning journalist-publisher for his informational work, nominated, each year, for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    100% of the information he has published on his Wikileaks site is unquestionable and undisputed.
    He denounced war crimes including the famous crime of the US military in Iraq (civilians, journalists and a child), the torture in Guantanamo, the financing of DAECH by the Clinton Foundation.
    He was sequestered for eight years in the Ecuadorian Embassy because England has always refused him passage to a country where he would be safe.
    Injunction of the UN to England: Immediate release of Julian Assange, compensation and passage in a country where his security will be assured.
    Instead of respecting the fundamental rights of the journalist-publisher Julian Assange, the injunctions of the UN and international law …
    Lenin Moreno and the Ecuadorian government violated international law by withdrawing political asylum from Julian Assange and his Ecuadorian nationality.
    Lenin Moreno and the Ecuadorian government tortured Julian Assange: They deprived him of air, light and exercise, deprived him of medical care and medication, deprived him of any communication with the outside world including his family and his lawyers, filmed him 24 hours a day 24 including in his most intimate moments, puted him in complete isolation 60 hours a week.
    Lenin Moreno and the Ecuadorian government are guilty of killing the political asylum and security given by nationality and of crime against humanity. They should already be pursued by the ICC.
    Lenin Moreno and the Ecuadorian government sold Julian Assange to the US (the deal was made in the open) and delivered him to England. They sold the images of his private life to the highest bidder (an investigation is underway in Spain). They sold copies of his defense documents and his interviews with his lawyers to the opposing party, the US.
    Lenin Moreno and the Ecuadorian Government have committed common law crimes that violate Ecuadorian law and international law.
    Thérèse May and the English government kidnapped Julian Assange in the Embassy of Ecuador, sentenced him for a crime he did not commit and incarcerated him in a prison for terrorists, put in solitary confinement, deprived of access to his lawyers, deprived of medical care while the doctor who examined him asked that he be taken to a hospital.
    Thérèse May and the English government have violated all international laws and human rights. Thérèse May and the English government practiced Torture. Thérèse May and the English Government are guilty of crimes against humanity as defined in Article 7 of the ICC Statutes.
    Theresa May and the British government are preparing to extradite Julian Assange on 02/05/2019 to the US while the UN has demanded that they do not do so, release him, compensate him and take him to a safe place.
    In the USA, an in camera trial for espionage, without a lawyer, is waiting for Julian Assange (remember that he has only disseminated information and that it is a fundamental right of every individual registered in all treaties of international law ) the torture, a life imprisonment or the death penalty.
    If England extradites Julian Assange, it will go against UN injunctions, violate all the rules of international law and its national law. England does not have the right to extradite an individual to another country if there is a risk of torture or the death penalty.
    England will again be guilty of crimes against humanity.
    We must mobilize for the English government to respect UN injunctions and human rights.
    She must release Julian Assange immediately, indemnify him, protect him and drive him to safety.
    His freedom is our freedom because without the freedom to inform, all other freedom is illusory.
    Sign the petitions, display his face everywhere, write to the English government. Make noise, a lot of noise.
    He must be free. As soon as possible. He did not commit any crime except to tell the truth.
    For those who want to know more: Unity 4J

  • kara badger_ironsight
    kara badger_ironsight 19 days ago

    that poor man.. all he did was tell the truth...

  • jose garcia
    jose garcia 19 days ago +1

    So is Donald Trump going to pardon him? He did say he loved them.

  • David Kerkenes
    David Kerkenes 27 days ago

    hope Trump pardons him.

  • Nock
    Nock 27 days ago

    This was staged, look at the smile of the police officer. Also SImon Parkes said some details about this staged act.

  • Señor Coperfield
    Señor Coperfield 29 days ago


  • VM
    VM Month ago

    We will all pay the price eventually for shutting our eyes and mouths.

  • Brianne Hadley
    Brianne Hadley Month ago

    So sad. What can WE do? And How can the “journalists” reporting on this sit back and not do anything’s

  • PohTrain
    PohTrain Month ago

    Sad day for freedom

  • Laz N
    Laz N Month ago

    They will crucify him. This is not a free world

  • NaturalAraguaia Kanela

    Snowden é forte em free lance, está exilado na Rússia, sua melhor posição frente a humanidade, já q Assange também provou q o capitalismo vive de assalto, é agora preso por defender a humanidade, provando que grande parte humana não quer aceitar interferências em seu aprendizado com tudo em comum entre eles, até presevar a Amazônia.

  • JL 2019
    JL 2019 Month ago

    Robin Hood of information, still information from richs and powereds and then give to the poors and wee.

  • Niki B
    Niki B Month ago

    Please please sign and share!!! petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/justice-julian-pardon-julian-assange-he-protected-under-1st-amendment-united-states-constitution

  • Oscar Galindo
    Oscar Galindo Month ago

    Julian Assange should not be arrested for telling the truth. He exposes the lies and hypocrisy of the mainstream media and government. #FreeAssange

  • Sofia Sofia
    Sofia Sofia Month ago

    Outrageous! That's why the churches are burning! This arrest makes us loose hope!

  • ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!

