Facebook sucks, Future AMD GPUs could be GREAT! - WAN Show Apr.13 2018

  • Published on Apr 14, 2018
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    Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.
    00:07:20 - Facebook users aren't changing privacy settings, despite uproar
    00:20:45 - AMD Navi
    00:29:17 - Google-branded 4K Android TV dongle
    00:34:17 - Floatplane
    00:38:17 - Sponsor: Symless
    00:39:59 - Sponsor: be quiet!
    00:41:22 - Sponsor: Squarespace
    00:42:25 - WebAuthn
    00:51:24 - Ransomware asks you to play PUBG
    00:43:11 - FTC staff warns companies that it is illegal to condition warranty coverage on the use of specified parts or services
    00:54:37 - Apple's HomePod isn't the hot seller it wanted
    01:03:33 - New Gmail confidential mode
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  • John P.
    John P. 3 months ago

    Some of your points seemed a bit vague, and maybe some ppl may miss the underlying point with the Facebook regulation topic, but I fully understand, and it needs to be addressed because in its current state it is affecting some ppls lives in a very negative way. Honestly, with the way things are now with such regulations in place, can actually have the reverse effect, which is doing more harm then good. This is such a tough topic for me, and I really hope we can come up with a good solution for it. This is one of my favorite WAN Shows by far now that I fully understand LMG’s intentions.

  • Dakota Lally
    Dakota Lally 5 months ago

    1:02:55 I agree it'll happen eventually, but I'm with Luke, I'd prefer it not constantly report back to the cloud, which is the path we are on.

  • emsicz
    emsicz 7 months ago

    19:20 - Yeah, the argument that "my mom is dumb so we need total regulation and fines and taxes and prison sentences for everyone because she is too dumb to either not share private data or at least mark them as private. I want her to stay stupid but also be allowed to the non-stupid people society."

  • Stephen Womack
    Stephen Womack 7 months ago

    the whole goal shouldn't be to regulate individual people. You should establish a certain level of ethical standards. And then you police those. Personal information on an advertising standpoint is inconsequential. We are all sentient and can determine what is a good reality and what is bad. The real concern is governmental involvement. If you hate a politician that gets elected, you should never feel the repercussions of that. But if you view sunglasses a lot, it is pretty harmless to be presented with a ton of advertisements about that.

  • zyrs
    zyrs 8 months ago

    If you can't talk without studdering why would you go on a talk show

  • zyrs
    zyrs 8 months ago

    It's how you look at it, im glad even people that don't care about their privacy still stands up for it

  • Nayeem
    Nayeem 10 months ago

    Get different beards.

  • Thanny
    Thanny 10 months ago

    44:10 Who really browses the web on a mobile device? That's something you use when you're away from your proper computer, not a primary device.
    If you're sane.

  • Inept Gamer
    Inept Gamer 10 months ago

    Haha Just did a search for that 7th Element video..! It's like a young Linus..!! tvclip.biz/video/IwzUs1IMdyQ/video.html

  • PrinceCharming
    PrinceCharming 11 months ago

    Mark Suckerburg

  • Captain Sal
    Captain Sal 11 months ago

    Facebook sucks I mean it's really bad and they steal all your information

  • BeyondBoundariesTV
    BeyondBoundariesTV 11 months ago

    Yeah screw facebook they are clearly stealing and selling people's personal info, they get sued for it then a few weeks later they want everyone to send a photo of their ID for verification, lol you might be able to fool some but not me

  • Mr. Songib
    Mr. Songib 11 months ago

    16:16 it's look like anime stuff in "Summer Wars" LuL

  • Stephen Miller
    Stephen Miller Year ago

    Not sure if honey really works. I buy everything except for groceries and toiletries online and I have literally NEVER gotten a coupon that worked from that app. It always says you got the best deal.

  • Will
    Will Year ago

    jerks set off my google home

  • Dethmuerte
    Dethmuerte Year ago

    Some ppl ignore Facebook privacy warnings, then whine about identity theft....smdh

  • Codename Johnny
    Codename Johnny Year ago

    Synergy doesn't work! Should I ask you for a refund? Synergy are even offering refunds due to it not working.

