Funny Moments of Koreans Casting!

  • Published on May 11, 2015
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Comments • 311

  • Anime Siêu Hay
    Anime Siêu Hay 15 days ago


  • Arcus
    Arcus 3 months ago


  • Paolo Alfaro
    Paolo Alfaro 5 months ago


  • Nico Nishi
    Nico Nishi 9 months ago

    ty subtitles and edits, was really funny XD

  • im a cat
    im a cat 11 months ago

    when league was actually fun to play

  • Jonathan Cyrus Francisco

    1:41 did lucian just flashed while in a nami Q

  • Lt. Enzxchi
    Lt. Enzxchi Year ago

    5:12 “talking about smite battle and dragons.” XD

  • LND Walldash
    LND Walldash Year ago


  • Šílený Banán
    Šílený Banán Year ago


  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang Year ago

    wee woo wee woo, what's with all the cyberpolice claiming he "stole" the content, just shut up and appreciate the enthusiasm of the Korean shoutcasters instead of complaining about everything. all of this is owned by Riot Games

  • Saint Nerdherder
    Saint Nerdherder Year ago

    Literal copy and paste video

  • Smooth Mustache
    Smooth Mustache Year ago


  • Fighting Dreamer
    Fighting Dreamer Year ago +1

    4:05 you arent lol player if u havent already seen that vidoe and the riyu vs faker zed fight

  • Özgür Uysal
    Özgür Uysal Year ago

    Sasukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 5:19 :D

  • Noobzlikeu
    Noobzlikeu Year ago

    "They baked him a cake called pentakill!" Holy fuck, I love Korean MLG casting. The funniest shit I've ever heard any caster say.

  • de Omnibus Dubitandum est

    Even the casters in Korea are at a whole different level!!!

  • Wizard Games
    Wizard Games Year ago +2

    5:19 SASUKE!!!

  • Sasa
    Sasa Year ago

    In NA all we have is Jatt yelling "DOUBLELIFT!"

  • 네저는엄마없고븅신입니다

    7분 26초 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Moses
    Moses Year ago

    5:16 xD haha

  • Kruck crusher
    Kruck crusher Year ago +4

    I wish my teammate would bake me a pentakill cake.
    Edit also the one when smeb wouldn't die for so long killed me LOL XD

  • pastor babatundeh

    4:01 thank me later

  • KRSyNTaX
    KRSyNTaX Year ago

    I garentee Korea Esports Commentator team is So hype I know because I born in Korea

  • KRSyNTaX
    KRSyNTaX Year ago

    Imp’s penta kill was First Penta kill Of 2014 LOL WC

  • KRSyNTaX
    KRSyNTaX Year ago

    Mamueuri mean Finish but there was meme I forgot how

  • 流月
    流月 2 years ago +1


  • Evan
    Evan 2 years ago

    "his team baked him a cake and called it a pentakill"

  • Paeh
    Paeh 2 years ago


  • Torin9447
    Torin9447 2 years ago

    7:20 WTF SMEB????

  • Fizz Used Splash - LoL Guides/Gameplays/Montages

    Double lipputu gets me everytime lmao :')

  • 반수는 최고야
    반수는 최고야 2 years ago

    At 1:41, it's not heal(힐) It does sound similar, but they said (해일), which means tsunami, and is a reference to the nami ult. Just so you know :)

  • mystiic-aero
    mystiic-aero 2 years ago


  • Insec
    Insec 2 years ago


  • Brandon Fry
    Brandon Fry 2 years ago

    i want to thumbs twice this up waaaaaaa

  • Pleased To meet you
    Pleased To meet you 2 years ago

    IS THAT Kkoma? 3:47

  • Adrian Espinoza
    Adrian Espinoza 2 years ago

    pentakeeeee XDDDDD

  • Fate
    Fate 2 years ago

    doperu rifto = doublelift

  • jbonesdubs
    jbonesdubs 2 years ago +1


  • Cyanporo
    Cyanporo 2 years ago +2

    If you are gonna copy an entire video of baegmon at least be considerate and edit out his outro at the end, it's like you don't give a fuck about him at all

  • 콩까지마라
    콩까지마라 2 years ago


  • Tuperwear
    Tuperwear 2 years ago +3

    lol "if this was solo queue everyone would afk"

  • macewindu789
    macewindu789 2 years ago +1


  • davisemde
    davisemde 2 years ago


  • Ravida
    Ravida 2 years ago


  • SiiKaMoRe
    SiiKaMoRe 2 years ago

    Sounded like he was saying "Daaat boootyyy!!"

