Is WALMART RV PARKING Over? Why are Walmarts turning away...

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • Hi Everyone, welcome to Episode 16 of BE A NOMAD, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Today, I'll explain Walmart's corporate policy is on overnight RV Parking or Overnight Camping, WHY some Walmart's are turning full time RV and VanLife away and the best way to search for free alternative camping in your area.
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  • Creativity RV
    Creativity RV  7 months ago +10

    HERE ARE THE LINKS (click READ MORE at the bottom of this comment to see everything INCLUDING EVERYTHING MENTIONED THIS VIDEO)!
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    • Creativity RV
      Creativity RV  7 months ago +1

      THANK YOU!!!

    • Creativity RV
      Creativity RV  7 months ago

      My bad bad bad. It's up now. Thank you:)

    • Creativity RV
      Creativity RV  7 months ago

      My bad bad bad. It's up now. Thank you:)

    • Creativity RV
      Creativity RV  7 months ago

      Yes! Thank you for asking. If you go through the link to get to amazon, my channel will make a small percentage on the sale. I appreciate you!

    • GiGiGoesShopping
      GiGiGoesShopping 7 months ago

  • St 1111
    St 1111 8 hours ago

    Walmarts was intended for over night parking keyword being over night where I live there has been an RV park there for a year now with their automobile so essentially they put roots down permanently in the parking lot if people wouldn’t abuse what’s put out there and ruin it for everybody else this wouldn’t happen and no I’m not being hard-core about this I am actually homeless

  • micjakes1
    micjakes1 Day ago

    This is not good for people who live in their autos. Where will we go?

  • Lori LeBron
    Lori LeBron 3 days ago

    Does this include Schoolies??

  • Pappajohn372
    Pappajohn372 3 days ago

    This B---h is a trip

  • Adrianna sanchez
    Adrianna sanchez 3 days ago +1

    I cannot believe the guy sun tanning in the parking lot. Lol wtf?

  • Adrianna sanchez
    Adrianna sanchez 3 days ago +2

    I'm jumping into rv life soon. My spouse and I. We are all about responsibility and respect and cleanliness. It's very sad that people are possibly ruining our adventure

  • Seijen7
    Seijen7 3 days ago

    I sweep 27 walmart parking lots. I think our company does a few hundred each night. I don't mind "sleepers" but please have a little respect for those who are working around you. Don't park along curbs. Don't leave your expired food in the parking lot when you leave. Don't leave feces and urine containers in the parking lot... Disgusting... Don't get mad when loud vacuum trucks are working around you for a few minutes to clean your area of the lot. I have noticed recently a few of the stores are asking people to leave the lots at night. I am unsure as to why but this is increasing by the month. It is unfortunate as I, Myself, would love to travel and use the parking lots as a cheap and fairly safe way to get some rest.

  • Hector De La Cruz
    Hector De La Cruz 4 days ago

    Great advice. Funny stills of dumb RVers . I always ask Walmart managers and buy some groceries. ✌️🇺🇸

  • Frank-Peter Warschau
    Frank-Peter Warschau 4 days ago +1

    Last year we were on our First RV Trip from Denver via Black Hills, Yellowstone NP, Salt Lake City and back to Denver. We had a stopover in Gilette on a Walmart Parking lot for one night. After shopping at Walmart we asked the Manager for a Chance to stay over Night. She agreed and so we stood there. Of course we didn't leave our trash on the lot.

  • Thomas Bostick
    Thomas Bostick 4 days ago

    It's not just local government it's state ,& federal government they're trying to get more of a count of how many peoples in this nationand that's why the local governments are passing these laws

  • Omniel MiQal Starchild

    Sooo ghetto, they are so wrong for that, wow sis thank u for sharing this information... Love, Light & Inner~G

  • TheLotw
    TheLotw 5 days ago

    Its not just Walmarts doing it, its sometimes City codes and most part is BAD PARKING BY THE RVs. Some part where they shouldnt and make people complain, which stores respond to by not allowing parking anymore.

  • Juan Vigil
    Juan Vigil 5 days ago

    Walmart deliberately built thier buildings across from Kmart so just park at the abandoned Kmart parking lot.

  • Huntley illinois
    Huntley illinois 5 days ago

    great video

  • No Name
    No Name 5 days ago

    There is a Walmart with many tree's around the parkinglot set up in Magnolia Tx that makes parking my car private and incognito because it is backed up to the Woodlands Tx where everything is hidden behind the tree's. Its my safest most trusted overnighter.

