BTS Show Kevin Manno How to Take The Perfect Selfie | Full Interview

  • Published on May 23, 2017
  • K-Pop group, BTS stop by the MyFm Studio to show Kevin Manno how to take the best selfie, show off their fidget spinners and Rap monster raps one of his favorite verses.
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  • Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy

    What a stupid question "do you have girls like Nickie Minaj in South Korea" Damn

  • And Momo
    And Momo Day ago


  • And Momo
    And Momo Day ago

    interviewer:who is your coolest star sighting?
    hobi:ohh nicki minaj
    ok, ok lets pause there i fucking swore this is what the interviewer said:
    Interviewer:ohh yeah..she has good tits
    look at chimchims face when he said that😂

  • uwu jiminie
    uwu jiminie 2 days ago

    RM: HA!
    JIMIN: HA!

  • Yazzline Hawkins
    Yazzline Hawkins 3 days ago +1


  • simran kaur
    simran kaur 3 days ago

    California is so close to where I live omg

  • P3rfecta
    P3rfecta 4 days ago +1

    4:56 i love how jimin is so shy

  • Genci Victoria
    Genci Victoria 4 days ago

    We all know how fucking HANDSOME is our KOOKIE but did u all see how small he is near world WIDE HANDSOME and the president

  • Jed Carolino
    Jed Carolino 5 days ago

    They must be tired going around all day
    Theyre wearing the same clothes as yahoo interview

  • bts saha
    bts saha 5 days ago

    Jin... Is it necessary to look so much handsome???

  • Axiri Monsivais
    Axiri Monsivais 6 days ago

    how nice would it be to be so damn attractive & just take ONE selfie & it comes out great

  • kayla kaylie
    kayla kaylie 6 days ago

    *fangirls so much* I love you bts! Call me! Lol

  • Koko Davis
    Koko Davis 8 days ago

    JH easy to please ... I like Sprite 😂😂

  • Ankita Kar
    Ankita Kar 8 days ago

    Suga's perfect English👌

  • Amina Shah
    Amina Shah 9 days ago

    host is boring as shit

  • Yanely Barrientos
    Yanely Barrientos 10 days ago

    When Namjoon starts rapping 😍

  • living lovely
    living lovely 10 days ago

    5:10 that actually looks good
    5:26 too wow

  • Anaya Siraj
    Anaya Siraj 11 days ago +1


  • occasionally sips tae
    occasionally sips tae 14 days ago

    Jimin: *mmmmmmmmmmm no.*

  • WasabiPie
    WasabiPie 14 days ago


  • {:SourStar Studios:}
    {:SourStar Studios:} 15 days ago +1

    2:32 jungkooks “hun” cutes “hun” ever!!

  • Inshekak Neha
    Inshekak Neha 16 days ago +1

    1:31 I wheezed at namjoons answer

  • Lolo Torres
    Lolo Torres 17 days ago +1

    Suga is so freakin cute😭💕UWU

  • Laurenz
    Laurenz 17 days ago +1

    1:03 RM does the Hitler

  • georgina schauß// midnight icerain

    I Love how the members need rm to translate😂 => 3:31

  • Suga Kookie
    Suga Kookie 18 days ago +1

    I wouldve made every single last pic my wallpaper

  • 3 dollar chain 'swag'
    3 dollar chain 'swag' 18 days ago +3

    3:54 OMG jimin imitating RM is the cutest thing ever

  • Jimin Got yes big Jam
    Jimin Got yes big Jam 18 days ago +1

    a year later they have a song with nicki minaj😂💜

  • here for joon's respect
    here for joon's respect 18 days ago +3

    want his confidence

  • angrykitty12
    angrykitty12 18 days ago

    I just love how supportive they all are for each other

  • Érine Jikook
    Érine Jikook 18 days ago

    Subtitles : english auto generate
    Jhope : "Billboard"
    Subtitles : "Boo boo boo"
    Whats the-

  • Ishika Jain
    Ishika Jain 19 days ago

    3:31 😂jk's confused face .. the cutest 'oo' ever😍😍😋
    Also, suga-"My selfies are terrible"....ended up taking the best selfie😂😂😂
    And Tae's, jin's and rm's down and up ones🤣😂😂🤣
    Jimin being shy while clicking selfie... cute 😍😋

  • Donut Donut
    Donut Donut 19 days ago

    namjoon: HaAh!
    jimin : ʰᵃᴬʰ

  • Danielle McVay
    Danielle McVay 19 days ago

    Remembering Suga saying NAS was his favorite. Love it.

