Incredibly Efficient Workers You'll Be Mesmerized By

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
  • Some people are awesome, especially the god level fast workers among us. Here are the most amazingly fast workers who are able to do some incredible things.
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Comments • 3 143

  • Alex Quinn
    Alex Quinn 2 hours ago

    Annoying video production

  • Grant Watson
    Grant Watson 2 days ago

    Too many god damn ads on this video!!!

  • Mark Fitzgerald
    Mark Fitzgerald 3 days ago

    4:15 who remembers that club penguin game

  • lokmuy The
    lokmuy The 3 days ago


  • Aidens youtube channel

    Pore lamb I hate how he shaved that lamb you should take your time

  • Meliodas-Sama!
    Meliodas-Sama! 4 days ago

    i just did the shota aizawa technique.

  • Slowgas838
    Slowgas838 5 days ago

    4:10 im just mesmerized by how well he is able to throw them on there in still keep them in a almost perfectly strait stack

  • bossman ting
    bossman ting 5 days ago +1

    That's *_Wool fluff!_*

  • Mr. OP YT
    Mr. OP YT 6 days ago

    8:00 minecraft: childs play

  • Mr. OP YT
    Mr. OP YT 6 days ago +2

    8:00 i can do it in 1 sec in minecraft 😂

    • Cool Kid682
      Cool Kid682 4 days ago

      Are you sure because there is no such animal called a lamb in minecraft. There is a sheep

  • Jesper Forsberg
    Jesper Forsberg 7 days ago

    why would you speed up some of the videos, theyre already dumb fast?

  • William M
    William M 8 days ago

    Reminds me of when I used to work retail - on the register I was fast, and sometimes I had to wait for the software on the register to catch up. The biggest slowdown was usually the customer, especially if they were writing a check. I also worked food service at the same store and had made an art of using two registers simultaneously to fill orders.

  • IntroDuction
    IntroDuction 9 days ago

    1:01 y’all see that TikTok logo in the bottom of the clip..?
    Reply if you saw it 👌🏻

  • Jaybear 101
    Jaybear 101 9 days ago

    4:42 weres the money lebowski

  • Mirco Hesse
    Mirco Hesse 10 days ago

    11:00thwts a fast way to lose fingers

  • Alys Lougher
    Alys Lougher 11 days ago

    A lot of these workers are just ve4y practised at their work, I used to be very quick at making hanging baskets! Xxx

  • Jarred Everhart
    Jarred Everhart 11 days ago

    Try again noob-assasauras slow the peed to half speed for the handy -cap paint

  • Duke the meister
    Duke the meister 11 days ago

    They wonder why babies in Georgia hate baths!!!

  • ThePandaPlays
    ThePandaPlays 19 days ago

    Just dont blink . . . (I literally blink) or you'll miss some of them!
    7:54 OMG IS THAT MY DAD?!?!?!

  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera 21 day ago

    Only dumb asses work that hard. Companies don’t give a shit. If your good at something, you don’t have a chance to move up. Why will they move you up? No one is gonna do it like them.

  • Glitch Girl
    Glitch Girl 21 day ago


  • Quinton Bidios
    Quinton Bidios 21 day ago


  • GodBlessAmerica
    GodBlessAmerica 21 day ago +2

    10:35 he discovered internet porn. Lol

  • GodBlessAmerica
    GodBlessAmerica 21 day ago

    4:40. Where's the fuckin money labouski?

  • the amazing noob
    the amazing noob 24 days ago

    The pizza ninja

  • Brady McCullough
    Brady McCullough 24 days ago

    packing cylinder ball bearing
    funny voice

  • jadekayak01
    jadekayak01 26 days ago

    10lbs my country cement comes in 40kgs

  • Yee Ultimate
    Yee Ultimate 26 days ago

    5:00 waaaaiit waiaiaiaiait I am the youngest of a brother and twin but I haven’t gotten baptized yet

  • Nutsa Chochoshvili
    Nutsa Chochoshvili 27 days ago

    4:45 I'm from Georgia too

  • Gavin Durham
    Gavin Durham Month ago

    Those cement bags can be up to 80 pounds

  • luka_ crazy
    luka_ crazy Month ago

    11:33 was awesome 😂

  • Gabe Lugo
    Gabe Lugo Month ago

    Damn that pig cutter is insane. how he doesn’t have hook hands is beyond me

  • ïtšÿûrgûrłpûppï 12 ・w・

    Who else feels bad for the sheep??

    • Nillanthir Zerati
      Nillanthir Zerati Month ago

      Don't. It's actually more cruel not to shear them. They are also a lot more durable than people give them credit for. Most sheep that go through it don't even get so much as a bruise from the handling.

  • James Mei
    James Mei Month ago +1

    No I will bet u at eating pizza I can eat one in 25 sec I time and eat 2.5 in a min so I would win

  • Jax
    Jax Month ago

    I have the fastest record for crawling into bed after an 11 hour shift at work to watch TVclip

  • MGX Fallen
    MGX Fallen Month ago

    1:09 and 1:37. Cuz you know everything about those things

  • Derp 101
    Derp 101 Month ago

    Super fast pizza cutter :
    Pros : Cuts fast
    Cons : pizza are only scratch meaning you will need to cuzlt the pizza again.

  • Michelle B
    Michelle B Month ago

    Sadly, these people prolly dont get paid what they should. Second, this ought to be shown in schools as an example of how to work. Too many people think showing up is half the job and slack off.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith Month ago

    I prefer having money over any of these skills.

