Is WALMART RV PARKING Over? Why are Walmarts turning away...

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • Hi Everyone, welcome to Episode 16 of BE A NOMAD, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Today, I'll explain Walmart's corporate policy is on overnight RV Parking or Overnight Camping, WHY some Walmart's are turning full time RV and VanLife away and the best way to search for free alternative camping in your area.
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  • David Schwarz
    David Schwarz 7 hours ago

    Truck drivers are more likely responsible for the peeing in bottles and leaving them in the parking lot, than are RVers

  • The Traveling Prospector

    Yah I can't stand when people are LOUD!.. Quite Frankly The best spots I like are in the woods!

  • AlphaLady777
    AlphaLady777 Day ago

    Every "homeless" person needs to read this position statement - (towns/cities cannot criminalize homelessness - 8th Amendment violations) - by the U.S. Department of Justice:

  • Brian Huntington
    Brian Huntington 3 days ago

    they kicked me out homeless in car

  • Donovan Baker
    Donovan Baker 5 days ago

    As usual, your research is the best sister.

  • Randy Behrens
    Randy Behrens 7 days ago

    The Walmart in Trinidad is a vagrant magnet ,they panhandle at the intersection of I25 and the service road intersection , i was told that the legal Maryanne has brought the vagrancy problems to the area . In Raton NM they have an electric fence to keep the vagrants from entering the neighborhoods adjacent to the highway intersection - junction area in Raton NM.

  • I'm Watching 2
    I'm Watching 2 7 days ago

    Don't dump your lack water in their drainage ditch. I have seen it done. I honked and yelled hope I scared him out of doing it again.

  • 2000talon
    2000talon 7 days ago

    Here in Canada, no overnight parking Walmart Cranbrook and wall mart Nelson British Columbia. No overnight parking!!

  • Michael Shellhammer
    Michael Shellhammer 7 days ago

    There are many rest stops on Interstate roadways that you are allowed to stop and sleep over night...

  • thedrew4you
    thedrew4you 8 days ago

    RV Parky is a great app! I used it on my cross-country trip and back. I was in a car, so I stayed overnight in many truck stop plazas, like the Flying J and Pilot, but I spent an equal amount of time in Walmart and grocery store parking lots.

  • thedrew4you
    thedrew4you 8 days ago

    The Walmart in North Bend, OR still allows RV Parking. The one in Eugene, OR does not.

  • T A
    T A 10 days ago

    Actually Walmart could get away with surpassing the local ordences . Let's face it... Private property.

  • jklfds85
    jklfds85 10 days ago

    I have a strong feeling the reason a lot of Walmart's are not allowing overnights is because they are building an underground tunnel(s) and they are doing it at night and they don't want people to see anything or to know about it. Look it up, it is REAL and not a hoax. They are trying to keep it down low.

  • Bronx B4Sunrise
    Bronx B4Sunrise 10 days ago


  • Bigdog 1964
    Bigdog 1964 10 days ago

    Walmart is finally taking out the trash!

  • Del Stanley
    Del Stanley 10 days ago

    They don't want their lots to become a wide spread Slab City, CA. It all started with good intentions, but before long a good thing became a bad thing as the masses came. No one owned any of the property, yet many seemed to think they had "squatters" rights. It became like old mining towns and camps. Walmart just doesn't want their for profit property to become a permanent human depository for skid row bums as word gets around that they offer a "safe heaven." You can have your cake and eat it too, but cake left out too long sometimes brings ants, flies, and maggots!

    I really misread a lot of the RVers. I thought much of the Walmart camplife as it exists now in some places is exactly what they were trying to get away from in the cities! One may need an RV just to get away from RVers!

  • Jeff Hess
    Jeff Hess 11 days ago

    Walmart has now become a "Ghetto Store" in so many many ways, as for me & my family we absolutely refuse to shop their anymore!!!!

  • Greg Schwab
    Greg Schwab 12 days ago

    First time visitor to your site. Subscribed and looking forward to following your postings.

  • Sally Savage
    Sally Savage 13 days ago

    Ugh. I just can't get over the rudeness of some people! Robin, I'd suggest you make another "Stealth" video, EXCEPT that the people that really need to be watching it, aren't! Manners, kindness, consideration, patience, etc. are attributes that need a SERIOUS COMEBACK!

