Dry, Frozen, Bland Food Leaves Gordon Ramsay Very Unhappy | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Nov 23, 2016
    The food is "drier than Mark's personality".
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  • Caxxtus
    Caxxtus 2 days ago

    Gordon’s rudeness shows how much he cares about cooking.

  • Jessica A.
    Jessica A. 3 days ago

    This mark guy reminds me of james charles for some reason

  • Memes & Memes #2
    Memes & Memes #2 6 days ago

    Mark r u gay?! #2

  • Ryan Smart
    Ryan Smart 7 days ago

    Nino would’ve prepped all the food they needed earlier in the day and he would’ve taken pictures to prove it !!!!

  • Lyro witzgag
    Lyro witzgag 8 days ago

    Me: *eats a pussy*
    Also me: It's dry and bland what a shame.

  • chicago92100
    chicago92100 14 days ago

    Mark you need to stop being a little bitch

  • shaserdeses
    shaserdeses 14 days ago +9

    Gordon is like that teacher u hated in school but after u leave that teacher u appreciate everything they said and taught u in life

  • Thomas Saunders
    Thomas Saunders 15 days ago

    Gordon would make a good Drill Instructor.

  • Leonardo A
    Leonardo A 17 days ago

    Gordon looks depressed in the thumbnail

  • Pokemon Test
    Pokemon Test 17 days ago +6

    Winston Churchill: We'll fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them on the sand"
    But most importantly...

  • Alex Wilmot
    Alex Wilmot 21 day ago

    This fayza lady has the most irritating voice I’ve ever heard 😂

  • cplcabs
    cplcabs 22 days ago

    The waiter must have gotten the job through affirmative action and not ability to do the job, which is normally the case.

    YOUR FAVORITE JOKER 22 days ago

    1:45 I have never seen a waiter this awkward in my whole life😂

  • NorwegianBrawler
    NorwegianBrawler 23 days ago

    “About the catering?” LMFAO

  • Adorkable Derp
    Adorkable Derp 27 days ago

    0:04 they’re gonna be dryYyyyY

  • Yorick TheGravedigger
    Yorick TheGravedigger 27 days ago

    Its kinda sad how many people do not realize difference between rude and honest

  • ReVerse Isaiah
    ReVerse Isaiah Month ago

    3 Fs

  • Krieger roger
    Krieger roger Month ago

    This not full episode

  • Acrobatic Jesus
    Acrobatic Jesus Month ago

    God, Gordon can find the .2% of the bottom of the bell curve of Americans. Good job you Anglo trash

  • Dominic Lovato
    Dominic Lovato Month ago

    Guy smoke too much.😐😅😆😂

  • Rebellion Power
    Rebellion Power Month ago

    That server looks like Drake XD

  • Limp business
    Limp business Month ago

    That kid looks suicidal

  • Rxillyy
    Rxillyy Month ago

    He’s kinda being a dick for no reason.

  • Maddie Jayne
    Maddie Jayne Month ago

    What is that waiter jheeezzz

  • creamy kookie
    creamy kookie Month ago +1

    This is legit the first time I've seen such a rude waiter in this show they are always so nice he's in denial like the chef

  • creamy kookie
    creamy kookie Month ago +1

    First time I've seen a rude waiter

  • Suzi KRESPIN
    Suzi KRESPIN Month ago

    “Thank you sunshine” I laughed so hard🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • ajdoman317
    ajdoman317 Month ago

    How is an Arab guy named Mark?

  • cassius
    cassius Month ago

    that waiter is incredibly beta

  • Little snowy01
    Little snowy01 Month ago

    FUCKING FROZEN ''fresh flavorful food" , U talking about 3, how about 5

  • ChadThundercock
    ChadThundercock Month ago

    Frozen flavourless food

  • Tiyasha Chaudhury
    Tiyasha Chaudhury Month ago

    The server is high or what?