  • drrsc
    drrsc 6 days ago

    maybe that rv'er was a jerk, or maybe his rv broke down in some way and he/they didn't have a choice but to try and fix it there? am not an rv'er but from some videos on youtube, it seems that an rv'er is either quite well off and '..livin the dream..' or they've no choice but to live in their vehicle.

  • Jesse Orozco
    Jesse Orozco 6 days ago

    Yeah but you need money for gas , groceries,water, power, rent space. It’s not going to work.

  • Premium Vape Juice
    Premium Vape Juice 7 days ago +1

    It only takes one bad Apple to ruin it for everybody 👣

  • Fabricated Reality
    Fabricated Reality 8 days ago +1

    When i retire i want to live in a RV. I wanna travel the entire country but mostly just travel up from Maine to Fla every winter/summer.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 9 days ago

    How about this. Grow up and buy a house rather than be a bum on wheels.

  • michael archangel nuenthel

    It is what it is...if it's nice it can b destroyed humanly. ..enuff said

  • Himself Lee
    Himself Lee 10 days ago

    Very informative. Thank you.

  • Sie Startistem
    Sie Startistem 10 days ago

    Love your hair 💪🏽💚👍🏽

  • DL Mac
    DL Mac 10 days ago

    Well done video! You can’t fix stupid or inconsiderate, self centred a-holes! Saw a guy dump his tanks (not black water) in a Walmart parking lot. Not only that, Walmart is a business in the business of selling stuff. If you’re too cheap to go in the store and buy a few bucks worth of merchandise, then stay the heck out and stop ruining this privilege for those of us who get it!

  • J Lee
    J Lee 11 days ago

    Cracker Barrell allows a few (7) RV's to stay for ONE overnight. You should buy any food you eat at that CB. No grilling, No slides out and no trash...go late, stay early. The only con is that since they are near a highway they are noisy, but hey for ONE night not bad for free.

  • JoJo Lewis
    JoJo Lewis 11 days ago

    Most of the Walmarts where I live are not open 24 hours so its not safe to do so.

  • Miles Cumminski
    Miles Cumminski 12 days ago

    Stockton, CA is an unsafe city in general!

  • Pamela Roden
    Pamela Roden 12 days ago

    Some people are just jerks and idiots.

  • bill lee
    bill lee 12 days ago

    be careful some walmarts are in very bad neighborhoods , if walmart has a security car driving around the parking lot you do not want to stay or shop their.

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony 12 days ago

    Walmart needs to set up FEMA camps get rid of some of these morons here, Jesus, just like the other Walmarts in California where they got the fenced-in area that railroad tracks looks like prison fencing tunnels underneath it start getting them in train loads.

  • Christie Abbott
    Christie Abbott 13 days ago +1

    I live in Stockton, CA-so glad you had a good experience at our WalMart. 😊. Thanks for the tips on overnighting at WalMart parking lots!

  • Emily Vlcek
    Emily Vlcek 13 days ago

    It’s not Walmart that is putting a stop to staying overnight. It’s the town that passes ordinances

  • ares1994
    ares1994 13 days ago

    This channel actully goodstuff

  • thrice bang
    thrice bang 13 days ago

    Jackass bikers in Galveston ended camping at our Walmart

  • rhon r
    rhon r 14 days ago

    Homeless hate is why.

  • Michael Huebner
    Michael Huebner 14 days ago

    The government cannot override the rights of a property owner. The government does NOT own the parking lot space in retail locations and therefor they have no authority to impose laws on private property they do no own. This is a Constitutional issue and if you fight it you will win.

  • In Periculis Audax
    In Periculis Audax 14 days ago +1

    One of the reasons you are seeing an uptick in people taking part in the nomadic lifestyle is that so many members of the “Baby Boom” generation who have been victimized by the housing crash in 2008ish robbed them of their 401K savings and any other retirement investments and are discovering that Social Security will not keep them in a stick and brick for long (if at all).
    Because while banks were “made whole” by government money after that crash, the folks who lost mortgages - or savings spent on legal fees trying to save their homes - received ZERO help from their government.
    Their only other option is to buy an RV with whatever money they have left and “hit the road” on their SS checks.
    And all of this is likely going to continue for the next few years.

  • 47 boogieman
    47 boogieman 15 days ago

    Pure white trash people staying in a Walmart parking lot. Why don't they get a job so they can afford a home. It's absolutely disgusting to see all these vehicles in a Walmart parking lot that's why I avoid Walmart whenever I see all these vehicles homeless people

  • Bob Davis
    Bob Davis 15 days ago

    Come to Detroit........plenty of parking here.