  • redline
    redline 13 days ago

    Get a job ho

  • Joyce H Anderson & Friends

    Is this true? Have Ya'll seen this video that's on
    the web that concludes that in the near future that Wal-Mart will do
    away with allowing overnight parking for travelers? This says that
    they announced publicly in October that they have already begun using
    some of their store's parking areas for other things and plan this for
    all their stores. I checked with snopes to see if this was a hoax and
    didn't see it listed.
    Wal-Mart's overnight parking allowances have saved many a traveler lots of money when traveling between boondocking or stealth camping locations.

  • Linda
    Linda 13 days ago

    Excellent info, thank you

  • Snowy23
    Snowy23 14 days ago

    Robin have you ever stayed at County Parks? I would imagine they're safe to stay overnight. There is usually numerous county parks all over states

  • Tony Karim
    Tony Karim 14 days ago

    Cool Lady ))

  • dcijams M. BRADY
    dcijams M. BRADY 14 days ago

    They’re not just turning RVs away they’re turning tractor trailers away. I’m an over the road trucker in Walmart is actually one of our accounts. Months earlier we were just call the management and they was that short ahead and stick your truck in the back. Now because of local rules and regulations that have changed. Even though play say they allow campers and trucks to park in a parking lot it’s the cities and counties that have change the ordinances that don’t allow you to park there any More. Walmart used to be the safe haven for drivers that were out of drive time on our clocks. And of course you know it’s not just parking they would go in and buy their groceries and stocked her trucks to share their patronizing. A lot of the times I will leave my trailer at the yard and bobtail in. One not congesting the parking lot and only take it up to spots. I think the biggest issue that I actually started this and with the change of ordinance was people were living in the parking lot for months. I guess their communities saw it turning into tent city. Now I try to look for alternative places to park at Knight. Sneaking into Walmart that’s a 24 hour. Parking by the loading docks and stocking up my truck with food, then leaving

  • Kelly Rexrode
    Kelly Rexrode 14 days ago

    Yeah dumbasses have ruined that just like they ruin everything by taking advantage.

  • Fun Collector
    Fun Collector 14 days ago

    It caused alot of crimes in Wal-Mart parking lot, look up Wal-Mart parking lot shooting in Cottonwood, Arizona. TO see what really happened.

  • Ken Corey
    Ken Corey 15 days ago

    Soooooo you couldn't just move your camper so you wouldn't be so close to the noisey neighbor? ?? But I guess it's easier to just sit there and bitch LMAO

  • Acme Racing
    Acme Racing 15 days ago

    I spent Friday night at a Walmart in Maine and I made sure to send a thank you to the Walmart corporate email address. (I was quiet, I stayed out of the way, and I bought stuff.)

  • Russ Eastburn
    Russ Eastburn 15 days ago

    I always make a purchase.Then with that purchase in cart of handicap scooter and wearing my disabled vietnam vet ball cap ... I roll up to customer service or a greeter and ask to see the manager.When manager comes up very politely I ask where in Parking lot may I ,park my RV and then say what time do you want me out 8 or 9am? If I want to stay longer I will ask like this " If I police your parking lot boundaries and pick up any trash ." May I park for the next 5 nights? I will move my RV each day to different spot if you like?. Whenever I have done this I've always been told sure but please make a small purchase each day you staay.You dont need to move ,just don't put out lawn chairs ,extend your slides er run your generator after midnight, We stay at a Walmart South of San Antonio visiting my son for as long as a month.I was even aloud to put out awnings and room extension. We stay there 3 times a year. When manager found out I was a Vietnam Disabled Vet and son was a Texas State Trooper who would stop and visit me when his shift was done at 1am. He was happy to let me park. He said car break ins literary stopped when I was there and female employees felt safer going to their cars at night... They now even let me put my screen room that attaches to my main awning. The dogs can now be outside during day. Managers toldusthelot always look neater when we come to town.

  • 4thegloryofthelord
    4thegloryofthelord 15 days ago

    Great informational video.

  • Adventures In Metal Detecting

    We are full time RV dwellers, but since we're both still working we only get to travel 3 days a week unless we take some PTO. Loved the video and sub'ed, and will get caught up on your videos. Thank you for your "put it in the trash" comment... I AM the guy who gets to clean up the messes. You might add though, that those trash cans aren't for you to put your weeks worth of trash bags in. Hope to see you out there, if you get over towards Panama City Beach maybe you'll get to bump into us...