  • james a wha
    james a wha Month ago


  • Twila Ritchey
    Twila Ritchey Month ago

    The first 8 seconds of this video really confused me

  • yogurlgacha WolfieC

    Pls don't get mad at me but I feel aso bad fir the sheep and pig.🙁

  • Alex Dinosor
    Alex Dinosor Month ago

    I can

  • Shawdisy
    Shawdisy Month ago

    Cement bags are about 50 lbs a piece.... Seroisly impressive either way

  • Jamie Creighton
    Jamie Creighton Month ago

    The guy could kill a baby

  • Pro Amigos
    Pro Amigos Month ago

    Is this guy a robot

  • shy bound
    shy bound Month ago

    be amazed guy: sees satisfying fast workers compilation for the first time
    be amazed guy: o_o

  • Phabian D kesson
    Phabian D kesson Month ago

    That oobviously isnt cement bags..have u ever lifted one before...

  • Phabian D kesson
    Phabian D kesson Month ago

    Half these are speed up...pure click bate.. the backrounds people and items give it away

  • ako narmania
    ako narmania Month ago

    am from georgia :DD (i subbed and liked)

  • Arlete Monteiro
    Arlete Monteiro Month ago +1

    But looke if you do that to een baby it ken die no prank😔😔


    I blink 999999 blink

  • Ayowale donald
    Ayowale donald Month ago

    Who else tried the rubbing of the tummy and the head and it worked out good

  • Johnny Langham
    Johnny Langham Month ago

    I’m very intelligent

  • Lee Leffingwell
    Lee Leffingwell Month ago

    I am fast as **** BOY

  • Melanie Levy
    Melanie Levy Month ago


  • Dayton Hudson
    Dayton Hudson Month ago

    The first barber clip was speed up you can tell bc the people in the back are moving really fast

  • Floids
    Floids Month ago +1

    Who else blinked when he said if we blink we might miss it

    Just me?

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star Month ago

    Give the candyman a promotion.

  • rumred 3
    rumred 3 Month ago


  • Wojciech Nowak
    Wojciech Nowak Month ago

    TVclip please stop showing me this dumb shit

  • TheProGamer Andrej
    TheProGamer Andrej Month ago

    The jokes kill me stop

  • Michael Luu - Glenhaven Sr PS (1173)

    10:32 I can't even spam my mouse that fast. I can only do 13 clicks per second.

  • SD- Keravels
    SD- Keravels Month ago


  • Weijie Zhu
    Weijie Zhu Month ago

    I am the fastest runner

  • Лось монстр


  • Trenton 2
    Trenton 2 Month ago

    In the first barber one they just speed the video

  • Not AxioN
    Not AxioN Month ago +2

    10:55 my muslim friends says that’s haraam

  • Galaxy wolf Games
    Galaxy wolf Games Month ago +2

    I can’t pat my tummy and rub my head.

    Same here bro.

  • Brandon Saunders
    Brandon Saunders Month ago

    What's the song of the upbeat music that keeps playing?

  • Garry Rupp
    Garry Rupp Month ago +2

    My experience with cement bags is they are typically 60 or 90 lb. bags

    • Dr. Hawk Raps
      Dr. Hawk Raps 7 days ago

      You're right. 10 lb. bags of concrete are way smaller than that. I'm not sure what you could fill a bag that size with and have it only weigh 10 lbs....

  • T.S Farm
    T.S Farm Month ago

    1:07 those are needle bearings

  • Thot Police
    Thot Police Month ago

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    cv v

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    ght th
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    thn bd fe
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    h t ghth te

  • Mr Top 5
    Mr Top 5 Month ago

    What is the music called

  • sean watson
    sean watson Month ago

    but mom i don't want my hair cut 'mother' this will only take a secont

  • Kinserkies 35
    Kinserkies 35 Month ago


  • Aarmau ships 8D
    Aarmau ships 8D Month ago +2

    Then there's me struggling to type
    Edit: I use voice recording to do this X3

  • 4 INSANE
    4 INSANE Month ago

    Hey I work for Domino's and they said they were going to do a eating contest

  • Ryan Vasina
    Ryan Vasina Month ago

    The family guy scene had me dying

  • :p Be quiet
    :p Be quiet Month ago

    I’m mean tik tok

  • :p Be quiet
    :p Be quiet Month ago

    Are you just copy from tin tok

  • Gavin Ballard
    Gavin Ballard Month ago

    Oh shit I blink and missed the video

  • Thomas Speight
    Thomas Speight Month ago

    no one likes me i am a outcast

  • Valdemar Greis
    Valdemar Greis Month ago

    the ones cutting pizza is some dick shits they probably didn't cut it all the way on those pizzas

  • Night Claw
    Night Claw Month ago

    4:50 is where i live :)

  • Zac Bulger
    Zac Bulger Month ago

    there not pigs there lambs

  • Green Life
    Green Life Month ago

    Why write this video dislike fuck you guys devil bitchss what are you doing guyss why?

  • acw102574
    acw102574 Month ago

    8:49 how does he
    Know how many cards to put in there

  • Coenraad van Essen
    Coenraad van Essen Month ago

    Someone stole my mesmetron

    FAUBUS NOAH Month ago

    the barber is fake look at the guy in the background

  • the salamander
    the salamander Month ago

    I didn’t blink now I can’t feel my eyes

  • Yeah Boy
    Yeah Boy Month ago

    R.I.P pig‘s 1 like 1 new pig

  • TheHatCat
    TheHatCat Month ago

    Contestant 1: Bowl
    Contestant 2: Bowl
    Contestant 3: Fucking garbage can

  • Toxic Mountain and Little Kyle


  • Super chicken 1122
    Super chicken 1122 Month ago +1

    3:34 lol

  • DarkDrawingle JAM13


  • Nichalas Gaming and vlogs


  • SansandPapyrusUT33’s Channel

    *1:16** the Packing Cylinder Ball Bearings Artemis has arrived*

  • Potgroud
    Potgroud 2 months ago

    o h w a I t , h i s h a n d s a r e f u l l