ECONMOVIES: Limitless Booms and Busts- Season 2, Episode 4

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
  • Hey, internet. I'm Jacob Clifford and I make econ videos. In this episode of Econmovies I discuss economic bubbles by looking at the film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. I explain how speculation and irrational exuberance led to both the dot com bubble and the housing bubble. Thanks for watching. Please leave a comment and subscribe. your rock!
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  • Edgar Lozano
    Edgar Lozano 2 years ago +32

    I usually don't comment on videos, but I have to take a moment to appreciate greatness, you sir are an admirable person, not only because of your extraordinary talent as a teacher, but more importantly because of your passion and commitment. I (and no doubt I'm talking for many others) really wanted to say thank you. Teachers and students should strive to develop those values that you show us on every single one of your videos. Please keep going professor!

  • Black Jack
    Black Jack Year ago


  • Megan Mitchell
    Megan Mitchell Year ago

    Is there a housing bubble now? Housing seems overpriced, but it's difficult to find purchase properties/rentals because of demand. It seems that housing prices have increased 30-40% over the last 4 years. However, is that because the housing supply diminished significantly over the last 10 years, due to construction companies exiting the market? Maybe the answer is in the fact that flipping houses doesn't seem to be a current norm.

  • Timothy
    Timothy Year ago

    LOL. Only now watching this video in October 2018 and boy did you make some wise calls

  • Angelo Olteteanu
    Angelo Olteteanu Year ago

    Great video. Thank you very much. I am an economist with a passion for unconventional cases for economics and I love your economics in movies analysis. I hope you have the incentives to do more :).

  • Treasure
    Treasure Year ago

    To think that Bitcoin just hammered down a few months ago. Brilliant!

  • Mick Mickymick
    Mick Mickymick Year ago

    This movie was so stupid. The 10% of the brain thing is such an old myth and has been debunked so many times that it's a dumb basis for the plot (and you should've really pointed out that it was wrong), the idea of someone being perfect in every way is dumb and destroys and possibility of challenge, or struggle in the movie making it boring. But it's interesting to find economics in it so well done.

  • Cynthia Jeruto
    Cynthia Jeruto Year ago

    Wow, these videos just took learning to a whole other level. The insight with which you thoroughly explain Econ concepts with normal movies is amazing. keep doing what you do, I appreciate your work. you're great

  • cartitor
    cartitor Year ago

    Same as the guy below. Your passion just met my demands :) . Knowledge is appreciated.

  • Herbert Weinstein

    ofc stockmarket is overvalued, all the money that zentralbank's are printing these times are gone to invest in stockmarkets, cause where else you go to invest that money?
    interestrates are low as f***, so you invest money in stockmarket, cars, art, crypto currencys, housing markets(yes again)

  • Pemba Sherpa
    Pemba Sherpa 2 years ago

    Hey Jacob, I had bought the ultimate packet a while ago, and just wanted to know if the packet also goes hand to hand for Microeconomics also. I had bought the packet last semester for Macroeconomics, and that was all that I needed for the entire semester. Really helped me ton, and just wanted to know if I can use the same packet for reviewing for my Microeconomics class. Thank you. Keep making great videos.

  • Niko Constantinides
    Niko Constantinides 2 years ago +3

    Mr. Clifford what’s your favorite AC/DC song??

  • MegaBirdView
    MegaBirdView 2 years ago

    Mr. Clifford , I'm from Egypt , i would like to thank you for all the efforts you put on to create these awesome videos , well... after watching your macro videos i believe that our President and the entire cabinet SHOULD subscribe to your Chanel to learn a few tricks on how to run things and to understand the consequences of their decisions :)

  • Boots
    Boots 2 years ago

    Do a video on the Laffer Curve! Your only one so far is old school in front of a white board. I need you to explain it in your slick new way that is fun and entertaining so my students can understand why the GOP thinks the economy is going to boom from this new tax cut for the rich.

  • Eye of the Tiger [][][]
    Eye of the Tiger [][][] 2 years ago +2

    Is Bitcoin in a bubble?
    Why or why not??

