Love Island star: 'I had so much anxiety' - BBC News

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • It’s been a controversial year for Love Island - but the UK’s most popular reality show is returning with new duty of care processes in place to protect its contributors.
    It follows the deaths of two former cast members - which led to others from the show criticising its psychological support and aftercare.
    Ahead of the new series, Victoria Derbyshire programme has been spending time with former Love Island contestant Samira Mighty.
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  • xofficialholliemay musicx

    There's more to life than your followers.. -.-


    You can get cancer watching this

  • JLew
    JLew 4 months ago +1

    If can’t mentally handle fame then don’t apply for the show . You take responsibility for your choices . But it’s sad what Happened to the people that lost their lives .

  • vanessa amber
    vanessa amber 4 months ago +2

    'Dark skin' b please, she does not see herself as a black women. Halli Berry does more that she does. She thinks if she associates herself with Black concerns it will hinder her in her career. Well she can drop me right out with her ish, I'm not one for White approval. I'm all for diversity but I put my black women needs and concerns above all because at the end of the day we are the last on anyone elses.

    • Sacha MSP
      Sacha MSP 3 months ago

      vanessa amber omg you’re STILL on it with the victim shit stfu

    • vanessa amber
      vanessa amber 4 months ago

      @Sacha MSP I was originally commenting on how she responded to the question. Nothing to do with what a White person said. I guess you'd like black women to know their place and not speak up on any issues any of us feel something towards.

    • Sacha MSP
      Sacha MSP 4 months ago

      vanessa amber It’s not an assumption though, it’s more of a fact.. Every youtube video or instagram post I go onto i see a triggered black woman complaing about something a white person did, it’s annoying

    • vanessa amber
      vanessa amber 4 months ago

      @Sacha MSP first of all there is nothing ' typical' about me and that would mean you assume to know the norms and values of all black women you have encountered. If I put my needs first how am I a victim? Just because I don't seek White approval? When you make sure a wide assumption about many black women you just look like an arse.

    • Sacha MSP
      Sacha MSP 4 months ago

      vanessa amber ‘We are the last on anyone else’s’ , typical black woman always seeing herself as the victim of everything and thinking everyone is out to get her.. get over yourself

  • Aaliyah Patel
    Aaliyah Patel 4 months ago

    song name at the start?

  • roff1 opiola
    roff1 opiola 4 months ago

    "Smaira wanted women particularly black women" to get checked for beast cancer - so shes less bothered about white women being checked. Wow.

  • Jeggminder
    Jeggminder 4 months ago +33

    Plus-sized? Anna isn’t plus-sized.

  • James Wheeldon
    James Wheeldon 4 months ago

    @2.28 Encourage women to check their breasts for lumps... Excellent way to use influencer status to benefit society.
    'Encourage women.. especially black women' ... sorry what?

  • farsensor operant
    farsensor operant 4 months ago +1

    Yuk, narcissists!

  • Master Samuels
    Master Samuels 4 months ago +1

    Oh my gosh this diversity nonsense is so annoying

  • Master Samuels
    Master Samuels 4 months ago +10

    Just talentless people looking for fame when love islands finish there relationships are all done😂🤔

    • LD Phoenix
      LD Phoenix 3 months ago

      Jess and dom are together and are having a baby

    • Ant rip
      Ant rip 4 months ago

      Master Samuels lol she was in a couple popular locked and she’s a a dancer/performer and singer

    • Master Samuels
      Master Samuels 4 months ago

      curleyshirley really what are they then

    • curleyshirley
      curleyshirley 4 months ago

      Master Samuels pffft samira has many talents so please do not say that

  • Taminagee _
    Taminagee _ 4 months ago +2

    This is actually so rediculous now I know why these people are like it’s their job, but more people who are falling for this shit. People are feeling so insecure because of this it’s rediculous. This life is just so unrealistic like seriously?!!

  • polar bond
    polar bond 4 months ago +7

    you choose to go on a reality knowing the instant fame you receive therefore you reap the consequences.

  • BaitRunner666
    BaitRunner666 4 months ago

    How come there are No super massive Lard Arse females?

  • Hyper Thorpe
    Hyper Thorpe 4 months ago

    The actors are only doing this for money

  • James C
    James C 4 months ago +9

    Not everything is LGBTQ, get over it BBC

  • James C
    James C 4 months ago +2

    BBC slagging off this show because its Straight NOT LGBTQXYZ

    • o
      o 4 months ago


  • idziokracja !
    idziokracja ! 4 months ago


  • Blazed and Confused
    Blazed and Confused 4 months ago +11

    You probably drink too much and are on social media too frequently.