  • Bob Davis
    Bob Davis 15 days ago

    Buy a tiny house... Walmart isnt HOME

  • bd5av8r1
    bd5av8r1 15 days ago

    Used the Walmart in Salina KS with my RV no issues at all.

  • Gil Torres
    Gil Torres 15 days ago

    I used to stay at a Walmart overnight in my car but I wouldn’t stay there all day and I do prefer to buy something at the places I use the restroom

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 16 days ago +2

    The US is not as availabile to Americans as it once was. We live in a Police State with a battered constitution that is being shreaded on a daily bases.

    • John Houchins
      John Houchins 15 days ago

      Show me where in the Constitution your right to park at WalMart or any other private property.

  • Travis farmer
    Travis farmer 16 days ago +36

    I am an Assistant Manager at Walmart and I never turn RV's away. They are welcome at my store, as long as they are respectful and don't make a mess.

    • JoJo Lewis
      JoJo Lewis 11 days ago +1

      Where i live most are no longer open 24 hours they close at midnight and its against city law.

    • Travis farmer
      Travis farmer 15 days ago +8

      +VU Nguyen
      Your welcome. Here is why some Walmart turn RV's away. It's not a Home Office direction, it's a store to store decision. I have had this happen at my store on a few occasions. The RV'ers are boondocking and they put there solid human waste in our outside trash cans and they will put bottles of pee in the trash as well. This is very nasty for our associates to have to find when they take the trash out. I don't understand why they done it we have bathrooms available 24/7..... I'm an RV'er my self so I don't let a few idiots ruine it for all the good ones. So if your ever in Boone NC come on by.

    • VU Nguyen
      VU Nguyen 15 days ago +6

      We as RVer's, love shopping for many useful items at Walmart. We do not like to be ask to leave the area. So therefore, we respect all properties not only at Walmart but anywhere else when we park. Which mean, no garbage around or loud noises.
      Thank you for letting us park at Walmart.

  • Jerry Marley
    Jerry Marley 17 days ago +1

    Looks like the homeless Libtards ruined it for everyone. And people like you you have a rv go pay for a spot.

  • PJ K
    PJ K 17 days ago


  • Janice Wilson
    Janice Wilson 18 days ago

    We always call Walmart to confirm parking is allowed. That’s why I love Allstays, # is right there to call, no fumbling with the #.
    One way Walmart might control parking is making people go in for a card to place in your window, and give them your name and license plate #. And have to return the card the next morning when you leave.

  • David Barry
    David Barry 18 days ago

    Excellent music editing!

  • Big John
    Big John 18 days ago +1

    It’s ridiculous you can’t sleep in a legally parked vehicle in some municipalities. If the vehicle is legally parked, what does it matter if you close your eyes and fall asleep in it? Some people do live in a vehicle by choice, but most of the time it’s because of hard times and they can’t afford rent.

  • EpicUndead
    EpicUndead 18 days ago +1

    lol Why would a guy pee in the parking lot during Walmart's open hours, when there's a perfectly good bathroom inside? Drugs I guess?

  • Karen Rose
    Karen Rose 18 days ago +1

    Thank you for this video! Thank you for all your videos!! I will be starting the full time journey soon so I cant even say how much I appreciate being able to learn from you!

  • Hugh Collins
    Hugh Collins 18 days ago +1

    Oh my gosh! Carolyn will have to pay for an RV spot now? She’ll faint!

  • This Is Our Retirement
    This Is Our Retirement 19 days ago +3

    Fantastic video very informative, we are just about to become RV'ers. Thank you, goning to watch more of your videos.

  • Randy C
    Randy C 19 days ago +2

    Full time Liberals, they gobble up all and everything that is free , Intel it’s not free anymore

  • Len - Zeplin
    Len - Zeplin 19 days ago

    I saw a guy change the oil & filters on His RV in the Parking Lot. He Left the Packaging & Used Oil (in Jugs) on the lot, Then Dumped 4 Full bags of Garbage and After all that, He dumped the Shit Tank in the center Island next to Him. Then He Simply pulled up Anchor & Left.

  • A N
    A N 19 days ago +3

    So many have ruined it for everyone who plays by the rules...and not being rude but you yak yak way to much.

  • Rogue Ranger
    Rogue Ranger 19 days ago +2

    You Are 100% SPOT ON!! There Are Always Exceptions to The Rule. This Was Designed to be Temporary, and if I Have to Clean Your Mess; Then We Have Problems!! That's When Things Get UnPleasant...

