BTS Show Kevin Manno How to Take The Perfect Selfie | Full Interview


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  • Romi Thapa
    Romi Thapa Day ago

    Jin and v selfi 😄🤣😂

  • woepie de woeper
    woepie de woeper 2 days ago

    What did rm say ? 1:34

  • V .A204
    V .A204 2 days ago

    Suga’s selfie is AMAZING!🙂💔🤣

  • Temmy Duromola
    Temmy Duromola 2 days ago

    Namjoon killing those shoes😂😂😂😂

  • Temmy Duromola
    Temmy Duromola 2 days ago

    J-Hope Sayin billboard UWU UWU UWU UWU UWU
    AND JIMIN already knowin that what is coming out of j-hope mouth aint good i mean look at him😂

  • Going - East
    Going - East 2 days ago

    you do know that your phone can now retail five times its original price, right? And we're ready to buy it... right?

  • jhenz ley
    jhenz ley 2 days ago


  • Anna Panda
    Anna Panda 3 days ago

    Suga:My selfie is horrible

  • Nina Robinson
    Nina Robinson 4 days ago


  • aniya _
    aniya _ 4 days ago

    0:13 I thought Jimin said "little bit late" but it was the interviewer

  • Emilliana Nabila
    Emilliana Nabila 4 days ago

    0.18 jungoo look so smoll between namjoon and jin:))

  • ani nahla
    ani nahla 5 days ago


  • A__cup__of__tae 07
    A__cup__of__tae 07 7 days ago

    5:58 best selfie ever 💜💜

  • Liiis c:
    Liiis c: 7 days ago


    DOMINICDXM tv 7 days ago

    Y'all can check my channel!n 😍

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 8 days ago

    Jungkook:one spin 7 minutes

    Me:one spin 30 seconds

  • Amanda L
    Amanda L 8 days ago

    @6:05 did anyone notice the interviewer said “that’s not very good actually” to his selfie

  • Her Royal Awkwardness

    i wish the rappers did cypher TT_TT

  • Breanna Gardiner
    Breanna Gardiner 8 days ago

    So only me notice jimin trying to copy namjoon laugh ❤️❤️

  • Cheyenne Seobarrat
    Cheyenne Seobarrat 8 days ago

    "do you have women like nicki in south korea?" BROOO WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT

  • MeMo M
    MeMo M 8 days ago +1

    jk selfie was the best

  • r q
    r q 9 days ago

    Okay but can we talk about how Namjoon was joking but Made his pic so cute im-

  • Blue Natalie
    Blue Natalie 10 days ago

    you beat Justin seagull

  • Jamless Jams
    Jamless Jams 10 days ago

    "That's not very good actually."
    Rm: ?¿

  • Gracie Rose
    Gracie Rose 11 days ago

    Namjoon: I think this guy
    (For who will win for selfie’s)
    Interviewer: It’s not very good actually

  • Lucia Gonzalez
    Lucia Gonzalez 11 days ago

    In n out is not only in Cali SMH

  • مزنة المبارك

    I love u BTS

  • Celine Medjdoub
    Celine Medjdoub 11 days ago

    jhope makes me happy he is sunshine

  • hit or miss
    hit or miss 11 days ago


  • Firstnamo McLastname
    Firstnamo McLastname 12 days ago


  • jojo
    jojo 12 days ago

    the title sounds so kardashian.

  • moonieminjoonie
    moonieminjoonie 12 days ago

    Why is nobody talking about how good Namjoon's selfie was though

  • Resha Rose
    Resha Rose 12 days ago +1

    V's selfie is so damn perfect omggg he didn't even trying

  • Angelina Tao
    Angelina Tao 12 days ago

    3:52 why jimin whyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Emerald Dreams
    Emerald Dreams 12 days ago +1

    Taehyung, as always: *does the exact opposite of what everyone else does just because he can*