  • seano8484NPC2222
    seano8484NPC2222 4 months ago

    Promoting this degenerate shit as “entertainment “ is the problem to begin with

  • Karl Liebknecht
    Karl Liebknecht 4 months ago +2

    I find it so much more honourable to just be an escort or a porn performer.

  • Rahul
    Rahul 4 months ago

    Who gives a fuck!!!
    Why is this news?

  • Mike Btrfld
    Mike Btrfld 4 months ago +4

    Hairless men... creepy

  • John Wick
    John Wick 4 months ago +1

    Shoot, if you're hot it doesn't matter you're fine. If you're ugly unless you've got charisma you're sunk.

  • WhyOWhy
    WhyOWhy 4 months ago +2

    Yet you got instagram

  • Stuart Crossland
    Stuart Crossland 4 months ago +2

    Is the BBC promoting the air-heads favourite programme ? Have a good ogle at their bodies.

  • Stuart Crossland
    Stuart Crossland 4 months ago

    Ian R Crane is well worth listening to,

  • Needful things
    Needful things 4 months ago +1

    This is news is it ?

  • inzinghy
    inzinghy 4 months ago

    I FAKED going on LOVE ISLAND for a WEEK and THIS is what happened (Documentary)

  • Izzie Benjamin
    Izzie Benjamin 4 months ago +7

    I watched love island as a joke but I actually really liked Samira, a lot more than the others.

  • Miss Man
    Miss Man 4 months ago +2

    Its simple, if you don't want the profile just delete twitter and Instagram as soon as you leave the villa, if not put up or shut up.

  • Ella
    Ella 4 months ago +2

    Okay but Samira is BEAUTIFUL 💕 it must be hard going through a breakup in the public eye especially if they cheated

    • Thomas
      Thomas 4 months ago

      Dumb as fuck

  • Grey
    Grey 4 months ago +11

    School gave me anxiety

    • Mod 66
      Mod 66 4 months ago

      I see why because you can't write a sentence properly

  • minzy421
    minzy421 4 months ago +7

    Programmes like this are the reason why our youngsters are starting to get mental health issues. This programme needs to be removed like how jeremy kyle show was removed too

  • Lee Lewis
    Lee Lewis 4 months ago

    Nice legs. Shame about the face

  • Awesome Avenger
    Awesome Avenger 4 months ago +4

    Vacuous awful people

  • Anders
    Anders 4 months ago +31

    This is why the human race isn't going to evolve any further. We're trying to hard to protect idiots from themselves. It's no one's duty to look after consenting adults

    • GI-BIL I-T
      GI-BIL I-T 4 months ago +3

      If you are just going to look at this type of people of course you will be disappointed, look for the positives instead

  • Matt Latham
    Matt Latham 4 months ago +10

    Anxiety? I'm pretty sure I hadn't even heard of anxiety when I was her age. It's people's lifestyles and social media that is causing most cases.

  • Sexy Chocolate Robbie
    Sexy Chocolate Robbie 4 months ago +1

    I wanna kill Samira

  • Shart Fin Soup
    Shart Fin Soup 4 months ago +1


  • RR Extra
    RR Extra 4 months ago +2

    actors pushing the mental health agenda

  • padard
    padard 4 months ago +2

    BBC promoting thots? lmao

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 4 months ago +3

    Free Assange

    COCHESE THE MAGNIFICENT 4 months ago +10

    Love Island is so shit.
    Edit: 10 likes i'm on a role.

    • Awesome Avenger
      Awesome Avenger 4 months ago

      I watched an episode once. Absolutely nothing happened.

  • Here’s The Thing
    Here’s The Thing 4 months ago +18

    Influencer...that’s a job?

    • Here’s The Thing
      Here’s The Thing 4 months ago

      Faith Kanu sure we can judge 👩‍⚖️,they falsely make bad things look good.

    • Faith Kanu
      Faith Kanu 4 months ago +2

      Yes and i mean we cannot judge when they are literally making hundreds of thousands🤣

    • T
      T 4 months ago

      Kevin Johnson Yes it is a job, you could compare it to being a model/ content creator

    • Jaimelee
      Jaimelee 4 months ago +1

      They get money but I wouldn’t class as it as a job

    • Jo36cl
      Jo36cl 4 months ago +1

      Kevin Johnson i guess its like working in advitisment.