  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist Year ago

    i think we need a live biopsy of mark Zuckerberg like Xray him and everything to make sure he is actaully human and not a robot sent from the future to install the frame network for the machines

  • XSportSeeker
    XSportSeeker Year ago

    I know this is an old episode, but weighting in on the regulation matter anyways... the answer is probably what Europe will be doing with GDPR.
    It's something that, if government and regulatory bodies back then had the vision lots of people on the security sector and overall privacy advocates had, we would not have to be going through it arguably too late - because you know, what was leaked, is still being leaked, and will be leaked until something even more serious happen, is already gone.
    I've been saying this for years now, but it's basically guaranteed that everyone probably already has a dossier stored in several companies servers, plus some shady places on the dark web, ready for exploitation.
    Kinda like climate change effects. We will be severely impacted by it, and perhaps it's already too late... so doing something about it now it's kinda remedial. Perhaps so that future generations won't have their data entirely leaked and whatnot.
    But GDPR is arguably some steps ahead on the matter. Even then, we'll have to evolve it with the entire idea of privacy at some point.
    And like you guys said, blockchain might be part of the tools we'll be using in the future for that.
    Perhaps the next privacy oriented social network will have to find a way of handling user information without the company behind it actually seeing any of it. Much like you have encrypted messaging systems, e-mail services and search engines where the companies behind cannot have access to any of the private content, a social network with the same model also could be divised.
    Of course, a whole ton of problems emerge from that. How to monetize, how to censor, how to have some level of access and control, etc etc. There are potentially more downsides than advantages, but we could get to a point where it meets the standards and expectations of most people.
    There are several levels of struggle and contradictions happening right now that will eventually have to be decided - hard questions that needs addressing.
    For instance, at the same time the government made a whole deal of Facebook's data collection and improper usage, we're talking about the same government with politicians that advocates for mass surveillance, encryption backdoors and a whole string of other crap that, you know, would provide companies like Cambridge Analytica or even political parties with the same sort of ammunition. Not to mention leaks, hacks and whatnot.
    I bet you that at the same time some politicians were there vociferating against Zuck, at least some of them were thinking about having all that data for themselves for several reasons - future elections, to find terrorists and predict attacks in an easier way, to understand their voters better, etc etc.
    Can't eat the cake and also have it.

  • psycronizer
    psycronizer Year ago

    So, tell me guys, is Linus an equal opportunity employer ? I only ask because the guys I see on his show are mostly very much pretty boys....does he employ any semi-ugly nerds with ultra mad skills ?..or does just have the one, you know as like a token so he can defend any questions relating to the whole deal ?..I honestly do wonder, because I'd bet most of his audience really don't give an electronic sausage if his crew are handsome or not, his audience are mostly straight males....

  • sean b
    sean b Year ago

    I just realized Luke hates steemit.com because it is a platform that allows content creators a place to upload their content to that gets them paid.....a total threat to FloatPlane. The service that it provides actually competes in the same exact field. A mechanism to pay content creators and a place to view the content. Problem is whereas you may have to pay for FloatPlane as a consumer on steemit people who consume the content get paid to upvote comment and interact on the platform. Luke is cool guy I like him. I just have to make the argument which may seem small but huge......... Why would I pay to see content when I can get paid to see content. Love LTT I've thought highly of FloatPlane until I just had this realization. Yes lots of people do pay and donate extra to their favorite content creators and there is a market for that. I just wonder if Luke honestly has made the connection that steemit may actually compete for a slice of FloatPlane Market.

  • sean b
    sean b Year ago

    Luke you are too cool to not like the steemit platform. It got me my 1050ti!!!! Rant Rant Rant

  • sean b
    sean b Year ago

    I used Steemit to earn a few grand in crypto and buy stuff off Newegg.com with it. Its totally legit chill cool place. Not exactly social media though. More like blogging to a blockchain. I know this isn't the best way to plug it to LTT but to overlook steemit as a serious platform is a huge mistake for many. I also had a slow start due to the wtf is this effect being new to crypto. I'm just some random guy on there my current value is over $2000 I've spent around $500 worth since I've started. NO INVESTMENT NEEDED. I am in no hooked up with this steemit. I am just a nobody user on the platform. I've mostly posted my original memes and game streaming. Thats it.

  • Mattia_98
    Mattia_98 Year ago

    google+ did most definetely not fail completely. Have you actually browsed it recently?

  • Mattia_98
    Mattia_98 Year ago

    synergy 2 is like... really bad. thanks for making me throw away my money.