  • Water Walker
    Water Walker 15 days ago

    Because there are local private campgrounds trying to scratch out a living you cheap fucktards.

  • Topspeed350
    Topspeed350 16 days ago

    It’s not an RV park, quit being so cheap!!!

  • D. Colbert
    D. Colbert 16 days ago

    This mall move by Walmart is both necessary and a great thing! About time! Also good move to cease RV parking. Elderly citizens have long been getting sick form the stench of some RVs drifting through the parking lots including my 81 yr. Old Hypersensitive Mother who can smell the slightest whiff of anything!! Quite a few elderly and small kids have become sickly from the odor as well. But everyone seemed unwilling to speak to the primarily White-ethnicity RV owners and ask them to take their vehicles to truck wash facilities or hose them down with Clorox Water twice daily. So I say "GREAT, about time"! Mother just stated, "Sad, I like RVs but Hooray us seniors won't get sick at Walmart now and we can once again shop at Walmart worry-free."

  • SWIFT95330
    SWIFT95330 16 days ago

    Super job. Thank you.

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black 16 days ago

    It's very, very, surprising that of the few hundred comments that I've read concerning homelessness here, there was *not one* mention of one of the reasons (perhaps the current largest single reason) that so many people are homeless and living in cars / RVs / SUVs today: DRUG ABUSE (that includes alcohol, a very popular and legal drug) that has caused people to lose their jobs and their homes.
    This insight was given me by my ex-wife who worked as a paramedic for about a dozen years; she told me that the vast majority of homeless that she dealt with were homeless *not* because of bad luck or a bad economy, but because of *substance abuse* (commonly alcoholics, but opioid abusers probably are greater in number now). She also taught me to NEVER give panhandlers cash, because they will only use it to buy drugs / alcohol (this is very true; however, I will always give someone food who asks, but no money, ever).
    THIS IS THE MAIN REASON so many cities and stores are passing the no-overnight stays, and I can't blame them. Expect this problem and the myriad problems that it causes to worsen further.

  • Madden Master
    Madden Master 16 days ago

    O get real..Wal-mart makes tons of money..If any thing they should opening up vacant lots near them ..maybe throwing in some gravel and letting more RV,vans,cars,trucks homeless tents stay as long as possible.Let`s be kind to all humans..not just the plp that live in houses and have money..Do not forget lots of wally customers are poor on food stamps . even the wall employees that work there.. The store in town to get your cheap breaking made in china junk The store that put millions of small business out and millions of plp lost retail jobs ..along with manufacturing jobs which wally took to over sea JUNK makers.. Wake up America ..millions of plp are living on wheels and ever town needs large open spaces for Human to park and live in..Hey lets throw out some chemical toilets and dumpers why we are at it... YES the tax payers are going to have to pay for it..quit breeding humans .... Overpopulation has cause thousand of different species to go extinct they will never come back ..thousands of kinds of plants and animals .because Man has push them out..destroy the land they lived in..Man needed the land ,Man populated the air,water and oceans are a mess . Populations of man ,there houses,companies,roads and more have spread out and still are..endanger and already danger..kill out.. So U want to raise and love children ..ADOPT them..Large loving family of adopted children..with EYES open to save this small planet.. In the next 24 hours over 17,000 humans mostly children will die from over population.Ever news paper should have a full page ad. with pictures of beautiful adoptable child from all over the world .and 800 numbers where u can go to adopt. The awareness of overpopulation & solutions can not be ignored .As human have done with climate change =as terrible weather storms and raising oceans - are &will be killing humans in the million

  • Wildhog32
    Wildhog32 17 days ago +1

    Yeah, I'm sorry to say but there are some inconsiderate fools out there that just plain have no respect for others and abuse their privileges and ruin it for the rest of us. I don't blame Walmart if I owned property and allowed free use of it for overnight camping and they trashed it or abused it, I would have to shut it down also.

  • Amjad Hussain
    Amjad Hussain 17 days ago

    Will b suggestion to Walmart ceo to charge $25/ night.