  • cgwworldministries
    cgwworldministries 20 days ago +8

    So i was at a rv friendly Walmart. This guy parked right next to me. He opened his grey and black water tanks. Walmart tried blaming me at first, i showed them the stream coming from him and that my tanks were half full thankfully. A call to the police later they got arrested.

  • Franchoise Price
    Franchoise Price 20 days ago

    They call destruction to themselves we clean about yourself and others

  • TheChadWork2001
    TheChadWork2001 20 days ago +1

    I think you waste our time and your breath telling viewers what not to do. The types of self destructive people who do those things won't listen to you, which means you are preaching to the choir.

  • tokalekaw4
    tokalekaw4 20 days ago +1

    Sometimes people are just tired from driving. My daughter is a traveling nurse and one assignment was 2 hours away. So after staying in a hotel a few days, on her last day she would want to drive home. So she would work a 12 hour shift and then drive home. She would be so tired and just need to rest. No it wasn’t over night but I had rather her stop somewhere and sleep in her car than to try and drive tired. So I think sometimes those ordinances are stupid. I told her to just take her chances with the police and stop and rest.

    • Big John
      Big John 18 days ago

      tokalekaw4 Exactly, it is stupid you can’t sleep in a legally parked vehicle.

  • kaygerz
    kaygerz 21 day ago

    Thank you so much for collecting all this info!! Good look out there and enjoy😊🥂

  • Josh swimmerly
    Josh swimmerly 21 day ago

    Without even finishing the video, I can make a great these as to why they are changing the policy: People are taking advantage of it. Most likely trashing the parking lot, littering, noise, not to mention that they are passing no parking/sleeping in your car overnight in a lot of cities too. Homelessness and urban campers are making it hard for people to WANT to offer overnight parking because of all the issues that it attracts. Same old are story. Humans doing what humans do: Thinking of only themselves.

  • Robert Bulot
    Robert Bulot 21 day ago +1

    Many Walmarts in communities that have outlawed overnight parking are communities with conventional RV Parks in them. These RV park owners put pressure on the city governments to restrict free parking.

  • Cyndi Alvarado
    Cyndi Alvarado 22 days ago

    Very helpful. Thank you

  • David Myers
    David Myers 22 days ago +1

    people park at Wal-Mart here in Hilo with no problem but they are very discreet about it

  • David Myers
    David Myers 22 days ago

    now I moved out of my car and live off grid on my 1 acre farm in Puna Hawaii no bills except property tax.

  • David Myers
    David Myers 22 days ago

    in hawaii we have a long standing ordinance against "Habitating a Vehicle" its been in the books for nearly 30 years . I used to live in my car here with no problems until the early 1990s after then police would roll up on me at night to see what I was up to

  • david d
    david d 23 days ago +1

    be good citizens....Amen!

  • Zan Thornton
    Zan Thornton 24 days ago +1

    Thanks much! I didn't know REI allows rv/ van parking!
    Whole Foods stores / Kroger/ Publix has been very friendly towards us in past, but no standard park, no park.

  • Scott Cochran
    Scott Cochran 24 days ago

    what's the issue with running a generator all night? What exactly are you supposed to do when it's hot, or cold and need electricity?

  • djsi38t
    djsi38t 25 days ago

    Yeah great idea insult and belittle people at Wal Mart scraping to get buy when you are not much different yourself.god forbid if you lost your you tube account.

  • Jeff Rayford
    Jeff Rayford 25 days ago

    Just wanted to add that you just taught me a whole new aspect of owning an RV of any size and I thank you for that. I will follow potocal within the RV family. I also think that you are very easy on the eyes and I think that you are very easy to listen and learn from. Thank you so much for taking the time out to post like that.

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee 25 days ago

    The Walmart in Cabot let us stay in the parking lot with a tow behind camper for a whole month then we had to move on. But I have been noticing that around here and Arkansas that's where we are.

  • check ya chin
    check ya chin 25 days ago

    Because you people ruin shit. Let them have an inch, take a mile.

  • Harmony Hound Adventures

    I just love to howl all night long, Woof!

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey 26 days ago +1

    Yeah. There is always that one guy. Don’t be that guy.

  • DanOfTheWild
    DanOfTheWild 26 days ago +1

    You are kinda da hot

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones 27 days ago +1

    I agree ... people r getting careless, lazy, pigs!!!!! No respect!!