    2MANYMANNN Modz Month ago

    No one:
    Ramsay getting served water “it’s fucking dry”

    2MANYMANNN Modz Month ago

    No one:
    Ramsay getting served water “it’s fucking dry”

  • M L
    M L Month ago

    Frozen food very unhappy 😁

  • Bub loves lunch in a bucket

    What an idiot.

  • Its Just Brit
    Its Just Brit Month ago

    Maybe he's just dry like that at work. Everyone doesn't enjoy their job. 🤷‍♂️

  • yusuf eren eroğlu
    yusuf eren eroğlu Month ago

    İs this a greek restaurant or a turkish restaurant? İt is nearly impossible to distinguis the cuisines in this video

  • Baycu Noyan
    Baycu Noyan Month ago

    The owner says regarding the first dish, that it can’t be made differently. Is she stupid or what? My mom makes that always completely fresh with no frozen ingredients at all. Btw it ain’t Arabic food, it is Turkish.

  • American Idiot
    American Idiot Month ago

    Title literally describes every episode.

  • Kurachi84
    Kurachi84 Month ago

    "we use good ingredients" maybe, BUT IT'S NOT FRESH!!!
    man, some people are in complete denial mode, or they have worse brain damage than i do

  • Ben Macksoud
    Ben Macksoud Month ago

    Any baseball fans out there; am I the only one who thinks that Mark reminds them of David Price? He even kinda sounds like him.

  • Goo Go
    Goo Go Month ago

    "I don't see them in any Arabic home making them differently"
    My mother, 4 aunts and grandmother would like a word with her.

  • Joel
    Joel 2 months ago

    That waiter just pissed me off, what a smart ass.

  • m
    m 2 months ago +1

    bro kibbeh is so fucking good and they just fucked it up im done

  • IntrovertedSmiles
    IntrovertedSmiles 2 months ago

    This applies to all Arab restaurants I've been too, but I'd add the word "Overpriced."

  • Loyalty1269
    Loyalty1269 2 months ago

    It’s dryer than marks personality lol

  • Crystalactic
    Crystalactic 2 months ago

    But Is It "RAW"?

  • clyax113
    clyax113 2 months ago

    You'd think with enough backlash over frozen food restaurants would stop doing that. It's like outing the cube in the round hole in kindergarten; it just doesn't work.

  • Alex _Santoro_23
    Alex _Santoro_23 2 months ago

    The way he pronounces bulgur... ooohhh my god

  • Wolfyx
    Wolfyx 2 months ago

    Should be Frozen Flavorless Food

  • PhuckHue2
    PhuckHue2 2 months ago

    all restaurants freeze their food. If you want frozen slop spend less and eat fast food

  • Amena
    Amena 2 months ago

    the server is dumb asl

  • Amira Zou H
    Amira Zou H 2 months ago


  • Luis Matamoros
    Luis Matamoros 2 months ago

    What a beta

  • Just a Wholesome Lad
    Just a Wholesome Lad 2 months ago

    3:21 this man just single handedly roasted the whole resturant

  • ufologlt
    ufologlt 2 months ago

    That young man is so stupid holy shit.

  • Dat Leever
    Dat Leever 2 months ago

    *D R Y*

  • Tracy Akechi
    Tracy Akechi 2 months ago

    Gordon: I'll take a chocolate sundae
    *server brings Gordon his Ice Cream*

  • Tracy Akechi
    Tracy Akechi 2 months ago

    I'm not in denial because I'm not in denial. In fact YOU'RE in denial about me not being in denial!

  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 months ago

    Kibbi can’t be done fresh? Sorry, I’ve made kibbi and it’s a common dish here and yes, you can make it daily.

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles 2 months ago


  • Yama Gucci
    Yama Gucci 2 months ago

    Im totally the guy where u tell go do something n im like a lost puppy filled with anxiety cuz i dont wanna look dumb as im struggling to find what he told me to look for.

  • Mt23 Tesla
    Mt23 Tesla 2 months ago

    Tbh that kebab rice looks tasty but i have low standards lol

  • reg5381
    reg5381 2 months ago

    Mark is having a rough day.