  • Alexander Stone
    Alexander Stone Year ago

    relation frustration ultimately undertake upon addition son existing fire companion hay

  • Fuck YouTube
    Fuck YouTube Year ago

    lol come on guys it's been known for years and years that your info has been taken by more than just facebook and passed along to other companies or whatever.
    It's also been common knowledge since the birth of the internet that you should be careful about what information you put on the internet or even on you computer.

  • alex3261
    alex3261 Year ago

    Linus, you will improve the show if you stop laughing like a mentally challenged person.

  • Adam Armstrong
    Adam Armstrong Year ago

    It's depressing that Luke thinks needing a NIC is some ancient history. I still remember when you needed IDE and Serial cards :D

  • Jibbler
    Jibbler Year ago

    Whenever I try to drink like the Z U C C, I just burst into laughter before the water can lubricate my organs.

  • User100
    User100 Year ago

    Surely that Gmail feature is a perfect setup for Phishing scams..?

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King Year ago

    Good show.

  • Shaade
    Shaade Year ago

    I'd love to see them do a show through the door just for shits & giggles :P

  • Larry Gall
    Larry Gall Year ago

    There are a lot of people out there who won't buy an NVidia product, whether it's cheap (only cheap if bitcoin collapses).. or if it's not. This $250 1080 is something that will sell like wildfire. Many have cards in need of replacing, and wouldn't be caught dead paying $800 for a 1080 or $1200 for a 1080ti, whether they could afford to or not. Besides this, that GPP or whatever it's called has just added to the disgust some of us have for this company. NVidia, Dell and even Intel are on this "sht list" of mine. Intel may have CPUs for $400 now that are decent, but take AMD out of the picture and Intel adds at least one digit to all of their SKUs. To hell with those greedy companies.

  • Larry Gall
    Larry Gall Year ago

    Sharing on FB should be entirely opt-in, not opt-out. This would need to be forced by the government, since FB *IS* selling this data and won't stop on their own. They're addicted to money.

  • Macc
    Macc Year ago

    I don't know what the regulation answer is, but I do know that if companies were actually and properly punished for fucking up, this would be less of a problem.
    Right now, any fines that *are* in place are just a cost of doing business, rather than a penalty.

  • Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox Year ago

    Committed FB seppuku years ago before Zucks legal eagles sued and shut the project down. What they need is a truly ethical and *data stable* competitor. Many have tried and fail miserably, like "minds" (which is just another data aggregator and very, very unstable and insecure). Eventually someone will build a decent sm platform that *isn't* a complete psychopath.

  • Teth
    Teth Year ago

    Could we get a revisit of the auth topic when Luke has had a chance to actually read the spec. It answers all of his concerns and is actually really interesting.

  • Target -Drone
    Target -Drone Year ago

    If Linus were in the US he could unleash the FTC on Apple for refusing to repair his Mac Pro.

  • Mikoto
    Mikoto Year ago

    There are two types of WAN show and I love them both: James and Luke, and Linus and Max

  • Syfer Polski
    Syfer Polski Year ago

    13:45 Here is where you're wrong. In the early 2000's, most social media networks had XMPP gateways that enabled cross social media messaging. XMPP still exists but after Facebook dropped it to solidify it's lead over AOL and mySpace, most companies have shut those down. The technology is still here, and still used, although it's far more niche now.
    Mandating social networks maintain and interoperability standard could go a long way towards making the life of new entrants to the market easier. And it wouldn't be an unheard of thing either - for example Intel is currently forced by the FTC to support PCI-e(for ~10 years) because of an anti-competition lawsuit it lost to AMD.
    16:14 It's called Diaspora and it's been around for a decade now... diasporafoundation.org/

  • Lari Kipe
    Lari Kipe Year ago

    You're both haf.

  • Kyle Manel
    Kyle Manel Year ago

    Most websites are beginning to integrate SAML ( tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7522 ) and/or OAuth ( tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6749 ) plugins such that users can initiate authentication with external authentication providers. While this may seem like over complication, it provides SIGNIFICANT risk reduction to an individual and organization such that they have taken legitimate measures to protect their valuable data.
    phishing is an issue, as is brute forcing. Note however that biometrics are not significantly more complicated to brute-force in concept, because a finger-print reader does not take your actual legitimate finger-print to validate (which is not reproducable), instead it sends key measurements which the algorithm being used deems as discrete to the server to identify a specific person. Note that this data is all 0s and 1s, so the practicality/strength of this legitimizing factor is only as strong as the size of the data set (dependent on the sensitivity of the sensor). As all biometric information is encapsulated into binary, and likely hashed it is still specifically a single set of data, and is likely a (relatively) small quantity, such that it is definitely repeatable, it is just a measure of probability as to IF it will be reproduced, either willingly or not.

