GRWM Using NEW Makeup From NABLA 😍

  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
  • Hey loves!! Today I’m going to be testing out some makeup from Nabla that I’ve been super excited to try :) Every once in a while, I receive a collection in the mail that REALLY inspires me (AKA this one haha)! I really wanted to try out and share this collection with you guys because I feel like you’d be inspired by these products too! I also got a little chatty in this video, so you might want to grab a snack :) Love you SO much and thank you for always coming back to watch my videos! Hope you’re having an amazing day! XOXO
    Nabla Denude Full Summer
    Mr. Daniel
    Namvo Instagram- namvo
    MAC Shape and Shade Brow Tint in
    Embryolisse Lait Creme
    Flower Beauty Light Illusion
    Nabla Close-Up
    Nabla Glowy Skin Highlighter Stick in Beige
    Nabla Glowy Skin Blush Stick in Maybe Baby
    Nabla Close-Up Baking & Setting
    Covergirl TruBlend Serving Sculpt
    Nabla Metal Glam Liquid Eyeshadow in Golden Hour &
    Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow
    Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash
    Nabla Highlighter in
    Nabla Highlighting
    Nabla Velvetine Lip Liners + Nabla Cult Classic Lipsticks:
    Smashbox So Chill Coconut Primer
    Glossier Boy Brow in
    (Use code “ALLIEGBEAUTY” for 10% OFF Sigma Purchase)
    Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki
    Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Blush
    Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter
    Sigma E40 Tapered Blending
    Sigma E25 Blending
    Aesthetica Beauty
    Aesthetica Mini Beauty
    Lamora 7 Pc Brush
    theBalm Give a Crease a Chance Double Sided
    Beauty Blender
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    *Use the code “ALLIEGBEAUTY” for 10% OFF your SIGMA BEAUTY
    Get 20% OFF your first Glossier Order + Free Shipping when you get 2 or more items!! :) ➜
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  • Robespierrey
    Robespierrey 14 days ago

    I am from Sardinia, but I live in Germany!

  • Gemma Martin
    Gemma Martin Month ago

    Hey Allie, I'm from Ireland ☘️..I did live in England for 13 years but I couldn't settle and it never completely felt like home. Ended up taking our daughter back to Ireland just before she started nursery. She is now 6 and loves her mummy's makeup!! We are now settled back where we belong!!

  • Charlotte Ankartjärn
    Charlotte Ankartjärn 2 months ago

    Northern part of Sweden here.

  • Random Shuffle
    Random Shuffle 2 months ago

    I'm from Costa Rica. Is a tiny country in the middle of the American continent.

  • steppedonalego77
    steppedonalego77 2 months ago

    Tylan and I share a birthday! 🎂

  • sun sms
    sun sms 3 months ago

    New on your chanel i'm from Germany love your videos ❤

  • Beatriz Gomes
    Beatriz Gomes 3 months ago

    I'm from Portugal, and I loved my trip to Italy(Rome) , France(Paris) and Spain (Barcelona)
    Love your videos ❤️

  • Sara Barbé Garay
    Sara Barbé Garay 3 months ago

    Spain! :D I would love to go to Hawai ♥

  • Effa
    Effa 3 months ago

    Am from Belize you should check it out

  • Yummy Tummy
    Yummy Tummy 3 months ago +1

    M from India.....and i luuuuv watching ur videos

  • Natallie Anastasova
    Natallie Anastasova 5 months ago

    Hi, ALlie! I am from Bulgaria but i live here in Jersey city now. I recommend you to put Bulgaria in your bucket list. Its one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can write "Why should I visit Bulgaria" in youtube and see some videos. :)

  • Jacky Dunne
    Jacky Dunne 5 months ago

    Mr Daniel rocks!! He's so brilliant and I love Nabla products and I watch all the Italian language tutorials even though I cant speak Italian..I've been in Italy though? Up around Lake Garda which is breath taking (I'm in Ireland)(its not as great as people think 😆)

  • Mela Kom
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  • Abby Sheppler
    Abby Sheppler 5 months ago

    I am from Eugene Oregon in the United States

  • Laura Skof
    Laura Skof 5 months ago

    The most beautiful place in this world is the Grand canyon. I'm from Germany but my dad is from Pittsburgh so I'm often in the us

  • SummerBreeze Young
    SummerBreeze Young 6 months ago

    I would love to go to Italy, Greece, Egypt, Scotland, Spain, and Alaska south Dakota Black hills. And Montana. Canada is beautiful been there. Been all east coast but Maine. Been to quite a few Midwest and Cali, wa state and Oregon. Even state to state is so different

  • secilys
    secilys 6 months ago

    I love traveling, and wish I could do it all the time! I love Italy. My list is Thailand, Croatia, Vietnam

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    Claudia Templaria 6 months ago

    Hi i can recommend many places. I an from Germany. So here i go .Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig , Munich. Then Austria, capiral ciry Vienna. Stockholm in Sweden, Copengagen in Denmark. Spain the whole country. , Portugal west of countey going up north . Prage in the Check Republuc. Italy most of europe i would say. Then in the Americas Colombia, Chile. I have been in many many countries.