  • จ่านา เนกนกนนกนกนกน

    Is she beautiful? I don't see any beauty in her. Only boobs that can show off.

    • Elim A
      Elim A 4 months ago +2

      Everyone is beautiful, and this is the vocal reason why people initially get anxiety, depression and worst case scenario, suicide

    • R D
      R D 4 months ago +2

      จ่านา เนกนกนนกนกนกน she acc is

    • ActingHerReaction
      ActingHerReaction 4 months ago +11

      And here is the reason why these ppl have mental health issues. Post your picture and dare to be judged. Or maybe....just be nicer?

  • Freddy Fartknocker
    Freddy Fartknocker 4 months ago +65

    The only love these people will ever know is the overwhelming love they have for themselves.

    • Jaimelee
      Jaimelee 4 months ago +1

      jasee gee they can’t axe love island as the people killed them selves abit after. So it couldn’t be linked to love island

    • jasee gee
      jasee gee 4 months ago

      Perhaps the show should be axed then same as the Jeremy Kyle show!!!

    • Rachel Lewsey
      Rachel Lewsey 4 months ago +1

      So the 2 that killed themselves loved themselves as well did they?

    TVR TVR 4 months ago +59

    Dont go on a degenerate show then.

    • o
      o 4 months ago

      @Ross fuck the word "bare"

    • Ross
      Ross 4 months ago +2

      Get bare clout though don’t you

  • AWResistance
    AWResistance 4 months ago

    "When she left, she had a million."
    Just proves how retarded people have become.

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Khanh Nguyen 4 months ago +39

    Joining the show then say you dont want to be an influence??? The hell??

    • kmden Rt
      kmden Rt 4 months ago +1

      She only said that because she was humiliated on the show

  • You Tuber
    You Tuber 4 months ago

    BBC=Bad Bullshit Crap

  • geekphreak
    geekphreak 4 months ago

    I’d love to fly these woman here to Miami. Beauties like these shouldn’t be hidden up over there

  • Riccy M
    Riccy M 4 months ago +16

    Has no one in the comments heard about Mike Thalassitis who killed himself after being on Love Island because he couldn't cope with life after it. Read up on it, many news media are trying to raise awareness to the mental disorders contestants get after being on reality tv shows.

    • AWResistance
      AWResistance 4 months ago +2

      You seriously think they give a shit? It's all about money mate.

  • Richard W
    Richard W 4 months ago

    I don't have a TV , thank fuck.
    Reality TV is lazy production; it taps into the voyeuristic side of human nature and adds nothing to society except narcissism and anxiety.

  • alfababy
    alfababy 4 months ago

    This is one fucked up shallow crazy world.

  • Dugi Lee
    Dugi Lee 4 months ago

    I am anxiety fuck off,

  • Patrick B
    Patrick B 4 months ago +37

    This is not news. BBC where is your credibility?

    • RR Extra
      RR Extra 4 months ago

      @Alisha K Come to my channel and argue your case in the comments section. You are welcome anytime.

    • Alisha K
      Alisha K 4 months ago +1

      it’s a news report about mental health of influencers and reality tv stars, two people have killed themselves who have been on love island, suicides are important

    • RR Extra
      RR Extra 4 months ago

      Patrick Burwash what credibility?

    • Ms Parasol
      Ms Parasol 4 months ago +1

      @TVR TVR Maybe you know; don't click on it and block them or something. And watch Christian news.

    • Ms Parasol
      Ms Parasol 4 months ago +3

      What is news to you? Have you ever watch the news or grabbed a news paper? Do you think news is only about politics and tragedy?

    JAMES WHITELEY 4 months ago +14

    Is there anyone today who doesn’t have anxiety or some kind of mental health issue?

    • Amaya Lawrence
      Amaya Lawrence 4 months ago +1

      JAMES WHITELEY young people have mental health issues because they want to be someone else other than themselves that’s what it’s all down to.

  • Miele Rodriguez
    Miele Rodriguez 4 months ago +87

    WTF is love island. Dump your TVs and get a life. Might possibly help with anxiety as well.

    • callum hardy
      callum hardy 4 months ago

      Miele Rodriguez
      Hear hear.

    • SausageRoll 59p
      SausageRoll 59p 4 months ago

      @Riccy M its only popular to 12 year old girls and single mothers

  • Bryce Cheng
    Bryce Cheng 4 months ago +3

    I like to BBC because it promotes the BBC and I enjoy watching the BBC videos.

    • Riccy M
      Riccy M 4 months ago +1

      Love Island is an ITV show, not on BBC.