  • Nythil
    Nythil Year ago

    Dedotated WAN

  • Matt Storr
    Matt Storr Year ago

    "Beard Boys" - if this show doesn't increase tourism to Canada, nothing will.

  • beanwithbacon
    beanwithbacon Year ago

    GTAV and Farcry 5 run fine at 1080 on high settings on a 1050 4gb, and 8gb of system RAM, oh yea, it's an I3 too.

  • lharchmage
    lharchmage Year ago

    Besides on the biometric keycode...Fingerprints are not UNIQUE regardless of tv. A study done in 1990's found that there are only aprox 2million possible fingerprint combinations.

  • dexter2433
    dexter2433 Year ago

    this is why most of my online info is all bullshit or nick names and never my real info because hackers attack the easy and the people that latterly give them everything with out any effort.also AMD needs to produce a much stronger support for Linux because Linux support is the only reason why i own a 1060 6 gig is that is gaming on Linux

  • Jacqueline Waters

    earphone warning...57 minutes in your head will explode.

  • Ashley Johansson
    Ashley Johansson Year ago

    In 2019, Navi better be as good as a 1080 for 250 dollars, pascal would have been 3 years by then and even NVIDIA would have their own 250 dollar 1080 killing equivalent.

  • Jacqueline Waters

    There should never have been any uproar. Facebook has been advertising their "graphs" which gives you ALL that data, since like 2015..it isn't even news.

  • leffy
    leffy Year ago

    When he said "Alexa" it did function and start to play a song in my room lol >.> lol

  • Chris G
    Chris G Year ago

    NIC Card

  • ClayDog
    ClayDog Year ago

    Apple makes some great stuff...love my iPhone X and iMac Pro iPad Pro iWatch . so good

  • Stephen Lozada
    Stephen Lozada Year ago

    Linus didn’t come because there was no savage jerky

  • Vilosopher666
    Vilosopher666 Year ago

    Best Wan show ive seen in a while!

  • Royce Barber
    Royce Barber Year ago

    You activated my Alexa, but it said it couldn't find a song with those lyrics. Better luck next time, WAN Show.

  • zORg alex
    zORg alex Year ago

    Wow! I didn't realize that Linus wasn't even there until Luke didn't say, that he'll try to be a Linus.

  • Cesar8002UTB
    Cesar8002UTB Year ago

    I don't know why but I really want to punch James' face repeatedly.

  • MicrowaveMan
    MicrowaveMan Year ago


  • TheBnm120
    TheBnm120 Year ago +1

    TVclip also sucks
    When are going to see your channel completely move to Twitch?

  • Anderhils
    Anderhils Year ago

    Facebook doesn't suck. People do.

  • Gameplay and Talk

    Wasn't Navi the "next gen" a year ago? Eh.. AMD constantly pushing their goal posts down the line.

  • zcixoT
    zcixoT Year ago +3

    I'm sorry... But when Linus isn't doing the WAN Show something is missing.. The absolutely Over-Hyper and enthusiastic persona is just missing when he's not there.
    The Voice itself is pretty annoying but the whole combo of Linus as is, is just something I need on a daily basis :o

  • Treviath
    Treviath Year ago

    James, federated social platforms already exist. Mastodon being one of them and the idea behind them being similar to email. You sign under one domain and can exchange and subscribe to other domains.

  • michael worrell
    michael worrell Year ago

    NO MORE PODCASTS ??????????

  • Joe Heaven - Terry

    FTC mate FTC, film the cops!

  • Bagdadsky_Hornik
    Bagdadsky_Hornik Year ago

    if laser James hot bald, he would look like Vaas (Michael Mondo)

  • Frank Abadies
    Frank Abadies Year ago

    Where is the audio-only version? My podcast app isn't updating wan show anymore. :(

  • Wen0110
    Wen0110 Year ago

    APPLE! "Everyone knows it's the best smartwatch out there." You have to be kidding. Samsung S3 Frontier absolutely destroys anything from Apple.