  • tekknohrsn
    tekknohrsn 2 years ago

    the 2nd clip.. im dying.. PENTAAAKILL?????

  • carbine781
    carbine781 2 years ago +1

    9:35 You didn't even try to hide the fact that you stole this

  • Koon Jay
    Koon Jay 3 years ago +3

    They r best E-Sports created by korean simple

  • Koiden
    Koiden 3 years ago +5

    Dude wtf you literally took his shit and re uploaded LOL

  • Dont mind me
    Dont mind me 3 years ago +20

    Doublelift boutaaaaah aaaah clgggggggg waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • Amir Ayt
      Amir Ayt 2 years ago +3

      Man that shitt got me laughing for days

  • Interstellar stalk
    Interstellar stalk 3 years ago

    End song?

  • aw3st
    aw3st 3 years ago +1


  • Trevor H
    Trevor H 3 years ago +4

    this is copying baegmon.....

  • Rai
    Rai 3 years ago

    wow, giving no credit....

  • Chuey Xuey
    Chuey Xuey 3 years ago

    6:30 XD luigi's ghost mansion

  • SMiLES
    SMiLES 3 years ago +2

    7:20 be like your favorite super hero dying in a movie. LOL

  • Discount Bamse
    Discount Bamse 3 years ago


  • Aiz Kreme
    Aiz Kreme 3 years ago

    doublelipeuteuuuuuuuu!!1 HAHAHAHA

  • H
    H 3 years ago +1

    Just imagine if whoever translated this made it all up, some of us would never know.

  • Monoko
    Monoko 3 years ago

    this shit sounds 1000x more exciting than NA casting

  • Lyler Tat213
    Lyler Tat213 3 years ago +93

    Disliked cos u fucking steal and copy Baegmon

    • dddk99
      dddk99 2 years ago

      Leblanc oh, i didnt know he stole the "video".

    • dddk99
      dddk99 2 years ago

      Leblanc actually he took the style from dota2 korean caster video too.

  • Marco Nguyen
    Marco Nguyen 3 years ago

    4:21 so that's where Gosu's sound comes from

    SUPREMEBULLETXD 3 years ago +54

    nigga at least credit baegmon

  • Las Nehar
    Las Nehar 3 years ago

    This is literally just Baegmon's video at least give some credit

  • CensoredMercy
    CensoredMercy 3 years ago


  • Pleased To meet you
    Pleased To meet you 3 years ago +1

    The teammates baked a cake for imp called PENTAKILL
    that killed me right in my guts. XD

  • Christ vargas
    Christ vargas 3 years ago +1

    We just gunna ignore how at 1:10 Twitch says "NIGGA WATAHHHH!" I'm positive it has nothing to do in terms of addressing someone who is black but I just can't help but laugh after hearing that.

    • Christ vargas
      Christ vargas 3 years ago +1

      @정종현 Yea my brother told me, but thanks anyways :). My bro used to be in the air force and he was stationed in South Korea for a few years so he can speak it fluently, I am so jealous of him xD.

    • 부웨에에에엙
      부웨에에에엙 3 years ago

      that means "i'm comming!" or "i'm back!"

  • Azrael
    Azrael 3 years ago +1

    LMAO xD

  • Ratex HD
    Ratex HD 3 years ago


  • adurx
    adurx 3 years ago

    4:18 LOL i've been searching this for years now lmao

  • Ace
    Ace 3 years ago +84

    Why didn't you give any credit to the guy that made this.