  • Ipso Facto
    Ipso Facto 28 days ago +2

    Since when does a good thing not get abused to the point where a few people end up ruining it for everyone? This was a very valuable resource for travelers who don't want to spend $30 to $60 or more for parking overnight at a campgrounds. These local ordinances are being pushed by people who want to destroy Walmart and rape the public for expensive camping fees. I used to travel for work and have used Walmart many times over the years. I really hate to see a few mentally ill freaks ruin it for everyone else, but it has always been that way as far as I can tell. I used to give people hell about leaving their trash behind for Walmart employees to have to clean up. One guy acted like he was ready to fight over the issue. I just told him what an A-hole he was and that he was going to ruin it for everyone. On my way back to my camper he apologized to me and removed his trash. I think his wife gave him hell about it.

    Also, to the maker of this video. I hope you didn't complain to the store manager about this person running his generator. That will bring an end to this quicker than anything else. If the store managers have to listen to that, it will be banned for everyone. The best thing you could do would be move your camper to the other end of the parking lot. My guess is that you stayed by him because you felt safer with another camper next to you, and those are good instincts. Listen to your instincts, they're what keep us alive and well. There may have been medical reasons for running a generator all night, and they may have had to change a flat tire, that shouldn't bring your wrath on them. Happy Travels

  • Fina Skibińska
    Fina Skibińska 28 days ago +1

    Great video. I am not rv owner but I like to know those things. Greetings from Poland

  • Ron Mitchell
    Ron Mitchell 28 days ago

    Last year at the Lake City, FL Wal-Mart I witnessed a RV draining his tank into the storm sewer. Some people are just selfish and inconsiderate.

  • Linda Turner
    Linda Turner 28 days ago +1

    I am now noticing motorhomes parked in parking lots more now and I think of you.....

  • Gypsy JR
    Gypsy JR 29 days ago +1

    Also, putting anything outside, like a grill. Or opening a slide. All these things bring undue attention from the management.

  • Matt Mccalla
    Matt Mccalla Month ago

    Too many dead bodies

  • amy fletcher
    amy fletcher Month ago

    Yeah..Walmart is not the KOA. It should of never been started. Now there paying for it.

  • Carstella Moore
    Carstella Moore Month ago

    They always seem to figure out ways to block people's freedom how mean

  • sharon russomanno
    sharon russomanno Month ago

    Our local Walmart has signs posted "No overnight parking". It's a 24 hour store so I don't know if that makes a difference? I guess a few rotten apples are ruining it for everyone.

  • Daniel Jacques
    Daniel Jacques Month ago

    american scum

  • Mary LaFrance
    Mary LaFrance Month ago

    Some people are such bottom feeders. Dirt bags. They ruin it for everybody else. Geeze dude Walmart has a mens room. Too bad you didn't get his license plate number so you could report him to the cops.

  • Traveling Guy
    Traveling Guy Month ago

    Soon, just about all Americans will be homeless and nobody will be able to afford to get married and have kids. That all takes money to do and sustain. Nobody can afford the high rents these days. Housing costs are just too high. The cost of living in the US is way out of control. 👌🏻

  • samuel boggs
    samuel boggs Month ago

    Stop dumping your septic tanks in the parking lots and your trash....

  • Al A
    Al A Month ago

    I like to know why I have to dump trash out of the trash can cause one thought they could take the trash LINER and so I have to clean out the trash can.

  • Wong Elfski
    Wong Elfski Month ago

    Wallmart is changing because you dumbasses are monetizing videos of your rv exploitations in their parking lots

  • Sam Lander
    Sam Lander Month ago +2

    Nice and clear and focused and concise and helpful. THANK YOU, Robin!

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy Month ago +2

    I stayed in one for over a year. It was a gradual is this ok or not kind of thing. Never once had an issue with the police or walmart. Craziest experience was waking up to a "neighbor" who knocked is car out of gear and did head on into my 96 Saturn. Lol no damage but he quickly took off.

  • Cj Shearrer
    Cj Shearrer Month ago +1

    R V parks are pushing you out of walmart, lost money for them. Next is bad rvers.

  • Toni Kemppainen
    Toni Kemppainen Month ago

    Great places to sell drugs right?

  • Kristy Burleyson
    Kristy Burleyson Month ago +3

    What great information you provide. I have been amazed at some of the things I've seen in the Walmart parking lot in my town. Once there was a RV with slides deployed, grill and chairs set up outside and the TV antenna up - at 1pm in the afternoon. It's no wonder why some Walmarts are no longer allowing overnighting.