Making a Firework Rocket Launcher


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  • Logan Cross
    Logan Cross Day ago

    Well done you’re so clever congratulations you’re the best yeah but I am want to fall in love with you

  • DaddaHadi داداهادي

    Everything is easy for him... 😲😲

  • tomo harris
    tomo harris 3 days ago

    the FL is here FL means firework launcher or the FFLOMG witch is the F##king Firework Launcher Oh My God

  • Gabriel Isaias
    Gabriel Isaias 3 days ago

    Is that a real rpg

    DATING HARLEY QUINN 4 days ago

    THAT switch pull through was genius.......!

  • Jared Sheehan
    Jared Sheehan 6 days ago

    I clicked and it didn’t work

    • caitlin
      caitlin Day ago

      on the up right corner press the white circle with the i in the middle and there is the vid at the top

  • Nawaz Awan awan
    Nawaz Awan awan 7 days ago

    He is real life Tony Stark from iron Man movies 😂😂

  • Sam J
    Sam J 8 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Just Mango
    Just Mango 10 days ago

    I am not surprised that he got an actual rocket launcher

  • Lil Schkrub
    Lil Schkrub 15 days ago

    When someone tries to rob your store

  • 200% ORA
    200% ORA 16 days ago +1

    The game might've been TF2 or GTA

    • 200% ORA
      200% ORA 14 days ago

      +ThisIsSpyCrab So yeah Definitely not, since fireworks don't have a blast radius just an explosion radius

    • ThisIsSpyCrab So yeah
      ThisIsSpyCrab So yeah 14 days ago

      200% ORA wonder if you can rocket jump with it

  • sdg900 pro
    sdg900 pro 20 days ago


  • jack 48927
    jack 48927 21 day ago +1

    How did you get that

  • DaOfficalJordonBratcher

    You sound like lazarbeam

  • Mohammad Yousaf
    Mohammad Yousaf 25 days ago

    You are macking incredibly amazing vedeos

  • Bravo Mike Prophet
    Bravo Mike Prophet 28 days ago

    Should have given it a longer barrel

  • FriedFrudda
    FriedFrudda 29 days ago

    Can you legally own an RPG? Like also buy RPG rockets?

  • Ahri Tomić
    Ahri Tomić 29 days ago

    uhm, i built a thing like that when i was younger, the rocket should go much further in, the end should have a cap with a hole that allows for a rocket stick to go out of it and you should fit a ring inside that will restrict the depth to which the rocket can go so it doesnt go all the way to the endcap(drill 2 opposing holes and screw the ring in since you wont have much access to weld it in), leaving you with a 10 cm of space through where the rocket fuel supply will be able to go, but not the firework container(the rocket body)... there on the outside of those 10cm you should drill a hole for an ignition torch... that will result in quite a lot of pressure building up in the tube which will in turn launch the rocket much more violently but also straighter given the tube length through which the rocket will have to travel... the front end should then be fitted with a fire resistant plexiglass plate of 20x20 cm that you will drill to fit the launcher through, use a metal crown-saw for it... glue the plate in place 10 cm from the front end and scribe a scope style aiming sight on it from the side that faces you but do it near the outer end of the plate, then mark the scribe lines with a blood red cd-marker as to make the sight more visible, the plexi should be see through as to make the sight functional, but the plex aint there to be used as a sight, its there to ward off the fire that will be shot back at you when the rocket leaves the hole and blows back the internal pressurized flame and sparks.... the plex will carburize but that can be wiped off with an ass wipe that has some "nourishing oils" on it and then wiped with alcohol to remove the oils and the rest of the carbon that will get adsorbed into the oil... That will give you a precise neighbour piss-offer... I set ablaze my neighbors chicken coop with it and had it taken away by my parents back then but now that i wrote all this, i might actually go and make another one with tighter tolerances and a much better ignition system since then i used just a fireplace lighter that i fitted into the back-handle that was really a design mistake, but then it was much more precise than this one is and i was a kid... the front handle was sideways which was also cumbersome but looked cool...

  • neide Teixeira
    neide Teixeira 29 days ago

    Eu sou brasileiro que feio da joia para baixo

  • Plush fun and Play
    Plush fun and Play Month ago

    Why do U own A FREAKING RPG!

    BLACKAXEL 2 Month ago

    2 projocts the bunker and this have i missed something ?

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  • Ethan GGPP
    Ethan GGPP Month ago


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  • Коржик
    Коржик Month ago

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  • Adrian Huerta
    Adrian Huerta Month ago

    Hell yaaaaaa😈😈😎😎😎👂👂👀

  • Nouryan Prieto
    Nouryan Prieto Month ago

    Plss make an camera security system

  • Tinokap
    Tinokap Month ago

    cant click here on mobile

  • charlie crawford
    charlie crawford 2 months ago

    Robber: this is a nice house to rob
    Colinfurze: "gets rpg that shoots out fireworks"
    Robber: nope

  • RandomKid 1999
    RandomKid 1999 2 months ago

    You played GTA V it’s too obvious

  • wesley
    wesley 2 months ago


  • jian jason bergonio
    jian jason bergonio 2 months ago +1

    he will sell him rocket the cost is 1m like what you will waiting for like it

    MR DOI DOI 2 months ago

    If u are wanted and u are poor u only got the materials then an idea popped up

  • Dangerous Danger
    Dangerous Danger 2 months ago

    GTA 5

  • Jay Playz - ROBLOX & More!