    I will be praying for this man. Five years hiding must must have given him a awful cabin fever and now he's probably going to jail or prison. God bless :-)

  • Johnny Maxx
    Johnny Maxx Month ago


  • روض space التعليم education

    When laws are made to be broken

  • Gganzolo Cáceres
    Gganzolo Cáceres Month ago

    No one la above the law? What about the actual criminals??

  • PatriciaWalton
    PatriciaWalton Month ago

    The US government has been a bunch of criminals, and done far worse then this man, by telling the truth!

  • Huntersmoonx Grim
    Huntersmoonx Grim Month ago

    So now NY Times v Sullivan will get overturned and the news media will not be able to hide. And we owe it all to Hillary and the socialist democrats. Journalists all over the world can be grabbed, and extradited to face suits and criminal charges. The fake news has ended the fake news.

  • Alexey Baal
    Alexey Baal Month ago

    he should have went to russia or china

  • Corpus Callosum
    Corpus Callosum Month ago

    Finally, this despicable, even hated by his own countrymen/mom robber gollum is brought out of the rat-hole into the bright light of Justice!! Hurrah!!

  • Jim will Bump
    Jim will Bump Month ago

    the person who kills this guy is the same person who kills Christ!

  • Jim will Bump
    Jim will Bump Month ago

    a very very very sad day for truth...

  • ok ok
    ok ok Month ago

    Trump is above the law. He gets away with everything

  • world is changing, rapidly

    May is destorying humanity.

  • Pilar de Maria
    Pilar de Maria Month ago


  • Pilar de Maria
    Pilar de Maria Month ago


  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen Month ago +1


  • Jerry Tom
    Jerry Tom Month ago

    no body mess with the big dog...

  • Tony Ramirez
    Tony Ramirez Month ago


  • Maikl TRITON
    Maikl TRITON Month ago

    The footage of the arrest of an honest journalist was stolen from RT ... The United States will now punish him for showing the truth about the crimes of the US authorities ... for showing the mendacity of the American "democracy"

  • faithmichel
    faithmichel Month ago

    all dirty satanist pigs on the top had to be in jail for many years now.like Clintons Soros podestra pedophile brothers,and lots from uk government too,who support and financed ISIS too.blair cameron may etc etc ..no they lock up a man who tell the truth instead sick world.gods light will shine on them all,and will show the world the truth.JULIAN ASSANGE DESERVE MEDALS STATUES APLAUSE A STANDING OVATION HE IS A HERO FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. SHEEP,S WAKE UP

  • J隨風行赱
    J隨風行赱 Month ago

    The beacon of democracy and freedom,
    the hope of mankind!
    ----------United States

  • R wi
    R wi Month ago

    International law ?
    okey FINE who is the next
    You know what sometimes I feel humanity’s doomsday is approaching quickly

  • Bukkake Bill【汚い外人】

    Arrested for speaking the Truth.
    Londonistan, ofcource.
    The Clown Circus country 🤡🌎

  • Sammy68305
    Sammy68305 Month ago

    And again people who spread the truth will simply bepunished harder than murderers and rapists. . .

  • george asher
    george asher Month ago

    no arrest for the so called psychopath globalists lol

  • Che Guevara
    Che Guevara Month ago

    American agresor! (😡

  • Taylor DeVore
    Taylor DeVore Month ago

    May God place a hedge of protection around him...

  • obivannn
    obivannn Month ago

    Let Russia exchange ukrainian prisoners for Assange!

  • Ann An
    Ann An Month ago

    American new level: no law, no truth.

  • prashant rai
    prashant rai Month ago

    I think this is the guy those have a courage to expose true face of USA and now they will punish for telling truth

  • Fran Fru
    Fran Fru Month ago

    the man who allowed himself to be bribed to talk about Catalan independence, sorry but not sold

  • pavell1969
    pavell1969 Month ago

    Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, arrested in London

    • pavell1969
      pavell1969 Month ago


    EMILIA RIVERA Month ago

    Lenin Moreno is a rat, he is stealing our money and Julian Assage showed his account with a lot of money in Belice and also he kiss the feet of USA, just giving shame to all of us in Ecuador.

  • Greene Bertrand
    Greene Bertrand Month ago

    Utterly disgusting!

  • Aras Skp
    Aras Skp Month ago

    They are killing all the peacemaker so just sheeps left

  • karst de
    karst de Month ago

    The western manhunt has begun. That is our democracy. Imagine the Russians were that? Greetings from Germany

  • Free Ops
    Free Ops Month ago

    The bolsheviks now run the world

  • collian
    collian Month ago

    Julian is a Journalist Hero. We must stand up for him

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump Month ago


  • daniel kral
    daniel kral Month ago

    Count Monte Christo Communist and Russian collaborator

  • Eryk Space
    Eryk Space Month ago +3

    When Criminals run the government the Truth is a Crime!

  • Gorge Taylor
    Gorge Taylor Month ago

    Assange and thar tranny Manning should all go on an git locked in a cell together fer life! They endangered American military lives!

  • Jackie Murphy
    Jackie Murphy Month ago

    "British Authority" is a joke

  • Denis Triton
    Denis Triton Month ago

    Shame on U.S. and Britain!