  • Megalodon Ideas
    Megalodon Ideas 2 years ago +1

    cool series man. im an econ major in undergrad about to graduate and this was awesome

  • Harry Christofi
    Harry Christofi 2 years ago +1

    This is why Laissez Faire Capitalism doesn’t work because of the boom bust cycle process lol which is why only a regulated market economy is safe

    • Harry Christofi
      Harry Christofi 2 years ago +1

      +ACDCLeadership As a High School Senior I do watch and like your videos Mr. Clifford also I believe that we need to be more like Scandinavia one day when I comes to Economics (Actual Keynesian Economics lol) :)

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  2 years ago +1

      Harry Christofi Do you like my videos? It looks like you watch all of them😊

  • MAAMRIA Bassem
    MAAMRIA Bassem 2 years ago +1

    Dude, you're amazing

  • RaunakAsh Gulati
    RaunakAsh Gulati 2 years ago +1

    Great Video

  • Usama Khaled
    Usama Khaled 2 years ago +2

    We love the bubble!

  • Shondale Galindo
    Shondale Galindo 2 years ago +1

    Just read an article today (Dec 1), that the value of Bitcoin went down significantly.

  • Jason Aaron
    Jason Aaron 2 years ago

    Bitcoin, I have no idea on how to value cryptocurrencies as I don't understand how their intrinsic value is derived. Supply and demand tells me however there is only 21 million of them (no more will supposedly be created) but only around 16 million are currently being traded so supply is limited and there seems to be a building demand... what kind of demand that is I am not sure. For me, yes it is a bubble but as I am not able to value it I am not sure what it is truly worth. A question I have is are people buying this to use as a source for exchange or investment (buy, hold, then sell at a higher price) and if so how does this affect the value of bitcoin.
    Stock Market, well it takes into account not just current profitability but also future profitability of businesses and the economic environment as a result of micro and macro events - such as the Trump tax overhaul which I consider to be positive for businesses, the US economy and consumers from what I have read. However, that graph does look concerning!

  • Angel Angelov
    Angel Angelov 2 years ago +3

    Great video and and thank you for it. As a university student of macroecononics, i would say that the stock market's rally is somewhat justified because of Trump's tax cuts. People think that lower taxes for the companies would directly increase profits, which makes sense. Also, we should keep in mind the Laffer curve. There is, of course, increased speculation, or even maybe more economic agents are participating in the stock market, pumping funds in it.
    Now bitcoin is a whole different story. Most objective reasons scream bubble, in fact, 1000% gains in a single year is madness. This week was evident of it. For a single day, the price went up from $9700 to $11400 and it crashed to $8800 and stabilized on $9500.

  • Unknown I.M
    Unknown I.M 2 years ago +1


  • Blus
    Blus 2 years ago +5

    Naw, I'd pay $500,000 for a bitcoin

    • MCOD1999
      MCOD1999 2 years ago

      This can be arranged

    • iTrebor
      iTrebor 2 years ago

      Or buy it now for $10K and then sell it for $500,000 ;p

  • Jacob Clifford
    Jacob Clifford  2 years ago +17

    What do you think? Is Bitcoin in a bubble or is it the new world currency?

    • MmoviesE
      MmoviesE Year ago +2

      Lol look at that you predicted the bitcoin bubble

    • Teddy Smith
      Teddy Smith Year ago

      Bitcoin added revolutionary technology (the blockchain) that is being implemented into security for many companies, such as American Express. It therefore has value not only as a decentralized currency that might allow people to get past tariffs and easily purchase items on the black market, but also as an important technological innovation.
      There are large amounts of new investors in bitcoin that are beginning to see its potential as a currency and not just as a quick investment. Once Bitcoin nears its coin cap, it should, in theory, stabilize and has the potential to take over global currency. Until then, it is most likely going to remain volatile and a potentially good short term investment.
      Bitcoin is most likely in a bubble, but I don't think it will burst spectacularly. No matter what happens to Bitcoin, it is my opinion that people will see potential for gain and invest, causing the price to go back up in the long run. In the short term, it is a high risk investment. In the long run, it will become a stable currency that will be used across the world.

    • Miikka Parkkinen
      Miikka Parkkinen Year ago +1

      I believe the biggest bubble is in bonds. they have been in a 35 year bull market so far, and currently only thing keeping the rally going is central banks buying the debt. This of course cannot continue forever.

    • Anıl Demir
      Anıl Demir 2 years ago


    • E Lucas
      E Lucas 2 years ago

      As mentioned in the video we as a species tend to want more, but we are also creatures of habit and like to remain in our comfort zones. In this case the comfort zone is the dollar and trying to migrate away from that would take generations and that's if the bitcoin survives that long before it's trumped by another form of currency. Conclusion the bitcoin will bust, but another cryptocurrency may come along to survive the trials and tribulations of our society.