  • Ryan Rollins
    Ryan Rollins 19 days ago

    he basically predicted “bts paved the way” 2:10

  • SevenIdiots
    SevenIdiots 19 days ago

    Who gave hobi a mic?

  • Juliana Cameron
    Juliana Cameron 19 days ago

    V being a bad bitch

  • BlueGirl2015
    BlueGirl2015 19 days ago

    They were not the first let’s just that through.

  • Fiza Baig
    Fiza Baig 20 days ago

    I am a huge fan of the bts

  • Kyli Hawkins
    Kyli Hawkins 21 day ago

    Panda Express. V is 😆

  • Anjali Dubey
    Anjali Dubey 22 days ago

    Jimin imitating RM's laugh is literally the cutest thing ever 😍😍

  • Riah Roo
    Riah Roo 23 days ago

    4:40 J-hopes selfie! 💝
    4:48 Jimins selfie! 💞
    5:06 Rms selfie! 💖
    5:15 Jung-kooks selfie! 💓
    5:22 Jins selfie! 💗
    5:41 Sugas selfie! 💕
    5:49 Vs selfie! 💘
    enjoy! I spent a lot of time on this so please leave a like for my effort 😋

  • Paige Seeba
    Paige Seeba 23 days ago

    I liked Jungkooks selfie

  • Clarizze Anne Alberto
    Clarizze Anne Alberto 24 days ago


  • [Đıänä pøtätø]
    [Đıänä pøtätø] 25 days ago +1


  • Patricia Lopez Lema
    Patricia Lopez Lema 25 days ago

    Hobie managed to mention NSYNC without breaking into dance. Was he ill on this day?

  • Aysha Ig: floralmike
    Aysha Ig: floralmike 26 days ago +1


  • Aadya Thakur
    Aadya Thakur 28 days ago

    At 1:45 Namjoon : reporter
    Suga and V : in the front
    Jungkook and Jin : to their left
    Jimin nad j hope : to their right

  • Kubra
    Kubra 29 days ago

    Taehyung be sitting there thick as hell

  • A-lonely-Kpop-fan /bts-fangirl

    Is no one gonna talk about how Jungkook can spin a fidget spinner for 7 minutes straight????

  • Jkhardy
    Jkhardy Month ago

    omg rm's face so cute selfie, sugas selfie is cute because he smiles

  • jessica anderson
    jessica anderson Month ago

    "This guy's confident in his CHIN" Why'd he'd say chin so hard? 😭💀💀💀

  • jessica anderson
    jessica anderson Month ago

    Interviewer: "Have you met these guys yet?"
    Kookie: "Huh?"
    Me: *cries at how adorable it was* 😭😭😭😭. 3:31

  • Shella Mae Lampasa
    Shella Mae Lampasa Month ago

    Jungkook at 6:35 😳😂❤️

  • Dania
    Dania Month ago

    I hope I find someone who loves me as much as tae loves panda express

  • Rachelle Lafontant eleve

    6:13 did this guy just say it’s not very good actually 😒 like you can do any better so don’t speak

  • CinnamonRollyPollie

    *panda express*

  • Lily G.
    Lily G. Month ago +1

    I need to become an interviewer and pretend like I’m doing a video like this when in reality *i just want photos of bts*

  • Him Beere
    Him Beere Month ago +1

    "PANDA EXPRESS!" I knew it, V...I knew it!

  • Aiysah Udan
    Aiysah Udan Month ago

    ouhh poor my baby namjoon.he must be tired lol

  • Lizzybeth Clearwater

    How to: Get hot guys' pictures on your phone. 😂

  • Lizzybeth Clearwater

    I need to find my fidget spinners.

  • Safia Moonb
    Safia Moonb Month ago

    Niki minaz 😂

  • Ela Dernovšek
    Ela Dernovšek Month ago


  • Amethyst Aragon
    Amethyst Aragon Month ago

    Yoongi has taste.
    NAS is a legend.