  • Emerald Dreams
    Emerald Dreams 13 days ago +1

    Suga: My selfies...terrible. *proceeds to take the best selfie ever*

  • olivia yancy
    olivia yancy 13 days ago

    At 3:53 lol at Namjoon and Jimin and listen

  • unicorn girl
    unicorn girl 13 days ago +1


  • unicorn girl
    unicorn girl 13 days ago +2

    Omg junkook is sooooo cute

  • Mariña Castelao
    Mariña Castelao 13 days ago


  • Mariña Castelao
    Mariña Castelao 13 days ago

    Que suerte tiene ese telefono :'v

  • aka
    aka 13 days ago

    tae doesn't look cuz he's on a killing diet

  • Frau Müller
    Frau Müller 13 days ago

    If i'd be V i would always say: It‘s me...V✌🏽

  • Genji Tsukamoto
    Genji Tsukamoto 13 days ago

    lmfao In and out is not only in California..

  • anisanao -sc
    anisanao -sc 13 days ago

    5:42 apologize rn mister min yoongi, how can u honestly look this beautiful hOW HIGH ARE UR STANDARDS

  • Shireens Kingdom
    Shireens Kingdom 13 days ago

    I take 1 year to have a nice pic

  • ßîëbêŕ'ş Ģíŕĺ and Ãřmý føŕēvęř

    Is that justin Bieber's video going on at the back😂😂....

    BANGTAN FOREVER 13 days ago

    Wowwwww a sacred camera

  • Mekilit Lemma
    Mekilit Lemma 13 days ago

    So rude to have jb in the backround bts is better

  • bianca padilla
    bianca padilla 14 days ago

    The fact that he acknowledged tae tryna say something and then let him say it im-

  • carolina canales condori

    Suga cambia de cara disimula un pocoo 🧐🤣🤣🤣🤣 el puede no decir que le aburre esas entrevistas pero su cara siempre lo delata 🙄😂❤️🇵🇪

  • Tydd Fox
    Tydd Fox 14 days ago

    I grew up listening to Norah Jones too. Taehyung's got great taste lol. I knew nothing about K-pop until roughly 2016 but I never cared for any of it, then a couple of months ago I became obsessed with BTS! I really love some other songs by other K-pop artists now as well now. :)

  • M Lee
    M Lee 14 days ago

    ugh a king who knows who nas is😣

  • jungkookie forever
    jungkookie forever 15 days ago

    1:20 jimin embarrassed of hobi 😂😂😂

  • J.E.M.B
    J.E.M.B 15 days ago

    Why does V look uncomfortable??

  • Shelby Epstein
    Shelby Epstein 16 days ago

    In the state I live and I have In-N-Out Burger also

  • Kim Taeyhung V
    Kim Taeyhung V 16 days ago

    BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Woven Silver
    Woven Silver 16 days ago

    This is so funny

  • Wılløw Mınz
    Wılløw Mınz 17 days ago

    "My selfie is terrible"
    Says one of the cutest little marshmallows ever mHm

  • taehyungie
    taehyungie 17 days ago

    Nicki Minaz 😂💕

  • Jimine Cricket
    Jimine Cricket 18 days ago

    V's face 7:00 got me dead

  • KkaepjjangAndSprite
    KkaepjjangAndSprite 18 days ago

    JayJay love for Sprite and TaeTae love for Panda Express is unstoppable

  • Goddess Of Destruction
    Goddess Of Destruction 18 days ago +1

    i'm not gonna even lie, when he said, 'this is pretty big' i thought he said 'it's britney, bitch' aND I CHOKED

  • Syahrul Sofea
    Syahrul Sofea 19 days ago


  • Adorable Representative M.C for Youth

    4:45 the way hobi said handsome HAIDNQKDNQKZN

  • SugaHoneyIcedTae
    SugaHoneyIcedTae 19 days ago

    4:24 Jhope's hyping RM "BTS LEADER!" uwu hes so sweet :(

  • Noura Alwuhaib
    Noura Alwuhaib 19 days ago

    at 3:33 jks face is like " save me, what is he saying??"