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  • moncorp1 Inc
    moncorp1 Inc 2 months ago

    "Get to the choppa !!!" a catch phrase the world over

  • chase hanvold
    chase hanvold 2 months ago

    What a madlad... Cockin' Nora

  • - TheuZBlox -
    - TheuZBlox - 2 months ago

    R O C K E T. L A U C H E R

  • Brotastic Skwad
    Brotastic Skwad 2 months ago


  • billy bob
    billy bob 2 months ago

    Im getting anxiety looking at the bazooka and how close his power tools are getting to it

  • Billy Ingham
    Billy Ingham 2 months ago


  • Razzy 23
    Razzy 23 3 months ago

    He gots every tool! Cool

  • Qube Apple
    Qube Apple 3 months ago

    4th of July or New Years

  • Sammuel McCall
    Sammuel McCall 3 months ago

    Make a nuke

  • George Ure
    George Ure 3 months ago

    where the fuck did you find a fucking RPG 7 in England? xD

  • Morgan Gibson
    Morgan Gibson 3 months ago

    It had to be gta 5

  • GavSter1000
    GavSter1000 3 months ago

    Lol gta

  • Mustafa Mughal
    Mustafa Mughal 3 months ago

    colin i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Sharkzy
    Sharkzy 3 months ago

    where da fu did u get that rpj

  • 100 subs without a video

    I was expecting annoying FORTNITE kids

  • Randi Permana
    Randi Permana 4 months ago

    Jimmy Neutron is that you ? 😳

  • Trebuchet engineer
    Trebuchet engineer 4 months ago

    Is that am RPG prop or something? Where did you get it?

  • Ethan Joyce
    Ethan Joyce 4 months ago

    Get sum gubbinz, stik dem on ya shoota ta giv it more dakka and start krumpin dem umies

  • Mauro Salazar
    Mauro Salazar 4 months ago


  • Sub to Pewdiepie
    Sub to Pewdiepie 4 months ago

    Do you think you could make a simple version that uses smaller firework

  • kuba Skrobot
    kuba Skrobot 4 months ago


  • Reuben Shilling
    Reuben Shilling 4 months ago

    Since when did Chris Jericho become cockney

  • Austin S
    Austin S 4 months ago

    Your crazy.. Awesome though.

  • Eric Hennen
    Eric Hennen 4 months ago

    You´re the sickest, most fantastic, crazy dude I´ve ever seen! I LOVE THAT SHIT XD

  • Christopher Sewell
    Christopher Sewell 4 months ago

    U can have it

  • JackTalyorD
    JackTalyorD 4 months ago

    God help the uk if Colleen ever decides to declare jihard

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    gg hh 4 months ago

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  • no eхcυѕeѕ YT
    no eхcυѕeѕ YT 4 months ago

    Gta in real life 😂😂

  • Danish
    Danish 4 months ago

    I think this guy is the first one who create the first gun in the world

  • Rajjan Patel
    Rajjan Patel 4 months ago

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    • Rajjan Patel
      Rajjan Patel 4 months ago

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  • Golden Handcuffs
    Golden Handcuffs 4 months ago

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    JAKE MOORE 4 months ago

    Where is the final product in action you asshole

  • Tasya Destianti
    Tasya Destianti 4 months ago


  • IAN de FORNITE ceus142
    IAN de FORNITE ceus142 4 months ago

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  • Chris
    Chris 4 months ago

    *Fbi wants to know your location*

  • xd 123
    xd 123 4 months ago

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  • geovany Garcia
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  • Alejandro Alferez
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  • Tara James-Lang
    Tara James-Lang 5 months ago

    hes probably talking about gta 5

  • Clementine Puzle
    Clementine Puzle 5 months ago

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  • Cody Ramon
    Cody Ramon 5 months ago

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  • Baba Jani
    Baba Jani 5 months ago

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  • ali imaan
    ali imaan 5 months ago

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  • amir kaml
    amir kaml 5 months ago

    you blayed too much gta 5

  • Matthew Speed
    Matthew Speed 5 months ago

    3:46 the battery part cracked me up lol

  • Cass LimYT
    Cass LimYT 5 months ago

    It looks more like a flame thrower

  • Sudheer Aslam
    Sudheer Aslam 5 months ago

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  • Korbin Adams
    Korbin Adams 5 months ago


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  • hizkia fox boii
    hizkia fox boii 5 months ago

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  • Aliaa Rahem
    Aliaa Rahem 5 months ago


  • snipermantis84
    snipermantis84 5 months ago

    Sunset overdrive?

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  • Kainoa Rose
    Kainoa Rose 6 months ago

    He probably got it from gta5

  • МС Дробышев
    МС Дробышев 6 months ago

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