  • Sim Sim
    Sim Sim Month ago +1

    I 💜 U BTS

  • BTS-Chan
    BTS-Chan Month ago

    i dont wanna judge but i feel like all of bts fans are almost american

  • Sprite Chan
    Sprite Chan Month ago

    6:41 of course
    american interview with hobi without mentioning his love for sprite wouldn't be complete

  • Sprite Chan
    Sprite Chan Month ago

    3:52 Namjoon: *HAAAA*
    jimin: ha

  • Sprite Chan
    Sprite Chan Month ago

    1:27 what kind question is that? is he dumb or what?

  • sugakookies
    sugakookies Month ago

    6:59 but Panda Express is Chinese food not Korean so why’d he say came a long way for Asian food

  • Phil! At the Disco
    Phil! At the Disco Month ago

    How am I even alive after seeing Joon's selfie ?
    Also.... Tae being the hottest taking a selfie but then also 7:00

  • 아 놏소 말
    아 놏소 말 Month ago

    Watching this 2 days before BTS will go to Grammy 😹😹 whos with me.

  • fasha. v
    fasha. v Month ago +1


  • Taina Pere
    Taina Pere Month ago

    apparently fidget spinners bring inner peace

  • Manpreet Sidhu
    Manpreet Sidhu Month ago +1

    Vs selfie is so unique 😍

  • Mumi Tales
    Mumi Tales Month ago

    Pa los que dicen que solo son filtros, tomen esa perfección uwu

  • maria andea
    maria andea Month ago

    when you are open the front camera but you are bts be like

  • Carla Marina
    Carla Marina Month ago

    1:26 Jungkook always gets all the mics when he speaks. 😂

  • Pearl's Channel
    Pearl's Channel Month ago

    JK @ 3:30 😅

  • Valentina
    Valentina Month ago +1

    when namjoon started rapping i died

  • Swinger Man
    Swinger Man Month ago

    Namjoon : *does the nazi jesture*
    Namjoon mind : fuck you america

  • Taehyung`s Wife
    Taehyung`s Wife Month ago

    i like the picture yoongi took

  • Ash Ash
    Ash Ash Month ago

    6:00 *Jungkook shows camera*
    *Camera zooms in*
    *Jungkook moves phone too quickly*
    *Camera zooms out quickly*
    *Namjoon shows phone to camera*
    *Can't even see the photo anyway*

  • Mary Right
    Mary Right Month ago


  • очень темный лучик

    I thought That one is taking the microphone away from the mouth, it turns out that no. I do so especially in the beginning of speech, as well as Namjun 😂

  • Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy

    I wish I would meet them one day

  • Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy

    Goosh why they're so cool and amazing

  • Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy

    "V even didn't look at camera" mc was shocked

  • Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy

    Anyways spinners are fun

  • Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy

    I actually can't understand why spinners brings inner peace? I used to play with that a lot but honestly it was making me mad 😂😭😭

  • ʟᴇɪᴀ ᴠᴇʟᴇᴢ

    Namjoon: aaAh

  • 하영연화
    하영연화 Month ago

    wtf... “do you find women like nicki minaj in south korea” what the fuck sort of question

  • Lu 852
    Lu 852 Month ago +1

    3:52 namjoon laugh and 3:54 jimin imitating him

  • namjoons rejected handshake


  • crystalpaladin :/
    crystalpaladin :/ Month ago

    Can we hear something?
    Rm: hAAAH (aka the cutest laugh ever)
    Jimin: *mimicks rm* haa

  • Crázÿ
    Crázÿ Month ago

    Namjoon: I have a rap
    Me: Oh no.. not those dark times
    Namjoon: *Rap some stuffz*
    Me: Phew

  • Nova Daryl
    Nova Daryl Month ago

    1:30 I'm sorry... Did the interviewer really ask if there were women like Nicki Minaj in South Korea?... that's a little disrespectful.

  • TaeTae x
    TaeTae x Month ago +1

    2 minutes into this interview and i already hate the interviewer 🙄

  • Aizada K
    Aizada K Month ago

    Hobi and his love for sprite 🤣