  • My Cowboy's Sweetheart
    My Cowboy's Sweetheart 6 months ago +1

    My favorite place to travel in the U.S. is Michigan. I have relatives there and absolutely love it. I am from Montana. I grew up in Crow Country. I also love Lakota Country, Blackfeet Country, and Salish Country. My least favorite states (I've only been to 30 some) are Alaska and Nebraska.

  • Raya Bahian
    Raya Bahian 7 months ago +1

    Watching this in 2019 and i wanna say hello from the philippines!!!!

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  • Andrada Nitu
    Andrada Nitu 8 months ago

    From Romania , Europe here. Well I reccomend you to visit Iceland and enjoy the aurora borealis. Everyone should do that once in a life time😍❤️

  • Angie Elliott
    Angie Elliott 8 months ago

    The beamy glitterstache, yes!!!!
    I love the pink! Omg! So pretty on you! Jolie for Allie!
    Ok....changed my lantern!

  • Sasha Yambor
    Sasha Yambor 8 months ago

    York England and Florence Italy are beautiful!

  • Jeni Raiche-Martinez
    Jeni Raiche-Martinez 9 months ago

    I’m from Florida. I did live in Hawai’i for a year when I was younger. My dad was military. It was so much fun and so beautiful. I haven’t been back in a long time.

  • Debbie Padilla
    Debbie Padilla 9 months ago

    Red River, New Mexico 💘

  • SHAMMA almarar
    SHAMMA almarar 10 months ago

    From UAE 🇦🇪

  • Wanda Walerius
    Wanda Walerius 10 months ago

    My husband & I work at Walt Disney World, so we live in Florida. I'm from Louisiana and my husband is from Minnesota. In what state do you & your husband live?

  • MsButterFlySting80
    MsButterFlySting80 10 months ago

    Looked at their website, loved their backstory on art & science, of nature & animals, how they bring it all together with safety ordering online as if in store. You sold them out in showcasing your faves of this line! Going to have to see what the conversion rates are & shipping now lol.

  • MsButterFlySting80
    MsButterFlySting80 10 months ago

    Born & bred Alaskan here, yes I happen to be an Eskimo-Siberian Yupik to be exact. I've been to 18 states & also Canada & Mexico. From my perspective, I enjoyed the part of the AlCan that goes to Kluane Lake where the water is such a gorgeous clear turquoise! I also really enjoyed going to Hawaii, where we went to the two largest islands, the smells & sights & flavors were amazing as were the people. I'd love to go on a trip to New Zealand, Australia & throughout Europe where my dad's side of the family comes from. You're so funny, saying different "flavors " for colors I do that too Haha. Thanks for sharing, such an interesting company! Have a great day today!

  • Kristine Siño
    Kristine Siño 11 months ago

    Hmmm... Obviously, you weren’t able to talk to a lot of people here in the Philippines. We do speak english here. Even those that are uneducated know basic english.

  • Sari García C.
    Sari García C. 11 months ago

    jejej hola Allie!! i´m seeing this video three months later xD ainsss. I´m spanish and I live in Madrid jjj, You have one fan from Spain jejejej❤️ muchos besos, eres la mejor!!!

  • ThingsDollyLoves
    ThingsDollyLoves 11 months ago

    Hi Allie! I love watching you videos! You’re my fav. You seem so sweet and nice and you are gorgeous with and without make up. Love watching you test make up. I love traveling too. I’m from NY but I was born in CA.

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    Anybody from Taiwan, too ?🇹🇼🤗 love you Allie ❤❤

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    I'm from The Black Hills of South Dakota near Mt. Rushmore!!! ~Michelle

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    red lenthern looks smashing awesome on you

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  • Abigail Porter
    Abigail Porter Year ago

    Thank you so much for uploading this, I was curious what the brand was like as I've seen it on Beauty Bay , but wasn't sure what the were like but these seem like beautiful products!! I'm from the UK, so Hi ! I'm 37 this year, I am totally into art and for over 10 years now I haven't bothered with make up, so much has changed in the last 10 yrs!! I've bought a fair few bit of make up, but still not quite confident enough so am watching a tonne of you tubers and I have to say your video's are so relaxing yet helpful to watch. I love the look of make up (artsy side) the colours of the eye shadow palettes draw me in!! I am a wife and and mum to 2 boys, I suffer with M.E. too so getting round to watching video's doesn't always happen straight away, but yours are worth the wait! xx

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