  • william Paxton
    william Paxton 17 days ago +1

    Just got home from a 31 day trip from Illinois to Maine (11 states ) and back . We stayed in a lot of Wal Marts, Cracker Barrels, even a Lowes. We called ahead and asked if they allowed RV over night parking, only told no two times at WM. We parked where they told us too and only stayed one night. we bought supplies at every WM and a meal at the CB;s. Last thing we did as we were leaving the lot was to put our trash into one of their trash containers.

  • Jimbodaddy74
    Jimbodaddy74 17 days ago

    Damn dirty piss jugs!

  • Mark W
    Mark W 17 days ago

    Another Key reason (besides long stays ) is Motel etc owners,..... If they allow RV parking in their towns, they feel they loose renters. (ps...Stealth,,,,, Some (many) cities, have signs posted WAY OUT AT THE CITY LINE, example: No parking on any street, 2am to 7am . city I USED to live in, 2 cars single drive, at times, My wife would move my car into the road, 6:50am I would leave by 6:55 for 7am work,.... and New or temp cops would Ticket us, for the 10 minutes before legal parking time. They would come around at these times on purpose.... KNOWING We did not park all night.

  • Barry Rosen
    Barry Rosen 17 days ago +1


  • Mark W
    Mark W 17 days ago +1

    1st. The guy peeing, it was NOT an RV, it was a Work truck....(yes, SAD I have seen worse.....) 2nd. Some areas with No overnight parking, when asked, they will (May) tell you, go ahead, the City makes us post it, Yet,,,,,,,, we do NOT enforce it. PS THANKS for the wisdom.)

  • rottvang
    rottvang 17 days ago

    I hope they do. I can't stand people asking me for money in parking lots. It's usually these people camping out.

  • Jim Young
    Jim Young 17 days ago +1

    Your neighbors showed that common sense and common courtesy are not so common. Always take your neighbor into consideration. Thanks for the video.

  • Sean Rolyat
    Sean Rolyat 18 days ago

    Walmart is the biggest shit magnet in the country.

  • Plan D
    Plan D 18 days ago

    You are a hero lady! and very pretty!

  • J Chors
    J Chors 18 days ago +1

    I was gonna upgrade my old class C to something newer, but I'm leaning towards building an expeditionary rig instead. That way I can boondock FAR away from the concrete jungle, the "No" signs, and problem people. Just me, my dog, and a smokewaggon or three.

  • Zz Greg
    Zz Greg 18 days ago +1

    The question becomes; are nomads with a stealth vehicle less prone to detection and problems. I'm converting a small box truck (22 feet bumper to bumper)designed for in-town deliveries. Much like an all white Fed-Ex truck. The only tell will be roof vent fan. No windows, no solar. Regardless of city ordinances how will anyone know if that truck parked in a plaza with a Planet Fitness or Anytime Fitness at 3AM is a patron or associated with a business - or if someone is snoozing inside. Didn't want a pick-up with a slide on camper or RV since they attract attention.

  • Terrie Martinez
    Terrie Martinez 18 days ago

    Thank you so much for the tips. My kitty and I have been vehicle nomads for years.

  • Lorea Bonaparte
    Lorea Bonaparte 19 days ago

    Thanks for sharing excellent information!!!😍

  • Ochu Lord of the Forest
    Ochu Lord of the Forest 20 days ago +1

    The one up here is pretty chill about it until someone dumps trash or drugs in the parking lot. Then there's a couple days or "no, gtfo" but for the most part showing up after dark and leaving before 7am seems to be fine. May not be like that for all of them, but it's probably worth trying. Worst case, you get asked to leave.

  • Prop City
    Prop City 20 days ago

    I stay at walmarts no matter if a sign is up or not. Have yet to be molested by anyone. In late out early run the generator all night with bedroom slide out in the fifth wheel. Thanks Walmart! You get my money because of the $5 a night (gas bill) camping. Honestly it's about the only option sometimes though. I typically do rest areas (our rig is super insulated so even a diesel outside the bedroom is reduced to a dull hum). Was just travelling through the path of hurricane michael and rest areas for almost 200mi were closed and I had to sleep. Walmart with no overnight parking signs was just fine. Cops had bigger problems to deal with.

  • How To Excel At Excel.Com

    this is a great series so informative and concise. thanks

  • Bia J
    Bia J 22 days ago

    Thank you for all your helpful videos! I'm considering RV living in the next few years and your videos are taking the fright factor out of it. You are an inspiration!