  • MS
    MS 2 months ago

    I wish that waiter with glasses would have attitude with me, I'll smash his head like nothing. See what happens man.

  • Gan.
    Gan. 2 months ago


  • ArraySunshine
    ArraySunshine 2 months ago

    I love all the titles on the videos

  • Josh
    Josh 3 months ago

    You can make any traditional dish without freezing it because we used to not have fucking freezers!

  • Josh
    Josh 3 months ago

    The waiter thinks Gordon is rude because if you are a fucking idiot he will tell you straight.

  • The Gamingpiñata
    The Gamingpiñata 3 months ago

    4 Fs fresh flavorful food 2 f in flavorful

  • Alyssa Shildt
    Alyssa Shildt 3 months ago

    These owners need to realize EVERYTHING can be done fresh DAILY!

  • Aaron O ' Cathain
    Aaron O ' Cathain 3 months ago +1

    Bland is my new favourite word lol

  • A s i y a
    A s i y a 3 months ago

    That iced lemon water at 2:11 looked so refreshing

  • Willz __
    Willz __ 3 months ago

    That waiter guy is just befuddled with stupidity, I am surprised he doesn't trip over his own feet.
    What an idiot.

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 3 months ago

    0:06 im sorry but is that voice is real because im confused as fuck

  • Best Trash
    Best Trash 3 months ago

    He sounds like a duck at 1:40

  • jewels B
    jewels B 3 months ago

    “There’s no time for burning meat” 😂

  • Iain Hansen
    Iain Hansen 3 months ago

    This title is like those children egg toy vids. Toy egg opening unboxing challenge 1000

  • Rokenrolas Lankanlolas
    Rokenrolas Lankanlolas 3 months ago

    Chef Ramsay feel no good

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith 3 months ago

    Everything looks like doggie shit.

  • Johnny Truong
    Johnny Truong 3 months ago

    How do people like Mark survive in this world?

  • reeseslightning11
    reeseslightning11 3 months ago

    "He knew by the taste" ...It's almost like that's his job or something.

  • Tdow56
    Tdow56 3 months ago

    Marks a bitch

  • Savagehunter 972
    Savagehunter 972 3 months ago

    He’s not rude. He’s honest

  • Stray Cat
    Stray Cat 3 months ago +1

    They say they have no time to prep the fresh food, yet they are all standing around doing nothing

  • Jonbombs
    Jonbombs 3 months ago +1

    Nino would have freshened up the whole restaurant

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 3 months ago +2

    *takes its a mouthful of water*
    Gordon Ramsay: "its so dry"

  • Alejandro Estrada
    Alejandro Estrada 3 months ago +1

    Which episode

  • BobiHC
    BobiHC 4 months ago +1

    What would Neno do?!

  • Neighbourhood Witch
    Neighbourhood Witch 4 months ago +1

    Fayza's voice is SO BLOODY NIPPY

  • Sub2Pewdiepie
    Sub2Pewdiepie 4 months ago +1

    So basically its still tripple f. But its Frozen Flavorless food

  • Cole Lutz
    Cole Lutz 4 months ago

    These videos always make me hungry

  • Leonis Yggdrasil
    Leonis Yggdrasil 4 months ago

    Calls Gordon rude, and then proceeds to be extremely rude to Gordon

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 62 4 months ago

    Today is the worst day ever
    (Clicks on 3:56 )
    I feel so much better.

  • bruh
    bruh 4 months ago

    "They can't be made fresh, what do you want us to do?" Stop making those then.

  • Unvnswered
    Unvnswered 4 months ago

    “Three F’s.”
    Frozen Fucking Food

  • Fiona Goode
    Fiona Goode 4 months ago

    God I would never leave the house ever again if I was that dude lmao though I’m not stupid like him so 🤷‍♀️

  • The analysing Gamer
    The analysing Gamer 4 months ago

    To be honest he was a bit of a dick in this video

  • Damnflapperish flap
    Damnflapperish flap 4 months ago

    my mom does the kibbi fresh and other lebanese food