  • Chetar Ruby
    Chetar Ruby Year ago

    The dual ZuckySip was FANTASTIC. Hahahahaha!

  • Jema
    Jema Year ago

    Whoa, I'm seeing double here

  • Tony J
    Tony J Year ago

    Sorry, the worse episode ever. didn't enjoy it one bit.

  • Dutchman
    Dutchman Year ago

    Since when is Between two Ferns actually funny?

  • Matthill121
    Matthill121 Year ago

    The gmail update sounds prime for some phishing.

  • Arrynek01
    Arrynek01 Year ago

    Once again, Europe to the rescue. GDPR comes live at the end of May. It governs data handling, and among other things any and every citizen can request any company to delete all data they have about the said citizen.

  • SpadeVI
    SpadeVI Year ago

    Lol i deactivated my Facebook account, fuck them.

  • Meteor Media
    Meteor Media Year ago

    Exciting news about AMD graphics cards? Yeah right, curb your excitement.
    The last two times the hype died off pretty quickly, once everyone realized that the new generation of AMD cards weren't all that great value for money after all and they certainly didn't blow Nvidia out of the water in terms of raw performance either. No reason why this should have changed this time.

  • GOGOgomes
    GOGOgomes Year ago


  • Jay Wilkins
    Jay Wilkins Year ago

    "All your information will be on a block chain." My eyes rolled out of my head.

  • Gakwaya David
    Gakwaya David Year ago

    If anyone cared about thier privacy, they wouldn't use any gmail account on their phones

  • Greg
    Greg Year ago

    Retailers will sell cards relatively based on performance and demand. If a $200 card performs like the other $800 cards, it will cost almost $800

  • Scott Lewis
    Scott Lewis Year ago

    james is cool.... I didn't like him at first but he's growing on me.

    • Scott Lewis
      Scott Lewis Year ago

      also I've missed luke... what a babe... linus is cool to I guess.

  • MALO
    MALO Year ago

    You got great chemistry. Ditch Linus, He's gotten very annoying.

  • Rich gAmA
    Rich gAmA Year ago

    #laserJames is just the next thing for the wan show, congrats to all Wan staff too.

  • GetOffaMyLAN
    GetOffaMyLAN Year ago

    So let me get this straight: you criticize people that use Facebook because they don't value their privacy, but then you admit to having a Google home?

  • TheMan WithThePlan
    TheMan WithThePlan Year ago +1

    Linus, do the sponsors pay you a fixed amount for each video, or is it based on views.

  • CptPepper
    CptPepper Year ago

    Sometimes I regret having my Google home mini right next to my TV....

  • Artcore103
    Artcore103 Year ago

    Luke looks baked as hell.

  • Luke Cutter
    Luke Cutter Year ago

    yOU GUYS moved to Mexico... didn't you? :P

  • Maelle Bourgeois
    Maelle Bourgeois Year ago

    afraid fly softly route intention replace elsewhere fat hers scientific aim party

  • LordChameleon
    LordChameleon Year ago

    That moment when G-mail is more secure than the Government's system

  • Glenners
    Glenners Year ago

    You guys know you can use two mics right?? Maybe contact a twitch streamer with 100 followers because even they have better audio than this scuffed podcast lol.

  • ThatCoder
    ThatCoder Year ago

    The thing with the general authentication is that it the authentication/authorization code the site receives would probably be linked to the domain, so the paypol.com phishing domain would receive a code that would not work for paypal.com.
    Steve Gibson (grc.com, SecurityNow podcast) is building an authentication mechanism (SQRL) that's definitely worth checking out and which is probably close to WebAuthn.
    BTW, Authn comes from the acronyms for Authentication (auth'n) and Authorization (auth'z).

  • zSecTech
    zSecTech Year ago

    Too much green

  • Joel Gratton
    Joel Gratton Year ago

    01:1:41 perfectly in accord with that we need better assistant right now... god it is so crap

  • Gregg Cummings
    Gregg Cummings Year ago

    best team

  • Justin Clonts
    Justin Clonts Year ago

    "the right to repair"
    that's probably the best way i've heard it put.

  • Andrew33
    Andrew33 Year ago

    1:07:51 🤤

  • Im1CrazyCow
    Im1CrazyCow Year ago

    Crpple fails again ha ha ha ...... First they CUT Crapple X and went backwards to Crapple 8..ha ha ... And now the I Home Pube !