New Aatrox Ultimate Changes on PBE - Early Testing - League of Legends

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • New Aatrox Ultimate Changes/Update on PBE - Early Testing - League of Legends
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    Source: RiotRepertoir/status/1108603154130624512
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  • Mert Sasi
    Mert Sasi Month ago


  • Mirmo
    Mirmo 2 months ago

    Now my Q button is broken

  • SomeDumbSkrub
    SomeDumbSkrub 2 months ago

    I was sad to see the q and E resets on ultimate never happened

  • Randy Long
    Randy Long 3 months ago

    Rip Ultimate Aatrox

  • Gallan Andhika Prasetya

    USELESS :)

  • HamZa jandoubi
    HamZa jandoubi 5 months ago

    I love this buff coz old aatrox was one of the best champs basic attack in the game they nerfed whene they rework him

  • League of LoL
    League of LoL 5 months ago

    Wtf dem 3rd skill tho

  • Ferenc Mészáros
    Ferenc Mészáros 5 months ago

    9.9 patch aatrox is gone Q and E reset cd from ult....

  • Boutiful Guy
    Boutiful Guy 6 months ago

    Just waiting for hashinshins reaction

  • Śmigło
    Śmigło 6 months ago

    what about revive???

    ΟΚΛLUΜΕ 6 months ago

    when is it going live ?

  • jhonas gimeno
    jhonas gimeno 6 months ago

    Is it means that he can cast 1st 3rd endlessly with the ult? Plss reply

  • Axel Coltic
    Axel Coltic 6 months ago

    Plz dont do this....his revive is all he has left :,(

  • erka erka hosoo
    erka erka hosoo 6 months ago

    Whene is this change gonna go live?

  • Asura
    Asura 6 months ago

    good now at least i don't feel bad buying aatrox , seriously those cooldowns are bullshit ... use one q waits at least 7 sec ... like hell....

  • Asmodeus Norther Wick
    Asmodeus Norther Wick 6 months ago

    >>OTP Main aatrox

  • Kuroshitsuji
    Kuroshitsuji 6 months ago

    So, reworked ult in short: maximum overdrive mode activated?

  • Varkath
    Varkath 6 months ago


  • Evan Neal
    Evan Neal 6 months ago

    I miss old ATS Aatrox.

  • SmoothCriminal
    SmoothCriminal 6 months ago

    0:53 F

  • MrRandomGuy 26
    MrRandomGuy 26 6 months ago

    They should atleast make the Blood well in his R useful I wish aatrox heals and consume the blood well not needing to die cause there are so many times that me playing as aatrox die at the very end of the ultimate because of the ultimate ending before I die IT'S LIKE SUICIDAL DUHHH

  • Justin Hackstadt
    Justin Hackstadt 6 months ago

    Only a Challenger can see the difference. Wtf is the difference again? Lol

  • Peace keepers
    Peace keepers 6 months ago

    I really like the skills of Aatrox,His way of skill is very fast and powerful
    , But i can't play him because i just play Support :

  • Syphic
    Syphic 6 months ago

    0:50 thats scuttle

  • IamKorean
    IamKorean 6 months ago +1

    U R F T R O X

  • Laz1neSs Show
    Laz1neSs Show 6 months ago

  • Andrés DelRio
    Andrés DelRio 6 months ago

    Is this some kind of DMC reference?

  • Brood Mother04
    Brood Mother04 6 months ago

    That blood animation cool maybe Vladimir could have a better blood animation

  • Marcel Danton
    Marcel Danton 6 months ago

    Run Bitch RUUUUN

  • SmileWide
    SmileWide 6 months ago

    Me riot, me unga bunga aatrox. me no fix champ like trundle or volibear. me fix actually super totally weak champion like aatrox. wukong fine and not garbage unga bunga.

    • Hamsteri
      Hamsteri 6 months ago +1

      SmileWide if you are saying aatrox is not weak rn you are brainless

  • jo99 jonny
    jo99 jonny 6 months ago

    which patch is this please?

      ΟΚΛLUΜΕ 6 months ago

      @Hamsteri sounds decent

    • Hamsteri
      Hamsteri 6 months ago

      @ΟΚΛLUΜΕ On BPE patch but they are are changing him like this:
      Umbral Dash (E):

      RETURNED: Once again has 2 charges, from 1.

      RETURNED: Cooldown bretween casts to 3/2.5/2/1.5/1.

      RETURNED: Charge cooldown to 22/19/16/13/10.

      World Ender (R):

      Cast time: 0.5 seconds --> 0.25 seconds.

      Self slow during revive: 25% ---> 99%

      Revive Heal: 10-50% Max HP --> 30% Max HP

      NEW: Now also fears enemy champions on cast for 1 second.