  • David Dean
    David Dean 22 days ago +1

    Incidentally, little known fact: Sam and Bud Walton started the whole “camping in the parking lot” trend years ago when they expanded nationwide as...wait for it...Walmart! Why pay for a hotel room? Store's open 24/7. Used to drive store to store for meetings and whatnot, as I understand it, as an ex-employee. And, matters succinct, they hated flying, as do I!

  • Janice Madsen
    Janice Madsen 22 days ago +1

    Good neighbor WALMART!!

  • Holistic-Healing UK
    Holistic-Healing UK 22 days ago

    Some people are animals. Actually, that's an insult to animals

  • cliff mandelt
    cliff mandelt 23 days ago

    That's Racists win you said no truck drivers why you and not us.

  • Bill Skaggs
    Bill Skaggs 23 days ago

    We RV park at Walmart every year In July when it is hot and run the generator all night for the Air Conditioner. I have never been asked to leave.

  • Richard Bennett
    Richard Bennett 23 days ago

    Good Information ! Thanks for this …

  • Gea J
    Gea J 23 days ago

    looks like he was peeing against a truck gross though

  • Maureen Kennedy
    Maureen Kennedy 23 days ago

    An old friend of ours (literally, and quite truthfully) just got murdered 2 weeks ago in a Walmart parking lot in Florida. He was sitting in his car (in a higher end suburban neighborhood known for being a very safe) around midnight. Unless you are stopping in a place like Marquette, Michigan that isn't heavily populated and the crime rates are really low - in my book, it should be an absolute last resort for the RV'er - even if they do allow the overnight camping in the lot. My husband and I will never do it again unless we absolutely have to.

  • jesbsnrn
    jesbsnrn 23 days ago


  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 24 days ago

    When I stop at a fast food place, i buy something there and put the bag on the dash so they know I'm a customer.

  • J Talk
    J Talk 25 days ago

    I stay away from Walmart parking lots, they are scary. they seem to be getting worse. the homeless generally live like animals. they could care less. one Walmart parking lot in particular seems to have become a homeless camp. What made it worse was a McDonald's in the same parking lot. when you go in the McDonald's routinely there are a dozen drug crazy smelly homeless people.

  • J Talk
    J Talk 25 days ago

    I stay

  • Morningflower J.
    Morningflower J. 25 days ago


  • Mark Wandrey
    Mark Wandrey 25 days ago

    Truckers are notorious for 'pee bombs', as we called them.

  • sageqwill
    sageqwill 25 days ago

    Because a butt head took a shower outside in a walmart parking lot

  • Thor Matt
    Thor Matt 25 days ago

    Leave to people to ruin everything.

  • issaan jimmy
    issaan jimmy 25 days ago +1

    I used to love this, because i could load up the RV with food, get supplies etc.... People just ruin it.

  • William Walters
    William Walters 27 days ago +1

    Truck stops are good too

  • William Walters
    William Walters 27 days ago +1

    Been to that walmart

  • joenissan
    joenissan 27 days ago

    If you’re traveling, why not use a rest stop on the highways?

  • Vazcular
    Vazcular 28 days ago

    Just buy something and they can't make you leave.

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 28 days ago

    why would u piss in the parking lot tho... there's a bathroom inside and the place is open 24/7

  • Louise Kelly
    Louise Kelly 28 days ago

    Awesome as usual Robin!! I love that you do your homework and pass on your wealth of knowledge on to us. Great job :)

  • RogerC68
    RogerC68 28 days ago

    Great episode! Never had to stay, yet, at a Walmart so this is great information to have. Thanks!

  • ahome theaterguy
    ahome theaterguy 28 days ago

    They wheel mocked me, one night. Cost $200 to unclock.

  • J K
    J K 29 days ago

    I'm a bit of a night owl, and I try to get everything done as early as possible, including shopping, because I detest crowds. Our local Walmart used to be a 24 hour Walmart and I used to go there at 3 or 4 in the morning, but they made the switch to opening at 6 am. So, I was there at 4:30 am, eating breakfast from Jack in the Box (which has 24 hour drive thru window) in my van in the parking lot, and a cop showed up and tapped on my window. I was courteous and respectful, and told him I was just eating breakfast from Jack in the Box, showed him the receipt (he didn't care) and that I was waiting for Walmart to open. He still told me to immediately leave the parking lot. I did, and then came back at 6 am. I asked employees about it, and they said they did not call the cops on me. That was just all that one cop's choice to come and harass me and tell me to leave. So, in that case, Walmart didn't care about me being parked there, but the local police cared about it. Also, he asked for my driver's license, registration, insurance card, and asked a bunch of questions like where was I coming from, where had I been just prior to the incident, what was I planning on doing, etc.