  • Denis Triton
    Denis Triton Month ago

    CBS why no RT watermark?

  • shinken Han
    shinken Han Month ago

    australia, shame on you, the despicable coward. you just followed the evil US to bark at China, ignoring how filthy you are.

  • lolwat
    lolwat Month ago

    Why can't they arrest him in the embassy? Isn't this London and not eccador? I don't understand it can someone explain? 🤔

  • In Veritate Gloria
    In Veritate Gloria Month ago

    CBS This Morning, please read the book "Lucifer's Banker" by Bradley Birkenfeld. The writer, a former financier of USB Bank Switzerland, reveals a great scandal (US politicians, prominent persons and wealthy individuals hiding their tax money in Switzerland), his fight to get the US Department of Justice to have a hearing and evaluate the evidence, his imprisonment as a whistleblower, and the role of Hillary Clinton in covering up for the UBS in her role as a secretary of state. Why isn't this scandal discussed every morning, by every TV in the Western world? Too many hidden accounts, I guess. It is politicians like Clinton who ought to sit in house arrest for six years, not someone trying to expose their numerous scandals.

  • Matt Wiser
    Matt Wiser Month ago

    About time. This blowhard and egomaniac needs to spend a few years in USP Florence-at the very least. He's not a journalist-he's a thief, coward, and he thinks he's above the law. Time in USP Florence will cure him of that.

  • Darwaxion
    Darwaxion Month ago

    I hear disturbing breathing sound in this vid

  • mi li
    mi li Month ago +1

    The more developed,the less freedom

  • Luminita
    Luminita Month ago

    Ce realizare!
    Dobitocii arestează cînd li se spune că au Omorit degeaba?

  • KKKkiri
    KKKkiri Month ago

    it looks like powerful people ruling this world can do anything...

  • Sockfoot
    Sockfoot Month ago

    Julian Assange is a HERO!!!!

  • V. V
    V. V Month ago


  • Pam Pam
    Pam Pam Month ago

    Criminals are ruling the world. Assange only exposed them. The non Muslim world is doomed.

  • fornow100000
    fornow100000 Month ago

    Julian Assange is a hero. Away with the criminal elite

  • Sugar Pop
    Sugar Pop Month ago

    I think he will be a witness at the tribunals.

  • syedali514
    syedali514 Month ago

    Shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless Pakistani punjabis shameless

  • Music World
    Music World Month ago

    This happens to Palestinians everyday.

  • meryam lamtalssi
    meryam lamtalssi Month ago

    You're making him out to be a criminal how sick are you his only crime is telling the truth about what is actually going on in our world and that's the only reason why you want to see him behind bars, he hasn't done anything bad unlike you

  • Princess Theodora
    Princess Theodora Month ago

    The white American will do whatever to hide his atrocities

  • Truth & Justice
    Truth & Justice Month ago

    The cops went in looking for Julian Assange...
    ...but it looks like they found Robinson Crusoe!
    ; ¬)

    DIXKE J Month ago

    So sad! We need to stand up against this. We the people! Govenrments are for the wealthy. And ofcourse they are not righteous. Never have been. Us the slaves need to revel! Yeah right! Everybody is Going to mind their pointless life. Freedom does not exist if you speak with truth and be punished by it. Might aswell delete all you'r social media accoutns cause you'll might be next to be locked up for speaking up you'r mind.

  • Kaffekaffe Kaffe
    Kaffekaffe Kaffe Month ago +1

    I’m really disappointed with people. Assange gets arrested and BAM, Bernie Sanders is the one to blame. I thought our movement was stronger. People, listen. This is a political power game, played with and by The U.S.A and Great Britain governments. The blame should be pointed in the right direction, not at a presidential candidate, who wants the best for the ordinary American worker. Stop it.
    If you people don’t stop this blame game, next arrest will be E. Snowden. That’s the truth. And you can scream and cry as much as you want...you can’t do a damn thing about it.

  • Ungoverned Truth
    Ungoverned Truth Month ago

    If any of you had any brains at all, you'd know that this is all a Freemasonic Psyop. See the ''33'' as they escort him out of the building. Three on the left, Three on the right. Right in our faces. Same as the ''all seeing eye'' logo that CBS subconsciously slams into your brains every time they cut to a different scene. -- The world is a stage, enjoy the show.....sheep.

  • lmao
    lmao Month ago +1

    Being honest and truthful is just not worth it anymore, he is a hero

  • tommy edwards
    tommy edwards Month ago


  • Valentin Popescu
    Valentin Popescu Month ago


  • SAPER1985rus
    SAPER1985rus Month ago

    The wrong country he chose for asylum

  • Matthew Mulkey
    Matthew Mulkey Month ago

    He will be killed. He’s the only real journalist

  • Robert Downes
    Robert Downes Month ago

    The only reporter who is not fake news!

  • J 2
    J 2 Month ago

    So, the public lost a great guy...

  • Dr Gonzo
    Dr Gonzo Month ago


  • Paranoid Android
    Paranoid Android Month ago

    this is very bad...free information suffered a severe defeat today