      NEW: Aatrox now only revives if he gets a takedown during World Ender.

      NEW: Takedowns extend World Ender by 5 seconds, reset The Darkin Blade (Q)'s cooldown and add one charge of Umbral Dash (E).

      ALSO these might get changed but we should see this in 9.9

      ΟΚΛLUΜΕ 6 months ago

      Hamsteri is it really ? where did you see that ?

    • Hamsteri
      Hamsteri 6 months ago

      jo99 jonny its cancelled

  • AngeloXryz
    AngeloXryz 6 months ago

    This is like giving Riven a free e withot shield on every q. Good shit rito

  • Arch S.K.Y
    Arch S.K.Y 6 months ago

    Wait ? So No More Resurrection Like Crawling Demon ? Welcome Back Brother !!! And Get His Double E Back as his 1st Teaser Appears..

  • Paronax
    Paronax 6 months ago

    Oh no he's got 0 CD on Q and E now.
    Oh well *CCs/kites him until his R runs out*
    Oh look, we got the bastard child of riven and nasus. *kills aatrox*

  • Duy Anh Trần
    Duy Anh Trần 6 months ago

    So, now I can only run when I saw him with his R on?

  • M3lsheR
    M3lsheR 6 months ago

    A champion that depends on one ability will never be balanced.
    He will keep going from pick or ban broken OP to 42% winrate trash. Nothing in between.

  • Woldraider
    Woldraider 6 months ago

    İts so bad

  • LeNNiS
    LeNNiS 6 months ago +1


  • Andy Mendoza
    Andy Mendoza 6 months ago

    Is this an out of season april fools joke?

  • Elijah Alegre
    Elijah Alegre 6 months ago

    You all think this is really a change funny because April is around the corner

  • X RiL
    X RiL 6 months ago +1

    Imagine this on your top lane

  • FrostCynical
    FrostCynical 6 months ago

    He will be stronger like illaoi in his ult ""3""

  • Larry Bui
    Larry Bui 6 months ago

    Does he no longer get the Q knockups on the edge? Or was the aatrox in the clip just missing everything

  • Link Ispada
    Link Ispada 6 months ago

    NExt patch : Riven R gives her 150% CDR and 450% aura AOE Dmg for 1600 range

  • JokesWhisper
    JokesWhisper 6 months ago

    I hate you Riot

  • MrPipper
    MrPipper 6 months ago +1

    Oh I just realized that spear of sojin or whatever would be really good on him since you’ll be building tank and need cool down reduction for your ult, funny how riot breaks a champ so you can buy their dumbass item

  • kita f1
    kita f1 6 months ago

    this makes me moist

  • MrPipper
    MrPipper 6 months ago +1

    This is broken, I’m so done with this game, guys all you do in lane is get level 6, let them push up, build tank since you now have endless cc and just hit r and run them down. Just build tank on aatrox now, that’s what you need to do, roots full of a bunch of dumbass idiots I swear, HIRE ME YOU CALIFORNIAN IDIOTS

    • Yolaan Fernando
      Yolaan Fernando 6 months ago

      it got reverted bud calm down

    • MrPipper
      MrPipper 6 months ago

      Oh I just realized that spear of sojin or whatever would be really good on him since you’ll be building tank and need cool down reduction for your ult, funny how riot breaks a champ so you can buy their dumbass item

  • Krloz Top
    Krloz Top 6 months ago

    nigga wtf

  • Akeem Hanniford
    Akeem Hanniford 6 months ago

    I just want back old aatrox with blood thirst and price

  • Zer0Diamonds
    Zer0Diamonds 6 months ago

    9 spammable skills right away.

    HOSH HN 6 months ago

    That ult shold be called viagra kicks

  • Kishatu ϟ
    Kishatu ϟ 6 months ago

    That'd be the dumbest thing riot would ever release

  • Saitama
    Saitama 6 months ago +1

    So basicly riven 2.0

  • Russell Rogan
    Russell Rogan 6 months ago

    that is nutty

  • Samuil Hristov
    Samuil Hristov 6 months ago

    Do I understand this correctly, every Q you get a full CDR E reset

  • CallmeBoss
    CallmeBoss 6 months ago

    Omg. This is disgusting. Whoever thought of this needs to be fired. Along with Akali. Lol.

  • Zephyrod
    Zephyrod 6 months ago

    I just wanted to get into aatrox but now this ult change makes me fear that they’ll nerf the hell out of him again. This ult hange looks like it will make him completely broken

    • Hamsteri
      Hamsteri 6 months ago

      Zephyrod it got reverted

  • ItsYaBoii
    ItsYaBoii 6 months ago

    Run scuttle, RUUUUN!!! 0:45

  • MrBonoso
    MrBonoso 6 months ago

    all of these have got to be april's fools jokes right