  • Aeijm Eiiknrst Amor
    Aeijm Eiiknrst Amor 29 days ago

    Ugh always gotta be some nasty slobs ruining good things for everyone.

  • Cory Church
    Cory Church 29 days ago +1

    Sorry to hear about the local municipality factor...but changing circumstances have led to that!! I park in Walmart lots in TX, OK, & MO in my little Saturn as I've driven from New Mexico to Indiana without staying in a hotel. You've probably noticed that 24 hr Walmarts are also disappearing fast.

  • Gerald Bennett
    Gerald Bennett 29 days ago

    squatters and moochers and cheapskates

  • paul arnold
    paul arnold 29 days ago +1

    People ruined it for WalMart overnight parking. i was living in my van for awhile several years ago and I would watch these boogers drive in and put out
    their spread. Lawn chairs, laundry, tool boxes, tables with food, etc. They used WalMart as a campground, and stayed several days. I made a rule of
    never parking at the same place twice, and never put anything outside the truck. I am amazed WalMart let it go on as long as they did.

  • Jay H
    Jay H 29 days ago

    Many Registered Sex Offenders are using any local Walmart as their addresses. In Michigan you can use that address as your permanent address through the Secretary of State.

  • I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends

    The kinds of people who leave bottles of urine in a Walmart parking lot are probably not going to be watching these videos.

  • Teresa Stolba
    Teresa Stolba Month ago

    Your info is excellent keep up the good work!!

  • Falcon Trek
    Falcon Trek Month ago

    I bet they accept your money for stuff. They wouldn’t get mine.

  • stop the hate
    stop the hate Month ago

    Um in the beginning of the video you're complaining about your noisy neighbors. Was your RV broke down that you couldn't move it?

    • stop the hate
      stop the hate 13 days ago +1

      +Creativity RV wow okay you have every right to complain about those buttholes. That I can say is ridiculous. Hopefully that doesn't happen to you anymore

    • Creativity RV
      Creativity RV  13 days ago

      I had already parked in the farthest corner. I was hoping he would turn it off at some point! Btw, it was running clearly for AC (you can tell by the windows) even though it was 60 at night, and they parked so their lights (which they kept on for an hour) were pointing into my RV, AND, I wish I had put this in the vid, they left oil stains on the ground that Walmart out orange cones around after. I'm not the generator police-- it was just like when you go to an empty movie theater and a guy comes and sits right next to you. Then faces you, talks all night, and leavs a stain. If I moved I would have been closer to road and groups of RVs.

  • Meme Bear
    Meme Bear Month ago

    trinidad is a very dangerous place be careful if you camp there especialy if you go into town. also rv ers who have been making videos on walmart parking are have ruined it for everyone in the past campers just parked spent the night and left it was ket quite now everyone is making videos its no longer on the down low so to speak and all attention seeking videographers have once again managed to ruin a freedom just like in the future rving itself will take a hit do to attention seeking rvers

  • James Davis
    James Davis Month ago

    walmart in riverview florida is like prison camp with vagrants and criminals in the lot. its dangerous just going to the front door from the car is risking your life. why would you camp in a walmart and expect anything different

  • andy10515
    andy10515 Month ago

    LOL this is America, you call this freedom, can you see you are not paying taxes their not making any money this is what it is all about no pay no parking go away.

  • Fred dog
    Fred dog Month ago

    stupid little music

  • tdman77
    tdman77 Month ago +1

    You can thank the burning man a$$holes for runing it for everyone else. Every year they come to reno and trash the city.

  • cha mcIntyre
    cha mcIntyre Month ago

    no fuckin money takin in

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    So everybody should be just like you and follow all YOUR rules to stay at a Walmart. Thanks for the info.

  • Allan Byrne
    Allan Byrne Month ago

    It seems to be a problem in the US, not in Europe as far as I have seen.