    And sprite

  • viviana veloz
    viviana veloz 19 days ago

    lol in & out is not only in california

  • Kookie My Bias
    Kookie My Bias 20 days ago

    4:45 lol j-hopes oh handsome killed me (he's right tho lol)

  • Kookie My Bias
    Kookie My Bias 20 days ago

    You came a long way for Asian food 😂

  • Alejandra R
    Alejandra R 20 days ago

    I love ❤️ you suga soooo much and v

  • BTS_ JungKook
    BTS_ JungKook 20 days ago

    5:16 Jungkook look so Fucking HOT 💖🔥🔥🔥

  • itsMinShumaPlayz :3
    itsMinShumaPlayz :3 20 days ago

    RM is me XD i always do it high

  • Jean Wade
    Jean Wade 20 days ago

    I’m living for J-Hope’s outfit! That’s totally something I would wear.

  • Sofia a
    Sofia a 20 days ago +4

    6:58-7:03 I NEeD tHis GiF

  • Ruby Ocampo
    Ruby Ocampo 21 day ago

    The guys said it's not very good to v pic

  • 《jungkøøk and jimin》

    I love how does RM look with straight hair😆😍

  • Sreyanjali Mishra
    Sreyanjali Mishra 21 day ago

    I will definitely try Panda Express because of V!!! 💜💜💜

  • Robert Riku
    Robert Riku 21 day ago

    ARMYs... Str**m DNA..
    We are close to 600m

  • zainab a
    zainab a 21 day ago

    Can I steal the interviewers phone?

  • Céline
    Céline 22 days ago

    Pour résumer, nous on prends 300 photos et aucune est potable. Eux, ils prennent une seule photo et elle est parfaite 😭

  • hobi's fidget spinner
    hobi's fidget spinner 22 days ago

    1:11 hobi’s “bilboooooo!” really ended my life I’m typing from the grave

  • Lrxyy amxnda
    Lrxyy amxnda 22 days ago


  • Ramesh Nair
    Ramesh Nair 22 days ago

    jimin is me when namjoons rapping

  • Holly Milligan
    Holly Milligan 22 days ago

    omg of course Suga listened to wonder he is so legit

  • \\ \\
    \\ \\ 23 days ago

    7 minutes??????😮😮 boy my fidget spinner can‘t even spin for one minute, holy chicken nugget I‘m-

  • Lrxyy amxnda
    Lrxyy amxnda 23 days ago +1

    5:41 suga: my selfies are terrible.
    Edit: he has a baby face tho 😍

  • DJ Minnie
    DJ Minnie 24 days ago

    Panda Express needs to sponsor BTS like that's V favorite food here in the states, and I love him by the way a second bias ♡♡

  • Jasmine Mercer
    Jasmine Mercer 24 days ago

    Oh if only they knew how awesome Nicki Minaj was actually going to be

  • Sotiria Tsioli
    Sotiria Tsioli 24 days ago

    v looked so bored

  • Sotiria Tsioli
    Sotiria Tsioli 24 days ago +1

    suga is such a cutie

  • Sofia Royal
    Sofia Royal 25 days ago


  • Sofia Royal
    Sofia Royal 25 days ago

    4:45 GOD JUST TAKE ME 😂😂 SUCH A MAN 💘💘

  • Maryam Elmi
    Maryam Elmi 25 days ago

    I was confused with what Jin was doing and then he decided to take a picture down. 😂😂😂😂

  • Fuzzytinypuppy8 AJPW
    Fuzzytinypuppy8 AJPW 25 days ago +5

    3:41 poor baby Yoongi he didn’t get to speak!

  • BTS J I K O O K
    BTS J I K O O K 25 days ago +1

    Jungkook has the best Techniek

  • Vkook BTS
    Vkook BTS 25 days ago

    5:57 my style ☺

  • •BTS Army•
    •BTS Army• 25 days ago

    I like Rm’s technique

    KEAYANNI 26 days ago

    Jimin: usher, trey songs, chris brown.
    Me: 😏