  • Ahmet Viandrotte
    Ahmet Viandrotte 3 years ago

    these guys are like a choir or something. one of them gives an 'O" from the back while someone's giving a squeaky little 'e'. the others are just shouting whatever they like and it's like a cringe masterpiece

  • jonstajon
    jonstajon 3 years ago


  • Molun An
    Molun An 3 years ago +1

    I lost it at 4:42

    • Fighting Dreamer
      Fighting Dreamer Year ago

      Molun yeah that was probably the most famous lol esports video so funny XD

  • Oleksandr
    Oleksandr 3 years ago

    peenoise casting still da best

  • FillyCheezStake
    FillyCheezStake 3 years ago

    "Baked him a cake called pentakill" I was in a game and I laughed so much people thought I was afk

  • Ronaldo Silva Jr
    Ronaldo Silva Jr 3 years ago

    2:25 holy shit that flash. Crazy how those guys disrespected DP. Kinda... sad

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes 3 years ago

    making money off of other people's work is unacceptable

  • Daniel Healy
    Daniel Healy 3 years ago

    Korean casters are the best, by far.

  • Krisme
    Krisme 3 years ago

    lol im korean and i still laughed hahahahhah ;D

  • Zachary Gibbs
    Zachary Gibbs 3 years ago

    Still doesn't beat StarCraft casters, man those guys make the game so fucking amazing, even if I think LoL is more dynamic and a better eSport. And the NA casters don't explain much, and if they do if it is so subtle or fits really well.

  • El Heffe
    El Heffe 3 years ago


  • I Liek Mudkipz
    I Liek Mudkipz 3 years ago

    That CLG clip thoo

  • Quick Ly Lee
    Quick Ly Lee 3 years ago


  • RoxasHerzloser
    RoxasHerzloser 3 years ago

    5:40 I don't know what's happening bút they're cheering so its good right?

  • Jay R.
    Jay R. 3 years ago


  • TheRocketdrive
    TheRocketdrive 3 years ago

    is it just me or does the video skip after the 7 minute mark?

  • DarkCyberElf (Mylon Requiem)

    Good job shamelessly ripping this straight from Baegmon's channel. If I could report this video and your channel for copyright infringement and plagiarism, I would.

    • Fighting Dreamer
      Fighting Dreamer Year ago

      Lol such an overeacter just trying to destroy the good time. NOBODY CARES

    • Tokkii
      Tokkii 3 years ago +7

      +DarkCyberElf (Mylon Requiem) *cough* you can *cough*

  • Felipe Vieira
    Felipe Vieira 3 years ago

    btw WTFAST is a scam

  • Dav1d Brad1ey
    Dav1d Brad1ey 3 years ago +4

    These guys are great we need announcers as energetic as this! Not a friggin' breakdown of every step the players take it gets annoying o-o

  • teddy100man
    teddy100man 3 years ago

    Therese guys is too funny

  • Pure
    Pure 3 years ago

    not mata...macta mean 'the last attack(it will be killing champion or something

  • Yato Gami
    Yato Gami 3 years ago


  • Cam Z
    Cam Z 3 years ago

    It appears other regions try way to hard to explain every detail, when all we really want is hype hype screams and basic stuff we would all be naturally shouting. Lets face it, we don't need step by step talks about plays all the time.. we're also watching the game.

  • MrSora234
    MrSora234 3 years ago

    You are very good on stealing other's videos

  • Jaemin Baek
    Jaemin Baek 3 years ago

    this is why i love being korean lmfao

  • Tele cast
    Tele cast 3 years ago +3

    I am bilangual. The criticla difference between Korean casters and NA/EU casters is that NA/EU casters are too much descriptive. They basically just explain what skills they are using and who killed who, turret down etc. They do not explain much about in depth team operation or certain calls players make. I had a strong impression that they are more professionals of speaking skills not game itself. However Korean casters do a very good job of analyzing why players do certain things and points out what to do try to overcome the situation. Korean casters who did not have these skills got kicked out b/c Korean league fans harshly criticized them. NA/EU casters are boring and not informative.

    • 김연태
      김연태 3 years ago

      that's what i say

    • LightTrack
      LightTrack 3 years ago

      +이호준 Actually the current LCS has always been analyzing the in-depth game knowledge during and after the game at the analysts desk and it´s delivered by both EU and NA casters.

  • Kai Huizing
    Kai Huizing 3 years ago

    adsdfghslgh OHHHH sdfjgfd OHHHH OHHHHH OHHHH klsgjl;sgl HOHHH sklkjg OHHHHH jsfg OHHHHHHH

  • -SakiSkai-
    -SakiSkai- 3 years ago